Nine Wonderful Women Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a series where each part can be read with or without having read the previous parts.

Prior to the age of 48, I’d only had sex with two women. Then I split from my wife and had two fantastic years of sex with a lot of different women. Now, years later, I’m married again and still have the memories of the wonderful women with whom I had so much pleasure. These are the true stories of the wonderful women of my life. I love these memories and want to share them with you.

In this chapter, Monica tries to get us back together, but then I enjoy completely unplanned, unexpected and amazing sex.


When I split up with my wife Monica after 24 years, it was because the marriage had become a continuous argument, not because either of us had an alternative partner to hook up with. I left to live on my own in a rented flat, and she retained the family home. We remained in contact because I was still doing bits of household maintenance, such as mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool and so on. I was also visiting frequently because I was needed to drive the kids to their sport and other activities. I felt sorry for myself, sorry for Monica and sorry for the loss of the marriage, but the breakdown was just two people growing apart. After all those years married, and with the recent history of arguments and stress, I was looking forward to living on my own for a while. At the age of 48, I had never lived on my own, had never been able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, so I thought that would be fun. Although Monica and I were in frequent contact the separation was good because I could get away if an argument started.

Monica had been surprised and upset by my leaving. I guess she thought things between us were better than my opinion. After I had left, she regularly suggested we should get back together, and after a few months, I agreed to go on a date with her to see if we could start again.

Being on a date in a restaurant is a good way to avoid arguments, as neither of us were keen on arguing in public. So we had good food, a bottle of nice wine, and a calm conversation, which mainly revolved around her asking me why I left and why I didn’t come back. We had been through all this dozens of times previously, including with the marriage counsellor, and, as the counsellor had said, we had a choice: to make changes or to stay the same. Since we had not made any changes in the two years since counselling began, I had concluded that things weren’t going to change by me staying there, especially after Monica stopped coming to the counselling. This discussion went round and round until eventually, we finished dinner and left.

I drove her back to the family home, which was now “her place”, went inside, hugged and gave each other a lingering kiss. Neither of us had had any sex for months, and the hugging felt good, probably assisted by the effect of the wine. She was an attractive woman, tall, almost imposing, with a little bit of extra weight that was mainly in the right places: on her ass and her breasts. The big problem I had with her was the arguments. As we kissed, she started rubbing my groin area, and I was feeling her backside, really enjoying the memories of so many great sessions of wonderful sex. She stepped back slightly and reached for my belt buckle, unsnapping my jeans and pulling my jeans and briefs to the floor in one action. I was trapped, jeans around my ankles with my shoes holding up my jeans, as she reached for my rapidly-hardening cock and took it into her mouth.

Feeling my cock in her warm mouth gave me an instant full hard-on. During the marriage, she had rarely done this. She had been happy to put my balls in her mouth and work my cock with her hand, but she had only taken the head of my cock into her mouth a few times, and that was only when we were showering together. I guess whatever reservations she had about its taste were at that moment overcome by her desire. I stood, mesmerized, for a minute or so, as I watched her work her mouth up and down my shaft, her right hand working in unison, as I encouraged her, “Oh yes, that feels good, oh yes.”

But standing in the entrance hallway with your jeans around your ankles is no way to enjoy a blowjob, and no way to actually fuck, and I knew how much we both enjoyed fucking each other, so, when she stopped momentarily for a breath, I lifted her up and kissed her deeply, my tongue exploring all of her mouth, and as we finished that kiss I said, “come on, let’s go”, bent down and pulled my jeans up, and then we headed for the bedroom.

This situation was different to anything from the whole 24 previous years, because we were in the middle of a break-up. When we first started fucking, 24 years ago, she was really the leader, as she was far more experienced than me. Then, after I became accustomed to fucking the way she liked it, we had more of a co-leadership setup. In later years, especially since she turned 40, she really lost a lot of interest in sex, and considering that sexual desire starts in the head, the fact that we were constantly arguing didn’t help that. So the recent artemisbet yeni giriş years had been pretty barren concerning fucking. But now, she seemed really keen to get back together, and the wine we’d had with dinner had reduced inhibitions on both sides, and she became the sex-mad goddess that I’d known a long time ago.

She wasn’t waiting for a long, drawn-out romantic love-making session. She was going to take me and fuck me and prove to me that leaving her was a big mistake. She took off her shoes and flung them to the corner, tore off her blouse and unclipped her bra, dropping both to the floor, unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of that, and slipped out of her panties and stockings in a second. Now completely naked, she stepped forward to help me finish undressing, and as soon as we did that, we lay on to the bed and embraced in a long, deep tongue kiss.

She broke away from the kiss, turned around and headed down for my cock once again. I suppose that having sucked it clean previously, her inhibitions were now gone, or maybe she just decided that tasting my pre-come was something she wanted more of. Or maybe this was part of her demonstrating that she could fuck me so well that I’d want to come back to her. In any event, I was loving it, so I lay on my back as she was on her hands and knees, her mouth around my cock and her backside right beside my left shoulder. As she worked my cock with her mouth and hand, I reached over, got my hand between her legs and found her cunt to be extremely slippery with her juices, so I gently moved my fingers over her lips and her clit. Now we were both moaning unintelligibly and I could feel the pressure building up. I did not want to come yet because I wanted to make this last for a while, so I pulled her away and got her to turn back around so she was lying beside me, on her back, and I was lying on my left side, facing her. I brought my right hand to her groin, and continued to finger around her clit and cunt, which was becoming wetter by the minute. I knew that in this excited state, she would not take long to come, and I did not go down and lick her cunt this time, but brought her to climax with my fingers. As she started contracting, I had my middle and index fingers just inside her, gently massaging the spot just inside the opening behind her clit, so I felt her cunt tightening up and spasming. She reached down and pushed my hand away from her pussy. I knew this was because she was too sensitive, and after a short while she came down from her climax.

All this time, my cock had been rock-hard without stimulation, as I was trying to get it to calm down in order to have the longest fuck possible. Now, as her first orgasm subsided, I was longing to enter her. I was lying on my left side and she was on her back, so I rolled her towards me so she was on her right side, facing me. I lifted her left leg so that it was across my right hip, and in this position, I moved my cock to her cunt lips and, holding my cock, rubbed it up and down her juicy pussy, across her clit, up and down her slit. This position is really comfortable for having a nice, slow, relaxed fuck. We’re both lying on the bed, side by side; we’re face to face for passionate kisses, and her tits are right in front of me, waiting to be kissed and sucked, stimulating her nipples and generally getting me excited. After rubbing my cock against her pussy for a short while, she was moaning again and I slipped inside her effortlessly due to our state of extreme lubrication. We started rocking our hips backwards and forwards, savoring the pleasure of being joined together.

I reached around with my right hand and grabbed her left butt cheek, which is round and substantial. Lifting her butt cheek, and pulling her towards me, helped me to push my cock deeper inside her warm, wet cunt, and in addition, my fingers could reach into her crack, finding her butt hole, past her perineum, and all the way round to her cunt lips, where I could feel the juice and my cock sliding in and out of her body in a smooth, even rhythm. I got my fingers all slippery from the mixture of our juices, and then, slowly drawing my hand back a bit, found her butt hole. I circled around it with my middle finger, laying down a film of natural lubricant and basically letting her know what I was thinking. She responded “ooh, that’s nice”, so I brought my index finger to her opening and kept circling it, gradually increasing the pressure slowly, until I gently inserted my index finger into her ass. She winced a bit at first and pulled away, so my finger popped back out, but then she pushed back against my hand and my finger entered her again. All this time, our hips are moving in unison and my cock was getting harder and harder inside her luscious, juicy cunt.

Gradually, I started moving my finger in and out of her ass hole, synchronizing with the rhythm of our hips and my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. This was the first time we had done this and I guess it was down to the fact that this was a kind of extreme make-up sex, where we were both highly turned on. The feeling was intense and neither of us could hold on artemisbet giriş for much longer. I rolled her on top of me as I rolled on to my back, and in this position, I could push my cock deeper inside her while she thrust her hips back and forth, alternately pushing herself against my cock and my finger. Monica started moaning loudly and coming again, and I could feel her squeezing my cock and my finger with her contractions. The sensory overload was too much for me. My mind could no longer tell my cock to hold on and extend the enjoyment, and I came with a huge rush, yelling out and squirting my load deep inside her.

We lay there for a while in silence, recovering our breath and marveling at what had just happened.

She said, “We are good together. You should come back.”

I replied, “I will think about it.”

I had not come to the decision to leave her lightly, and one extraordinary session of fucking didn’t fix the underlying problems we’d been having for a few years. Living in a small apartment on my own was not highly attractive, but it avoided the fights between us. Anyway, over the next few weeks, I was at her place quite a few times, doing various sorts of work or errands, and the arguments that occurred just confirmed that, even though we gave each other great sex, life is about more than that, and we had no future. So I returned to my Plan A — go and live on my own for a while and get things sorted out.


I had been living on my own for almost a year, with only the porn sites and my right hand to keep me company. I had gotten into some nice routines, including going to the gym most mornings, making my dinners and freezing them, and visiting my old friends more than I had done previously.

It was now coming towards the end of the year, and my employer gave a Christmas Party for employees and their partners. Most employees who didn’t have a partner just brought a friend, but I went alone. I had no thoughts about hooking up with anyone because the people attending were my work colleagues and their partners. I knew them all and there was no-one attractive among them, and in any case, I always felt I never wanted to be working with someone with whom I was in a relationship. So I felt there was no action on the horizon at this party.

There was dinner, drinks, and music, but not many people were dancing. I noticed Carol, one of the other employees, dancing with a woman I had not seen before, and they didn’t seem like a couple, just like they were dancing together. There were a couple of other people on the dance floor, so I ambled over and started dancing around. The unknown woman was really attractive, and she moved really seductively. She was average height, had long straight black hair down to her waist, and she looked pretty curvy under her flowing dress. She seemed to be in her early thirties, so about 15 years younger than me. We all danced around and I was particularly moving closer to this unknown woman as we danced. After a while, Carol and the unknown woman left the dance floor and so, not wanting to look obvious in front of my co-workers, I also wandered off and socialized with other colleagues. After a while, I circulated back around and started to chat with the woman, whose name is Dianne, and I found out she was a friend of Carol. We made small talk and I was really attracted to her.

Later in the evening as the venue was closing down and we were leaving, I was watching to try and spot Dianne again, when I came across Carol and Dianne with a group of about 4 other people. They said they were heading out to a nearby hotel to continue the party, and I was excited to get the chance to hang out with Dianne. Once we got to the hotel, we got some drinks and sat around a table, talking. When the first round of drinks had run dry, Dianne offered to go to the bar to get more, so she asked the other people what they would like. Sensing some sort of opportunity to talk with her without other people around, I offered to come with her to the bar to help carry the drinks back. By now I was feeling really turned on by her, so I looked forward to getting to chat with her away from the group.

As we were waiting in line, she turned around to face me and we made some small talk. I was now quite close to her and feeling a stirring in my pants as I admired her pretty face, large dark brown eyes and red lips. I have no idea what we were talking about; my mind was elsewhere. Then, as the line moved up, she turned back around to step forward. As I was now behind her, admiring her long flowing black hair, I absent mindedly just started stroking her beautiful long hair, running down her back. I didn’t have a plan or any real thought that this would be leading to anything, but after a few seconds, she slowly turned around and grabbed me, lifting her face up to my face. Her lips came to mine and as soon as our lips met, we each opened our mouths slightly at first, then opened more, and engaged in the most passionate tongue kiss imaginable. This went on for about 10 seconds and then we separated and looked deeply at each other.

We waited in line, collected the drinks artemisbet güvenilirmi and headed back to the group, acting nonchalant. For the next couple of hours, we all sat around chatting, until 2 am when they shut the bar, and we headed home. Dianne, Carol and I walked up town until we found a taxi, dropped Carol off at her house and continued to my flat, arriving about 3 am. In the back seat of the taxi, Dianne sat on the far right side and I sat on the left. She lay across the back seat, with her head in my lap and facing upwards, towards me. I bent down and kissed her madly. With my right hand, I was gently stroking her stomach and breasts as the kissing continued. She could no doubt feel my growing erection as she had her head in my lap.

When we got to my flat, we locked into another embrace and I started peeling off her flowing dress. She was wearing a black bra and black lacy panties and my god, she was gorgeous. The long jet black hair cascaded down over her milky smooth skin, plump, firm breasts and round, strong hips. She lay on the bed as I stripped and then I got onto the bed beside her and gently removed her bra and panties, which were quite wet. I was instantly in a state of high excitement because her pubic bush was trimmed very short, but not shaved. Her pussy lips were plump and she had small inner lips which protruded out just a little from her plumped up outer lips. She was beautifully rounded in all the right places.

My hands were exploring all over her body, around her breasts, waist and groin. I was gently pinching and sucking her nipples, my hands moving slowly down her stomach and reaching her plumped-up pussy lips. She was as wet as could be. I slowly moved my index and middle fingers up and down her slit, one on each side of her clit, and circling around the inside and outside of her inner lips, to spread her juices around her whole pussy. I continued to circle her clit and lightly touch it, all the while sucking her tits and kissing her breasts. After a while, I decided to go down to kiss and lick her pussy, but when I made the move towards her groin, she wouldn’t let me go there, and instead, got me to sit up on the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor as she lifted one leg across me and straddled me, facing me, grabbed my cock and guided it as she smoothly lowered herself on to my rock-hard cock, which was leaking juices and pointing straight to the ceiling.

My cock slid right inside her with one stroke as we were both extremely wet and her weight pushed my cock head right up inside her pussy. Her pussy was so tight, I could hardly believe it. It was like my ex-wife’s pussy used to be, before she had the kids. My balls were swinging free in the breeze between my legs and my shaft was buried completely balls-deep inside her as she started gently rocking backwards and forwards, making my cock slide in and out. Her tits swayed right in front of me and her lovely face was level with mine. I was in such an excited state that it did not take long for the pressure in my balls to burst out and pump my come way up inside her as I shuddered with pleasure. We stayed like this for a minute as my come started to drip out of her and my spent cock went soft. Then we snuggled up together because it was now about 4 am, so we slept for the next 6 hours.

When we woke up, the sun was shining, a beautiful brand new day. Dianne was looking just as ravenous as she looked last night. I kissed her and she responded by opening her lips, so we were quickly into very deep tongue kissing, which got me hard again. She stroked my cock, spreading around the juices I was producing, sliding my foreskin backwards and forwards and watching the head grow bigger and redder. I wanted to return the favor, so I was gently moving my fingers around her clit and cunt lips, noticing that her juice was making her nice and slippery and ready to fuck again. She laid on her back and spread her legs wide and motioned me to climb on top and enter her. I like this position because I can straighten my knees into a kind of “plank” position, supported on my hands and feet. Then, I could lower and raise my hips, and get a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of her beautiful trimmed pussy. This was the most erotic thing I think I had seen to that point of my life. This was the first time I’d fucked a woman who didn’t have a nice full bush of hair down there.

She was relaxed, knees up and her pelvis tilted forward, which gave me a fantastic view of my cock slipping in and out of her beautifully trimmed pussy. She looked serene, like she was just enjoying the feeling of my hardness massaging her softness inside. I was thrusting my cock all the way inside her, then withdrawing until only the head remained inside. My pleasure was then multiplied as I watched my cock slide effortlessly back into her, disappearing right up inside her. It felt sublime and it looked amazing, as if I was somehow a bystander, watching myself fuck. She was smiling because she could feel me getting harder and bigger and she knew that meant I was going to blow my load any second now… and then it came, another shattering delivery of come, deep inside her. I love the extra sensitivity that develops in my cock head just after orgasm, and I kept thrusting even after my delivery finished, which just led to a mess of our juices around her pussy lips. We lay there for a while, then got up, showered, and headed out.

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