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Subject: Noah’s Secret Ch. 3 Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It may also include, incest, sex between a minor and an adult males. If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s). Just a reminder, Nifty is such and amazing site if you’re able to cosider donating to help Nifty stay up and running. fty/ “Noah’s Secret” Ch 3 Since my conversation with Noah I’ve done my best to look for signs of what’s been going on at home. If I didn’t know my wife was having men come over to have fun and Noah was helping them out as well I would not have found out on my own. The only “proof” I have found is lingerie I never knew Amy had. I’m guessing these are the outfits she’s answering the door for them in Noah talked about. I keep getting so hard here at work wondering what is going on at home. With us deploying in a few months I really need to know what’s going on now. Searching the internet, I’ve found some discreet cameras. Only drawback is they don’t record audio. I position the first in the living room. It gives me a view of the couch with the stairs in the background and the front door just off to the side. The second camera I install in Noah’s bedroom. Luckily it’s a pretty small room so I place it next to the door facing Noah’s bed so I know I’ll see everything that goes on in there. I consider placing a camera in our bedroom but without audio I’m not going to hear if Amy is giving these men permission to molest our son. At this point I know she’s cheating so my focus is finding out what’s happening with Noah I figure with how I am usually one of the last people to leave the office I’ll use it to watch what happens. CPT Morales is usually the only other person here, but he usually doesn’t come to my office. Finding a locked door wouldn’t arouse suspicion as well. I installed the cameras Sunday night figuring I’ll get an idea how a typical week for them is. It was so hard to concentrate on work all Monday. I was so nervous and excited about what I might see. As I bring up the application to watch find out happened yesterday, I start to feel a little guilty spying on my family this way. Seeing the thumbnails for the videos I have to know what’s going on. I fast forward after starting the video. I see myself getting ready and leaving for work. Noah and Amy starting their day, coffee, breakfast and cartoons. For the most part nothing looks odd or out of place. Even Amy just wearing her robe all day doesn’t seem suspicious. Eventually it’s just Noah on the couch and no sign of Amy. Maybe I should have put a camera in the bed room to see when she gets ready. Watching Noah doing his thing I can’t help but admire what a cute little boy he is. He is in kurtköy escort dressed in a little tank top and shorts. I know from experience he typically doesn’t wear underwear with these little shorts. I can feel my cock chub up as I look at his legs wishing I could see up his shorts to his tiny pink nub. I never really appreciated how cute his little legs and feet are until now. As I consider rubbing one out looking at Noah, Amy makes her way downstairs. She’s still in her robe but she looks like she has fixed her hair and is wearing makeup. She sits on the arm of the couch talking to Noah a bit. They are both smiling, and Noah is nodding a lot. They both look very happy. After talking a bit Amy starts checking her phone. Standing up she takes off her robe revealing a very sexy baby doll. It looks mesh and it shows the bottom of her ass peaking out. Not that it matters much with how see through it is you can easily see her g string panties. She says something to Noah, and he nods again as she walks to the door. Amy lets in a man I’ve never seen before. I can see them talk as she poses and does a spin for him showing off the lingerie. They kiss as they head upstairs Noah watching as they go. As I watch Noah waiting to see what happens next I free my semi from my pants. Best thing about these uniforms is how easy it is to get your cock out the fly without needing to take anything off. Finally, Amy returns wearing just a towel now hair looking wet. I’m guessing she just took a shower. She says something up the stairs as her friend comes down the stairs also in just a towel. He says something to Noah who smiles as he follows her into the kitchen. She walks back to the living room and answers her phone says something to the guy and then goes upstairs. Lacking a name, I think of him simply as Mr. Monday. He glances up the stairs then sits on the couch next to Noah. Noah gets close to him looking excited and small next to this stranger. At a glance he seems to be 6ft and looks really fit. Broad chest and strong looking arms. Patch of hair on his chest but not totally hairy. As I’m taking in his look, he begins rubbing Noah’s thigh his hand going higher and higher until it goes up the leg of Noah’s shorts. Noah’s eyes are closed clearly enjoying the strong hand feeling him up. With a glance at the stairs the stranger opens the towel revealing his hairy cock. He is already growing hard and looks to be 7in with some big heavy balls. Even sitting and after spending time with my wife upstairs they look full. As he moves Noah’s hand to his hard 7in I wrap my hand around my painfully hard 4in. Noah grabs him and strokes him clearly this isn’t the first time with him. Noah is now looking at the cock he is stroking with a smile on his face. As he strokes Monday’s hand continues to aydıntepe escort explore inside Noah’s shorts. Noah spread his legs to give him more access to what I now know is the cutest little dick. Monday says something to Noah who smiles and stands taking his clothes off in a hurry. The man grabs them and puts them to the side. I feel a big drop of precum leak from my cock as I see Noah now naked for this strange man. His pale body looks so small compared to the man. His little cock is so hard and little as he rubs the man’s hairy thighs. He gets onto his knees between Monday’s legs giving me a great view of his beautiful pink ass. I can’t believe I’m in my office at work stroking my hard cock to the sight of my little boy naked between a strange man’s hairy legs. Clearly Noah isn’t being forced as soon as he is comfortable, he goes straight for the man’s big heavy balls. Monday is leaning back eyes closed as Noah moves up and takes his cock into his little mouth. I’m dying to see what Noah’s pink lips look like stretched around such a large cock. From what I can see Noah seems to be taking a lot of it deep. This must be why Noah was so easily able to take my smaller cock into his throat. Monday is rubbing his large hand through Noah’s red hair bouncing him on his cock. His mouth is open in what I assume is a quite moan as he watches my son devour his cock. After sucking what seems like hours but is likely only minutes Monday pulls Noah up to a standing position. He starts rubbing Noah’s naked body, I can’t help but feel a pang of jealously as Noah seems to be loving the man’s touch. His hands look so big on Noah’s pale smooth body. Monday’s hands are moving all over Noah’s legs moving up to squeeze his little ass, one hand practically holding both cheeks. Monday’s hand moves up over Noah’s back and around onto his chest making Noah giggle as he appears to be playing with his little nipples. Monday’s hands continue down and Noah shudders in pleasure as he reaches Noah’s little dick. I’m trying so hard not to blow my load before Monday does but I can feel it building up my balls aching for release as I watch my son be molested. Monday sits up straight licks his finger and pushes it between Noah’s beautiful cheeks. His finger looks so big between Noah’s little pink cheeks. Monday wets his finger again and this time as he rubs Noah’s tight hole he kisses Noah in what appears to be a very wet kiss. Noah’s hands go around Monday’s neck as he kisses him and fingers him. Monday pulls Noah to him as he leans back into the couch. It seems like Noah knows what’s coming next as he climbs into Monday’s lap straddling his small legs on either side of Monday’s much larger hairy thighs. Monday spreads Noah’s ass giving me a view of his shiny wet hole and I almost unload as tuzla içmeler escort I wonder if he is going to attempt to fuck Noah with that big cock. To my relief and slight disappointment, he lowers Noah’s ass onto his cock so Noah can grind his wet crack and hole into him. Maybe he has tried to fuck Noah before and already knows it won’t fit. Noah did mention it hurt too much when they tried to stick it in. Noah curls his feet onto Monday’s hairy thighs as he holds himself up hands on the man’s chest grinding his little ass onto the cock. The sight of Noah’s pale pink as grinding on a man’s hard cock his big hairy balls bouncing as he does almost makes me cum. I release my cock worried the slightest touch will set me off. I’m amazed at how well Noah grinds on Monday’s cock. I don’t know how Monday isn’t already cumming. As I wonder this he pulls Noah tight against his body with one arm the other on Noah’s ass moving him faster and tighter against his big cock. Suddenly he reaches down furiously stroking his cock and unleashes a big thick load onto Noah’s back. As his cock begins to deflate, he strokes the last drops out and uses his cock to rub his thick cum into Noah’s crack rubbing it against his hole. With a start they both look at the stairs Noah gives Monday a kiss before he jumps off the man’s lap. Monday has Noah’s clothes in his hand as Noah grabs them and runs off little dick still hard leading the way. Monday uses the towel to wipe his semi cock of any cum and wraps the towel back around himself as Amy comes down the stairs. I unleash my load as it hits me this is why Noah was so calm and knew what to do when she came home from the store after sucking me. While not as much or as thick as Mondays I shoot one of my biggest loads ever. Out of breath stroking my softening wet cock I watch as Amy now dressed in the tank top and shorts, she was wearing when I got home yesterday kisses Monday. They disappear upstairs as Noah comes back dressed like nothing happened but appears to be licking his fingers. Monday leaves shortly after this and Amy and Noah go about their day. Coming down from my orgasm I can’t believe what I just saw. From what I watched Amy didn’t know anything was going on between Monday and Noah. I think back to when I got home yesterday, and nothing seemed out of place and no one seemed to be acting different. Noah and Amy must be so well practiced with doing this it is easy to act normal when I get home. As I clean myself up and close the videos, I think about what I just saw and what I’ve experienced myself with Noah. I would like to say there was still a part of me that was the protective dad angry at what he just saw but I know that guy is gone. All I can think is how much I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Tuesday and what he gets up to with Noah. At this point I know the next early day get off from work and I get alone time with Noah we are going to have so much fun. to be continued… Thanks for reading. I welcome advice and suggestions and enjoy hearing any feedback about how you enjoyed my ail).

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