No Man Is An Island

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No Man Is An IslandNo man is an islandI was reading a newspaper on the train, and in the problem/ relationship advice page was a note from a verylonely man, who said basically he could not meet girls, and people took the piss out of him for the way he looked , and for his interest in model trains. He concluded by saying he was autistic.I thought “What BASTARD-BITCHES!!!” I also thought I had better get in touch with him to see if I could help.So I did. I have contacts in publishing and they were able to chase this guy down. I rang him one evening on his landline. He took a while to pick up and sounded very out of breath. I don’t know if it was entirely the run up from his basement or the shock of receiving a phone call. “H..Hello?”I used my most calm and soothing voice. “Hello, Eric? My name is Lyn, and I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to talk to you about yourletter to the paper about finding a partner” “How on EARTH did you get this number?” he asked, pointedly “Let’s just say I have my ways. The important thing though, is I wanted to help ,if I can””What? You wanted to be my girlfriend? Why?””Not exactly but…. I thought … if we met, then perhaps we could find a way for you to meet someone, perhaps boost your… confidence. The other rather amazing coincidence is that I actually like model trains!” “You DON’T!!” “I do, honestly. My real dad had a big layout, I grew up with it. I even kept some, I have them at home” He didn’t believe me at first , but then he asked me a “technical” question, which I answered easily, from memory,as what I was telling him was, indeed absolutely true. Having then gained a little bit of his trust, perhaps, I asked to meet him. He haltingly asked me why. “So we can meet , face to face, and I will see if I can help, and I’m happy to have sex with you. I am assuming you haven’t and you would like to?? ” I replied “Good god, Lyn, I’d be p p PETRIFIED ” he admitted “Not with ME you won’t be” I reassured him “I’m VERY experienced, and we will just take it slow””Lyn – that’s what I’m worried about!” he laughedA sense of humour – result ! As it turned out, he had a superb one. I ended by asking him if he masturbated. He absolutely refused to answer me, so I told him if he did, then not to, for three days prior to my visit, and if he didn’t do it , then carry on .. not doing it until I got there. Leave that cock alone, let ME deal with it.Realising he would probably be most comfortable in his own familiar surroundings, I arranged to visit him at home, when he had the house to himself. I just told him to get eveything squeaky clean.”YES, MA’AM!” he laughedI am positive he thought it was all a hoax until I rang his doorbell. He was twenty, I was 46 then, but he still seemed impressed by me. He was actually a nice looking lad, but (I am sure when he reads this he would not be offended)but a touch geeky, with horn rimmed glasses and rather untidy auburn hair. His dress sense wasn’t great, but all in all it all pointed more than anything to a severe lack of confidence. He bustled me in, perhaps thinking I would cut and run. He showed me his railway layout in the the cellar, it was wonderful, and I again demonstrated I knewabout these things. I chatted with him as we operated his trains together. He had TRIED to approach girls in pubs, but he had had nasty knock-backs from bitchy self obssessed girls. So I told him a few home truths : Being a lady killer, a ladies man etc, being good at ‘chatting up’ women was good for one thing, ultimately, it equipped you well for being unfaithful.If a man wanted to meet one woman and be with her his whole life, like many of our parents generation did,then you didn’t need these “skills”, you just needed to get to know and love one person, and be loyal and honest.Of course you still had to get to meet her in the first place.He seemed to rally at this version of events. We went up to the kitchen and he made me a cup of tea, and then at my suggestion we went to b*d. I was wearing a deep blue jumpsuit. If you imagine a boob tube joined to some trousers, that was it, and it was ALL I had on, apart from my shoes. I just stood and took my one garment off. One slick movement armpits to ankles. N*ked. Classy eh? He was stunned He loved my little tits and my shaved pussyI slowly encouraged him to get undressed. He was reticent at first, but gradually the tank top and the plaid shirt came off, and I was surprised to find underneath the drab exterior he was absolutely RIPPED. He apparently did hundredsof sit ups a day , he said it calmed him – and there were more surprises to be had , as well. I helped him undo his trousers, whilst talking to him all the time, as a distraction, and there was a lot of PRESSURE in there, if you know what I mean. His hands were shaking badly. When I finally got it all off this was explained, but the fact that this young chap, who was phenomenally erect,had one of the biggest cocks I had seen in a while. His face was tomato red as I knelt between his knees. I was pleased to see he’d left all his p*bic hair intact, not of this p*ncy waxing. Big balls as well. “Nobody’s ever seen it” he whispered, “not as an adult” “It’s VERY big!” I gasped, grinning wickedly “it’s…..quite magnificent ankara escort in fact. You’re going to make some women VERY happy,and in the right-now, that woman is going to be ME”He relaxed just a little, until without warning I craned forward and took him in my mouththen he stiffened, in every which way His toes were going wild “OH CHRIST!” he groaned and I felt the big head grow in my mouth, I felt the rush thundering up the thick shaft, and I gobbled downall the thick, hot sperm had to give me, and baby it was a LOT. I looked him in the eyes as he pumped his load down my throat, finally taking the still-hard cock out of my mouthto lick the dribbles up. “How was that?” I smiled, licking my lips “I think that was the ideal place to come , your first time and all, it would havebeen nice to shoot it all deep up inside my cunt, but you were too full, it was all far too eager to come out”.Eric looked terribly embarrassed by it all”Don’t worry about it, it’s all perfectly normal, most men either come immediately, or they’re so nervousthey can’t come at all. You’ve c*me now, so you will be able to last longer next time, I assure you””Next time? You’re going now ?” he blurted , appalled. He looked like he was about to cry.”No, I meant .. well …. more or less NOW, really, although there is something you can do for me, first”He looked most interested”I’m going to teach you how to lick my pussy” I announced “but first things first, I need to show you how to kiss”Eric was still pretty hard but I arranged the shaft between his thighs, and then sat on his lap. He responded fiercely well to my training, firstly sensual lip-kissing, then progressing to deep tongueing.He was breathing hard now, and talking of hard, it was right up my bum. Well not literally, not yet. Then I got him to move down a little and suck my nipples, and I had an orgasm, little wet patch on his thigh, I whispered into his ear that he’d made me c*me.His cock was sticking straight up as I climbed off, and I was sorely tempted to just cram it into mydripping little pussy and just sit right down onto it, but I wanted to get his tongue trained up first. I went and lay on his single bed and opened my legs as wide as there was room for…”Come here ” I beckoned The eager (but trembling) Eric made his way over.He knelt as I hooked my bare leg round his neck and pulled him in so his face was six inches from my w*t, sh*ved little pussy. “Now this is all very complicated and feisty and female” I explained “it’s not like your big cock where you just have to pull it a few times and all the spunk comes flying out – much as I LOVE that – this is all about subtlety and sensuality. It’s slow to fire up but it burns hot and long. We have VERY powerful -exhausting – orgasms when we are treated right. We can c*me again and again, and most women want a lot of sex, with different partners, if they’re honest, but society says we should be good girls, wives and mothers,otherwise we’re tarts. Well I AM a tart, and perfectly happy about it, and you should take full advantage of it!!”I showed him, in glittering close up, my clitoris. It’s tiny, unfortunately, but hyper sensitive for all that, and it was as hard as a little diamond for him, under it’s little pink glistening hood.I encouraged him to stick his tongue out, and firstly TASTE me. He smelt me first, and a grin crept acrosshis face. I was looking at him , and I was thinking with a good haircut, and if he ditched the glasses, he’d be reallyrather gorgeous. A bit like the actor Eddie Redmayne, in fact. He really liked the smell of me, which was good news. Sometimes inexperienced men think it’s all a bit yuk. They never seem so sqeamish about having their cocks sucked , though, DO YOU ?GUYS? EH?He said I smelt musky, heady, really sensual. I started to realise he might have a talent for being open and honest during sex and that is indeed a RARE talent in a man.The women I have been with have been far better at it.I got him to lap at my cl*toris like a cat lapping milk, and then he progressed under my instruction to slurping the letters of the alphabet, and I got him to slip a finger inside me and perform a massage from within, in a contrastingrhythm. I was playing with my hyper sensitive little nipples and pretty soon I had to give him fair warning that I was going to come again. “You can C-carry on if you want, but I AM going to come and it will all get VERY wet down there”He smiled and nodded and continued with his good work, and I think even with my warning he was surprised at howmuch juice I expelled as I come VERY VERY hard indeed. “Come and kiss me” I gaspedHe’d just finished swallowing, and as he made his way up the bed to me, with his huge erection swaying in front of him,he went to wipe his mouth but I stopped him: “No, I want to l*ck it all up” I told him “I like the juices””YOU fuckING dirty B*TCH” he laughedHe was beginning to relax with me, I was pleased to see. I licked all round his mouth, there was lots of pussy juice, I tasted gorgeous and we both agreed on that. “I like the taste of OTHER womens’ cunts as well ” I told him He looked surprised with a large pinch of impressed.”Is that actually TRUE?” he queried. He believed I was making it up to fuel ankara escort bayan his ardour, I think”It IS actually” I chuckled , “I’ve been with a few women, not many, I’d like it to be more. I bet you’d like to watch that, wouldn’t you?”I wanted him to be HONEST with me above all. If he said yes, then I’d arrange it, and if he said no – or hesitated – then he’d miss out.”God, I’d LOVE to” he smiled, shyly Game on “Not today, not now, but I will get a hotel room, within the month, and get my girlfriend Nicole along, and you can watch usmake l*ve together. Honestly it’s SOOO fucking sexY, and you can fuck us BOTH afterwards. AND we’ll give you a double bl*w job. How would that be?””What’s a double blow job?” “Well we both get down our knees and lick your cock and balls, then one sucks your balls while the othersucks your cock, then we swap round , and so on. When you come we share the sperm. Do you think you would like that?” “Christ, yes” he grinned. I swear there was a CREAK came from his gr*in”Okay it’s a date, honey” I said “now for today, here and now, onwards and upwards. Particularly upwards. Lie on your back,I am going to get on you and fuck you””Christ!” he groaned and lay out. Long limbs everywhere I got astride his hairy groin and held his shaft vertical, and slid it inside my vulva, oh christ! Big! So fucking HARD!Jesus. I did some swearing as I took him about half way down to his big balls. “Christing fuck” I groaned “you’re BIG!!” I lay on him to kiss him, he responded with huge passion, he’d learntfabulously well, and quickly.”That feels so gorgeous” he grinned “Tell me about it” I urged him”Soft, wet… creamy, inviting, juicy, dripping hot, snug, tight little hole” he enthused “like a little pot of warm honey””MMMMMmmmm” I moaned “Right ! Your…. fucking huge, steel- hard muscular cock, right up inside me. I bet you’ve got loads of sp*rm left in those GREAT big fucking balls of yours, even though you’ve made me drink lots of your C*ME already”I could see him starting to formulate a query about whether he had actually MADE me, though he wisely thought better of it.He was starting to get the idea: when a woman is fucking you, and she’s being vocal don’t interrupt. Don’t ARGUE with her. Certainly never try to interfere in her fantasising (never try to equate it to the real world) – fantasising helps us to c*me, and it helps us to stay faithful as well. So butt out. “I am going to start moving now” I told him “I want you to reach round and grab my arse cheeks and pull them apart”I began to move on him. Snug fit was an understatement. My muscles had a vice like grip on his big wide shaft.”Now PuSh me down onto it” I urged him, “grab my buttocks and push me right down onto it. MAKE me take it all ” I wittered* on ……(* to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length)Talking of unnecessary length – good god, by the time he’d pushed my lovely soft arse right down to hisrough-hairy groin, the other end of it was up somewhere up in my ribcage, it felt like.”Big hairy balls full of churning sperm” I said in his ear, “it all wants to boil up and come pouring out, andscald my soft pink unprotected ..insides. Imagine, all the times you’ve wanted to fuck me, all the wankingyou’ve done, how many times you’ve wanted to come in my mouth, again I saw him start to formulate a question,to query what I was saying, but he seemed to instinctively park it. “Yes” he agreed “I have wanted to fuck you for so long….. fantasising about you, wasting all my sperm into … a tissue,when I could have .. been doing it all in your …. cunt, your tight little cunthole!””Oh GOD yes!” I moaned “DO IT , …. fuck all that hot spunk up, DEEP inside me” and he didHe bucked, both his body and his stone-hard cock, as he deposited three bursts of hyper heated s*men deep insidemy pussy. I gasped as it hit me, and gasped again as it triggered my org*sm, which was so powerful it HURT. Spasms gave way to cramps, it was so hard, and the cock so big and unyielding, I was quite sore afterwards, and I was thinking we may have to find alternatives for the rest of the afternoon. I trembled at the thought of trying to get that big thing into my bottom.I slumped onto him, messily kissing his lips. I told him all about my orgasm and described in great detail how his come felt inside me.I wriggled off him and gave his cock a good clean up with my little tongue, then I nipped upstairs to shower.When I came back Eric was lying where I had left him, and he was HaRD again! He was idly playing with it. I moved him over and lay where he’d been, and then got him to get astride me. As his legs were so long, even just knee to hip it meant he was quite towering over me, even kneeling. I got two hands on his cock and started to pump away, I got him to massage his own balls for me giving them a good old squeeze.I would like to have watched him have a wank, but he’d previously told me he wasn’t comfortable with that. The difference is a subtleone, I will admit but – you know – each to their own.I started to tell him in detail about what we would get up to when we got togther with Nicole, that she’dbe sucking his cock while I got behind her and lucked her arse out. How we would lightly escort ankara tie him to a chair,while we tongued each other’s cunts in a sixtynine. His eyes started to close, kind of dreamily. Grasping him tightly just behind the head, and at the base, pumping pumpingpumping pumping pumping. I told him I wanted to be covered in his sperm, that I wanted him to fire it everywhere, to cover me in it.As he’d come twice, he was a little slower to shoot his l*ad this time, I began to increase the pace a little, and change my gripto the head. “come on” I teased “Let me have it. Just think about when Nicole and I are going to suck your cock together. Yummy. And you canfuck us up our bums, as well. TWO lovely tight arses to stick that big cock up! ” “Oh god!” he moaned “I’m going to COME!” I just nodded and smiled up at him”I’ll BET you are!” I grinned The first spurt jetted from his cock, followed by four more, splattering my nude body all the way up from justabove my cunt to my neck, all over my belly and tits. “OH… yes” I said “OHHH YES, WOW! it’s so HOT! Sooo much sperm” I enthusedWhen he’d finally finished coming I took the head in my mouth and licked and sucked. I took over milking his balls, just gently, and there was still stuff left, which I swallowed.I mimed a kiss “Using your sperm as lip gloss” I said ( I like that line, I have used it before ) I greedily kissed him, and then excused myself after enquiring he way to the bathroom to take another shower. I went and cleaned myself up inside and out in the shower, and padded , n*ked back down the stairs towards his “lair”,when I noticed the kitchen door was now partly open. I suspected he was fixing us a sandwich to fuel us up for another round,but – it wasn’t he. There was a woman sat at the kitchen table with a large glass of red wine. It was ………….. his motherI tried to creep past but my feet seemed to squelch on the laminate, in the silent house. “Lyn?” came a female voice The door opened..His MOMAh!…..”er… hi!” I said, lamely.I was of course stark naked”You… know about this?” I ventured”Sure. Come in for a minute”. she saidI entered the kitchenI made no attempt to cover myself”You’re a BEAUTY…god……” she breathed, taking a good long look at my shaved pussy”You’re very attractive yourself” I smiled, and she was, maybe a touch younger than me, she’d had her family young.Vivid Aurburn hair to her shoulders, a very beautiful woman. I was heating up, starting to glow a little. Yes, I fancied her. AND NO I DIDN’T, sorry to tell you, dear readers, it would have been inappropriate. If I read her demeanourcorrectly if we’d met in a bar she might have gone with me, I was pretty sure she was bi.”Do you want a glass of wine?” she offered I smiled and nodded, “Little one please, I have to drive” She indicated I should sit at the kitchen table with her.I was still of course, starkers. My nipples were embarrassingly erect. “How has it been?” she asked “Well….” I began – then I changed it to “REALLY well. He’s a lovely lad, it’s been a real pleasure to , you know ….””Seduce him?” “Well I’m not sure I’d call it that, he reached out , asking for help, I gave it””And you’ve enjoyed it?” “Yes, immensely” I admitted “I found it very erotic” “Talking of immense” she began “is he… like his dad I wonder?” she was grinning, but looked embarrassed”If he was er …’PACKING’ , then yes” I told herShe held her hands apart like the one that got away “Oh at least” I saidWe both laughed”Has he not been painfully shy?” she asked “Not with me” I replied, “perhaps it’s been a sort of artificial situation where small talk wasn’t appropriate””I expect you’re right” she said “Anyway, It’s been lovely to meet you” she k*ssed me lingeringly on the cheek which seemed a bit odd me being stark n*ked and all “You’d better get back to him” she smiled “I think he’s .. spent for today, but I might get him to watch me m*sturbate” I really don’t know why I told her that.”I’m sure .. cough … he’d like that” I strongly got the impression she’d have liked that tooShe watched my ar*e as I left the room I idly considered telling Eric I was thinking of shagging his mum? What do you think? GOOD PLAN? Perhaps not.Anyway, spent wasn’t a word I would have used, because I returned to find our Eric quit happily playing with his cock which was huge and as hard as a rock. “OooOh look at you ” I cooed “let me get on my back, legs over your shoulders, and get ON me. Don’t spare me, in up to your b*lls, and c*me in my pussy this time” He needed no second bidding. I tilted my hips for maximum p*netration, and he went at me with great vim and vigour. I was mildly screaming, yelling encouragement – biting. I’d forgotten all about her upstairs.He took about ten minutes this time before he pumped his l*ad into me, still plenty of it, hot and creamy in my pussy.As he gently withdrew I showed him my creampie, and slopped my fingers in to smear it all about and masturbate.On the next occasion Nicole would be going d*own on me at this point, and having it all for supper….”Oh god, that was fantastic” I told him ( truth ‘n all) – a very quick study was Eric. I left after yet another shower and we scheduled part two, with Nicole, AND Jo joined us as it turned out.That to follow when I get the chance I owe you all a lot of sequels ;-)N B – if you are in the UK and you are thinking you read Eric’s appeal in Metro News quite RECENTLY, this is because the little tinker, he ran it again. LOL Lyn xxxxxxxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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