Not My Idea of a Party Iss Ch. 01

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Not My Idea of a Party I ss 1


All persons engaging in sex are over 18


Miranda and Mercedes had been invited to a ‘small-ish weekend gathering’ at the ‘grand’ house of one of their contacts.

(“Mum told me that Dad was so captivated by me when he saw me just after I was born. ‘Small, sweet, and with silver hair!’ he’d said, and that I reminded him of his favourite car.

“Mum said she told him that although ‘Mercedes’ was fine for a first name, she put her foot down against ‘SLK’ for my middle name. But they did compromise; that’s how my middle name came to be Silk.” Giggles.)

The Playbook

‘Merri’ and ‘Mirri’ (M because she knew his recovery would be swift through pussy-on-pussy power.


What Miranda found intriguing was the more macho the-he was, the more threatened he appeared to be by the chance that the-she might dump him to be with any second male in a triangle.

But with Mercedes, the-he would never feel ‘threatened’, and hence be all enthusiastic and effusive, as the-he told the-she the likes of: –

{ ‘Reader’ participation, here, please: – select at least one word from each # section, for your own satisfaction. All sections and words applied to virtually every ‘pair seduction’ that they pulled-off.}

“Oh my God, ^insert appropriate name here^ you looked so


when you


as you came as Mercedes’ was doing you with her


in your

# “


M most were better educated (or seemingly so) than Mercedes and Miranda (but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they were ‘more intelligent’. Does it? Considering that M and a full beard (think of the Druid Allanon in ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ on TV… but… a bit less cuddly looking than Allanon). The other lad seemed quite slight by comparison, but ONLY by comparison, as he seemed quite muscular as well, (but to a different body form – ‘sports’ muscly perhaps, rather than ‘weights’ muscly); straight blond hair down past his shoulders, and definitely with more feminine features; clean shaven; and was, in his ‘Cuban heeled’ boots, as tall as his partner.

Miranda decided that, of the two, Blondie was definitely the one she would have set her cap for, had he been available. Even Mercedes thought he was quite hot.

There were also a couple or so of pairs of ‘lipstick lesbians’, as Miranda thought of them, and all four were definitely Hot – heels, minis, long sexy hair (especially the red-head’s, which was down almost to her mid-thigh), and left poor Mercedes panting (in that heat).


Both M just meant that when Merri used any ‘In phrases’… Mirri wasn’t interested enough to take note of what, to someone else, may have created a spark of alienation.

So, there were no opportunities to get a nice heavy pair of bollocks, or a soft, damp pussy, or thighs – rubbing against their thighs, or pussies.

No chances to get hot, sweaty hands stroking their nice, pert, non‑pantied bum cheeks.

No chances of running their hands over soft, springy breasts with stiff nipples, or hard rippling pecs and stiff nipples.

No chances of having hot, sweaty, knowledgeable[!] calloused, or soft and smooth, hands tweaking their poor hard, wanting, NEEDY, nipples!

ALL the best gropy moves negated.

Mercedes was grousing about all that, until Miranda grabbed Mercedes’ chin in her left hand and raised Mercedes’ face to her own, stuck her right hand so far down Mercedes rear crack, INSIDE her leggings, that Mercedes squawked as Miranda’s middle finger almost stroked Mercedes’ eskort taksim cervix.

“Shut the fuck-up, Merri, or I’ll leave you dry and horny tonight. OK?”

Then Miranda finished the thought with a tonsil licking kiss, that left Mercedes mute and gasping – but nodding like her neck had disjointed.


EVENTUALLY – it all wound down, and M and begged her (Mercedes’) patience if she (Miranda) wasn’t as good as she (Mercedes) would have wished.

An hour later, an ecstatic, and elated and breathless Mercedes managed to gasp out, “How’d a straight woman get so good?”

“Two older sisters – that, after pestering them to let me join in their fun, refused to let me off before I had complete mastery of their wished-for experiences.”

Mercedes stared into Miranda’s eyes, to try to determine whether that statement was true or bull-shit, made her decision, muttered, “Thank YOU girls!”, and launched herself at Miranda, and succeeded in a four-point landing: – mouth to mouth, left hand to right nipple, right hand to vagina, vagina to right hand. The sound effects were produced by two sets of appendages being thrust into saturated genetic‑material‑transfer‑tubes; but sounded more like the tubes were sucking-in the appendages.

An hour later, a sleepy, semi-exhausted and naked Miranda left the naked sleeping and exhausted Mercedes to find the toilet (old house – their room did not have an en-suite).

She literally stumbled into one, just as the door opened, and a tall, naked, muscular form stumbled out, knocked Miranda on her back, tripped, and collapsed on top her.

Miranda was a little more awake after the fall, so the hand groping her boobs, and snuffling around her mouth made sense, although the context was a bit iffy.

“Oh, God. You smell heavenly!” muttered the figure.

And a tongue started to lap around her face, “God, I love the taste of pussy!”

And the figure ran it’s tongue down Miranda’s neck, upper chest, round her boobs, hummed as Miranda shuddered and gasped with renewed orgasmic build-up as the mouth sucked in each of Miranda’s breasts in turn. The figures hands slid under each shoulder, and lifted her harder against the busy mouth; humming with delight at the taste, and the texture of stiffening nipples.

With the tongue completing its journey at Miranda’s pussy, the figure murmured, “But I so prefer the fresh stuff!”, and tongue-stroked up the labia several times, nibbled Miranda’s clit; and, as Miranda screamed with a surprise orgasm; the figure stuffed a very long tongue into Miranda’s vagina, and licked her G-spot.

Miranda screamed again as the twin pumps of alcohol bloated bladder and Skene’s Glands squirted urine and ejaculate into the figure’s mouth.

The figure hummed and sucked.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Miranda squeaked as she wriggled, “Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Let me up, gotta pee!”

The figure raised itself, and helped Miranda to stand; and, with a hand on her bum, guided her through the toilet door, and towards the lavatory pedestal.

Miranda whimpered as she began to descend onto the seat, and she touched down just as she let go with a relieved groan, head hanging.

The sound of the gusher hitting the water was so loud, that Miranda felt a little embarrassed that the man was still with her. As she finally ’emptied’, she wiped as she raised her head to look at the man, but only got as far as the groin.

No cock?

No balls?

No hair to hide – a flea – let alone a cock and balls!

Her eyes raised further, flicking up the stomach muscles as her head raised, but stalled on the small escort şişli breasts, but huge, stiff nipples.

A six pack.

And pecs.

Her head stayed in position, but her eyes flicked up.

Her eyes widened, and she stopped breathing.

It was the Hot ‘blondie’ who was with the ‘weight-lifter’.

No wonder he had a feminine look! She was slightly mannish because of her muscles… and small boobs.

“How are you now, er… sorry, didn’t get your name earlier?”


“Chrissie. How do you do?”

“Better now, thank you very much.”

“Where’s your little friend?”


Chrissie seated herself on the side of the bath.

Miranda was almost happy to stay where she was; but wished that the constant sounds of dripping from beneath her wouldn’t sound so loud, especially since it wasn’t urine, as her bladder had been ‘well emptied’.

Miranda lowered her head, eyes into the palms of her hands… that were atop her forearms… which were propped on her elbows… on her knees; and hoped that removal of the visual stimulus would ease her dripping lubricant. But the sound of the drips just reminded her of her situation, which was stimulating, causing the dripping to accelerate.

Miranda rolled-off a handful of toilet paper (ready for use as pussy‑packing), and jerked to her feet, “I’d better get back to my friend.”

“OK. I really enjoyed our little encounter outside. I was telling the truth, you both taste very nice.”

“Thanks.” Miranda looked at Chrissie. I… um… suppose you are bi?”

“Er, no. Actually, I’m just gay.”

“So how come you are here with… “



“Host’s advisers made a cock-up. We are brother and sister, well, half brother and sister, sort of. Half cousins. Sort of. You know families these days.

“So, how long have you and… “


“Mercedes been together?”

“Oh! We are not.”

“Huh, just fuck-friends, eh? How long have you known each other?”

“We’re in our first year at Uni, and have only known each other since about mid-way through the Autumn Term. And no, we’re not fuck-friends either. Well, not until this evening.”

“How come?”

“Same as you and Alec. They thought we were a couple – God knows why.”

“So… you… er… are you gay?”



Miranda shrugged. “Not really. This is the first time I’ve had sex with a woman since I was… younger.”

“Ah! Reticence! How much younger?”

“Er… a bit.”

“Kiddie games, eh!”

“Not quite.”

“Second time!”

“Second time?”

“You and me. Second time. You and Mercedes – first time.”

“Huh, yeah. Didn’t mean it like that, but very good! And you can certainly use your tongue. How long is it, anyway?”

Chrissie extended it for inspection.

Miranda whispered, “Holy shit!”

Chrissie suddenly found herself toppling backwards into the bath, hands scrabbling for purchase, as Miranda latched on to her, sucking on her tongue.

Once they landed, Miranda backed her mouth off Chrissie’s.

“Jesus, Chrissie! Again! Do me again. I’ll do you too, but please, do me again!”

And, before Chrissie could even groan out, “Ouch, that hurt!” as she tried to rub her elbow, she had a mouth full of Miranda’s pussy, as Miranda tried to detach Chrissie’s surprisingly small (proportionally) nubbin in a combination of sucking, biting and licking.

Not All Ribs are the Same Size

Or: – Hot Women, by numbers!

The searching Mercedes located them because of Miranda’s screams, and Chrissie’s whimpers.

“What the eskort beşiktaş fuck?”

Chrissie stopped her ministrations, to try to see who had just entered. But Miranda shoved her pussy around, trying to relocate Chrissies marvellous tongue, as she started crying and pleading for Chrissie not to stop. Chrissie caught a glimpse of Mercedes, and relaxed and continued.

Miranda screamed again, reached out for Mercedes, pulled her into her arms into the bath, latched on to Mercedes’ lips, and (involuntarily) proceeded to crush Mercedes, with her lips, arms and body.

Then Miranda went stiff for about thirty seconds before she started to judder under the tension, then she collapsed. Fortunately, Mercedes was in such a position that she broke Miranda’s collapse, thus preventing Miranda from ‘braining’ herself against the side of the bath.


After a bit of scrabbling, Mercedes got herself free from Miranda’s clutches, and between them, Chrissie and Mercedes moved Miranda to the (carpeted) bathroom floor, then they introduced themselves.

After a little discussion, Chrissie picked Miranda up, and put her over her shoulder, as Mercedes led the way through the gaggle of spectators; whose disturbed sleep was made worthwhile, as they watched three (3) naked women leave the bathroom, and proceed, unconcerned (it seemed), down the corridor.

The women consisted of: –

one (1) blonde Amazon, almost six (6) feet tall, fully shaven, not buxom (36A?… 36AA?), but well-shaped waist and hips, and with knock-out nipples (2 inches x2);

one (1) tanned platinum-haired Pixie, maybe five (5) feet tall (if she was retaining water, for whatever reason), with full pubic bush, and (proportionally) large gravity defying breasts (30D?), with large areolae (1.75 inches dia. x2), that were slightly darker than her skin; and nipples that pointed partially sideways (20 degrees outwards from ahead);

and one (1) comatose (and being carried) pale svelte brunette, medium breasts (34C-ish) that did not elongate despite their dangle (tipped with dark pink nipples (0.75 inches dia. x2), that were glimpsed briefly as her body swayed away from the Amazon’s back); and a puffy, red, petite but fully loaded doner kebab of a pussy, that glared out of the wide gap (2 inches?), between her thighs.


Once they were in M then about the discussion; and her tongue.

And about Miranda flinging herself on Chrissie for further tonguing; and why she was happy to do it.

“She tastes really good.”

“God, I know! If I’d known that when we first met, I likely would have raped her, just to get my tongue in her. Real loss to woman kind.”

“Huh! None of that, please! I’ve only tasted you dried, but what I could taste, you’re no slouch yourself.”

“You have? How?”

“Like I just told you. When I fell on her, I could smell really nice pussy on her face, and that was why I started kissing her, and licking her face. That taste got me turned on – so I started licking her pussy, just for some fresh juice.”

Miranda ‘chose’ that moment to jolt awake and upright; but was confused, and disoriented. She just about recognised Mercedes, and muttered, “Where the fuck am I?”

“Staying overnight. After the party[?]. Remember?”

“Oh? Oh, yeah.” Then recognition dawned anew.

“Holy Shit! Chrissie!” and for the second time that night, Chrissie got buried under Miranda.

“Please Chrissie!” as Miranda showered Chrissie with kisses, “Do me again, please!” then, turning to Mercedes, she begged. “Please, Merri, please do her! I… know that you don’t know her – but – please Merri, I gotta have her tongue in me again. Please Merri. Chrissie, if Merri does you while you do me, I promise we’ll do you together, won’t we Merri, please – and… and… I promise I’ll do you every night for a month, Merri, when we’re back in the dorm! Please Merri, please!”

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