Old Family, New Loves Ch. 05

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Autumn had arrived in Georgia. Aunt Kate and Uncle Pierce took me for a weekend up north to Cloudland Canyon State Park. We were still in the state, but close to Alabama, and just south of Chattanooga, in Tennessee. We were lucky to have some nice fall colors in the woodlands, and we enjoyed the hiking trails and the scenery.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, even if we couldn’t be naked in the forest as we all wanted. They would have to take me to a naturist resort sometime. It was quite a trip up to the northwest corner of the state. I was happy to get back to Savannah at the end of the trip and get out of my clothes.

After our trek into the uplands of the northern part of the state we had to get back into our work schedule. At least Pierce and I did. Kate’s job was to take care of us from the home front. She always had great southern cooking on the table when we arrived back from our jobs.

Pierce was a lawyer and I worked in the Planning Department of the city. However, Pierce was something of a gourmet cook, and he would prepare meals quite often on the weekends. We had fun being naked in the mansion there, right in the middle of Savannah’s historic district.

Neither of them had ever indicated they found me sensually tempting, but I certainly loved to look at them as they walked around the house in the nude. It was a pleasure to imagine what we could do together if they were ever interested. In any case, I had been sexually active with almost all of their children now.

Kate and my mother had been sisters, and had always maintained close, friendly ties. I was so happy to be taken in by Kate and Pierce after my mother passed away from her battle with cancer. I was also ecstatic to have been found attractive to my cousins who had made me a lover at times right here in this stately home.

I was now twenty-four years old, going on twenty-five. All of the children in the family were older than I. In fact, the oldest, Forrest, was now thirty-two years old. He was taking some vacation from his employment in New York to come celebrate with his parents on Halloween. It was mid October now, but we were all looking forward to his visit.

The time would pass quickly. He was planning to arrive just a week before the Halloween partying would begin. I had not seen him since my mother’s funeral. He was extremely busy. He worked on the production of off-broadway plays. He was hoping to move up to major productions soon.

You should know that Halloween is a major celebration in Savannah. The city has a reputation for being haunted. In fact there are trolley tours of the city’s ghostly denizens and their past homes. So our eccentric citizens have lots of fun with this day every year.

Many dress up parties are held throughout the city. Kate and Pierce had hosted a fete last year. We had discussed, quite humorously, going as nudists to the party we were attending. But we would be selecting more appropriate costumes. Forrest would be here to go along with us.

After waiting two weeks for him to arrive it was fun to be there when he drove up in his rental. He had landed at the airport north of town and got a car to drive himself into the city. Kate and Pierce didn’t actually own an auto.

We seldom found the need and if we did we could hire a taxi. Otherwise, the bus service was great if we needed to go farther than we could walk easily. So Forrest parked in the rear and came in the back door. He had called ahead and we were naked to greet him. It was a Saturday, and we would have a week to prepare for the coming party and Halloween festivities.

Forrest walked in from the veranda, where I had taken the sun with no clothes on many times. Not today. It was fall weather and it was nippy. I was pleased to see him. My nipples were hard from the cool air that came in with him.

He smiled at me, glanced down at my tits, then down at my bare feet. Then he hugged his two parents. Kate and Pierce loved their children so much. Then he gave me a hug and I felt my nipples harden even more. I was taken by his strong body and hard chest. He squeezed me tight and then laughed. So did I, because he made me feel happy.

Turning away he took another quick look at my bare feet, and he smiled gently.

We all went into the den after Kate tried to get Forrest to eat something. He explained that he had snacked on the plane and wasn’t really hungry. We sat around and just chatted. He had some great stories to tell about some well known people he had worked with in New York.

It was funny and he was just as amusing to listen to as his brother Chester. They must have both got a humor gene from Pierce, another great story-teller. ankara escort

That evening we went out to dinner, for a change. Kate would be able to relax and spend time with her baby. He was thirty-two, but still her baby. He was her first born, which was special, of course. It was a pleasant night for a brisk walk in the autumn air.

Some leaves were already falling as a breeze blew through the trees surrounding the squares of historic Savannah. We walked home after ten and were all ready to go to our rooms. Kate and Pierce were on the first floor, while all the other bedrooms were on the second floor. Forrest was in his old room several doors down from mine.

I took a shower, as I did each night. I preferred to shower in the evening, rather than the morning. As I was drying my hair, not wearing anything at all, I heard a light knock on my door. I opened the door to find Forrest. He grinned at me.

“Need some company there short cake? I wasn’t really sleepy, and it’s Sunday tomorrow. Want to talk a little?”

“Of course, Forrest. It’s nice to have you to myself for awhile. Your folks might get a little jealous though.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. They clearly adore you, Trish. We should get better acquainted, don’t you think, if you’re going to be living here in the old homestead?”

He gave me his gentle smile.

“Well, let’s sit down then. You take the big chair. I’ll just sit on the bed here.”

“Oh no, you can sit on the chair. I’ll sit here at your feet, Trish. It’ll be cozier. Come on over here, short cake.”

It didn’t seem to be anything to argue about. I sat in the chair and crossed my legs so as not to be to forward. He sat on the floor and wrapped his arms around his legs, looking up at me with a smile.

We were talking quietly and then he glanced down to my feet. It was odd the way he seemed to be paying so much attention to them. I did have pretty feet. I knew that. All my lovers had told me that. But I had never seen anyone stare at them so intently before.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were into feet.”

I laughed as I said it, and smiled into his eyes.

“What would you say if I were, short cake? It’s not so unusual, you know. Your little feet are quite nice. But you know that, don’t you?”

With that he reached out with one hand and caressed one of my feet, then passed to the other. I almost laughed because it tickled a little, but it was oddly arousing too, you know? I could see his prick was becoming stiff.

Very pleasant, as he started using both strong hands to gently give me a foot massage. It felt so good. No one had ever done that for me, and I enjoyed it. It was making me feel so relaxed, while at the same time was giving me a slight tingle in my pussy.

His penis continued to become harder as I looked at it. He liked feet, I was thinking. Well, I liked cock, and I was never ashamed to say so. I had learned to love sex in this place, and I really didn’t care how it was presented. I was fascinated by his prick. It was engorged completely now.

He quietly took both of my feet in his hands and drew them into his lap, placing them on each side of his hardness. It felt odd, but was strangely arousing at the same time. I began rubbing his dick with the soles of my feet and he spread his legs wider, groaning softly as I began stroking him with my feet and toes.

He pressed my two feet tighter around his prick and began jacking himself off with them. My legs were spread also, and my pussy was completely bared. I was softly fondling my slit and clit, making myself feel very good.

My juices were making me so moist that I had a small orgasm. But I wanted more, and so did he. He was almost fucking my little feet, forcing his cock faster and faster between them. They were as tightly pressed against his dick as a real pussy would have been, and I could feel him twitching as my toes touched his cock head.

It was not long before I heard him panting in readiness for coming. He began shooting his sperm, covering my toes and feet, and even reaching up to my thighs. It felt hot as he continued spurting, and moaning at the same time.

“Jesus, Trish. Ahh, that’s so fucking good. Oh, oh, so sensitive, babe. Nice, so nice.”

I had enjoyed it so much that I was leaking pussy juice out onto my robe. I didn’t care. It was wonderful. He reached up and began to finger fuck my cunt. That was fine with me. I could never get enough coming. He knew how to please a woman with his fingers. He found my G-spot and made me come hard. He didn’t know it, but I was a squirter.

If he continued he might be surprised. Then it happened, escort ankara and my fluid shot out onto his hands and robe. He knelt down and began sucking my pussy. It was heaven. It was over too soon, but it had been delicious while it lasted.

Forrest got up as his cock was deflating, and he leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

“You can’t know how much I needed that, Trish. You’re perfect. Thanks, short cake. I think we may have some good times while I’m here. You don’t find this odd, do you, sweetie?”

“Don’t be silly. This is nothing. I’ve done other things that might surprise even you, Forrest.”

I laughed, thinking of the way I had whipped his brother’s ass one night, giving him a little Mistress business. But Forrest didn’t need to know all the details. It was personal, don’t you know?

So we said goodnight and he went away to his own room. I got cleaned up again, and then had a nice sleep. I had some nice dreams that night.

The morning came and I was awake bright and early. For some reason I didn’t feel like sleeping in this Sunday mooring. I was up, dressed, and downstairs by eight o’clock.

I was by myself, so I just used the computer in the library to read some news sites online. I was doing that for quite awhile, until I heard someone else coming down the stairs. It was Forrest. I smiled at him as he found me there.

“Morning, short cake. Sleep well? I surely did.”

“You know I did, lover. You gave me something to dream about last night. I’m looking forward to more in your bag of tricks, mister.”

“Truly? That’s so good to hear. I don’t want to do anything you don’t like, Trish. But I have some unusual ideas about making love. Anyway, I hear the folks coming down now. We’ll talk about this some other time, okay?”

“Yep. We can talk if you want, but I doubt you’ll surprise me, Forrest.”

I laughed at the look on his gentle face, and then Kate and Pierce found us, and they asked us to come in and help make breakfast. We did that and had a good time. During breakfast we discussed the coming week.

Forrest had plans to use his rental to do some driving around to places he had not been to in years. Unfortunately, neither Pierce nor I would be able to get off work to go with him. But Kate was happy to get the chance to be with her oldest boy as much as possible.

So they talked of the places they would visit during the week. Today we were all going to go out to Tybee Island to do some hunting for shells on the coast. There had been a storm recently, so we were hoping to get lucky and find some rare ones.

That night Forrest came to my room. I had expected him to do so. We spent some time talking but he didn’t try to make love to me. I actually asked him if he wanted to have some fun, but he just brushed it off. I didn’t really think I could pry since we were not actually in a relationship.

We’d had some fun Saturday night, and now it seemed he was just into being friendly. I could handle that. I enjoyed his company, and sex didn’t always have to be a part of everything a man and woman did together.

The weekend finally arrived. We were all going to a Halloween costume party on Saturday night. It would be attended by some of our most interesting friends. By interesting I meant odd, and peculiar. That wasn’t everyone in Savannah, but it covered a lot of folks. Anyway, we put on our costumes and strolled over to the venue, which was only about a square away from us.

People were entering as we arrived. After being greeted by the hostess and host we helped ourselves to drinks and the buffet supper. The evening passed rather quickly, actually. But it was fun and we were continually entertained by the ingenuity of our friends when it came to dressing up.

Finally Kate and Pierce let us know that they were tired. Forrest and I were ready to leave anyway. It had been enjoyable and actually memorable, but it was time to get home. It was a little chilly as we walked back, but we all had wraps so it was not too bad.

Entering the residence, we all went into the den for a few minutes to unwind. Eventually Kate and Pierce said goodnight, and went into their room to retire for the night.

“That was fun, Forrest. I suppose we should get to bed too.”

“You’re right, Trish. Listen, I have to apologize. I think I may have been rather thoughtless this week. I took advantage of you last Saturday, and then ignored you somewhat.”

“That’s just silly, Forrest. We aren’t having an affair. We aren’t lovers. What we did was have some fun. I enjoyed it and so did you. That’s all there is to it, really.”

“No, but I have actually wanted to ankara escort bayan come to you for more. You see, I’m a little ashamed. I’ve been shunned in the past when my peculiarities came to light. I would hate to think you would consider me too far out.”

“I doubt that would happen, but we have only to try to find out. Come on, Forrest. Honestly, I would never think less of you for any behavior, unless it is harmful and unwanted. Let’s go upstairs. Tell me all about it there.”

I took his hand and we walked upstairs. We each went to our separate rooms to get out of our costumes. In a few minutes he was back at my door and he came in. I was now naked as was he and he sat in the easy chair. I plopped into his lap and put an arm around him. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He returned it and stroked my long, black hair.

“Listen, Trish. I’ll just say it. I’m into some odd fetishes. You already know I like feet. Well, I also like wet works. You understand? I like to be urinated on. Is that too horrible, Trish?”

“Oh my goodness. Is that all? I won’t tell you what I was imagining, but it was a lot worse than that. Come on you silly man. Let’s go to the bathroom right now. You want to get pissed on? I’ll show you what I can do.”

I skipped away out the door and he followed eagerly. Both of us were nude so we were ready to have some fun. I got to the bathroom door and waited for him. Then I took his hand and we hopped into the tub. I was being rather aggressive, grabbing his cock and rubbing it, trying to get him hard. He certainly didn’t mind.

He was fingering my pussy. I was getting all wet just thinking of wetting on him. I forced him down into the tub, against the wall. Then I began rubbing my pussy against his face, forcing him to eat me out.

I was so fucking horny for some sex. I had been wondering all week when we would make love again. Now was my chance. I was creaming on his face right now, and he was licking my labia with enthusiasm.

When I decided I had enough of his mouth on my pussy I let loose a stream of piss onto his cock and his reaction was wonderful to see. He began jacking off frantically while I pissed on him. I even pissed on his face and he didn’t mind. He just kept jerking off.

Sitting down now, I pressed my pussy onto his prick and felt it entering me. I began bouncing up and down, taking his cock deep inside me. I wanted to come badly and I was going to get it. I put my arms about him and pressed my tits into his face.

He quickly began sucking on my hard nipples as I continued to move up and down on his hard cock. I was coming and leaking juices down his prick and onto his balls. Then I felt his first burst of spunk entering my cunt and came again.

I was taking all he could give me, and wanting more. But a man has only so much milk to feed a girl’s pussy. I was happy to get what I did. I made sure I got all he had. Then I rested on his lap and we kissed. At last he helped me get up and he rose and stood in front of me.

“May I piss on you now, Trish? You may be surprised at your own reaction. I’d bet you’ll come again. Let me pee on your pussy. If you hate it, that’s fine. But I think you’ll love it.”

“Do it, Forrest. Piss on me.”

He held his now limp prick and aimed it at my cunt. Then he released a stream of piss onto my pussy, and he was right, I did come. I kept coming as long as his kept pissing on me. I was rubbing my pussy and clit with my hand and feeling the warmth of the pee as it flowed against my genitals. It was heavenly.

My first golden shower was a success as far as I was concerned. It pleased me and I looked forward to the next time. For now, we both took a shower and got cleaned up. It was time for bed.

We didn’t even talk about it. We just went to his room and shared his bed for the night.

I woke him up Sunday morning with my lips wrapped around his flaccid cock. He abruptly jerked awake, saw what I was doing, and relaxed and enjoyed it. I was tickling his balls with one hand, and I was fingering his butt hole with the other. His prick was getting harder, so I took it all into my mouth and began bobbing up and down. My spit trickled down into his pubic hair, but I continued gobbling up that lovely cock flesh.

He began fucking my face now and groaning as I fingered his ass. I was taking him deeply, expecting him to come for me quickly. But he was taking his time. He was humping his ass to feed me cock and I was taking it all. I loved cock sucking. I loved all kinds of sex, you must realize by now.

His sperm shot out and I gagged as it hit my throat. But I managed to keep it all in my mouth. I swallowed what I could, and kept the rest in my mouth. I continued sucking him until he was dry. Then I took all of his sweet cream and drank it down. I smiled at him.

I had made love to all of my cousins now. I was rather proud of that.

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