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Subject: Open Home, Open Mind This story is a work of pure fiction. Gay, Adult/Youth, M/b I welcome and encourage all feedback and will try to reply to every message. Donate to Nifty! —– Adam swung open the door and saw a smiling face greeting him from the porch outside. Night had fallen early on the cold, winter evening, but Adam could still recognize Keith’s face in the dim porch light. Adam smiled back at Keith and welcomed him inside. “Come in, come in,” Adam said, backing out of the doorway. He pushed the heavy door shut behind them and held out his hand for Keith to hand over his overcoat. “How are you this evening?” “I’m good, thank you,” Keith replied. “I hope I’m not running too late.” Keith had stayed late in the office because of a last-minute meeting and now fidgeted nervously with his watch. He always made it a point to be on time, especially for these invitations. So the work meeting put him into uncomfortable territory. Adam checked his own wristwatch. “No, not at all. You’re fine.” Everyone thought that he and his wife, Vanessa, were sticklers for punctuality. Guests would wrap themselves up in knots over being a few minutes late for their invitations. The reality, though, was that the couple had as much trouble showing up for meetings, events, and dinners as anyone. They enjoyed living life as it comes without constraint. Adam took Keith’s jacket and hung it in the hall closet. After Keith removed his shoes, the two men walked into the kitchen. The large room was impeccably clean and better lit than the hallway. Soft music played in the background somewhere. The house was unusually quiet, otherwise, which Keith thought was odd from his past experiences. There were usually more people about. They chatted about sports and local politics for a few minutes before Adam’s wife walked through the kitchen with a basket of laundry. “Oh hey there, Keith. How’s the family?” Vanessa asked. “We didn’t see you in church last week.” “Yeah, you know how it is. Just busy. We were visiting her parents. We should be there this weekend though.” With his nerves calmed a bit, Keith relayed a few stories from their weekend excursion. “I’m glad to hear everyone’s doing well. I don’t want to keep you, Keith,” Vanessa said, laying her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure you’re ready to head upstairs, right?” Keith smiled and averted his eyes from the two hosts. He nodded his head. The couple smiled and told him which door he was getting that night. —- Keith opened the first door on the right, as instructed, to a darkened room. He stepped inside and shut the door behind him. His eyes adjusted to the light level after a few minutes, which allowed him to make out a small figure on the side of the bed, which was raised higher than usual. Bent at the waist, the torso laid flat on top of the bed while the legs dangled off the side, not touching the floor below. Keith unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. He loosened his tie as he watched the figure on ankara escort the bed. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, keeping on his undershirt and his boxers. The room was silent. The other side of the wall, inside the second door on the right, things were more lively. Keith could hear rhythmic knocks of the headboard posts rapping against the wall. The unmistakeable sound of bed springs also traveled from afar. He smiled at the thought of what was happening in the next room and then focused on what was right in front of him. Keith walked over to the bed to take a closer look. The soft, smoothness of the bent-over body excited him, hardening the erection already straining against the cotton material. Keith leaned down and placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Hey, it’s me. It’s Keith,” he whispered into the boy’s ear. The boy laid still, not reacting or responding. “Oh yeah, I forgot. You can talk, Colin.” “Hi, Mr. Tinsdale,” Colin whispered back with a smile on his face. “How’s Tommy?” “He’s good. Thank you for asking. I’ll tell him you said hi.” Keith stood back up and looked over Colin’s body. “It looks like someone was here before me,” Keith said, lightly touching Colin’s hips. Colin nodded his head. “How many?” “Two.” This information didn’t surprise Keith. Looking down over Colin, he could see two cum sprays on his back. One pointed in the direction of Colin’s head and the other shot a little more than halfway up his back. The cum from that shot had since rolled back toward Colin’s butt and pooled in the small of his back. Keith reached up and ran his hands through Colin’s hair. Sure enough, as he suspected, he found a wet spot on the back of his head where cum had hit his hair. His erection hardened. “And if I had to guess,” Keith said aloud, but to himself. He reached his hands down to Colin’s butt and slowly pulled the two plump cheeks apart. As he suspected, Colin’s hole was red and sticky, with a clear, wet indication that someone had been there even recently. Keith took a moment to admire the fact that Colin’s cheeks filled his hands amply. They were soft and smooth. His erection hardened. Keith stood up straight once again and lightly tapped one of Colin’s butt cheeks. “Hey, stand up,” Keith said. “Let’s come over here.” Keith walked across the room toward the window and sat down in a rocking chair. Colin followed and stood in front of Keith with a smile on his face. Colin’s small frame surprised Keith every time. He was small for his age, which only intensified Keith’s desire for him. Keith looked at Colin and glanced down at the tent in his boxers. Colin understood the message and walked closer so he could put his small hands under Keith’s waistband. Colin tugged at them to pull them down while Keith raised his body off the rocking chair a bit to give them room. After some effort and coordination, the boxers were flung on the floor and Colin sank to his knees. Colin stuck his head in close to Keith’s hardened dick. escort ankara He took the dick in both his hands and smiled. He leaned in, licked the small amount of pre-cum from the tip, and smiled again. Colin raised his eyes off of Keith’s dick and looked at Keith. “It’s okay. Do what you can, little guy,” Keith comforted Colin. During their last time together, Colin tried to take too much of Keith in his mouth at one time and gagged on it. Colin immediately felt self-conscious because he thought he wasn’t good enough. Keith comforted him then too and invited him to only put in his small mouth what he could fit. Colin responded by parting his soft lips and lowering his mouth onto the head of Keith’s dick. The sensation sent a warm shock through Keith’s body as a small tongue tickled the back of the head. Colin may not be able to deep throat yet, but he’s not inexperienced, Keith thought as his mind melted. He closed his eyes and let Colin play for awhile, losing track of time and thoughts. Keith was shaken back to his senses at the last minute when he was about to cum. The sensation startled him so much that he instinctively pushed Colin backwards, to push him off his dick. Caught off-guard especially because he had his eyes closed, Colin fell backwards and crashed on the floor. He looked at Keith with a mixture of fear and confusion. “Oh shit, I’m sorry, little guy,” Keith said, rushing forward to grab Colin. Colin recoiled at his touch and stared at him. “I didn’t mean to do that. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” Colin stared at Keith a little longer and slowly relaxed. Small amounts of tears welled up in his eyes. Keith reached toward Colin and Colin lunged toward Keith, wrapping their arms around each other. Keith nuzzled his head against Colin’s as they hugged. One of Keith’s arms was wrapped around Colin’s waist and the other one slowly raised to rest on the back of Colin’s neck. Keith’s dick had started to soften because of the commotion but hardened back up instantly when he felt the sticky wetness in Colin’s hair from where a guy earlier in the evening had shot his load. Keith’s dick touched Colin’s leg as it plumped back up, causing Colin to pull away a little and look down. He then looked back at Keith. “I’m sorry, little guy,” Keith apologized. “It’s okay,” Colin said. “We can stop here. I’m sorry I startled you.” “No, let’s finish.” “Are you sure?” “Yes,” Colin said, nodding his head for emphasis. He stood up and walked over to the bed, climbing atop the heightened bed and getting into the same position that Keith found him in earlier. Keith also stood up and walked over to Colin, his dick pointing directly at Colin’s hole like an arrow seeking its bullseye. “Are you sure?” Keith asked again. Colin nodded his head. “Remember, it hurt you last time, right?” Colin nodded his head. “But you want to me do it again?” Colin nodded his head. “Okay,” Keith said, taking a step closer to the bed. “I guess I don’t need lube.” He had ankara escort bayan used his hands to pull apart Colin’s butt again and peered at the red hole inside. Colin shook his head. “Thanks, guys,” Keith said to himself as he touched Colin’s hole with the head of his dick. “One last chance, little guy. Are you sure?” Colin nodded his head. “Thank you.” Keith lowered his own torso toward the bed and wrapped his hand around Colin’s mouth. Once firmly in place, he placed his other hand down on his mid-back and pushed down steadily. He counted to three in his head and all at once shoved the length of his dick inside Colin’s sore, tight hole. Keith’s preparation paid off because one hand muffled the pained sounds while the other helped stabilize the involuntary body spasms. He stayed fully inside Colin until he calmed down. After a few minutes, Keith noticed that Colin’s body was still and his breathing moderated. “That’s a good boy,” Keith said in Colin’s ear. He released his hands and saw Colin pushing a smile. “May I continue?” Colin nodded his head. Keith straightened up and started to slowly pump his dick in and out of Colin’s tight hole. His sticky, plump butt cheeks got pushed and pulled with Keith’s dick as the perspiration caused the skin on skin contact to stick. Keith picked up speed and his thrusts became more forceful. When he was nearing the end for the second time that night, he briefly considered pulling out and adding his seed with the mixture on Colin’s back. But at the last minute he decided to stay inside and coat Colin’s insides. He shot six or seven ribbons of cum inside Colin’s tight tunnel. Keith collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes, Keith slowly pulled his now-semi dick from Colin’s butt. With the head came a few spurts of cum that had no room to stay inside. It fell to the rug on the side of the bed. Keith stared at the splattered cum drops on the rug until he caught his breath. He grabbed a towel from the dresser and wiped himself down. He considered helping Colin wipe down as well, but there was something especially hot about him remaining bent over and drenched in cum and sweat. So he left him like that. Keith got dressed and left the room without saying a word. On his way down the staircase, he regretted not saying goodbye to Colin. But he felt awkward. And besides, he couldn’t now go back up just to say goodbye and leave. That would be more awkward. So he continued down the stairs and walked toward the front door. Vanessa peeked around the corner of the living room at him as he walked past. “Goodnight, Keith,” she said. “Goodnight, Vanessa. Thank you,” Keith said while fumbling with his shoes and grabbing his coat from the closet. She smiled at him. “Tell Sally I said hi!” “I will. Please tell Adam I said thanks.” Vanessa smiled again and watched Keith walk out the door. Keith crossed the street to his car. Before climbing inside, he turned around to look at the house. Upstairs in the first window on the left, Keith could see Colin waving at him. He could only see Colin’s naked chest and face. But imagining the remaining parts gave his dick a quick spasm. He waved back at Colin and smiled, climbed into his car, and drove for home.

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