Noodles – Part 6

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Lori is coming back home tonight, I had to remind myself. Mark and I slept together last night, then I had to tell him goodbye this morning. That was a bittersweet ending to an amazing weekend. I washed all the laundry and sheets, putting everything back the way it was before my wife went out of town. I hadn’t heard anything from Mark since he left this morning. That’s probably for the best anyway, I reasoned. I need to get my head right and remember my masculine identity. Lori will be expecting sex tonight.Normally, I would be looking forward to banging my wife. But the thought of it was making me anxious. I had not been inclined to stimulate myself, as a male, in days. What if I can’t get hard? I worried. So, while the laundry was drying, I spent a little time watching straight porn online. Fortunately, my body responded to the visual stimulation and produced an erection. As I watched the porn and masturbated, I couldn’t stop my mind from imagining that I was the girl in the videos. My dick felt good and hard in my hand, but I wanted it to be Mark’s. “Oh, fuck this!” I said out loud. I went to the dresser, pulled out a pair of panties and Lori’s vibrator. Then I slid back into the pink dress and heels. I won’t be in it very long, but I have to do this, I thought.I lay down on the bed and immediately begin teasing myself with the vibrator over my panties. “Ohhh Mark,” I moaned aloud, “I want your dick in my pussy.” I was about to spread lubricant on the toy when my cell phone chimed with a text notification.From Mark; Check this out, attaching a link to the isvecbahis Noodles website. Apparently, Saturday night, there was going to be an event, especially for crossdressers. Availability would be limited, and only open for guests who register. The cost was $200, but came with a full makeover from a professional stylist, and the participants get to keep all the makeup.Wow! I texted in response. Kinda expensive though.I already paid for you, Mark sent back, attaching a smile emoji.OMG! I am soooo excited. Thank you! I JUST got dressed one last time before Lori comes home, I texted.Mmm. Can I see? Mark asked.I sent Mark a pic.God Baby! Mark texted. Dena’s at work. Can I call you?I tapped the call icon on my phone, dialing Mark.”Hey, Baby,” Mark answered.”Hi,” I said softly. “What are you doing?””Mmm. Jacking off, now,” Mark moaned.”Ooooh I wish I was there, sucking Mr. Dynamite,” I said sexily.”Oh yes,” Mark replied, loudly fisting his cock.”I’m spreading my legs and sliding your dick inside me right now,” I told Mark.”Oh you make my cock so hard, Dani,” Mark admitted, panting.”Mmmm. You’re all the way inside me, Mark. I want you to use this thing on me next time I’m sucking your cock.””Be like taking another cock while you suck me. Fuck that’s hot, Baby,” Mark groaned.”Would that turn you on? Watching me get fucked while I suck you?” I asked.Mark thought for a second. “Well if we did it for real, I think I’d want to be the one fucking you while you sucked someone.”I turned the vibrator on and moaned loudly, “Oh God, Baby! Let’s find someone Saturday night!”I isveçbahis giriş heard Mark panting and rapidly stroking his cock. “Oh fuck, Dani! I’m gonna cum!”I started fucking myself hard with the vibrator. “Oh yes! I want you to watch me suck somebody’s cock while you fuck me, Mark. I want you to fuck me so hard when I swallow another man’s cum. Fuck me! Cum in me!” I groaned loudly.I listened to the fapping sound of Mark rapidly fisting his cock. Then it went silent. Even his breathing stopped. Then I heard a loud “Ahhhhh” as Mark exploded on himself.I slipped the vibrator out. No orgasm, but I definitely got close. I felt wonderful. “Saturday is going to take forever to get here.””Yeah,” Mark replied, after several heavy breaths.”I better put everything away. I’ll talk to you later,” I said.”OK, I better get cleaned up too. Bye, Baby,” Mark said, ending the call.Lori got home at around midnight. “Hey, Babe. I was just about to call you. Late flight?” I asked.”Yes,” Lori answered, exasperated. “I’m wiped out,” Lori complained, then kissed me briefly on the lips.I was expecting a little more passion since we had been apart for a week. And I couldn’t help feeling a little undesired. Every other time we’ve been apart for even a night or two, Lori couldn’t wait to get me into bed. “Well, I’m glad you’re home now. Sorry you had such a long day,” I said, pulling the covers back on our bed. Lori’s phone chimed. She took note of it, then began sending a text. “Who’s texting you at midnight?” I asked, a bit annoyed.”It’s just my boss, wanting to make sure isveçbahis yeni giriş I made it home,” Lori replied, as she typed her reply.”Ohhh Kayyyy,” I replied, annoyed that I didn’t have more of my wife’s attention. “I’m gonna get a drink. Want one?”Lori didn’t even look up from her phone, as she continued sending a much longer text than, Yes, I’m home. Thanks for checking.I went into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of bourbon. In the minute or so it took me to make my drink, I heard two more text notifications from Lori’s phone.What the hell? I thought. I had met Lori’s boss. He’s a good looking guy, about my age. But Lori has never given me any reason to be suspicious of her. Gotta be an explanation. He’s probably just protective, I thought, dismissively.When I returned to the bedroom, Lori was already undressed and in bed. I got in on my side and slid over to lie behind her. “I’m really tired, Honey,” Lori responded, not even turning to face me. I rolled over, feeling really uneasy, eventually falling asleep.The next day, Lori texted to let me know she’d be working late. Apparently there were meetings she had to attend, related to her business trip. I had hoped we would get back to some sort of normalcy, eating dinner together, talking as we watched the news, maybe have sex. I wasn’t really needing sex with her, but it would have been nice if she had wanted it.The rest of the week was much of the same. I didn’t push the issue though. I knew I would be having sex with Mark, and possibly another man, on Saturday. So I really didn’t want to start a fight and end up not being able to get away with him. I used my time alone to buy a dress, stockings, bra, panties and heels. I also got my own auburn hair and dildo from the adult toy store. I hid it all in my messy garage. 

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