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Subject: One Thousand Men 35 This is the fictional memoir of a gay man, told in the first person. The memoir began with the series C’est La Vie!, which covers the years 1970-1997. This series covers the year the narrator turns 40, 1998, and launches an ambitious project to have sex with 1000 men that year. Some of the stories in this series are based on actual experiences, usually embellished a lot, as well as completely fictional ones. They depict sex between consenting adult males. If this offends you, do not read them. These are my stories. Please respect the copyright. If you enjoy them, let me know at ail. Please Contribute fty and keep this wonderful resource going! In the last chapter I told about how I had driven down the Pacific Coast Highway to LA, spent much of the night at one of the bath houses there, and the next day drove to Joshua Tree National Park where I painted for several days before heading to the gay mecca, Palm Springs. At a gay bar there I was picked up by a hot man in his 50s, Greg, who took me to his house where me made love in the hot tub and on a bed in a pavilion by the pool. I fucked him and he asked me to hang out with him for the afternoon before taking me out to dinner. One Thousand Men: 1998 PALM SPRINGS DADDY, part 2 While we were lying naked on the chaises next to the pool catching some rays, his phone rang. “Hey, Jim,” he said, ” que pasa?” He paused for a few seconds. “Just hanging out with a new friend by the pool.” Another pause. “You guys want to come over and join us?” He paused again. “See you in fifteen,” he said. “That was my friend Jim. He’s just come in for the week from LA with a friend. I think you’ll like him,” he said. “I’ll put some beer in the cooler.” He got up and went inside to get beer and ice, while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my naked body. When he got back, I said, “I guess I’d better put something on.” “Hell, no,” he said. “Jim is as queer as the proverbial three-dollar bill. Stay as you are. He’ll be cool.” He was back with the beer a few minutes after that, and a short time later, the doorbell rang. He winked at me, got up and put his towel around his waist and went to answer the door. I wrapped my towel around me too, and in a minute he was back with Jim and a stunning young black man: probably 20 or 21, about six feet tall, an insanely handsome face, broad shoulders, meaty thighs and what looked like a very full basket. He was wearing a crisp white button-down shirt, 501s without a belt and bright white sneakers. The white shirt set off his beautiful dark complexion, and clung to what looked like a beautiful, manly body: broad shoulders, V-shaped torso, small waist and nice round butt. My cock started to stir under my towel and I fought against an erection. Jim held out his hand to me and said “I’m Jim. Greg and I have been best buds forever, right Greg?” Greg smiled and nodded. “This is Troy,” he said introducing the young black man. Troy’s actions didn’t match the masculine body. He had classic swishy, femme mannerisms. He held out his hand limply to Greg and said to Jim, “My oh my, Jim, honey, you sure know how to pick hot friends,” and shook hands with Greg, and then me, looking me straight in the eye, holding my hand just a little too long and licking his lips. “Greg, honey, you must have some hot parties kurtköy escort here!” he said, surveying the pool, the cabana and the hot tub. Greg chuckled and said “Well, Jim can probably fill you in about that sometime,” winking at Jim. “How about a soak in the hot tub?” “Honey, I adore hot tubs,” Troy enthused. I’m not usually attracted to femme guys, but the combination of his swishy manner and his hot body was getting me very aroused. I fought even harder to keep my erection down. Greg opened the cooler, took out some Coronas and opened them, passing them around, then turned his back, dropped his towel, with Troy looking hungrily at him, and stepped into the water. I followed suit, my cock beginning to rise rapidly. Jim quickly shed his clothes. He was shorter, maybe about 5’9″, stocky, with a bit of a belly and a nice fat cut cock. He had a nice crop of graying hair on his chest, though it was clear that he colored his hair. I guessed that he was probably about 45, maybe 50; all in all, a nice sexy bear. When he was in the water, Troy slowly started to undress. He was really putting on a show, swiveling his hips and he slowly unbuttoned his white shirt, pulled the tails out of his pants and dropped it on a chaise. His body was amazing: one of those naturally cut bodies that some black men have: not a speck of fat, smooth, prominent pecs like sculpted black granite, a set of ripped abs, and shoulders and biceps that anyone would envy. I wondered if he worked out but maybe, like another black guy I had known, he was just naturally that way, a great set of genes. He slowly unbuttoned his fly, and looking at us all with a sexy smile, slowly pushed the 501s down around his meaty thighs, kicking off his sneakers and finally shedding his jeans altogether. His legs were totally smooth, and his thighs bulged with muscle. But the centerpiece was a lemon-yellow jockstrap, bulging prodigiously. He turned around, and pushed his jock down, bending over so that we could see his gorgeous ass as he stepped out of it. Now my cock was completely hard and throbbing under the warm water. Turning around, we could see his flaccid cock, cut, a good six inches long, thick and accented by thoroughly shaved pubes, and a golden cock ring studded with stones that looked like emeralds. He gave a provocative wiggle of his hips, and stepped into the water. “Ooooh, sweetie, that’s hot!” he crooned to Greg, as he settled in next to Jim on the other side of the tub. We sipped our beers, and Greg said to Jim, “So how did you two meet?” Jim said, “Well, it was a long day on the set on Thursday,”�.Greg interrupted, “Jim is a designer for the movies.”�.”and I was wound up and horny and wanted some relief before bed. I decided to head to the baths and see if I could get a little action before heading home. I got there around 11, showered and started cruising the hallways looking into open rooms. I’d done one hallway, and started on the second, when I saw an open door. Looking in I had my breath taken away. Lying on the bed, face-down, was Troy, looking in the mirror at the head of the bed, so that he could see anyone at the door of his room. He saw me standing there, and spread his legs a little more, grinding his hips into the bed. I could see a bottle of lube and a bottle of poppers on the bedside table, and the refection of aydıntepe escort his face telling me to come in. “I closed the door behind me, and dropped my towel, so that Troy could see my hard cock. He licked his lips and smiled, then lifted his ass off the bed more, inviting me without words to fuck him. I stepped forward and put my hand on the silky smooth skin of his ass, letting it slide down into his crack to feel his hole, and slip a finger in. He sighed and murmured, “Oh yes!” to me, and I could feel that he was generously lubed up and ready to go. He opened the poppers and took a deep hit, then handed them to me and I did the same. I knelt between his legs, quickly slipped on a condom, and shoved my cock in with one quick shove, the poppers hit me, and I fucked him like crazy for just a couple of short minutes, before I let loose a torrent in his ass. “When I was done, we kissed, and then I went down on him, and in a minute or two more, he came in my mouth. It was very short, but really hot, just what we both needed.” Jim turned and smiled at Troy, who had his arm around his shoulders and had been looking at him hungrily while Jim told his story. “Long story short, we went back to my place and both didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night. I was tired on the set on Friday, but managed to get through it knowing that Troy would be there when I got home, where we had another hot night together. There’s a break in the production schedule, so I asked him to come with me to my place here for the week.” “Honey, you and I aren’t going to get much sleep this week,” Troy said to him, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Tell me about you and John,” said Jim. So Greg related how we had met earlier in the afternoon and had such hot sex in the hot tub and I fucked him on the bed, how we were going to have dinner together and hopefully meet more while I was in Palm Springs. “Jim, honey, you telling about us got me sooooo hot again,” swooned Troy. “Me too,” said Greg. “Don’t let us stop you if you want a little fun.” Troy smiled and turned to Jim, kissing him full on the lips and obviously feeling his cock under the water. Jim returned his attention, really getting into making out with him. I felt Greg’s arm close around my shoulder, his hand close lightly around my cock, and his lips meet mine. Pretty soon, we were all moaning as we made out, stroking each other’s cocks under the water. After about ten minutes, Jim said to Troy, “Sit up on the edge, baby, and let me take care of you.” Troy hoisted himself up, and looked incredibly hot as his shoulders and chest flexed while he pulled himself out of the water. He sat on the edge of the pool, his hard cock and massive balls straining against the golden cock-ring. His cock looked to be at least eleven inches long, really thick and stood up pointing at the sky, curving slightly toward his belly. He leaned back, supporting himself on his elbows and spreading his legs for Jim. He looked incredibly hot with his abs and chest muscles flexed, his biceps and shoulders bulging. Jim moved in and gently took his massive cock in his hands, running his tongue up the length and back down again, and gently kissing it all over, then working on his balls and back to his cock. Troy was smiling dreamily and moaning as Jim worked on him. Greg said to me, tuzla içmeler escort “Why don’t you sit up next to him and I’ll do you too?” I readily took him up on his offer and moved around the hot tub so that I could sit next to Troy. Greg moved over and for the second time in the afternoon, I watched while my cock slid down his throat and his soft, warm lips and tongue caressed me. Looking at Jim working on Troy, it was clear that he couldn’t get much of his massive meat into his mouth. But he was concentrating on using his tongue around the head of his cock and licking at the sensitive spot just below the head on the underneath side of it. Troy was clearly in heaven, moaning, “Oh honey baby, omigod, oh Jimmy, don’t stop,” and stuff like that. His cock looked incredibly hard and I could see it pulsing with his heartbeat. As our partners sucked us lustily, I looked into Troy’s eyes, and he met my gaze. He leaned over and our lips met, I put my arm around his shoulders and my other hand on his hard chest and abs, moving it around, feeling all the little hills and valleys, his smooth warm skin, his unbelievably sexy body. Our kisses got deeper and more intense, and our partners were slowly bringing us to the point of no return. I looked down, and all Jim was doing was using his tongue to circle the head of Troy’s cock, licking that special spot, and lightly running his fingers up and down his hard shaft, as he shoved his middle finger up Troy’s ass. Greg had me down his throat, working slowly and intensely. A minute later, Troy started gasping, “Omigod, omigod, baby, oh shit, oh fuck, honey�” and started shooting a big load into Jim’s waiting mouth. Watching him cum so profusely sent me over the edge, and I started pumping my load into Greg’s mouth. He swallowed every drop, and then licked me clean, while Jim was doing the same thing to Troy. Troy and I kissed passionately once more, and then slipped back into the water to kiss our partners as we unwound. For their part, they seemed happy to see us so satisfied, and put off their own gratification for another time. My brain was going wild thinking about whether I could get Troy to myself sometime during the week. Little did I know that my prayers would be answered shortly. We were into another beer when Greg’s phone rang. He answered it and said “It’s for you,” handing it to Jim. Jim took it with a quizzical expression on his face. He listened a little while, during which time his expression got more and more sour. “Big fuck-up on the set,” he said. “I gotta go back to LA to put out some fires. Probably can’t get back until tomorrow evening.” “Shit, honey,” said Troy, pouting like a little boy. “I was just getting to enjoy the week. I don’t wanna go back so soon!” I jumped at the chance. “No problem,” I said. “I’ll have space in my hotel room. They usually give you two beds anyway–unless Troy feels like sharing,” I said, winking at Jim. “And I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back, honey,” Troy said to Jim, smiling coyly. “Well, I guess you we gotta make the best of the situation,” said Jim, as he got out of the hot tub. He dried off, got dressed and said “I’ll be back with your bag in a minute, Troy.” A few minutes later he was off on his way back to LA, and shortly after that, Greg took us to my hotel where I checked in with Troy. “I’ll be back at 7 to pick you up for dinner,” he said as he got in the car and drove away. “So, what do you want to do for the next two hours, stud?” I asked Troy. “Hmmmmm�.” he said with a wicked smile, took my hand, led me into the room and closed the door.

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