Once In A Blue Moon

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Once In A Blue MoonOnce In A Blue MoonBy: Londebaaz Chohan“Just shut up, bitch. I have always fucked you hard and long but not today. I have another important appointment to keep and I have decided to finish you rather early”. This was Prof. Murphy talking to his assistant teacher Mr. Edgar Vanesa. “But Prof. you are killing me, what the fuck; you are not giving me time to adjust for your god forsaken length and the girth”. Whispered Edgar as Prof Murphy had him bent over the arm of the office sofa and rammed his full 10” cock length in his deep ass. “Oum, Fuck”; Edgar moaned in pain, begging for the permission to spread his legs at least to open up more for this monster tool of Professor. Actually Prof Murphy had wrapped Edgar’s legs between his, ensuring the tightness of Edgar’s ass to maximize the friction and also making sure that his lithe chest was pushed down onto the sofa cushions for firm sensations to run into the Prof’s cock from Edgar’s asshole. Now he had also brought down his whole body and feeling his hard nipples digging and plowing through Edgar’s back. Professor’s arms had snaked around the young assistant teacher with one hand reaching to the teen nipples and other at the flat vivacious belly. Now with his lips reaching young one’s ear; Prof said, “I thought, you loved my very thick and very long cock. Actually, you told me that knowing about my 10” was the reason, you applied to be my assistant”.“That is true professor, but before today, you have never fucked me without letting me adjust to this demon of yours”.Prof still in a jolly mood asked Edgar, if he wanted Prof to stop fucking him because he would never force him against his will. Edgar immediately refused to let Prof. stop but also reminded him that he was being split apart and his ass was hurting really bad and Prof. also reminded him that he was getting too used to his horse size and was not heard moaning as he used to little over a month ago. With that Prof nearly pulled all the way out of the Edgar’ ass and slowly inched back in, making him moan in the old familiar tone as the strokes continued. “O’ fuck you Edgar, you have never been so tight and this deep ever and with all my digging and drilling equipment, I have never reached the bottom yet”, Prof. complemented Edgar’s fuck hole “And I am so glad that you are clean and I do not have to pack my meat in the condom before going in the heat of your rectal tunnel. Then once again Prof. pulled all the way out of Edgar but kept his body engulfed with his own body and after only staying out just long enough, he slid back into the young teacher. His throbbing cock skin glided along the muscular ass walls making Edgar moan, “Sir, O’ Sir, but Sir, Oh my God, Oh fuck. That is amazing Sir. Ahhh, Ahh, ahhhhhhhhh”.Professor shoved another inch or so and asked Edgar, if he was sure and did not want Prof. to stop fucking him. Was he really feeling Professor’s hurting mushroom head digging deeper in his ass and Edgar quickly responded with a begging for not stopping fucking his ass and affirming that yes, yes he was feeling Professor’s dangerous weapon throbbing deeper in his ass. He added to have never felt to be filled so much ever before.Professor pushed his tongue in Edgar’s ear whispering under the influence of extreme ecstasy that he was ready to off load and it was right then, the ass spun into flexing and relaxing mode and Edgar spilled his youthful seed on the leather sofa cushions. Professor’s husky voice got almost stuck in his throat as he also flooded the Assistant’s ass making him shout that he was feeling the Professor’s load jumping deeper to farthest ends. Oh God, Oh God, oh my God; cried Edgar. They both lay there for couple of minutes until the feeling of jubilation was over and Prof told him to dress up quickly, clean the sofa and then take his ass away, so he could prepare for his next appointment. Professor saw his bulbous cheek wiggle out and felt proud with his choice of teaching assistant that semester. The office was all cleaned and the junior graduate teaching assistant, Edgar was also gone but Professor’s sexual appetite for graduate students was still surging and exceeding. One of the Professor’s graduate students had turned in a paper, earlier than it was supposed to and as he checked it over; it dawned on Professor that it was totally copied and of course, he was very distressed, not only because Ralph was one of the stars of the basketball team, which was set illegal bahis to play its biggest yearly game, only in a couple of weeks; the time this news to hit the public scenes. Also that Prof. Murphy’s cock had always ached stiff to be inside Ralph, who was really that beautiful student of his.At first glance, Ralph looked like a West Indian. His looks were so ruggedly handsome and his skin was brown as if the chocolate was laced with milk, but Professor had learnt from things said in class that Ralph was from a family with mix blood. Unlike athletes; Ralph was very regular to show up in the class, though in sloppy gym clothes that showed his big musculature and how well his basket was filled out and his butt cheeks were also big and eye catching round. Prof had struggled all semester to keep his hands off Ralph and now it looked that he was going to take an action that might get the boy expelled from school and might also anger the most of the senior alumni at the senior Professor Murphy.Ralph came into Prof. Murphy’s office making his heart and his dick; both to jump high. He was really that handsome as always, wearing the same tight shorts and the sweat shirt with the school logo, with cut off arms to show off the mountainous curves of his upper arm muscles. The veins of his biceps and the arms were bulged and pushed out to the surface by his heavy and the advanced muscles. The arm and neck holes of the sweat shirt were cut large enough to display an excess of black, curly hair spilling out. His long, black, curly hair was tied off in a ponytail and he carried a folder under his arm.Ralph sat down on the chair next to the Professor’s desk, very close to him and put his folder on the desk with a smile in his hazel green eyes. His big, powerful knees were pointed at the Prof and firm calves, covered with a jet black, curly hair. His big long feet and big long dark brown, sensuous toes were showing in open sandals; making professor wonder if the sayings about the big feet and hairy toes of men was true. Shaking all the sexy thoughts, Professor got right to the business, trying to ignore the yearning in his groin; saying that he had read the paper turned in by Ralph.Kind of excited and eager, Ralph; asked the Professor, if he like it, with a big grin and with no hesitation, professor told him that he did like what he read but he liked it better when he read it in the textbook, because it was taken right out of the textbook. Ralph’s grin faded immediately when he informed the professor of difficult and extensive practice for National Championship, that was very important for the school. Professor Murphy just giggled while claiming that he was aware of the ramification and told Ralph that he knew what it could mean for the school, especially with the finances of the school but he was there to learn before anything else and it was up to the Professor to make sure that he learned properly and nobody could do anything different or better than his decision for Ralph. It was not difficult for the Professor to see a confused look on the Ralph’s face but it quickly changed to a very bad and wicked grin; when he whispered that he was sure that Professor would come to some settlement as he placed his big beefy hands on the Professor’s tightly closed thighs. No doubt, Ralph could feel the Professor’s legs shaking through the thin material of his pants. Ralph’s voice was very loud and clear, when he told Professor that he knew Edgar more than anybody else in the class. His hands had pulled the professor’s legs apart and one hand was now cupping his basket and told Professor that Edgar did not lie a thing about their dirty relationship but Professor seemed very confident, when he told Ralph that it would not solve his problems. Ralph quickly seemed to have seen the light of the day and told the Professor that; OK, he will get to the point what they could do to serve each other and reach some settlement. He agreed to suck Professor Murphy, right there and then and in return Professor will give him the needed grades on that paper. Professor only stared at Ralph with a negative look until Ralph spoke again saying, in that case, he will let Professor to fuck him as well but then Prof. shall kindly allow him to submit a new paper instead. He stressed that it was a good compromise, making him to fulfill his course requirements and Prof. Murphy having wanted to do him, throughout the semester; shall get his wish as well. He illegal bahis siteleri further added that he was there, ready and willing and Professor could bareback him all he could in one session. By now he had removed his hand from the Professor’s sexy basket but his one hand was still lying on the Professor’s leg and with other hand, he had spun the Professor’s chair around until they faced each other closely. Ralph’s knees were inside the knees of Professor Murphy, when a meager voice of his agreed with Ralph that yes; it was a good compromise. Honestly Professor did not know, what else to say or do but he did not think of letting Ralph go now totally free and un fucked as proposed by Ralph himself. Let us seal the deal then; was announced by Ralph, who a bit rudely, wrapped Professor Murphy’s tie around his hand and pulled his face in for a kiss. For such a large sized, bruised player, Prof felt his lips were very sensuous as their mouth dueled and tongues lingered in a dancing routine. For all his life, being a top, Professor Murphy had preferred to do the fucking among his students, who depended on him for grades and were very easy to control but he felt that he was kind of losing the control of this partner like there was a fight on his hands. Ralph’s tongue pushed Professor’s down and swabbed the inside of his mouth until Prof gasped for breath, finally letting loose of the tie to make Professor collapse back on his chair. Then like an in charge, Ralph pointed the door towards the back, warning the professor that they were soon going to be totally naked and in a very, very compromising situation soon, for that door to be left unbolted. Professor had to struggle and stumble out of the chair, towards the door to lock it and as he turned back, Ralph had already stripped and leaning against the center of the Professor’s desk and his naked butt cheeks were at the rim and legs also spread out wide. He was as beautiful as professor had imagined; all A grade beef muscles perfectly formed. His torso looked like an armor of Roman soldier but truly it was no armor. All flesh and bones, bulging veins running all around and down his chest and torso. His chest was huge and so were the nipples, surrounded by the silver coin sized dark areolas looking like steel. Very bulbous butt cheeks had the unique deep hollows at the hips, which accentuated his small waist.After absorbing all the magnificence of the boy; Professor noticed that Ralph had taken out a lube tube out of his pocket or else but the far more focus of the Professor was at the center of Ralph’s body showing a rivetingly amazing and respectable size of his dark brown, extremely thick cock and truly low hanging jet black balls. Surely being very glad with the presentation, mainly the ample, spread ass; professor gently walked over to him. Knowing well where Professor’s eyes were focused, Ralph looked up and asked him, if he liked what he saw. Ralph claimed the long 8” length and a horse size thickness of his as a gift from his father and did not hesitate to mention that at least 50 boys and girls had been thrilled by this cock of his. Professor Murphy came and stood in front of him and Ralph began to remove his shirt but leaving his tie hanging in Professor’s neck and then also swiftly removed his belt and let Professor’s pants fall to his feet. Seeing Professor’s size, half erect; Ralph exclaimed that surely, Edgar was not telling him a lie and laughed that Professor would have also thrilled more than his share of boys and girls in his life time so far and Professor immediately corrected him saying that it was the boys only for the last well over 20 years. With a laugh, Ralph stood up and came to Professor with his lips on Prof’s lips and his hand grabbed the professor’s cock and balls while Prof did the same. Ralph’s cock was impossibly thick and growing under the touch of the Professor Murphy. As both the sex machines were growing nice and hard, Professor pushed Ralph back on his desk and hovered over him ready to fuck him. Ralph’s big black nipples and areolas came under attack by Professor and his pelvis also grinded into the young student. Ralph’s one leg was raised on to Professor’s shoulder, while he held the other one up. The thumb of the Professor’s free hand was at Ralph’s hole; rhythmically pressing on and even inside of it. Professor’s tongue was almost ready to travel down to student’s cock; when the boy grunted and struggled to a canlı bahis siteleri sitting position requesting to be taken on the rug between the sofa and the desk because the edge of the desk was cutting into his ass cheeks.Professor happily agreed to oblige his student and led him there where the boy wanted, to open him up for the extra-large Professor’s size. Ralph flopped on the rug face up as ordered by the Professor with his arms crossed behind his head and a very mischievous smile, having no concern as if he was used to get fucked by a 10” cock every day. The Lube tube was still seen on the boy’s side as Professor came to lay down on his chest between the boy’s legs, his hands on boy’s thighs and reaching to his belly and gliding to the young nipples and started giving that lovely boy cock the most desired attention with his mouth. Of course, due to its girth, it was not at all easy to take it in the mouth but Professor struggled and was successful to manage it, as Ralph enjoyed the efforts. Prof wanted to get the boy off before fucking him but not very quick though; so getting him to the point, where, Ralph arched his back, breathed hard and rotated his cock with bobbing of hips in the professor’s mouth, the mouth was pulled away from the shaft and started sucking those very black nuts in the very hung sack for a few minutes. Professor also brought his hands to the boy’s butt and quickly buried his thumb up the young ass to pull his tight boy hole open. Slowly the hands did move to the underside of boy’s thighs, rolled him and the mouth was lowered into the boy hole for rimming and tonguing while they both moaned loud. Soon it was time to suck Ralph off and then get to fuck him. Professor came to his cock and swallowed him again but in a flash Ralph sat up and turned onto the professor asking for 69. He wanted to feel, suck, examine and taste the Professor’s cock before going on any further. He straddled the Professor, head to toes and Professor also regained a mouth hold on that marvel of the youthful cock and Ralph began madly sucking Professor Murphy’s cock in his mouth with tongues and lips helping fully. Suddenly Professor realized that there was a fight for the control and the youthful player was gaining. Both of them had each other with lips embedded on the cock and balls and also lips to butts, being tongued for as much as possible. Ralph was really driving the Professor crazy, who had begun to tremble uncontrollably gasping, moaning and collapsing back on the rug as Ralph’s expertise was no less than that of Professor Murphy. Professor had been a top since ages and no one had tongued or fingered his ass, since his own professor used to top him in the graduate school days. Professor Murphy was not used to having anything as far up his ass as the lubricated long thick fingers of Ralph. Having gained the control of his professor, Ralph was now lathering his hole with the lube.Professor angrily tried to jump up saying, that was not what was agreed to in an attempt to reprimand Ralph but he had lost the control to the stronger one; Ralph. Slight dereliction on behalf of the professor, as he tried to catch his breath, Ralph pulled the tie off the professor’s neck and tied his wrists together and the ankles were tied to the stronger leg of the desk, Ralph gaining a total control with full weight on the professor and the black monstrous cock was flapping around his caboose. Ralph wrapped his arm around the Professor’s belly raising him up on the knees and pushed his legs wide open too, just before the thick, very thick dick head knocked on his ass hole. Professor tried to reason with Ralph for not having been a bottom for so many years and was not ready at all particularly for that size; Oh, Gawd No. Ralph asked the Professor, to just say stop but the Devil in Professor Murphy had made him yell, No!! Professors capability of all reasonable thoughts, his total mind was possessed by the beautiful brown long, thick cock and the essence in those very black balls.Soon Ralph was inside the Professor; No, Ralph had already begun fucking professor Murphy with full 8” of his cock length shoving it to the hilt. The always top Professor Murphy was just unable to say or do anything but only straining very hard, not to let his ass walls collapse under this v******e. Ralph repeating for the Professor to breath and reminding him to be loading off very soon and thrusting In, Out, In, Out harder and faster. As Professor squirmed below for may be 15 minutes or so; Ralph cried Arrgghh and began shooting his cream in Professor’s pie as the ass walls tightened around the expanding, throbbing cock. The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan August 16, 2019.

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