Not speaking………again.

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Not speaking………again.“Hello love, I’m home”, I said as I closed front door. There was no reply. After three day she still wasn’t speaking to me. When I say not speaking that is not exactly the truth. Not speaking means I was actually being treated to a series of monologues about my grievous faults. Whenever I tried to say something in my defence, it was ignored. I must have apologised about a dozen times. It seemed that wasn’t enough. She was really going to milk this one for all it was worth.She appeared out of the kitchen, wearing a dressing gown and a look of disdain as she brushed past me and went up the stairs. “I’m going to have a bath, don’t make any noise when you finally come up to bed. And by the way, you can make your own dinner as well,” Sarah barked.“Well I’ve eaten enough humble pie. I guess I’ll try some of that cold shoulder you’re dishing out,” I snapped back. “You’re not as funny as you think you are,” she said, slamming the bedroom door bringing the one way conversation to a stop.It wasn’t fair; I was the innocent party in all this. I told the truth and I was in the doghouse for it.It all started three days ago when I went to the pub with a few guys from the gym. We go out once every three months, so it’s not like I’m on the pi$$ all the time. Anyway, it gets near to the 11 pm and suddenly a bunch of cackling woman, very drunk come in the pub. One of them is the sister of one of the guys in our group; the guy who is giving me a lift home. So anyway, this group join us and we have a few more drinks and by closing time we are really merry. Now my mate’s sister Tina has a bit of a reputation locally as a slag. Normally, if I was sober I’d have kept well away from her, but beered up as I was Tina became a vision of loveliness. She was wearing a little black dress, which was just a bit too little for her, tits pushing out over the top and showing plenty of thigh at the bottom. The make-up was a bit overdone as well, too much red lipstick and eye shadow. Anyway, she’s leaning on me as she can’t stand up and I get the whiff of her cheap perfume and her big boobs are squishing against my chest; plus I can feel one of her hands clutching a cheek of my arse. By this time I’m completely revved up, and I pull her into a quiet corner of the pub and we start to kiss like a couple of wild a****ls. My hands are all over her and her hand is down the front of my trousers. I think it was only the light going on in the pub as they tried to get everyone out that bought things to an end. Otherwise, I think I would have tried to fuck her over the empty pool table in the corner. We were both that drunk.On the way home the two of us are sitting in the back of Dave’s car, as he’s been the only one not drinking. I’m starting to sober up, but Tina is still pretty keen on it and she takes my hand and puts it up her dress. I can feel she is wearing hold-up stocking, rather than tights and my cock is up again. I get my hand in her knickers and start playing with her extremely wet cunt. She’s moaning away and suddenly, there’s the voice of her brother from driving seat, “Should I take you home or to a hotel?” he says laughing. I suddenly noticed we are outside my house. I could see a light in an upstairs bedroom window and that brings me to my senses. I take my hand out of her fanny, give her a quick peck on the cheek and stagger out of the car. I get almost to the gate when I hear Tina’s loud voice “Here lover, you’ve forgotten your phone”. I look up and see a shadow gaziemir escort bayan behind the curtain and scuttle back to the car. “For fuck’s sake Tina do you want to wake the whole street? Where is it?” I lean into the car but she has moved back to the opposite door and holds up a phone. As I go to grab it she pulls me into the car and gives me a big sloppy kiss, more on the neck than my face. I get another strong whiff of her perfume. I grab the phone and look at it. “You silly bitch, this is your phone”. I pat my pocket and check that mine is in place.” Oh dear, you’re right, sorry lover”, she says in a sly voice. I sense that something is not right but in my pi**ed up state I can’t work out what. I let myself into the house and creep up the stairs doing a poor imitation of Mission Impossible. The bedside light is on but my wife appears to be asleep. I suspect she is still awake but now is not the time for a conversation. I get undressed and fall into a drunken stupor on my side of the bed. Mission accomplished.I wake up next morning only dimly aware of what happened night before. I think I’ve got away with it for a second, but then I looked across the pillows and I see my wife’s expression. “All right dear?” I offered with a weak smile. “Don’t you fucking alright me, with your face smeared with lipstick and mascara and smelling of eau de whore perfume”. I turned over and examined my guilty coupon in the wardrobe mirror. “I heard you come home last night. I looked out of the window and saw that Dave playing chauffer and you grappling with that slag sister of his in the back. It was even worse when you walked back to the car for afters. What must the neighbours think?”. It was a rhetorical question, as she got up grabbed some clothes and said “I’m going shopping now, stay out of my sight”. “It’s not what you think” I protested. I said that Dave was our designated driver and that Tina just turned up at the last minute. I said I was very drunk and was trying to keep away from her and that I only went back to the car because she thought I’d left my phone in it. Sarah gave me a withering look as she left the room and I had to admit my explanation sounded pretty pathetic. I jumped out of bed and leant over the banister just in time to see her grab her bag and car keys and open the front door. “Sarah, I’m really, really sorry about what happened last night. There was too much drink and things got out of hand. I apologise completely. I was out of order.” The only answer I got was a squeak from the letterbox swinging in the wind.So here we are three days later, and she is still giving me the silent treatment. There was a brief thaw in diplomatic relations yesterday but I only aggravated the situation. The day before I had phoned Dave. “Mate, your sister was well out of order in the pub and later in the car. I am in the shit house with the wife because of her antics,” I complained. “Sorry bruv, what can I say”, he offered apologetically. “I know Tina can be a bit of a goer with a few drinks inside her, but the treatment she gave you was exceptional even for her. But I now know why”. He then tells me a story that Tina and my wife Sarah knew each other at school and that Sarah had nicked a boyfriend off her years ago. He confided that Tina never had a good word for Sarah. I said that the feeling was mutual. Tina had clocked me and Sarah out shopping a few weeks ago and recognised me when I had picked him up one day to go to the gym. “So it was not escort gaziemir a coincidence that she turned up in the pub”. I said. “Doesn’t appear so”, Dave agreed gingerly. “I knew she was up to something because when you got out of the car she opened her hand bag and starts slapping on the lipstick and perfume.” Where are you going now, its 1 am?”, he asked her. Next thing she’s called me back to the car on the pretence of a lost phone and covered me with the incriminating evidence. “The bitch,” I said. “She set me up just to settle a 20 year old score with Sarah”. “It looks like that” Dave agreed. “Look mate, in the morning Tina felt very guilty. She apologised for using me and she asked me to give you her apologies.” “Oh yeah” I said sarcastically. “She said “If Sarah takes it out on him, tell him I’m always happy to give him a blower if he is going without it.” said Dave. “Listen mate keep your sister away from me,” I bristled. “No on second thoughts set it up. She can give me a blower and I can choke her to death with it. The scheming cunt.” “You could try mate, but I suspect you would not be the first one.” Dave said sardonically. We agreed to leave the gym for a few days while I put in some quality time at home. The next day (yesterday) I tried to ask Sarah how long she had known Tina. She knew something was up but she wanted to know what I knew. She said vaguely that it might have been ` a couple of years’ and she could not remember where. I asked her why she disliked Tina so much and she avoided answering. In spite of the silent treatment she even tried changing the subject. I played along for a while but then I got annoyed because her deceitfulness was a bad as Tina’s. “So it’s not because 20 years ago when you were at school together you nicked a boyfriend from her and ever since you two have been sworn enemies.” Sarah looked angry and guilty at being found out. “She set me up to get back at you and you are giving me the shit that you should be giving to her.” I said triumphantly. Sarah stormed out of the room and off to bed…..again. So here we were on day three of my own cooking.I made myself something to eat and watched the TV for an hour. I was suddenly bursting to use the loo and went upstairs and opened the bathroom door. I had forgotten she was having a bath, but I expected her to have been finished long ago. Instead, there she was sat in a bath with about 2 inches of water. I had my cock out and was starting to pee before I actually recognised that she was there. The voice from behind me said,” Can’t you even knock on the bloody door first?”. “Sorry”, I said, “I thought you were having a bath, ages ago”. “Well there wasn’t enough hot water earlier”, she complained. “It doesn’t look like there’s enough now”, I said. “I told you we should have changed the boiler in the summer when I said”, she moaned. “Yes, I should have got rid of my old boiler years ago”, I dug back. In response she put her hands in the water, cupped them and chucked handful after handful of soapy water over the back of me, soaking my trousers and shirt. “You bastard!”, she said. I turned around mid pi$$ and said “Let me top up the hot for you love” and I pi$$ed into the bath water. Then for good measure I turned towards her and pi$$ed all over her tits. She certainly wasn’t expecting that and sat open mouthed in surprise. When I stopped pi$$ing, I noticed my cock was now as hard as a rock. It had been quite an unexpected turn on pi$$ing over her. In spite of gaziemir escort her anger she seemed to be turned on as well. Sarah was breathing heavily and her nipples were erect. “What do you think you’re going to do with that” she challenged, looking teasingly at my erect cock. “Well my dear I’m going to fuck you with it.” I said defiantly. Before she could respond, I had taken both her hands lifted her out of the bar. She clambered out, making a fuss but not stopping me. I grabbed three or four towels off the radiator and chucked them on the floor. “What here and now” she says, by this time extremely turned on. “Yes”, I said “here and now, you’ve been a bitch to me the last three days and the cause is your feud with Tina. Well now you can stop”. I pushed her onto her back on the towels and lifted her legs into the air. She did not resist. Her cunt was open and very wet, probably from a mixture of the bath water, my pi$$ and being very turned on. My cock was harder than it had been in ages and I thrust it straight into her without too much care. “Jesus, you’re big today”, she said. I didn’t know if she was complimenting me or complaining. Probably both. I found a steady pace and started banging her in and out of her. We were both enjoying the spontaneity and the slightly disgusting circumstances of the fuck. My mind started to drift, and I imagined it was Tina the slag lying on the bathroom floor under me. Tina who had been the cause of all my aggro and for no reward. I found this turned me on even more, this adultery in my head. I started to vary my pace and change the angle of banging into my wife. She seemed to sense something was up. Who are you trying to impress? she said. “Just trying to make it up to you my dear”, I lied. She didn’t ask any more questions she just lay back and enjoyed the fuck. I went back to banging, grabbing her legs and opening them wide, grinding my balls against her very wet lips. My wife brought me out of my daydream. Look! Look! she said, look over there. My eyes followed her gaze looking towards the back of the toilet bowl. “There’s those earrings I dropped and couldn’t find”. I leaned over and recovered a pair of pearl earrings, she had misplaced ages ago. At the time she’d accuse me of throwing them away and again I protested my innocence. I was not able to convince her that I had nothing to do with the loss. “There” I said, “another crime that I haven’t committed”. “Yes”, she said and then after mulling things over in her head “Maybe it’s all that Tina’s fault”. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you”, I said, accompanying this with the long, deep strokes, I know she likes when she’s about to come. “Make me come good and we will say no more about it” she offered magnanimously. Her breath became more ragged. I sped up my pace and grabbed her ankles, pushing them high into the air. “Yes, yes”, she said “fuck me as hard as you can”. I went into overdrive and she suddenly clenched up as orgasm overtook her. She ground her cunt against me as she came. As I held still a flood of juice leaked out of her onto my balls.“That was good”, she said smiling at last, and bringing three days of not speaking to an end. “It’s not over yet”, I said, and with that I pulled my erect cock out of her soaking cunt and moved myself up towards her breasts. I felt the spunk rising as I fisted my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let fly a thick stream of spunk, which landed across her tits. “There’s a pearl necklace to go with those pearl earrings you just found. Don’t say I’m not a generous guy” I grinned. In spite of herself she laughed at my poor joke. It looked like our current argument was finally over. It seems that however bad the argument is, the make- up sex is better. Until the next time.

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