No Holds Barred

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Her first lesbian experience didn’t start out to be a lesbian experience. In fact, Autumn Holcomb didn’t even know she was a lesbian, though she suspected it. Never lacking for male attention, she dated boys through high school. Nobody steady, just various boys who asked her out, and lots of them did. When you’re a girl, and a pretty girl at that, and the ratio of girls to boys is sixty-forty, you get lots of attention. Even “average” looking girls at Brentwood Prep never lacked for male suitors, so it made sense that girls like Autumn, who people said could be Miranda Lambert’s twin sister, didn’t worry about where their next date was coming from.

Autumn didn’t worry, nor did she care. Her concern was her lackluster feeling when it came to boys, good-looking boys with personalities and brains to match. They drew her attention—sort of. Rick Poston was a perfect example, six-one, hard-bodied, student-athlete Rick, a lacrosse standout at Brentwood, class treasurer, most likely to succeed, et al. Autumn accepted his invite to senior prom, even made out with him on her parents’ sofa afterward. However, what should have been thrilling just wasn’t. When her envious girlfriends asked her how things went, she shrugged and said, “Okay. Par for the course, I guess.”

In short, her experience with Rick wasn’t much different than her experience with other boys she’d been out with. Was she a lesbian? She couldn’t help but wonder.

The thought had entered her mind back in middle school. It so pained her to think about it that she tried to repress it—no easy task when you’re a budding beauty with a budding curiosity about other budding beauties. For her, sleepovers with some of her tween girlfriends were as much fun as they were frustrating. She played the game, swooning over some boy in their class or celeb heartthrob. Meanwhile, she had her own heartthrob, and it wasn’t a boy.

Relax, this could just be a passing phase, she’d say to placate her angst. Socially, she soldiered on through high school, accepting invites from boys, hoping her passing phase would one day pass. It didn’t. In fact, it became more difficult to repress when she roomed on campus for her freshman year at Adelphi, a small liberal arts college. It’s all she could do to avert her eyes away from the girls on her floor, all those bodies, hot and naked and off limits to her. If there was one that thought the way she did, she didn’t know her.

Then, weeks after school began, while standing in the cafeteria chow line, the girl next to her posed a question: “Did anybody ever tell you that you look like Miranda Lambert?”

Autumn responded with her usual retort: “Yes. Now, if only I could sing like her.”

‘What a beauty,’ Autumn, thought, taking in the girl’s dark brown eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Her skin, the color of light mocha, looked velvety smooth. Her hair, dark brown and straight, dropped to her lower back. She had that dark “ethnic” look, a sharp contrast to Autumn’s blond Anglo-Saxon phenotype.

“Are you a Miranda Lambert fan?” Autumn asked.

“I am,” the girl said. “Besides having a great voice, she’s very beautiful. Don’t you think?”

Autumn nodded, then introduced herself.

“Leilani Cuddie,” the girl said.

“That’s an unusual name.”

“My dad’s English, my mom’s Hawaiian. Obviously my genes favor my mom’s side.”

“Obviously. So you’re Anglo-Polynesian. That’s so cool.” Autumn kept to herself what she was thinking, that Cuddie sounded to her ears like…cunt. If she had any doubt about her sexual orientation up to this point, she was starting to lose it in light of what she was feeling in front of this gorgeous Anglo-Polynesian.

Deciding to eat together, they took their trays and grabbed a table for two against a wall. They lived in different dorms on the same quad. Neither girl had yet to declare a major. Over a lunch of tuna sandwiches and fruit, they discussed school, what they liked and didn’t like, where they might be headed academically. Minutes into their talk, a male student stopped by their table to say hello to Leilani. He was tall and blond, with stereotypical surfer good looks. Autumn watched as the guy asked Leilani when she was going out with him. Leilani parried his advance with a good-natured shrug-off.

“Wow, he’s some piece of eye candy!” Autumn gushed when he moved on. “You must not go for beach boy types.”

Leilani shrugged. “Gabe’s on the wrestling team. He’s been calling me for weeks. But, I don’t know. He’s great looking, athletic and all that, but dating isn’t on my agenda right now. It’ll distract me from school.”

Autumn nodded. “So what do you do for fun?”

“Right now, not much save for attending an occasional rock concert and going on Facebook.” She frowned wistfully. “I lead a rather boring life.”

“I can relate,” Autumn said. “Maybe what we both need is a little spice, a diversion from our academic grind.”

Leilani smiled. “Hmm…a little spice would be great. However, bahis firmaları I’ve yet to find anything that exciting on campus. Any ideas?”

Autumn had ideas, all right, but she hardly knew this girl long enough to voice them. “Um, not on the tip of my tongue.” She blushed knowing that what she just said carried implications beyond a simple figure of speech. At least in her mind, it did. She caught herself staring at Leilani’s boobs, then quickly looked away.

Leilani hooked a finger inside the top of her low-cut blouse, and tugged it down a couple inches. “Well, if you can think of anything, I’m open to suggestions.” She batted her long eyelashes.

Did this girl like girls, too? Autumn needed to feel her out, first metaphorically, then…”It’s healthy to be open to new ideas, new things one’s never before tried but kind of wanted to. Know what I’m saying?”

“I do, I do. Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.” Leilani flashed a devilish look before biting into her peach. She sucked and licked at the innards, slowly, purposely.

Autumn watched her newfound friend draw the nectar into her sensual mouth, licking her lips, puckering up, consuming the fruit as if it was the last peach on earth. She found herself spreading her legs under the table, then running a finger over her crotch. “Looks like you’re really into that peach.”

“It’s delicious, and I believe in savoring delicious things.” Again, that devilish look. “So, tell me about some of these new things you’d like to try.”

“Maybe I’ll start by devouring a peach the way you’re doing it, savoring every morsel for maximum pleasure. In our quick fix, fast-forward world, we tend to overlook the simple pleasures of life. Eating a peach, for example.”

“The simple pleasures of life…yes, I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps we can explore that theme in detail, engage in some intellectual tete-a-tete.” Pause. “Or, do something athletic, an activity that keeps you in shape and might be loads of fun at the same time.”

Autumn’s eyes brightened. She jogged on occasion and hit the gym a few times a month. It was token exercise at best, nothing regular and nothing she’d call fun, done more out of a sense of duty. “Do you have something in mind?”

Leilani grinned. “Okay, well, you might think this is weird, but have you ever wrestled?”

Autumn shrugged. “Kind of. I mean, just goofing around with my kid brother. But that was years ago. Why? Have you?”

“No, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. Speaking of kid brothers, mine wrestles for his high school wrestling team. He’s always telling me what a great form of exercise it is, because it employs all the major muscle groups. Builds great endurance, too. He even showed me some moves. None of my girlfriends back home has cared to indulge me, and I’ve yet to approach any of the girls at Adelphi. Until now. What about you?”

Autumn shrugged. “Sure, I guess so. Wrestling never looked like loads of fun to me, but I’ll try anything once. But where?”

“Our school’s wrestling room, where else? Of course, we’d have to go when the team isn’t training, which shouldn’t be difficult because wrestling season doesn’t start for another couple months.”


Leilani was right; wrestling season didn’t start for another couple months. However, team members still worked out in the eighteen by twenty foot room off the main gym. There was no mistaking what people used this room for, what with the gray matting covering the hardwood floor, the blue circles and the red padding covering the bottom third of the painted cinder block walls. Because the team occupied the room only during the day for their preseason workouts, the girls had no choice but to come here after the dinner hour.

Autumn didn’t know what to expect or how to dress. She arrived dressed the way she normally dressed for gym, blue shorts, blue sports bra and green running shoes. She figured that Leilani would dress the same way, a notion her newfound wrestling partner disabused when she peeled off her loose-fitting warm-up sweats to reveal her own grappling outfit—a low-cut bra and yellow thong panties. Only her running shoes matched Leilani’s.

“I know, it’s not exactly what you’d wear in competition,” Leilani said in response to Autumn’s audible gasp. “But I feel less encumbered dressed this way. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? Um, no, of course not.” Autumn was doing her best to contain her ardor while gawking at Leilani’s delicious body. She took note of her skin, dark and glowing, and her small waist, which gave her upper body that coveted v-shape. Nice. She couldn’t guess her cup size by looking. No matter, her boobs, close to fully exposed, seemed to call out to her. Lowering her eyes, she said, “Love your flat tummy. You do ab work, I’d guess.”

“I do,” Leilani said, pinning her hair up. “Forget sit-ups. An ab cruncher machine is all you need.” She patted her stomach, then tugged on her thong, pushing the crotch almost into her slit. kaçak iddaa She grinned watching Autumn stare in excited disbelief. Then she went over to the door, solid wood except for a six by six inch square window at the top, and slammed it shut. “Well, are you ready for some moves?”

After tying her hair in a ponytail, Autumn stepped inside one of the two blue circles. “Ready.”

“Good. First off, keep in mind they’ll be no holds barred.” She winked, then reached out and grasped her partner’s arms. “First we need to tie up. Like this.”

Autumn followed, taking note of two things right away, Leilani’s firm arms and shoulders and the delicious way she smelled, like coconut oil. “This isn’t a match is it? As you can see, I’m a total novice when it comes to this.”

“A match, no,” Leiini assured her, shuffling Autumn around the mat. “That will come later.” She looked down at her thick, curvy legs. “Your thighs are amazing. Do you run or bicycle?”

“Cycling tends to make my legs bigger, not something I want. I do jog, sometimes run on a treadmill.” Pause. “You’ve got a nice pair of wheels yourself, to use my brother’s bodybuilding vernacular.” She said this with a hint of envy, wishing she had legs like Leilani’s, slim, firm and shapely.

Leilani dropped to one knee to show Autumn a take-down technique, a move that involved grabbing the ankle, pulling the foot forward and then throwing the opponent off balance. Autumn tried to pay attention, no easy task while staring down into Leilani’s cleavage.

Leilani looked up. “See where I’ve got my hand?”

“Your hand…um, yes, I do,” Autumn stammered, trying to refocus.

“Okay, so now you just sweep this leg forward and…”

Autumn landed on her butt with a dull thud and shook her head. “Wow! That was fast.”

Leilani helped her up. “Now you try it.” She took Autumn through the mechanics of the move, letting her take her down a few times, grinning in gratification when she caught Autumn stealing glimpses of her crotch. “Now we’re going to the mat,” she continued. “I’ll take top first.”

Autumn knew what she meant, though she pictured something else, positions that weren’t endemic to a legitimate wrestling program. She wondered how much longer she could control her urges and if Leilani was on the same page. Was this a real wrestling lesson or just a front for something else?

Autumn got down on all fours, while Leilani assumed the standard top position—her left hand wrapped around Autumn’s left wrist, her right arm draped over her back, her chin an inch from Autumn’s shoulder blades. Yet instead of Leilani resting her hand against Autumn’s waist, she slipped it under her sports bra and then began to massage her boobs. “If you’re behind on points, and you’ve run out of legitimate moves, you can always try something like this, something to seduce your opponent, make her weak and horny so she’ll lose the match.” Pause. “What do you think?”

Autumn knew damn well this wasn’t part of any legitimate women’s wrestling program. Never mind, she’d be glad to incorporate it into hers. Her excitement jumped up a notch wondering what other moves her friend kept in her arsenal. “What do I think? I think you’re making me weak and horny.”

“Which is exactly what it’s supposed to do,” Leilani said, chuckling. “Now, see if you can escape. An escape is worth one point.”

“Oh, do I have to? I love what you’re doing.”

“I’m glad, but just try. It will be well worth it.”

Autumn didn’t know the sit-out, one of the standard counter-moves from her position. She simply tried to stand up, and when she did, Leilani pulled her back on the mat. Then, sitting behind her, she used her legs and arms to hold her there. Leilani’s left hand found its way down Autumn’s panties. “This is another effective seduction hold…used only if you’re WAY behind on points.” Leilani’s middle finger went to work inside.

“Except you’re the one scoring all the points in this match,” Autumn said, nearly breathless. “And I’m loving every second of it.”

Leilani chuckled, leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. “Intuition told me you liked girls when we met. If not, I never would have suggested we do this. Now, let’s get your shorts and panties off.” After helping Autumn slip off her clothing, she eased her down on her back. “This is what I thought about when I was eating that peach.” She then began kissing her, her boobs resting on Autumn’s chest, her fingers dancing inside her wet pussy.

Reaching up, Autumn pushed Leilani’s skimpy top past the tan lines and began to tongue her friend’s brown nipples. “Love it,” Autumn gushed, licking with relish, and thinking back to those tween sleepovers, those fun yet frustrating times eyeing her girlfriends’ cute boobies with unrequited lust. Forget boobies, these were full-blown boobs that she licked and fondled, not huge, but big enough where Autumn could bury her face between them and inhale Leilani’s rich coconut oil scent. “Damn, girl, you kaçak bahis smell good!”

“Thanks, so do you, kind of like that peach,” Leilani said, crouched on all fours, her eyes closed while Autumn licked and fondled away. Pushing her thong aside, she slipped a finger inside the wetness. “Oh fuck, you’re making me so hot! This can’t be your first time with a girl.”

“It is,” Autumn confessed. “Not yours, I gather.”

“No, but you’re the cutest chick I’ve ever been with. If you knew how many times I’ve pleasured myself thinking of Miranda Lambert. Now I’ve got her doppelganger.” Pause. “Ever do sixty-nine? Even with a guy?”

“Afraid not. But, like you said, we’re in no holds barred mode here. Lick my pussy and I’ll lick yours.”

“Oh my, I love your attitude, girl.” Leilani clasped Autumn’s face between her hands, then began kissing her with a deep passion. Moments later, she said, “You can take top if you’d like.”

After slight hesitation, Autumn did, more anxious about the odor than anything else. However, to her relief, she quickly realized that her friend must have douched beforehand. Autumn would have done the same thing had she known Leliani’s “workout” program in advance. If she did smell bad, she wouldn’t have known it with the way Leilani was going at it, sucking on her labia and stabbing her tongue furiously over her clit. “I hope you realize that I’m about to come all over your face,” she said.

“That’s the general idea,” Leilani said. Charged up by Autumn’s “warning,” she picked up the pace. “Whenever you’re ready, honey, let it go. Squirt your delicious pussy juice between those luscious thighs of yours. All over my face.”

Leilani worked Autumn up to the point where she could no longer focus on pleasuring her friend. That would have to wait until the tingling and the vibrations charging through her reached their inevitable crescendo. “That’s it! Ohmygod, my cunt’s on fire, ready to explode!”

Subsequent words melted into half words and then just sounds, a gaggle of oos and ahhs and shrieks. The mats and padded walls absorbed noise that might have alerted anyone in proximity. Just to be sure, Leilani checked the window on the door, then turned back to her friend, a picture of near delirium. From experience, Leilani knew she was close, something Autumn confirmed seconds later. Barely conscious, Autumn lay on her back, her fair complexion flushed, her chest heaving, her hands clutching her pussy.

Leilani kissed her and rubbed her forehead. “You okay?”

“Ohmygod, I’m SO okay. You took me into outer space.”

“Well, I hope you have enough energy left to take me there. My pussy’s dripping with anticipation.”

It took Autumn a couple minutes to “come down,” and when she did, she wedged herself between Leilani’s legs, then slipped off her thong to finish the job she started. On her stomach and busy, her ears filled with her friend’s moans, her tongue wet with pussy juice, she didn’t notice that someone was peeking through the window on the door. Leilani didn’t notice either, couldn’t have noticed spread-eagle on the mat, her eyes closed, her pussy on fire. That someone was none other than Gabe Harriman, the wrestler who had approached the girls in the cafeteria, the guy hot for Leilani.

They both jumped when they heard a succession of hard knocks. Glancing at the window, they saw Gabe’s grinning face and screamed.

They scrambled to gather their clothing as Gabe and another wrestler came through the door wearing blue sweats and wrestling shoes. “I thought you guys train during the day,” Leilani said, her voice quivering in distress, her bare boobs bouncing against her chest.

Surfer-boy lookalike Gabe and teammate Justin Barger, like Gabe, a lean, muscular six-footer, stood there, grinning and gawking. “Normally we do,” Gabe said, “but we couldn’t get here today. Sorry we intruded on your, um, workout.” They looked at each other and laughed. Gabe added, “Now I know why you won’t go out with me, Leilani.”

Justin smiled lustily watching Autumn adjust her sports top and then pull her shorts over her wide hips. He also noticed how distressed she looked. “Don’t worry, honey,” he assured her, “we won’t tell.”

“How long were you guys there?” Leilani asked, hurriedly slipping on her warm-up sweats.

Gabe shrugged his thick shoulders. “Long enough. I must say, you’ve got some wickedly hot moves, some winning combinations. Care to demonstrate more of them? We’ll guard the door.”

Leilani frowned, shook her head. “I don’t think so, Gabe. I just hope you’ll do what your friend said, keep it to yourselves.”

“The name’s Justin,” Justin said. “So you’re Leilani. And if I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re friend here is…Miranda Lambert.”

Autumn rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

On some level, Autumn felt attracted to Justin. His eyes, dark and intense, bespoke of something mysterious behind his athletic build, his broad shoulders, his slim waist and his neck, honed thick from all those wrestling bridges. His dark stubble didn’t hurt either—she liked beards. She guessed that he could be one of those rare guys who could leave her confused about her sexual orientation.

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