Older Broads & Young Thugs

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Older Broads & Young Thugs“Gurl. you ready for the weekend,” Jackie Wade asked his coworker and friend over lunch.“You know it, honey,” Francis Young replied with a coy smile.“I got those two young thugs lined up.”“It’s gonna be great! Now, you said both of them fucked you before?”Jackie chewed on his fast food Mediterranean salad. “Yeah! At the same time. Wore me out!”“Nice! I’m excited. How’d you meet them again?” Francis took a bite of his apple pecan salad.“Messaging app. I’ll start a group with all four of us tonight when I get home.”“Yeah, bish! Add me to it!”“What are you doing tonight,” inquired Jackie.“I wanna catch up on R-H-O-A,” Francis admitted.“No dick,” checked the clinical psychologist.“Well, you know how that goes,” winked the healthcare administrator.“This is who’s coming over tonight,” Jackie showed his phone screen to his buddy.“Jesus, gurl! His dick is huge. Ever seen him before?”“Nah! I hope he’s not crazy.”“Let me know.”The two middle-aged sissies finished lunch and headed back to work at the V.A. hospital.Francis typically took the train to work in order to avoid fighting traffic. He boarded and took a seat. A couple of young dudes in the row behind him started messing with him.“Sup,” one said. “You a midget?”“Leave dat fag alone, mane,” the other jumped in.“Nigga, he can live his life. I just wanna know if he a midget.”“Why? You tryna fuck him?”“Maybe just suck my dick. Would you like that, baby?”“You stupid, mane!”“No, I’m not a midget. And they like to be called little people,” Francis glared gently.“You cool, dude! We was just messin’,” the light skinned guy said.Francis softened his face. “It’s fine. Where are you guys heading?”“Up to 24th,” the caramel-skinned guy with almost shoulder-length dreads said.“I’m on my way home,” the professional shared.“You gettin’ off work,” the redbone asked.“Yep! I’m Francis by the way. And you are?”“Mo,” the high yellow one revealed.“E.L. But you can call me ‘E’.”“Nice to meet y’all. Have a good day.”At the next stop, Francis exited the train. This was not his stop, but he was running a test. Though he was wearing a pair of gray slacks and white button down shirt, his tie was bright lavender and so where his Giorgio Brutini slip-on loafers. He switched away from the guys behind him seeing if one or both would follow. As he walked towards the escalator he looked over his shoulders. There were a few steps behind. Francis changed course and went to a bench. He sat down in the middle. Mo and E came up and sat on either side of him.“I thought you guys were heading up to 24th,” Francis remembered demurely.Mo looked over, “We thought you might wanna chill wit’ us.”“Why is that,” Francis inquired.“You was makin’ mad eye contact,” E added. “We know what time it is.”“Y’all get down,” quizzed the older man.“Yeah,” answered Mo.“Seriously?”“I said yeah, faggit,” smirked Mo. “See you like dat,” he added after seeing Francis’ shifting body language.“You izmir escortlar get some weed and we’ll boss yo’ big ass,” E said.“How old are y’all?”“Do it matter,” asked Mo.“I’m curious.”“We grown,” Mo said.The two guys appeared to be in their early twenties. Francis wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of taking them to his house, but they seemed reasonable enough. He had a couple of blunts in an airtight container in the freezer. He checked to see if they were looking for any help.“I mean. If you see fit to help us niggas out, we ain’t gon’ turn it down,” Mo replied.Francis told them all the cash he had was $50. They said that was cool and to hand it over. He pulled out his wallet and handed over the bills. He got up and walked up to the platform to wait on the train. The slim thuggish sandwiched him as they waited. When they boarded, they squished him between them.“You got a phat ass,” Mo remarked.“Hell yeah! I know niggas be fuckin’ you,” E commented.Francis snickered, “I guess I get my share.”They exited at the final stop on the route.“Oh you stay up here wit’ da rich folks,” Mo opined.“Most people out here aren’t rich,” Francis shared.“Yeah, but they livin’ bettah than us muthafuckas in da hood,” E protested.Francis led the way to his parking deck. They arrived at his s lunar blue metallic 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.“Dis you,” asked E.“I knew dis nigga was rich,” Mo said.“I told you I’m not. Just got decent credit,” Francis hissed.“Calm down, sissy,” warned E. “We just gon’ chill.”“Yeah! I ain’t had none in a minute,” Mo declared.Francis drove through the gate of the luxury townhome community where he lived. They went inside and he showed them where to sit. He grabbed the weed and pointed out the liquor cabinet. He set the alarm so he would immediately be notified if any window or external door was opened. He went upstairs and hurriedly douched his generous ass. He washed off and lotioned his five-foot-three body. He put on some pink lace hipster panties and went back downstairs.The thugs had turned on the TV. They were drinking Hennessy and smoking.“Got damn,” remarked Mo.“Fuck,” E roared.“Y’all like,” Francis cooed.“Yeah, bitch. Come get on dis dick,” Mo commanded.Francis pulled out their dicks. E was packing a juicy 8-½ inch member and Mo had a slimmer 9-½ inch piece with a mushroom head. Francis was in sissy heaven. He sucked the two dudes. Before long, he was being spit roasted. Mo was in his big round butt first while he gave E a blowjob. They switched positions a few times. Francis was humming with dick in his mouth. Mo and E were talking shit.“Damn, faggit,” Mo said. “You takin’ dis big dick!”“Yeah! This li’l midget faggit can handle some dick,” E stated.“Look at dis big ol’ ass shake, mane!”“Hell yeah! He built like a li’l bitch! Let me get back dere!”Thirty minutes or so later, both guys busted on Francis’s face. He wiped up the cum with his hand and put it in his mouth. “I’ll call izmir escort bayan you guys an Uber.”“Back to da train station? Or where was goin’ on 24th,” checked Mo.“Traffic should’ve died down by now,” Francis replied. “I can put it go to your destination.”“You’s a good li’l faggit! Lock my numba in. I wanna fuck you again.”Francis disarmed the alarm and let the guys out when the car arrived. He immediately texted Jackie letting him know what just transpired. Jackie wrote back asking for details and shared he was getting ready for a regular jump off to come over.Jackie was dressed in a lemon wig and assless panties. The 5’11”; 165-pound guy answered the door. “Come on in, Merick.” Merick Williams was a 29 year-old, 6’3”, 220-pound cop that had one day pulled Jackie over speeding down the road in his black 2016 Volvo XC60 SUV. Jackie had begged to get out of the ticket after studying, the taller brown-skinned man. Merick refused at first, but relented when he had Jackie step out of the vehicle and saw that onion-shaped ass. He followed Jackie home right then and fucked him hard.“I only got a few minutes,” Merick shared.“That’s cool! I missed you, daddy,” Jackie whined.“Suck this dick, baby!”Jackie helped him pull down his pants. The 10-inch dick was already hard. Jackie took it down like a champ. Merick stood the sissy up and pushed him onto the couch. He stuck his big dick inside. Jackie yelped at the stabbing pain. “Take it, faggit,” Merick ordered.“Oh, daddy! Be gentle!”“Told you. I don’t have time to be gentle today!”“Ooh! Damn, baby!”“You can take it, faggit! You do what I say!”“Yes, sir!”“You like it, don’t you?”“Yes, sir! I love your big Black dick!”“I like your tight asspussy too!”“Fuck me, Merick! Fuck me!”Merick nutted deep in Jackie’s anus. He fixed his uniform and said, “You’re a good stress reliever.”The next day at the hospital the two effeminate friends compared notes.“That nigga damn near ****d me last night,” Jackie said in a hushed tone.“You know you loved it,” Francis chuckled.“I did! How was your threesome?”“It was thrilling. They treated me like such a hoe!”“Aren’t you glad I got you turned on to these young thugs.”“Absolutely! Well I gotta get back to work.”When Saturday came, Jackie and Francis arrived at the mid-tier extended stay hotel. The had booked a one-bedroom suite that included a spacious living area and full kitchen. Francis turned the refrigerator temperature as high as it would go. He loaded up the case of beer. Jackie set a gallon bottle of Paul Masson on the table. Francis uncorked a bottle of Chardonnay. The two crossdressers began sipping the wine as they readied for the evening.The time came the bitches were ready.Jackie red-and-white striped thigh-high tights, a pink satin thong, a white lace bra, and black heels. He had also affixed a long, curly black wig to his head.Francis was dressed like a schoolgirl in a plaid skirt, white knee socks, black Mary izmir bayan escort Jane shoes, and white tie-front midriff top. His wig was a blonde one with pigtails that he’d purchase earlier in the day at a costume store.One of the guys, Nieko Robinson, sent a message to the group. ‘We close. Room?’Francis explained where they were located and the best place to park. He also advised them that they’d left a room underneath the metal cigarette disposal bin so they wouldn’t have to walk down the corridor in their current outfits.A few minutes later Jackie and Francis heard the sound of loud blasting hip hop. They looked out the window to see a beige 2009 Mercury Sable sedan pull up. The music continued to blare as the guys rolled up the windows. Nieko got out first. He was 5’8” and 165 pounds with dark skin. He carried a brown paper bag. “He’s mine,” Jackie giggled. The other Negro, Doogie Jackson, exited. He had a burnt sugar complexion, was about 6’1” and slim. “They look like some straight up thugs,” Francis gleamed.“They are, honey!”Nieko used the keycard to enter the room without knocking.Francis gave them each a beer. Jackie poured them some of the brandy. Nieko and Doogie lit up the joints. The four drank and smoked for a while.“How old y’all is,” Doogie asked.“I’m 43,” said Francis.“47,” Jackie added.“Y’all some still some bad bitches, yo,” Nieko admitted.“How old are you two,” Francis inquired.“23,” Nieko replied.“Bout to be 25,” Doogie said.That was the extent of the small talk. Both sissies were sucking dicks within moments after that exchange. Francis had Doogie’s girthy nine-inches. Jackie was working on Nieko’s thick 10-inch log.Soon both sissies had their legs in the air on the couch next to one another. Nieko was plowing Jackie’s onion booty. Doogie was banging Francis’ globular ass.“You like this shit, gurl,” Jackie asked.“Francis grunted, “Yeah, gurl! Fuck me nigga!”Doogie huffed, “Got damn, faggit! Yo’ pussy good as fuck!”“You takin’ all dis big nigga dick, punk,” howled Nieko“You like my faggot ass,” Jackie checked.“Love fuckin’ you faggit ass, slut,” Nieko replied.Eventually, the thugs switched places. And put the fags on all fours.“Ooh, gurl! These niggas can fuck,” Francis wailed.“Bitch, I told you, gurl,” grinned Jackie.“Yeah, fags! We some real hood niggas,” Nieko screeched.By the time the sun rose, Jackie and Francis were covered in dried cum. Nieko and Doogie were drained. All four were hungover.Jackie had ended up in the bed with Nieko. He woke up first and started sucking on Nieko’s dick. The thug sprung to life and was soon long stroking his bitch.“Fuck me, Nieko,” begged Jackie.“Yeah, bitch! Damn you can take some dick!”“I fucking love you, nigga!”“You love me, bitch? You really love a nigga?”“Yes, sir!”“Den take dis dick! Move me in wit’ yo high fallutin’ ass!”“Yes, sir!”The commotion jolted Doogie and Francis from the slumber. They had slept on the pull-out sofa with Doogie’s dick deep in her ass the whole time. Doogie started pumping reflexively.“Oh, nigga,” cried Francis. “Your dick is so good.”“You like dat, li’l mama?”“Yes, sir! Fuck me!”“Damn, faggit! Take dis shit.”Eventually, it was time to check out.

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