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no pool service neededI was working in a country club for about three years. Typical 6 to 7 figure homes, some homes being on the golf course, which is where I worked for about a year. I noticed one day that a young girl about 20 years old was cleaning her pool, I heard some screaming of a damsel in distress. I’m guessing her and her mother were arguing. Well anyways the beauty was wearing a tank top shirt that was just big enough to cover her ass. A beautiful young blonde, tall maybe 5’10” maybe taller, long slender legs that went up to form a tight perky young ass, tanned, barefoot, bending over in standing doggy, crouching down at times to clean and stretch with the net, getting on all fours to start a little pool vacuum thing. This went on for weeks, months, atleast 2 to 3 times a week. She never once looked my way or made a notion that she knew I was there. Keep in mind I was on huge riding mowers that şehitkamil escort are not quiet. So she must not care right, she isn’t deaf I know that. There were days when I took smoking breaks under trees and just watched her from a distance. Knowing how she must be a carefree, naughty rich girl. Yelling at her mom, barely being clothed. I really wanted to fuk her needless to say. I never got into technology, so I didn’t have a nice phone to take videos or pics. And to this day, I kick myself because it was truly awesome to see her carry on her routine for months! I mean for that period of time for her to not even worry about being seen, just turns me on. So a quick summary, this went on for a while, every time I cut by her house. Always from I distance I was, 50 to 70 feet maybe. I was always able to see a lot of skin, wondering if she has no panties or what, but I was never close enough to get a 20/20 HD view. Then the day came my friends….I was crossing the street to get to my next area to cut and I noticed she had a for sale sign in the front. What a tragedy. Noooooo! So as I get to cutting I notice she is outside cleaning the pool again! I said yes, you know what? Today is the day to see her. Today! I cut half my area and took a break. It was the same as before, tiny tank top, a lot of skin showing, so I went to throw my cigarette in the trash can, which was 20 feet from her fence. She was crouching like a woman peeing in nature, but her back facing me. She made her way to the next side of the pool and I could see her shaved pussy!! Man I wanted to just cum for her right there. I quickly made a dash to get by her fence and get down. She made her way around the other two sides of the pool and then got the little motor vacuum thing. She bent over right in front of me, this time on all fours and turned on the thing. My god I wanted to just cum in her. She had a fat pussy, that just looked miraculous. She was doing an all out cleaning job, this one turned out to be the last one ( I mentioned that the house was for sale).Adding chemicals, testing the ph (LOL). It was awesome. I got back to lunch and it was half way thru. But it was worth it. Seeing her bare feet, painted toes, seeing her ass peeking at me from under the tank top, her crouching and her pussy looking so upkept and tight in between her thighs. To think, all the months that had passed, she was probably panty-less is truly accurate I’d say. A young girl out of school, waking up at 10am, sleeping nude or without panties. Yea, I can imagine that. Her chore is to clean the pool everyday, so she does it when she awakes pussy free for me to see. Don’t think that there weren’t times where I tried to get a hello in or a wave. It just didn’t happen. But hey I saw her pussy in many positions, and I will never forget it!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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