One Night In Bangkok

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I have been to Thailand on business a number of times, and occasionally for golf with the guys. It is a place I love, so exotic, so friendly, and so easy.

My wife and I have been on holiday to resorts there too, and always had a great time. It’s one of those places that intoxicates you, one of those places where sex and romance are always highest on the agenda. What could be better than a luxury resort, golden sands, moonlit balmy nights, and the fragrance of the East in the air. For us it always is the place where we indulge ourselves in more ways than one.

On this trip we had decided to spend a few nights in Bangkok, one of my favourite cities anywhere in the world. We had booked one of the top 5 star hotels in the centre of the city, and were enjoying the excitement of the city, the wonderful dining, and the classy ambience of the hotel.

Over drinks by the pool we were talking about the options for the evening, where to eat, maybe a cocktail first, what to do afterwards, the usual stuff. Out of the blue my wife said to me,

“What happens in those ‘girlie’ bars?”

I have to admit I didn’t know quite what to say. I had been to some, of course, but it’s not the sort of thing you mention when you get home from an ‘arduous’ business trip.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Oh come on, I’ll bet you have been to some!” she laughingly replied.

“Well, a couple, but only for a few minutes.” I clumsily replied.

“Well, what happens, are they strip joints?”

I could see she was not going to let this go so I explained that they were not strip bars, they were places where girls dance exotically, but not naked (strange though it may sound nakedness is not allowed in ‘public’ bars in Thailand). I clarified that they were places where (mainly) guys went to have a drink, be entertained and essentially get turned on by scantily clad Asian lovelies. Trysts can be arranged but that is private and away from the business of the evening.

I knew what was coming next – “And have you ever arranged a ‘tryst’ with an Asian lovely?” she asked, looking me straight in the eye.

Fortunately I was able to say – hand on heart – that I had not. She knows me well and can always tell if I lie, so she smiled and kissed me. I thought that would be the end of it but then the bombshell came.

“Can we go to one tonight?”

“You want to go to a Bangkok Girlie bar?” I asked, needing clarification.

“Yes, and not one of those tourist ones, one of the real ones, I want to see the real Bangkok.”

“Okay, you’re on!” …. My heart leapt at the thought, and planning the evening had suddenly taken on a new excitement.

I booked a table at a rooftop bar in central Bangkok. The restaurant and bar were situated about 26 stories up, above one of the plush hotels. The views are magnificent and the ambience intoxicating.

As we got ready she asked what she should wear. I suggested a loose silk top I had always thought very sexy, with no bra of course. She bahis şirketleri also opted for a blackleather skirt that always turned me on. Short, but not too revealing – as long as too much bending wasn’t involved!

I shyly suggested that she wear no knickers and to my surprise she readily agreed. I was foaming at the mouth already!

We arrived at the restaurant and had a drink before the meal. Sitting on the bar stool I could see that this was going to be a good night. She sat casually, legs crossed but skirt pulled high. The gentle breeze was erotic and warming, and her breasts were clearly outlined under the silk top.

The meal was fabulous, although in truth I didn’t really concentrate on it too much. I was thinking constantly of our trip to the girlie bar, and what she would make of it all.

She was teasing and flirty all through the meal, clearly excited by my constantly looking at her beautiful body.

I mentioned how refreshing the wind was on this hot steamy night. She agreed, adding

“Particularly because I have no knickers on, that makes the breeze between my legs very erotic.”

I realised then that she was sitting with her legs apart – not gaping but enough for other diners to see, and some were looking, both men and women. My turn on quotient went sky high!

I made a point of making sure we didn’t drink too much. A good decision as we both felt

Ready for more as we left the restaurant and hailed a taxi. As I told him where to go she glanced knowingly towards me. It certainly wasn’t an area she had heard of and her smile told me that was exactly what she wanted.

When we arrived the whole area was thronging. People were everywhere as we made our way down the street, passing a number of bars along the way.

There were street bars, food stalls, trinket stalls, and of course bars behind closed doors with girls outside encouraging single guys to come in and “look see.”

Most didn’t try too hard to entice us in though; they knew it was probably a lost cause as we were a couple. As we approached the bar I had in mind, the girls called to us, and when they saw I was heading their way their enthusiasm trebled! On realising that we were both going in they welcomed us like long lost friends.

Inside the ‘mama san’ took my wife’s hand and guided us both to a booth in a prime spot close to the stage. My wife was clearly totally comfortable with the whole scene, and immediately ordered a gin and tonic. As we waited for the drinks to arrive she looked around and noticed that she was the only western lady in the bar. Girls were sitting with guys, but all were Asian, and clearly working at their role of entertaining.

It was at this point that I thought my wife would suddenly freak out and flee, but no, the exact opposite happened. She relaxed, flicking back her long brown hair and unbuttoning the top fastening on her shirt – making this attire now quite revealing. As I looked in amazement she said “What? It’s hot in here!”

It bahis firmaları was then that I noticed her skirt had rolled up quite high on her legs, and she was making no attempt to pull it down. I was loving every minute of this.

After a few minutes the floor show begun. This bar is known for it’s excellent erotic floorshows, choreographed by the owner’s wife and always sultry and sexy.

We watched a couple of routines and my wife was obviously enjoying the whole experience, the gin and tonic flowing.

Then a girl came and placed a chair on the raised stage for the next routine. I had seen this before and knew what to expect. Two girls came out and begun the next routine, dancing with each other, fondling each other and taking turns to sit in the chair whilst being gracefully and creatively fondled by the other. Then they looked around the audience, and pointed to a young guy, who was then ‘dragged’ up on stage and placed in the chair. His hands were bound to the chair arms, and he became the focus of the attention. As the dancing and the erotic fondling went on we could all see the bulge in his pants get bigger and bigger. The crowd were going crazy, He couldn’t work out whether to be embarrassed or excited – he was, of course, both.

As the song ended, the girls released him and left the floor as quickly as they came on. He was left to rejoin his friends and savour the experience.

My wife turned to me and said, “That was great, this place is such fun. Safely erotic, I love it.”

There was a slight lull in proceedings then so we recharged glasses eagerly anticipating the next entertainments. I couldn’t help noticing by this time that another button on my wife’s shirt was now undone, and her knees, previously tight together were discreetly open. I said nothing, but she clearly saw the bulge in my pants.

She leaned over and said “Is that for me or the Asian lovelies?”

“Are you kidding?” I replied “It’s for you, you’re driving me crazy.”

She smiled and we both turned our heads as the lights went down for the next set. A spotlight came on and another chair was brought on stage, which was unexpected, as they had just used one for the last routine. No matter we were both sure this would be brilliant.

The chair was lit by one spotlight as two girls – different ones – slid through the shadows onto the stage, and another spotlight picked them out. As the music slowly and quietly started up a third spotlight came on and was shone directly at my wife!

The girls beckoned her to go up on stage, and after a glance and a smile toward me she slid out of the booth, walking to the stage where she was helped up by a couple of young guys who were loving every minute of this whole scene. She sat in the chair as requested but her hands were left free.

The music increased in volume and the girls begun the most erotic routine I had ever seen, entwining themselves with each other gymnastically and erotically. They used my wife as a ‘prop’ dancing kaçak bahis siteleri around her, caressing her, running their hands artistically across and around her body.

The crowd was going crazy, and my cock was throbbing with excitement. The girls undid the next button of my wife’s top, revealing even more of her to all. Then we all went crazy – the girls knelt down in front of my wife and proceeded to stroke her legs, working their way up from her ankles, past her knees and onto her thighs. Their hands stroked the inside of her thighs and as they slid them up they gently edged her legs open even more until she was sitting with legs wide apart, her whole shaven pussy visible. I could see that she was shaking; she was almost hypnotized in an erotic trance, loving every second.

As the music drew to a close the girls gently closed her legs, rebuttoned her top and left the stage. My wife remained seated, stunned. The young guys who had helped her onto the stage helped her off lavishing her with praise, saying how gorgeous she was and brought her across to me.

I have never seen my wife speechless before. It took a good two minutes before she could speak to me – she simply turned and said, “That was wonderful, I love you.”

She finished her drink and before I could ask her if she wanted another she turned to me and said “Darling I need to go, I need you to make love to me and this will be a night like no other.”

As I asked for the bill the ‘mama san’ came over and gave my wife a big kiss.

“You enjoy yourself missy?” she enquired.

“Oh yes!” my wife replied, smiling the smile of unremitting pleasures to come.

“Drinks bill on us missy, see you again.”

We left the bar and fought our way back to the main road where I hailed a taxi. Back at the hotel I mentioned the possibility of a nightcap and was told, “My nightcap is in your pants!”

As we arrived at the room door and as I fumbled with the key I suddenly felt a hand undo my trousers from behind. Laughingly I said “Wait till I get the key.”

“I don’t think so.” was the reply. I turned around to see my wife completely naked, clothes on the hallway floor. She flung her arms around me and started to kiss so passionately that I forgot where we were. Lucky it was so late. We made love there and then, the eroticism of the evening boiling over to make the thrill of the situation multiply a hundred fold.

As I entered her I had the vision of her on stage in my mind, The thoughts of all those eyes seeing her beautiful, exposed vagina was smashing the adrenalin through my veins. As I neared orgasm all I could think of was the image of this gorgeous woman sitting on that raised stage being ogled by so many men. Men being titillated by her breasts and excited by her willingness to embrace eroticism.

She felt the surge as I came and her hips pumped in unison with mine, pushing and thrusting long after I had finished. We collapsed like two burst balloons and just

lay there; two crumpled heaps on the floor.

It dawned on us what had happened and where we were. We laughed, not knowing if anyone had seen us – and not caring. We gathered up our clothes and went into our room.

“Now I want my nightcap.” She said.

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