On The Table

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Mikey waited for his husband to come home. The table was all set, dinner was almost ready and he was hungry, and it wasn’t just his stomach craving for something…

A delicious shiver ran down his spine while the lubed-up toy brushed against his sensitive prostate gland. He wore it for the first time: Ethan’s Christmas present, a black buttplug.

After he heard the door unlock, his husband came in with a whistle.

“Wow, smells good, babe. I’m so hungry,” Ethan said, walking straight towards Mikey to give him a big fat kiss.”Mwua! I missed you.”

Oh, Mikey missed Ethan also. He missed him a lot…

“Dinner is ready in 15 minutes.”

“Oh, then I’m gonna shower first real quickly,” Ethan hollered, already halfway up the stairs.


After dinner, Ethan got up to clear the table. That’s how they did it at home, Mikey cooked and Ethan cleared the table. They both worked full time, so the tasks at home were equally divided.

Just as Ethan was busy doing the dishes, soaping up a plate, he felt a body pressed against his back.

“You…need help?” Mikey asked.

Ethan smirked, knowing that whenever Mikey asked a question like this after dinner, something was going on in Mikey’s mind.

He turned around, grabbed Mikey’s hips with his soapy wet hands, and yanked the man against him, just like he did with their lips.

When the passionate kiss came to an end, Mikey gasped for breath and could barely keep himself standing on his weak knees when he felt his husband’s massive cock pressed against his own erection.

Ethan ran his hands down and rubbed the bulge inside Mikey’s pants. Sternly the man spoke: “Well, well, well…is that why you cooked my favorite meal tonight? You want something from me, don’t you?” he whispered against Mikey’s lips. “Tell me, babe…Are you horny for me?”

Mikey güvenilir bahis nodded weakly.

“Speak up, I asked you a question,” Ethan ordered.

“I…I am.”

Ethan grabbed Mikey’s hairs and pulled them back, making Mikey show him that pretty flawless neck of his.

“Ahh!” Mikey moaned.

Ethan licked from collarbone to neck and ear with that sinful tongue of his and bit on the little earlobe.

“Were you waiting for me to come home from work, baby? Hm? Did you prepare yourself for me?” The voice vibrated against the overheated red blushing ear and Mikey felt his cock weep inside his underwear.

“I…I did…” Mikey admitted.

“How?” Ethan asked while his hand grabbed even tighter, pulling on Mikey’s hair. It hurt, but his cock stiffened up even more, making him uncomfortably hard and aroused, and his underwear wet with pre-cum.

“I widened myself…ahh…under the s-shower.”

A low deep chuckle spilled from Ethan’s lips. The tight hand let go and started to open up Mikey’s shirt, button for button.

“Hm…so desperate…” Ethan said, looking at Mikey with hungry eyes that never left his husband’s flushed face. After Ethan had popped open the last button, he ripped the shirt open. “Did you finish yourself too?” he demanded to know while he opened Mikey’s belt buckle. After he opened the zipper, Ethan pulled out Mikey’s hard cock, making him moan. “Well?” he groaned. Ethan asked, taking him tightly in his hand.

“No… I didn’t. I waited for you…” Mikey heavily breathed while his cock drizzled in his husband’s hand, who smeared his thumb over the head and pressed a nail into the slit.

“Good boy.”

“Ahh!” Mikey’s eyes rolled back into his skull while he chewed on his own lip.

His husband then slammed his mouth against Mikey’s lips and pressed his tongue in deep. He güvenilir bahis siteleri took all the breath there was, sucking Mikey empty. When he let go, they both needed a big breath of well-needed air, but Mikey had no time to come back to his senses, Ethan wouldn’t let him. He almost collapsed with his jelly-like legs, when Ethan turned him around and smacked him flat upon the tabletop. It felt smooth and chilly against Mikey’s abs and chest. “Ahh, Ethan…”

His pants got yanked off before his legs were spread wide.

Ethan pulled up an eyebrow when he saw it sticking out of Mikey’s ass. His gift… He needed to swallow before he could speak.

“Well, would you look at this…” Ethan grabbed the backside of the buttplug and wiggled it a little, making it rotate and move inside his husband’s creamed-up hole. “How hopeless were you, babe? So this is what you’re doing while I’m at work? Fingering yourself and shoving toys inside. How does it feel?”

“Hahh…!! G…G-good,” Mikey stuttered with a trembling voice. Ethan was slowly thrusting the toy in and out, pressing against those sweet nerves and Mikey felt his cock trapped between himself and the table. It felt amazing.

“You like this, hm? Look at you… Panting like some needy slut.”

For a moment nothing happened. But then Mikey could hear the sound of a zipper again.

One strong hand dug into the flesh of Mikey’s hip, while the other pulled out the lubed toy before it was replaced with Ethan’s thick hard cock. He shoved it inside Mikey’s self-prepared, gaping hole with one thrust.

“Ahh…O-oh…God!!” Mikey cried out.

“Yes, this is what you want, right, Mikey? To be wrecked like this. Preparing yourself under the shower for me like some bitch in heat,” Ethan cursed while his erection slammed in between those tight round ass cheeks.


“Yes, iddaa siteleri moan my name. Let me know how much you like to be split open by me!”

Mikey’s hands grabbed the edge of the tabletop in a knuckle-whitening grip. Those words did things to him. He also didn’t know why, but he liked it.

“Can you hear that? The sounds we make. You like that, don’t you?” Ethan asked.

Oh, Mikey could hear… Those wet noises. Filthy and obscene they were, every time Ethan pushed inside. Yes, he liked it.

He couldn’t hold it anymore. “I…f-fuck!” he breathed out.

“What? What do you want?” Ethan asked, almost not able to hold it in. Mikey felt so good around him, so warm and tight. This was the best feeling in the whole world.

“P-please Ethan… Let m-me cum..Ahh!” Mikey gasped while he was rammed against the table over and over again. Tears streamed down his cheeks already. He needed to come. He couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Go ahead then… Cum for me, my slut!” Ethan grunted, clenching his jaw. He always let Mikey cum first.

It was humiliating maybe, but those pleasurable words burned inside Mikey’s stomach. Slut.

“I’m..! Ahhh..!” he cried out while his balls tightened and his cock erupted between his belly and the tabletop. Saliva ran down his chin when he climaxed hard.

Ethan felt the contracting spasms of his husband’s hole around his dick and he came too, throwing his head back while pumping his cum straight into Mikey with each jolt of orgasmic pleasure. “Fu..f-fuck!”

When his high had ebbed away, Ethan pulled out and bowed down, relaxing his chest against Mikey’s back before he pulled up his husband.

“That felt good…” He breathed against Mikey’s neck. “I love you so much, baby.”

Mikey had to lean against his husband, he was so spent that he had no power left inside his body. It was tired all over. “Hmm… I love you too.”

“Shall I carry you to the bathroom?” Ethan asked.

Mikey nodded. “Yes, please. And it’s also your job to clean the table,” he said, smiling.

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