Nikkie – Part 2

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After breaking up with my boyfriend of almost a year and a half, I was not sure of what to do next. Though I had dated in high school and had a few boyfriends, none of them were serious relationships. Rather, there was a group of girls and guys that always hung out together. We went to concerts and movies and even went camping a few times.  A few of the girls hooked up with one or the other of the guys occasionally, but there was never anything serious. More like friends with benefits. I knew that two of the girls were lesbians and one guy was gay, but that was never a problem for the group. I met Jason during Freshmen Orientation Week at college. We had a couple of classes together and took to walking to them together. Once or twice a week, we ate lunch together in the cafeteria or the food court. After about a month, we went out on our first official solo date. After that, we spent as much time together as possible. Let me say at this point that I am still a virgin. Sure, we made out some, we even had oral sex a few times, but I had made it clear from the beginning that I did not want to have intercourse until I was married. Jason said he understood and agreed. He never tried to even use his fingers on me. He seemed happy with the arrangement, and not having very much experience to base it on, I felt everything was fine as well. One day, when a lecture I was supposed to attend got cancelled, I went to Jason’s dorm room to surprise him and heard a female voice coming from his room. I figured it was his roommate, so I turned to leave as I called his mobile number. I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the distinct ring tone he had for me coming from the room. “Hey babe, what’s up?” “Where are you? My lecture got rescheduled and I thought we might meet up for lunch.” “Uhm… I’m in one of the labs. How about if we meet up at the food court in 15 minutes? You can get us a table.” “Sure, that sounds good.” I was hurt, sad and furious, all at the same time. He was lying to my face about where he was. And I could easily figure out why and what he was doing. I stood there for a minute debating what to do and finally decided to wait a few doors down the hallway until he left his room. I did not have long to wait as about ten minutes later, I heard the door unlock and he walked out after a girl I did not recognize. He was in the process of giving her a passionate kiss goodbye when he spotted me standing there, just looking at him. She spotted me a second later and just turned and walked away in the other direction. “I can explain. It’s not…” The look on my face and my hand in the air stopped him mid sentence. “There is absolutely nothing to say and no explanation for this, Jason. How could you do this to me??” “Baby, I uhhh… uhhh…” “Forget it Jason. We’re done.” I turned and walked away, my eyes filled with tears, wondering what to do next. I went back to my room, lay down on my bed and buried my face into my pillow. Jason kept texting me and calling, but I just deleted the texts without reading them and refused to answer his calls. He even came and knocked on my door once, but I just told him to go away or I would call the RA. I missed all my afternoon classes. My roommate Jenna found me like that when she came back after her classes. She took me in her arms and asked me what was wrong. I started sobbing all over again, and she held me tight. In between sobs, I told her what had happened. “It’s istanbul travesti all my fault for not having sex with him.” “No it isn’t hun. He’s a jerk for doing that and for lying to you, and I bet it isn’t the first time he’s done that either. You didn’t do anything wrong. He knew how you felt about sex since you two first got together. I hate to say this, but I always felt he just wasn’t right for you, but since you seemed happy with him, I never said anything.” Jenna lay down next to me on my bed and held me until I fell asleep. It felt very comforting laying there next to her. When I finally woke up it was light out and she was working quietly at her desk. She heard me stir and got up, kissing my forehead. “How is my sleeping beauty today? Any better? Done with the tears?” “I don’t know. I hope so, but I doubt it. I don’t want to be with someone like that, EVER!” “That’s good, hun.” Jenna leaned down and took my face into her hands and tilted it up towards hers. She kissed me on my forehead, and then on my lips. It took me a bit by surprise, but it was a very pleasant feeling that left me feeling a little tingly all over. I got up and took a shower. When I was done, I went through my whole room and found all the things Jason and given me or left in my room and threw it all into a large plastic garbage bag. I took it over to his dorm and dumped it out in front of his door; then turned and walked away. He must have heard the noise because his door opened and he called out after me, but I just kept walking away. It wasn’t the last time I cried over it, and Jason made several attempts to get back together, but I was determined to have nothing to do with him anymore. Over the next couple of weeks, my friends all expressed their concern and offered me comfort. A few of the girls were getting a little touchy feely, but we had always been a huggy bunch. It did seem a little more than normal, but it felt good, knowing I had such good friends. A few times though, it also seemed to stir other feelings in me I had never noticed before. I was wondering about these feelings and started thinking back to high school. Various isolated incidents started to form a pattern in my head. Things that had happened that had not made sense at the time, so I had just pushed them out of my mind. I thought about how I had never felt anything serious for a guy; how I really preferred hanging with my besties, the fun we had at sleepovers. I thought about some of the things a few of my girlfriends had done or said, and I suddenly realized they had been making advances to me. And when I had not responded, they must have figured it was because I was either not into girls, or did not know it yet. When I talked to Jenna about this, she just laughed and said it was about time. She said I really seemed much more comfortable around girls than guys. “You know Nikkie, you never really seemed all that into Jason. You two had spent time together almost every day your entire freshman year and part of the summer and again since school started in August. And yet according to you, your sex life was virtually nonexistent, and not all of that could be attributed to your wanting to wait. I have always had a feeling that you might be into girls more than guys, but it is just not the kind of thing you can tell some one. It’s something a person needs to discover on their own.” “But I never thought girls were istanbul travestileri into me. Until just now, I never thought I had ever been hit on, but looking back, maybe…” “Are you kidding? I’ve seen a lot of girls hit on you! And a lot of others were eyeing you as well. I think some were put off seeing you with Jason, but you were just oblivious to a lot of them. I wish I had half as many girls hitting on me.” “You’ve never tried anything with me.” “Actually I did when we first met, but then you and Jason hooked up and we just became really good friends. But now, I think you need to start checking out the softer half of the population.” “OK, so, just how do I go about doing this exploring?” “Well, I know this place…” So, three weeks after catching Jason, I find myself standing at the edge of a dance floor in Parados, a gay bar, watching two scantily clad girls on a platform. They are dancing to a music video showing on a large screen at one end of the floor. I am moving to the rhythm of the music as well. One of the girls, a petite blonde, points at me and then curls her finger, mouthing something I couldn’t make out. As I look around, she points at me and curls her finger again. The other girl, several inches taller and with long, flaming copper tresses puts her ear to the blonde’s face to hear what she was saying. The redhead looks in my direction, smiles and nods her head as the blonde curls her finger at me for the third time. I move up to the edge of the platform and the blonde squats down and kisses me. I get a close up view of her tits and her pussy, both of which are just barely covered. As she stands up, the redhead takes her place in front of me. After making some very seductive dance moves, she also squats down and kisses me. Then each of them takes one arm and pulls me up on the platform with them. I look over to the table where Jenna is sitting with Kelly, one of our friends. She is smiling at me and giving me the thumbs up. She starts chair dancing and pointing at me. I am just standing there, barely moving as the two dancers sandwich me between them and begin rubbing their bodies up against me. Before I realize it, I find myself responding and moving along with them to the rhythm of the music. At one point I glanced over and see Jenna waving at me and pointing her phone at me. A number of the people dancing on the floor gather around the platform, encouraging me to keep going. I start really getting into the music and dancing very erotically with the two girls, grinding my hips and butt into theirs, running my hands up and down their bodies, and even responding to the redhead when she kisses me again. After about ten minutes of this there was a break as the music changed to a slower pace, and the blonde indicated for me to jump down off the platform. They both followed me down, and a male dancer quickly took over the platform. A server walked over and handed each girl a robe. The crowd that had been watching us dissipated and I suddenly realized what I had just been doing. I’m sure I turned a dark shade of red and turned to walk back to the table where Jenna and Kelly were sitting. The two dancers had a different idea, however. They each took a hand and led me to the bar where it was just slightly quieter. “Hi, I’m Kandi and this beautiful blonde here is Miranda. Would you like something to drink?” “I’m Nikkie, and I would love some water. Dancing travesti istanbul up there really takes it out of you.” They signaled to the bartender for three waters and we all drank them down quickly. “Well Nikkie, would you like something else to drink? A light beer maybe? No, wait, you look like a wine cooler girl to me. Kandi signaled the bartender again and soon there were three drinks sitting in front of us. “We haven’t seen you here before Nikkie. Because we would definitely have remembered you! But you do look a bit familiar. Where have you been hiding yourself?” “I’m a student over at the college. A couple of my friends decided I needed to check this place out. And, not only have I never been here before, I’ve never even been to someplace like this before.” “Oh, then perhaps we’ve seen you there. Miranda and I are both part time students at the college. And just what do you mean, like this? You’ve never been to a bar before?” Kandi giggled at that and I felt myself blushing again. I just wanted to go back to the table and sit down with Jenna and Kelly, but felt it would be rude to pick up my drink and walk away. “Yes, I’ve been to bars before, just never a… you know… a gay bar.” “Ohh. Do gay people scare you?” “No, of course not. It’s just that, uhm… well… It’s just a little complicated. My friend Jenna… I just broke up with my boyfriend and Jenna told me… Jenna’s my room mate at school. I caught my boyfriend cheating and I broke up with him. Jenna said I was well rid of him, and well, she just made me feel better.” “Hmmm, just how did she make you feel better Nikkie?” “She uhm… held me until I stopped crying and fell asleep.” “And has she ever held you before?” “No. Well, we’ve hugged, but she laid down in bed with me and held me until I stopped crying and fell asleep.” “Did she do anything else?” “Yes. She kinda kissed me.” “And did you enjoy that?” “It made me feel kinda tingly.” “Now we’re getting down to it. So you break up with your boyfriend, and your room mate kisses you. And you discover that you like being kissed by a girl. And so now your room mate thinks you should check that out a little more, so she brought you here. That sum it up?” “Pretty much.” “And what do you think? Do you want to know more?” “Yes, I think I do.” “Well then, I think Kandi and I just may be able to help you with that, if you have some time and are willing. Why don’t we go over and talk to your friends for a bit first?” “Okay.” The three of us went over to the table where Jenna and Kelly were sitting. I made introductions all around. Miranda started talking to Jenna. “So, I understand you and Nikkie have been roomies for the last two years and that you have suspected she likes girls? So you brought her here to help her figure it out.” “Yes, I have felt that way, even tried to make a few passes at her myself. But she was rather oblivious and seemed to be into guys… or at least she thought she was. When she found out Jason had been cheating on her, I decided it was time she did some exploring. I thought this might be a good place to start.” “Well, we are glad you brought her here, because we would love to help her too. But first we both wanted to assure you that she is safe with us, and that we just want to help her discover things at her own pace. There is a party tonight at a friend’s place, and we would love to take her. The two of you are welcome to come along of course. Some pretty wild things happen at some of these parties that Nikkie and even the two of you might find interesting. Kandi and I have two more sets to do tonight, so why don’t the three of you discuss this. We will come back after the next set and answer any questions you might have.”

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