One Way or Another

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He headed home from the metro, in a good mood after a long and annoying week at work. It was Friday, and his wife always planned a little surprise for him- a nice dinner, a special bottle of wine, sometimes greeting him a the door in something sexy. Those nights dinner could wait a couple of hours. He unlocked his front door; the ground floor of the house was dark and quiet. He walked around looking for her, then headed up the stairs, hoping she was in the shower so he could join her. Instead, he heard moans, gasps, and mumbled words coming from his bedroom.

He half opened the door and saw his wife on the bed, joined by not one, but two strange men. One of them was on top of her, penetrating her, while the other was straddling her face, his cock in her mouth. She was moaning in a way he had rarely heard in the last few years of their marriage. He watched, trying to decide what he was feeling, anger at her for inviting these men without discussing it with him first, or excitement at how good she looked, sandwiched between them. His excitement grew as the men started to change position. They both got up and had her get on all fours.

One of them leaned against the wall and she crawled up to him and started to suck his cock. Sometimes she would move her head back and forth so that he would slide out of her mouth and then be engulfed by it, sometimes she would grab the shaft with both hands and lick the tp delicately. yalova escort The husband was excited by now; he knew that move and it was one of his favorites. The other man paused for a minute, admiring the action, then moved up to fit his hard cock into her from behind.

Both of the men, and his wife, were moaning with pleasure. He almost moaned too, but remembered to be quiet. But he did snake one hand into his pants and started stroking himself, already hard. He watched and stroked for a while, until his wife’s moans became faster and louder; the sound she always made just before she came. He watched as she fingered herself and climaxed. She would have fallen to the ground except for the one man gripping her head as he pounded her mouth and the other one holding her hips as he plunged into her. The man getting the blow job groaned then, and it became obvious that she was swallowing as he came in her mouth.

Choice A:

The man couldn’t stand it anymore; he needed something more satisfying than his own hand. He quickly shed his pants and underwear, and approached his wife. She looked up as he got closer and didn’t seem as surprised as he thought she would be. It hadn’t occurred to him that she was expecting him at the usual time and had set this up for him to watch. The man who had gotten the blow job had slipped out of her mouth and sat down in the armchair nearby.

The husband took his place, stroking yalova escort bayan himself for another minute before sliding his hard penis into her open mouth. She seemed happy to have him there, smiling up at him. He did what he was dying to do, thrusting while holding her head in place, feeling her slippery, warm mouth and tongue surrounding him. The other man was still behind his wife; the two of them seemed to match the speed of his strokes, and the rhythm of his moans. The husband had never been so turned on; he closed his eyes as all conscious thought faded away and he plunged into her mouth for what seemed like forever. Finally, he felt like he was approaching the point of no return. He opened his eyes just as the other man pulled out of his wife and came all over her ass. That was all he needed to explode in his wife’s mouth, continuing to thrust as she gulped and swallowed, until he felt almost dizzy with the excitement of it. He stroked her hair for a moment, then leaned against the wall, exhausted and drained.

Choice B:

The husband watched the two strange men using his wife, and thoughts he had never had before started to circulate in his mind. The rhythm of the man doing his wife doggy-style was so compelling he couldn’t look away. He looked at the man who had just come in his wife’s mouth; he was starting to grow erect again. The husband couldn’t stand it anymore- he was afraid that if he hesitated escort yalova he would lose his nerve, so he quickly walked over to the man and knelt before him. He tentatively took the nearly hard penis in his hand, and licked the tip. It was the most excited he had felt in years. He took a deep breath and slid his mouth over the man’s shaft. He gripped the base while sucking the rest, and was rewarded by sounds of pleasure from the man in front of him. He continued that way for what seemed a long time, sucking while listening to the sounds of his wife’s shrieks of pleasure and the other man’s rhythmic breathing. He felt like he was almost in a trance. Finally the man started to thrust harder and faster, the husband sucked harder and finally felt his mouth fill with semen. He swallowed, the way his wife had, and was surprised at how natural it felt and how good it tasted.

He was still kneeling, motionless and surprised at this new side of him, when he felt his pants being tugged down and realized it was the other man, pulling down his pants and underwear and positioning himself under him. Now it was the husband’s turn to be engulfed in a warm, wet, slippery mouth. He relaxed into waves of ecstasy until it was his turn to erupt and feel and hear the other man gulping and gasping for air. He leaned against the wall, exhausted and drained.

After a minute of standing there, savoring the sensations, the husband looked around at the scene before him. His eyes met his wife’s and they smiled at each other. Finally he uttered the first words he’d spoken since he’d come into the house: “Wow, best Friday night ever! What should we do next week?”

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