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A wall of cactus. That is what stood between Rudra, Deepa and the promised land! Dusk was fast approaching and it had been a really long day since they had mounted their early morning raid at the Celebration Hotel.


But the raid had, at least initially, yielded pretty little. As planned, Deepa and Rudra had confidently entered the slightly sleazy lobby of the hotel and after smiling patronizingly at the bleary eyed night watchman had walked up to room 9 on the second floor. Internally, they had been all a flutter — what if their key did not open the lock? — and they had heaved a sigh of relief when the key turned with a smart click. But their joy was short lived. Other than an unopened bottle of Talisker Single Malt and a few bills, receipts and a small, partially torn, dog-eared copy of a tourist guide map of the Panchet-Maithon region, there was absolutely nothing else of any interest in the room.

Since they had checked out of the previous hotel, Rudra had wanted to stay in the current one and work out a plan but Deepa was very nervous. Perhaps Pandey-ji’s people, or worse, his enemies were aware of this place? So they had quickly left the hotel and found a decrepit roadside eatery, or dhaba, where they decided to have breakfast. The dhaba-owner was still in the process of lighting the fire so mother and son had some time on their hands.

“Ma, this map means that Pandey-ji has a safe house somewhere in the vicinity.”

“But where? How can we go around looking for it?”

“I wish there was someone whom we could ask or check with.”

“But you would never know whom to trust.”

“Let me look through the note book that we found in the bag that we escaped with. I remember that it had some telephone numbers.”

Rudra rummaged through the backpack and pulled out a smart, leather covered notebook that was wrapped in a cellophane sheet — obviously, to protect it from water or moisture. It contained a set of coded names and numbers that mother and son tried to decode.

“PaCha, MaMi, MuRo ..” whispered Deepa, “these look like abbreviations of first and last names.”

“Followed by phone numbers.”

“SBI, HKB, PNB … these are names of banks followed by account numbers.”

“Or are they internet banking ids and passwords?”

“Hmm .. should we try calling the numbers?”

“And say what? No one knows about us or that is what we think, and it is better to leave it that way.”

“Look at this one, LaLo and this one has two phone numbers 2368-5504, 86730-50800.”

“One looks like a Calcutta landline number … but those have stopped working ages ago. Why would he still carry it?”

“Ma, I am getting an idea .. what could LaLo mean? think ..” there was a sudden urgency in Rudra’s voice.

“No idea, kid.”

“Look at this map,” and he pulled the tattered Panchet-Maithon map out, “do you notice anything special.”

“No. Just a very small scale map. Shows only very big features.”

“Can you see the latitude and longitude lines …”

“Very broad ones at 10 degree gaps, 20, 30, 40 degrees of latitude.”

“And a latitude of 23 would lie somewhere here …” Rudra pointed to a square.

“Wait!” Deepa whispered, “Are you saying that LaLo means Latitude and Longitude? and not the name of any person?”

“See the Longitude, 86, which should be between 80 and 90 East and that is a square that contains Panchet Lake!”

“Kiddo, you are indeed a genius. This must be the latitude and longitude of an important location in this area.”

“Wonder who thought this up? Pandey-ji? or Teesta?”

“Whoever, but we have a challenge, the scale on the map is too small. The lat-long goes to fourth place of decimal. Where can we get a map that detailed?”

“I have an idea,” smiled Rudra. “If only we could access wikimapia and type in the lat, long in the URL, we should be able see the exact location.”

Which is what they had done next.

After a hurried breakfast of alu-paratha, they had taken gone to the bus stand near the railway station and had located a cyber-cafe where for an hourly fee they could access the internet.

“Private cubicles?” the owner had asked them with a straight face.

“What is the difference?” Rudra had asked in all innocence.

“Well, couples like it, you know.” A smirk had cracked through his poker face. “Private rooms, love seat, we can also serve liquor inside. Only 300 bucks per hour, plus the drinks of course.”

“No we are OK with these …” Deepa pointed to the desktops located in a row of semi-private booths in the hall.

“No problem, 30 bucks an hour here,” and pointed them to a machine in the corner.

The owner had warned them that the connection would be slow and the reality was worse. But the five minute wait for the map to load and then zoom to the highest scale was worth it!

“Wow! what a place Ma!” whispered Rudra as the cross hair positioned itself on a tiny peninsula on the south bank of the Panchet türbanlı escort Lake, about a kilometer across from the Panchet Dam.

“There is a lagoon there.” Deepa pointed to an inlet of water at the tip of the secluded peninsula.

“But how do we go there?”

“We need this map, kid. Can you get a picture of the screen on your phone?”

“I will take a screenshot and transfer the image to the phone, that will be better.”

“Good. Get some maps of the whole area as well … so that we know how to go.”

The cafe owner was used to requests for downloading images– usually lurid porn– to cellphones and, for a small charge, he loaned them a cable that Rudra used to transfer a couple of map screen shots to his mobile.

“Well, this place is between the two arms of the Panchet Lake and the nearest big landmark is this Raghunathpur Thermal Power Plant, 5 km to the west.”

“We will see that later, but first delete the maps from their machine,” cautioned Deepa. “I don’t want anyone to know where we are headed.”

“And I am deleting the cache and the browsing history, as well. No one should know what we were searching for.”

“Now fire up some genuine porn on the browser and let us think of what can we do next.”

Mother and son were wedged tightly in one of those internet-browsing “booths” and it was as if they were a couple watching porn together on the web. Which would have been odd at 11 o’clock in the morning but it was not so because there were quite a few others who were engaged in similar activity. Actually, the cyber-cafes of old had degenerated into cyber-bars and now pick-up joints and there was one particular middle aged person who was pacing up and down with a drink in his hand and actually ogling openly at Deepa.

“Ma, there is a guy who is staring at us,” whispered Rudra. “Should we leave this place.”

“I know, but I have another idea …”


“Do you see that motor-bike key lying next to the computer that he is using.”

“Hmm.” Rudra nodded in agreement, “and the screen on his computer has an animated gif that is screaming Sex!”

“If I distract him long enough, can you get the key and locate his bike? We need a transport out of this place.”

“Sure why not? But how will you get him away.”

“Just wait and see. These sex crazy men are such suckers in front of wily women.”

“Ok, tell me what to do.”

“When I am gone, you pick up the keys, pay off the our dues, locate his bike and wait outside.”

Deepa got up, as if to stretch her legs, and caught the eye of the man who was ogling at her.

“Hello,” she smiled, “I am new here and I was wondering if we could have a chat.”

Deepa had wrapped herself in a shawl against the early morning chill and she took it off to reveal that she was wearing a faded pair of jeans and a short, tight T-shirt that was clinging to her tits. The sight was enough for the man to almost choke on his drink!

“Why not,” he gasped after recovering his breath. “Want to have a drink?”

“Not here, this is too open.”

“Let us go inside.”

Unfortunately, the guy picked up the bike eyes, shoved them into his pocket!

But it was too late to change plans. The two of them went through a door and found themselves in a little private room with a large, wall mounted LCD TV and a big sofa. The owner followed them into the room, loaded a CD in the DVD player and switched on the TV that started showing an explicit porn movie. But as soon as he left, the man grabbed her by her shoulders and started squeezing her tits!

“Big boy is in a hurry I see,” Deepa indulged him. “Perhaps I can help him a little.” She dropped down on her knees and unbuttoned his trousers.

“How much do you charge for this?” The guy muttered.

“Nothing much, just give me a thousand bucks for a quick shot.” She smiled. “That is a small price for big fun.” The trouser dropped to the floor, the keys clinking in a pocket, followed by the shorts and Deepa, on her knees, was staring at a flaccid cock and a shrivelled pair of balls that she started stroking lovingly.

The guy gave a squeak of pleasure, then he suddenly grabbed her head and pushed her mouth against his little penis.

“Relax, stud, not so fast,” Deepa removed her face from the smelly crotch. “Let me get your stick big and hard first.” She pulled down his trouser and shorts, pulled them out from beneath his legs, pushed him on his back on the sofa and started stroking his prick again.

The guy was in his seventh heaven! On the screen, a big blonde naked whore was sucking and huge black cock and here in Barakar, this whore was stroking his cock. oooh what fun! He started gurgling with pleasure.

“Would you be more comfortable without your shirt?” Deepa suggested, “and I love to the hard, hot bods of my studs.”

“OK,” agreed the guy impressed by the subtle flattery, “and now you get naked and let me see your tits.”

“What is the hurry, boss. I am not running away. ümraniye escort Let me first get you going.” Deepa spat out mouthful of spittle on her palm and started stroking the guy’s prick that was becoming harder and longer. “Now that is a massive cock, boss.”

The guy closed his eyes and started screaming abuses that, thankfully, were drowned out by the screams and shouts on the screen.

“Go boss, go …” Deepa encouraged him and increased her tempo and before he knew it, he had shot a teaspoon of cum into her palms!

“That was a good start boss.” Deepa cheered him. “Let me get a little drink for you and then we can have a real prick-in-my-cunt fuck.”

“Ok.” The guy gasped with pleasure. “Get me a drink. A Royal Stag whisky, make it large.”

“Sure. But I will take some time to fix myself a fancy cocktail … please be patient.”

Deepa collected herself, adjusted her clothes and leaving the stark naked man rolling languidly on the couch and watching porn, walked out of the room and through the hall. The owner of the cyber cafe, who was sitting next to the door, was surprised.

“Done? So quick?”

“I have forgotten my pack of condoms,” Deepa whispered with a smile. “Where can I get them? Quickly,”

“Down the road, there is a medicine shop.”

Deepa wanted to run out but she forced herself to walk quietly but briskly and the moment she stepped out, she saw Rudra standing next to the bike.

“Ma, this is his bike but he took the key with him.”

“Don’t worry, I have got this pants with me!” Deepa grinned, and pulled out a bundle of clothes from beneath her shawl. Rudra felt through the trouser pocket, found the key, put it in the bike and started it with a kick. Deepa climbed in behind him, made sure that they were not leaving anything behind and whispered, “Let’s go, kid, on to Raghunathpur.”

Two hours later, after passing through Raghunathpur, and after hiding the bike in a bush behind an abandoned house, mother and son had started their trek towards Pandey-ji’s safe house in Panchet. The terrain was empty and rugged but they avoided the main road because it was empty and the two of them would stand out as herons amidst a murder ( or ‘flock’) of crows!

The land between the two arms of the Panchet Lake, or reservoir, was covered with a thick forest of tall deciduous trees. Deepa and Rudra had a tough time pushing their way through the dense undergrowth as the jungle kept getting denser and denser. They had not switched on their cellphones, and anyway there would have been no signal anyway, but the map images that they had stored had helped them find their way across the desolate terrain. They sensed that they were close to the peninsula but suddenly they ran into a new problem.

A wall of cactus. That is what stood between Rudra, Deepa and the promised land! Dusk was fast approaching …

Someone had clearly created an obstruction! Pushing through a stand of trees and undergrowth is still feasible but when the undergrowth is replaced with big, hard cactus plants then the barrier is impassable.

“Ma, we cannot go through this.”

“But we must, kiddo. This is a wall that Pandey-ji would have deliberately built to keep people out of his private haven.”

“There must be a gate or some kind of a secret path through this abomination.”

“Let us see if we can go around it. Instead of going straight, let us move right, parallel to the cactus wall.”

“That will lead us to the water, the lake.”

Which is what it did. Mother and son soon reached the shore of the vast Panchet lake and in the far distance, nearly three or four kilometres away, they could see the few feeble lights of Panchet Dam glowing in the early dusk. Unfortunately the “wall of cactus”, as they had named their obstacle, extended right up to the edge of the water!

“I think there is only one option left,” said Deepa. “Let us get into the water and swim around and see if we can reach a point on the shore, behind this wall where there is no cactus.”

“But all of our stuff will get wet.”

“Why? we can pack everything into the plastic bags that we have. The most important stuff will go into the backpack and for the rest we will do the best that we can.”

Deepa and Rudra stripped naked and after packing their stuff as best as they could, waded into the waters of the Panchet Lake. Initially the water felt cold but once the shock had worn off, they found that it was quite comfortable. Actually it should have been quite cold at this time of the year but thanks to global warming and climate change, the weather was actually very pleasant — it was almost like late spring or early summer. Fortunately, the bottom of the lake was sandy and firm and even though the two of them were up to their necks in the water, it was not too difficult for them to wade along the edge while holding their belongings up over their heads. Soon enough they realised that the forest had become lighter and they were now behind the cactus wall.

“Let’s acıbadem escort get back on the ground, Ma.”

“Be very careful now, there can be guards around here and they may not like us to walk in like this.”

So quietly but quickly they got back on land and then, there it was! A two-storied house well hidden in the trees and located at the edge of what must have been the lagoon that they had seen in Wikimapia [ 23.685504, 86.73050800 ]. Rudra was about to rush in but Deepa held him back. Hidden in the trees, they observed the house for any signs of any other person. After ten minutes, Deepa was satisfied that there was no one around and it was safe to go in.

The house was locked but as they had expected, one of the keys from the bunch that they had been carrying from Calcutta opened the door and they were in!

“Oh! Ma, this is a fantastic place,” exulted Rudra and Deepa had to agree. Located at the edge of the lagoon and yet hidden from view by the huge trees that surrounded it, the two storied house had been planned as a perfect hideaway. It was well stocked with bottled water, canned food and kerosene for the lamps and cooking, even though the house had electricity from a cable that must have run across the bottom of the lake. Then there was a small armoury, stocked with enough arms and ammunition for a small army and most important a small vault full of cash and gold coins! On the ground floor, adjacent to the water’s edge, was a boathouse and on the floor above was the living area — bedroom, kitchen-and-dining, study — and the best part of it all, a large veranda or terrace with a splendid view of the lagoon and beyond it the Panchet Lake itself.

It took Deepa and Rudra more than an hour to look and through and discover the wonders of their new “kingdom” — as Rudra described it — but finally they were done. Tired after a long, long day but finally feeling happy and relaxed, Deepa was standing on the deck, looking across the vast expanse of the Panchet Lake glistening silver in the light of the gibbous moon. The sun had set and the sky was ablaze with a million stars — they had never seen so many stars in the city sky. The forest around them was pitch dark but then again it had come alive to the chirping of crickets and the winking of fireflies.

“Ma, see what I have brought for you.” whispered Rudra and placed two big glasses on the wide parapet that ran along the edge of the terrace overlooking the lake.

“What is it?”

“The Talisker that we had picked up from the Celebration Hotel.”

“Oh wow! that is wonderful.”

“And I think that we deserve it, after all that we have been through.”

“Absolutely, let us raise a toast … Cheers”

“Cheers — to the Panchet Lake and this little hideaway of ours.” But as they clinked glasses and took a swig, mother and son suddenly and simultaneously realised that both of them were stark naked! After the walk through the water and the excitement of finding and exploring their kingdom neither had remembered or bothered about putting on their clothes.

Rudra stared at his mother standing stark naked on the verandah, bathed in the silvery light of the moon. Her face, smiling as ever, was framed by her long hair that fell over her chest but not quite hiding the proud swell of her breasts tipped by large nipples each lying in their own dark areola. There was a little breeze that was coming off the lake but that was not why Rudra felt a little shiver go up his spine as he realised that his penis was growing harder!

Deepa too was suddenly all too aware of the total nudity of the big male hunk in front of her and she too felt a sudden hardening at her own nipples as they suddenly decided to assert their existence. No words were spoken, none were needed. Much as he tried to, Rudra found his eyes locked on his mother’s tits as they stiffened under his gaze and in turn, his mother Deepa too was locked on her son’s penis that had grown big, thick and erect and was pointing directly at her cunt!

As is always the case, it is the woman who waits and the man who rushes forward! Rudra took a big gulp of the single malt, put it on the parapet and grabbed his mother’s tits. Deepa too could not hold herself back any longer. She too took a gulp and threw her arms around her naked son and pushed her crotch into her son’s giant erection. The die was cast, the spell was broken and mother and son were immediately all over each other, running hands over each others body, kissing deeply, thrusting their tongues through each other lips and in general acting as madly as any animal in extreme heat — which is exactly mother and son had found themselves in!

The next few minutes were a blur of sexual frenzy. Mother and son were on the floor with either the mother on top or the son on top as the couple squeezed, pressed, teased, licked and sucked on each other as if the end of the world was at hand. Slowly and inevitably, the frenzy abated and Deepa found herself on her son, his big, hard penis pressed into her mouth as she sucked on it like a child with an icecream. Meanwhile, her crotch was pressed into her son’s face and she loved the way he licked her cunt and tickled her clit with his tongue.

“Kiddo, I don’t know how I got carried away like a teenager.” Deepa grinned shyly as she sat up on the floor.

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