Operation Happy Dad Pt. 02

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We figured out the best medicine for dad is the Prostaglandin E1 and 4 ml is the perfect dosage. It was amazing to see the confidence difference in my dad when he went from impotent hairy old man to a hard 10 inch cocked god. I decided that I would have to take control of dads sex life and I was really looking forward to setting my dad up with the woman of my choice. We could use his large cock where ever I wanted because I will control all his sexual plans. Oh my god I almost feel like a Dominatrix. “Dad take off your cloths and Lie on the table!” I barked at him. I was trying to be dominant and didn’t know if it was going to work or not. He did what he was told. “Do you love me daddy?” I said.

“Yes Danni more than anything in the world baby!”

“Then I was thinking that seeing as how it was me that got you up and out of your sex slump then I should have some say in your sex life.”

“Danni I didn’t have a sex life before you decided to take over so my sex life is yours to command!”

“Perfect Dad that’s all I was hoping for, I just have a few rules I want you to agree to. Just listen until I’m done and then answer please.”

“I am the only one that controls and injects the Go Go Juice into your cock.” (prostaglandin E1)

“I decide who you date and have any sexual contact with.”

“I decide what you will eat, drink and how much exercise you will do.”

“I will plan and have you play out any sexual games and scenarios of my choosing.”

“You are my Father I will listen to what you say and do as I am told in everyday life, except for all sex related matters.”

“I am your mistress and you will obey me at any and all times during sexual Play, without argument!”

“Do you agree to my terms Daddy,” I asked him as I sucked the end of his cock into my mouth.

“Yes Danni I agree to all of them, but you better not make me a vegetarian,” he said laughingly.

“Great!” I said “Right now we don’t have time for cock play because we are going to have to find you a gym to go to.”

Dad and I visited the gym I chose and got a incredibly pretty young female trainer named Lisa to help us get dad into shape. Lisa’s pictures and reviews made me chose her for dad. Lisa asked what our goal was at the end of his training. I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “He is going to start dating real soon, we will need to get his stamina up, his chest and arms looking good and work on those hips. Dad hasn’t had sex since my mom died 3 years ago. When we are done with him I want every woman to look at him and want to jump his bones!”

“Lisa I want to tell you why I’m doing this. Dad has been really depressed since my mom died and to get him out of this slump dad has given me total control of his diet, his exercise and his dating. He trusts me to do what’s best for him because he’s my dad and I love him. Can you do this for me Lisa?”

“Yes Danni I will get this done, Operation escort ataşehir Hot Dad is underway.”

“Lisa I would like weekly reports and I will tell Dad he has to obey your every command!”

I started to do my research into the best way the remove all of daddy’s unwanted hair. After doing my homework and checking out all the salons I finally chose a young Indian woman named Priya. Her pictures and reviews showed she was exceptionally beautiful and there were many comments on how kind she is. She looked somewhere between 25 and 30 years old. She did laser hair removal out of the enclosed garage at her house so I booked a test appointment to have my bikini area done, with a little work on my face and my bum as well. I was surprised how tiny she was, 5 ft tall and maybe 100 lbs. She was elegance shrunk down into a small package. You could tell by her smile she was a genuine loving person. A warmth seemed to flow out of her tiny body and I felt comfortable taking off all my cloths in front of her within minutes of us meeting, how strange is that I thought to myself.

“Miss Danni I must tell you how beautiful you are, I work on many many woman and I know what I am talking about. You have the face of a goddess and a body without a flaw. Never Have I seen such beauty on my work table. The man who comes for your hand and heart will have to pay a Raja”s ransom. I smiled and thanked her for the compliments, wondering if she could smell how aroused I was bye this little vixen.

I thought while I was there I would mention dad’s hair problem casually in our conversation, I told her about trying to get him presentable to start dating again and that would be much easier if he didn’t look like a bear. She told me that normally she does not work on men at all but she would do laser on my dad if I was there with her during his laser appointments.

“I can do that!” I said. I asked her how much the session would be for a full body hair removal she said she would give it to me on sale if I booked 10 appointments at $250 each. I thought that was fair but I didn’t want to get tied into something that dad didn’t want to continue doing if he hated it.

“Priya, I’m not sure how dad will react to the laser so why don’t we do the first one and we’ll see how that goes and if it goes well we will buy the rest!” The pretty technician agreed that this would be fine. We made an appointment for Saturday morning at 10 a.m. because her family would be out of the house for the day and she didn’t want her family to see who she was working on.

On Saturday morning I trimmed and shave dad down everywhere except his pubic area and his crack of his bum. When we got there Priya took Dad in to the treatment room where he stripped off all his clothes except his underwear. “Dad lie down on the table put your arms above your head and just lay there until I tell you to move!” Priya proceeded working the laser from his neck to his toes on both sides of his body. kadıköy escort bayan She was very good at her job and was done rather quickly. This is where the fun part started. I got my phone out and looked up the pictures of dads rash he had on his groin area and got them ready to show Priya. Priya was standing around thinking that she was almost finished when I informed her that now we have to do the delicate work, her eyes got really large and she started saying “no no no!”

“Priya can you please look at these pictures this is really the reason why we’re here, my dad gets a rash that gets infected?” I explained that the doctor we saw for the infection and Rash asked if all his coarse body hair could be removed from his groin area and this will solve his problem.

Priya looked at the pictures and said “Oh my god that looks so bad!” After convincing her that dad had to have it done. I informed her that I would be waiting outside as it would not be appropriate for me to be in there when she works on dad’s private area. My dad asked Priya if he could have a minute alone with me. She kindly left the room and I injected the prostaglandin E1 into my dad’s penis. I knew it would take 5 minutes for dads erection to show up all by itself (apparently). I called Priya back into the room and I said “Dads a little nervous about the laser around his private parts do you think we could wax him this time, then may be do the laser next time?”

“Yes Danni that would be fine,” Priya replied as all of her wax was always ready to go on her waxing tray. I slipped out of the room giving my dad a quick little wink. I’ll let dad tell you the story from here.

Danni’s little plan for Priya, was for me to get this humongous hard on and for her to have to deal with it the whole time she tried to wax my private parts. If I could convince her that my penis was throbbing and sore then maybe I could get her to relieve me of my problem. I thought it best for her to want to solve my painful problem by her choosing to help me, not by me asking her too. As Priya spread the wax on the top of my pubic area and pulled, I’m not going to lie, it hurt like hell and it was not very pleasurable but the great thing about Prostaglandin E1 is that it works no matter what the situation. Slowly my penis started to rise and within five minutes it was hard as a rock, 10 inch’s tall and as big around as Priya’s wrist. My cock really got in the way she had to hold it down with one hand and try to wax me with the other and it was very difficult, she was struggling immensely to do it properly. I was thinking about giving her a hand but I decided it would be easier for me to get her to do what I want if she was struggling. She asked how I was doing and I told her I was starting to feel better about the waxing but was in a little pain because my penis has been hard for so long. I told her it must be from tensing up every time she pulled the wax strip off of me. By the time she finished escort bostancı with my pubic area all we had left to do was my bum. She said “You might have a hard time lying on your stomach with that thing poking out the front like that.”

Priya reached over to her table and picked up a bottle of squeeze oil. She was very generous about the amount of oil that she put on my groin area. She rubbed everything in and was very professional about it. “Are you still in pain?” she asked me.

“Yes” I said “It’s still quite uncomfortable.” Slowly she starts to massage the oil in again, this time at the base of my penis and she continued to stroke further upwards with each stroke. I saw Priya’s pretty little face brake into a smile. I didn’t want to ruin the moment so I just closed my eyes and relaxed, it was like Priya had a new toy and she was going to play with it.

“This is the biggest penis I have ever seen Mr. Thomas!” I just smiled and kept my eyes closed. She stroked my penis and got into a rhythm of one hand on the shaft and one hand on the head. It was really starting to feel good but I knew she could not make me come unless she did more. She kept it up for a good 10 minutes but I could tell her arms were starting to get sore. I was not far away from coming so I groaned “suck the head, suck me now please!” She dived onto my cock and her tiny mouth was so warm. I came right away in her mouth, an explosive beautiful orgasm. Priya tried to swallow as much as she could, but she couldn’t do it and had to take her mouth off my penis. I proceeded come all over her face and neck. Priya looked up at me her eyes wide open, come dripping down her face and there was my daughter standing in the doorway with her phone in her hand recording everything. Priya saw Danni and winced in discomfort. Danni looked at both of us and said “Wow I’ll wait in the car dad.

Priya excused herself out of the room to go get cleaned up, I laid on the work table with a smile on my face. When Priya came back in I said “Why don’t we just finish up and pretend this never happened.”

“That’s a good idea!” Priya said as she looked away and hid her face. I flipped over and stuck my ass in the air, it didn’t take Priya long to get all the hair out of my crack and my taint. “OK Mr. Thomas we’re all done!” I sat up on the table and took Priya by the hand, I looked her straight in the eyes and said “Thank you Priya that was a wonderful gift that you gave me, I’m a very lucky old man!”

“You are not an old man Mr. Thomas, I see a kind loving Father that will do anything for his daughter, even have the hair ripped out of his body so that she can present him to the dating world as a great catch for any woman!” I just smiled because I was afraid to say anything, Priya noticed the tears in my eyes and gave me a smile that just about melted my soul. I turned and wiped my eyes, coming back up with a brave new face on, I gave her a wink and asked how long do I wait between sessions. She smiled and turned her body in a sexy little pose. “You can come back in 3 weeks!” I gave Priya the money and headed out to the car to see Danni, she was absolutely beaming. “That was amazing dad, we are going to have a lot fun with Priya. Lets go home dad!”

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