One Lucky White Boi—CHapter 5—Training Caleb

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One Lucky White Boi—CHapter 5—Training CalebOne Lucky White Boi—Chapter 5—TrainingA couple of weeks had gone by now—still at the motel. Caleb was still hanging around—like me, he didn’t know what to do next either. I took him out shopping one day—got him some jeans, and a few tees, plus some kicks—Nike’s were the thing now—hi-tops. We had worked out a routine—I kinda acted as ‘pimp’ for him, just making sure he didn’t sell himself short, or get roughed up. Like me, he preferred the construction dudes—said the bikers and truckers were a bit ‘scary’. Corse I turned a few tricks myself, just to keep the money current and not deplete what I started out with. Jason let me borrow his pick-up, and Caleb and me sneak over to the house one day to retrieve some weights so I could start Caleb on a light routine.I paid up for two more weeks, and decided it was time to go check out the diner, and see if everyone was still mad at me, just ‘feel the air’, and get some of moms cooking. Me and Caleb (hey !! that’s a book actually—it’s pretty kewl—check it out)arrive at the diner about 7:00 that night. Mom was actually there, and so was Dustin ! I hadn’t thought about it—just didn’t expect to see him there. Guess the ‘man’ never learned how to open a can of ravioli. I point Caleb towards the last booth, and ask mom for two yahoo’s. “It’s prolly not going to work Matthew, he’s still pretty agitated”. “I ain’t gonna cause no shit mom—I’ll just be in and out. You got some meatloaf”?“Yes honey—in the fridge”. “That’s fine—we can wait”.I take the two yahoo’s and walk over to Dustin. I slide one across the table in front of him, and as he looks up and pops the top, he softly says “ain’t gonna work bro—I ain’t ten anymore” “You seem to be having a problem thinking that I don’t acknowledge that you have grown up”. I sit at the table across from him anyway, and ask how was the eye. “I ain’t up for chit chat either Matthew—I’m just fine”. “Aight then dawg—I’ll just leave you alone”I go down a few tables to join Caleb, just as mom comes out with some ice tea, and the meatloaf. “Wow—smells great” offers Caleb. Mom never even asked who he was—nor Dustin. A toddler starts crying, and I just glance over Caleb’s head to see a young mother having a hard time with him. We scarf down the food in just a few minutes, and Caleb asked could he bahis siteleri have a milkshake—said it had been years. I order up three chocolate shakes, and tell mom to take one to Dustin. She just shakes her head, and says OK. Dustin ‘hollers’ at me “Thanx Matthew—but it still ain’t gonna work”I just shake my head and mutter to Caleb, “Hard headed as his fuckin bro. It’s prolly gonna take a Kansas City steak just to shut him up long enough for me to get two sentences in his head”. “That’s ur bro ?? Goddamm man, he’s hot as fuck–and I’m friggin straight” !The toddler is still crying, so suddenly Dustin jumps up and walks over to the table, and stretches out his arms, offering to take the toddler. The young mother looks up, and I guess out of desperation hands him off to my lil bro. He takes a seat now at one of the bar stools, and asks mom for some vanilla.Pouring some out onto a saucer, he then sticks his finger in the liquid, then rubs it across the toddlers gums. He subsides a bit on the crying, then surprising everyone in the diner, Dustin pops the buttons on his western shirt, fully exposing his awesome tite pecs, and abs. Directing the toddler’s face towards his chest, he goes right for Dustin’s right tit, and starts sucking away.No one says anything—just staring. The infant gets quite, but is feverishly sucking on Dustin’s tit like he was milking, lol. After a few, Dustin switches sides, and let’s him have the other tit. After about 30 minutes of this, the toddler finally falls off to sleep, and Dustin hands him back to his mother. I couldn’t help but get a glimps of Dustin’s swollen tits, and it made my dick twitch just a bit. “He wasn’t hungry—he’s teething” he finally offers in explanation.I just stare at my lil bro in amazement—where in the fuck did he learn that ??Finally Caleb and me depart the diner, and I leave a twenty on the table. As we head for the Camaro, Caleb offers “Damm dude—ur lil bro would make an awesome dad”. The thought did not leave my head all night—even as I was fucking him later on. We get back to the ‘spot’, and still being kinda early, I tell Caleb he should go hang out at the bookstore a while. I didn’t take any ‘cut’ from his earnings, just letting him save up his money. He turned two tricks, for $150, then returned to the room. Back in the room, I grab us each a beer, and canlı bahis siteleri upon crashing on the bed he offers “I think I’m ready to try that giant cock of yours up my ass now—a few of the tricks have been wanting some”.I flash him a big grin, and proceed to roll up a joint. “Your gonna need it, homie”We toke down the weed in just a few minutes, getting a nice mild buzz. Sucking on a couple of fingers, I then go for his hole, and push them in slowly, but deep. Even my fingers were pretty long, and could reach pretty far up the average ass. Caleb squimished a bit, but took the fingers pretty well. Grabbing the lube now, and adding a third finger, I continue a slow but deliberate invasion of the yung dudes super tite hole. “This ain’t gonna be easy for ya dawg—ur super tite”. “Ya—I’m sure—but I gotta step up my game if I’m gonna get into bigger bucks. And don’t quit Matt—make me take it”I raise my eyebrows a bit, but roll him over on his belly, and instruct him to put his arms up over his head, grabbing his pillow. I place the other pillow up under his pubes, to elevate him a bit. Greasing up my thick shaft, I’m already at full pop, just thinking about how wonderful his ass felt to just my fingers. “Yo dawg—you still cherry”? “Ya man—bust me up”I couldn’t help but grin—another cherry ass—one lucky white boi. As I put my swollen mushroom head at the entrance of his smooth pink hole, I give just enough push to make him open slightly.“Ahhhhhh” he lets out in a low throaty groan.“Damm dude—ain’t even got the head in yet”“I don’t think I can take it slow Matt—just do me”With that, with a smooth deliberate drive, I shove in, about half way into Caleb’s fresh cherry ass, and he sure nuff now lets out a cry.“Oh fuck—oh fuck—oh fuck” ! Slapping his hand into the bed, was pretty much all he could say. As I’m sure most of you know, having a thick ‘mushroom’ head makes for a rapid opening of the hole—not quite as easy to take for beginners as opposed to the more pointed ‘missile’ dick’. I was pretty damm thick up top, then my shaft tapered down at the base just a bit smaller. Some called it ‘top heavy’, lol. Placing my knees to just inside his thick hairy thighs, I spread him open just a bit, then drive the rest of the 11” monster into the depths of his guts. Caleb arches his shoulders up from the pillows, canlı bahis then a bit louder cries out “oh my fucking gawd—oh jesus” !Remembering how hard it could be those first few times of getting fucked, (by my asshole dad) I decided as well, that this was going to have to be a fast one.Grabbing him by the waist, I pull back until just my head was still inside his hole. Giving just a couple of more deep slow plunges, I decide he was as loose as he was going to get, and I slam him.“OHHHHH FUCK YO—-OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST—OH GODDAMM I CAN”T TAKE IT DUDE” “It’s already in dude-so, you done already took it”Holding tight to his slim waist, I get right into a relentless slamming of his busted ass. Not as hard as fucking a trick, or my lil bro maybe, , but definitely hard enough to make a smacking noise when I hit his ass. . Moderately continuing in and out of his tite muscular vise grip, I deliver a few really hard pops, just enough to satisfy the ceremonial ‘busting of the cherry’, lol. He was so tight, squeezing my thick shaft, that it actually only took about ten minutes. As my abs start to tighten, and sweat starts dripping from my pits, I give him one last final slam, and unload into his guts. Still popping him a bit harder now, I blow shot after shot deep into his now fully busted guts. Around about 9 shots, flying so hard that I actually became weak, and in a rare event for me, simply roll off him onto my back, still shooting about 4 more ropes across my chest and belly. After a couple more minutes, Caleb finally rolls over onto his back as well. Fully boned up himself, I grab his meat, and start pulling him. Squeezing the fuck out of his fully veined up cock, it only took about five strokes before he busted. With a pretty impressive load himself, Caleb shoots about 7 shots onto his chest and belly, and it instantly starts dripping down his rib cage and abs. He had a really slimy nut, and it was sweet to the taste :)Shuddering, he came so hard, it took him a few moments to calm down, going into a slight laughter—like some do in nervous situations. I reach for a smoke for the two of us and light them up. We remain silent for a few minutes, then finally speaks up “So—what do you think I’m worth”?I shoot him a big shit-eatin grin; “Well dawg, I’d say it’s worth an easy 500, but you still have to start low till the word gets out about ur ass—so, a hundred for now”. “Sweet—but you might have to hit me a few more times, you know—get me broke in real good—cause that hurt like a muther fucker” I just smirk to myself—turned already 🙂

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