Not quite over her

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Not quite over herSteve had always been better at burning bridges than building new ones, quick to forget the people of his past and vary of the people of the future.With Sophie it hadn’t been that easy, she just kept popping up in his mind at the worst possible moments. It had been over between them before anything could really start, just a summer love of two people living different lives in different social circles.But now that she was gone he found himself longing for her body, her smile and the late-night conversations, even when he was at the way home from his favourite bar with Anne – who was just as hot and just as fun – by his side. drunk as hell, too, and as eager to fuck as he had ever seen anyone.“I can’t wait to get home with you, I need you in me like right now.”He tightened his grip around her, half afraid she was about to take ‘right now’ literally with the way she looked at him.A stronger man might have opted for bringing her to her home instead of his, but he hadn‘t had a woman over in ages and she was obviously more love-drunk than actually drunk.No, the chance to act like a gentleman would have to wait until the morning and come in the form of bringing breakfast to a naked women waking up in a bed that wasn‘t hers.They reached the door just in time and for once he was glad to live on the ground level because he wasn‘t quite sure if he would have made it up a flight of stairs with bahis firmaları his dick as hard as it was.The couch was closer than the bed and the moment he had fallen into the soft pillows Anne was already on top of him, her sweatshirt on the floor behind them and her hard nipples visibly pressing against her tight black top.Steve pressed a kiss on her lips, then her neck and pulled on her shirt with his teeth while his hands were already past her short black skirt and occupied with her pussy. She was already moaning before he had really touched her, but not in a faked way and rather in anticipation as she fumbled her way through his belts and into his pants.Somehow he managed to struggle out of jeans and boxers – at least enough to drop them to his ankles – then Anne was back on top of him, barely pulling her panties aside before taking his dick into her wet, warm pussy.He looked deep into her eyes, finding more lust than sense in her gaze as she started bouncing her hips up and down, slow for a second and then frantically once she had settled down. He noticed he wasn‘t going to last long with her rhythm being as fast as it was unpredictable, her pussy as tight as it was wet even when she wasn‘t purposefully squeezing her lips together.While he still wondered what would happen if he just allowed himself to cum right there and then when she had barely started Sophie‘s face suddenly popped up kaçak iddaa in his mind, replacing Anne‘s facial details with her distinct features he had enjoyed watching so much.The surprise made his dick a little softer, a welcome side-result of an unwelcome trick his mind was playing on him.Before he knew what he was doing he had his hands up on her face, following the lines he could only see and not feel as the illusion shattered and he found himself with the second best woman on his dick.She had lost her rhythm and slowed down, a puzzled look in her eyes before she picked up speed again, now actively trying to drive him crazy with the way she shifted around, squeezed her pussy lips together in random intervals and stared into his eyes with the gaze of a demoness trying to lure him into the abyss.The abyss came quick in the form of his dick falling into spasms when neither of them was ready yet, his cum pulsing into her pussy embarassingly quickly and making her fall into his arms with a disappointed sigh.„God, I was just about to cum.“„I, uh, can finger you.“„Just not the same. I‘ll give you two minutes, then I‘m back on your dick no matter if you are ready or not.“She said it with a smile though and it made him feel slightly better, his dick already fully soft as she sat down next to him, leaning against his shoulder.„Who were you thinking of?“„What?“„I saw that in your eyes, it was as if I suddenly kaçak bahis was someone else to you.“He knew right then he could never tell her, there was a hint of sadness mixed with doubt in her eyes he had to either disperse right there or never recover from.„No, not at all. I was just thinking how incredibly lucky I am, promise.“Before Anne had a chance to answer Steve picked her up and turned her flat on her back, his dick not really ready but at least hard enough to enter her again.He had to go slow at first, his whole body resisting each thrust while his mind was still trying to convince it. Luckily it only took a couple thrusts and the feel of Anne‘s naked body in his hands before he found himself fully hard again, pounding her pussy as much as she needed it.With all the time in the world before he would come again he focused on her, gripping her neck and pulling her head within an inch of his lips, retreating when she expected the kiss to startle her, then going on to kiss her neck while her lips were still begging for the touch.When he finally kissed her lips he combined it with an especially deep and forceful thrust, catching her moan and preventing her from grasping as much air as she needed.He could feel her cum, shivers running over her skin and that hazy look in her eyes that bordered on crying while she silently begged him not to stop.With Anne finished it was time for Steve to cum a second time. He pulled out, stroking his dick while Anne still recovered and then shooting a load over her belly the very moment some sense returned into her eyes.Just like he had the first time he had fucked Sophie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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