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NightimeShe was sleeping naked when she heard her door open and he walked in. She heard him take his clothes off before he slid in bed beside her. He spooned next to her and reached his arm around her and cupped her tit as his cock pushed against her ass cheeks. He whispered in her ear “I have been thinking of your nice tits all day. My cock has been hard all day waiting to touch you. I need your pussy so much.” He played with her nipples and rubbed her tits as she felt his cock get harder pressed against her ass. He told her “Turn over baby. Lay on your back and let me suck those big nipples. I want to fill my mouth with your tit.” She rolled over and he immediately took a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. He then kissed all over her tit but went back to the fat nipple. He filled his mouth with tit and nipple sucking her and loving her nice tits.As he kept sucking her tits his hand went down to her pussy. He moaned “Spread your legs and let me play with that wet pussy. I want to feel you cum as my hand caresses your young pus.” She spread her legs wide for his hand and he began to feel her as he sucked on her tits. Two fingers rubbed her clit making it hard like a man’s cock and he heard her moan. “Yes, you like that don’t you? Let me feel you cum. Feel my finger enter your cunt. Yes, cum for me. Make my fingers wet.” He fingered her for quite a while making her cum before he kissed down her body to her waiting pussy. He licked the length of her slit and then sucked on her clit. He heard her moan and pulse as he sucked her harder. He sucked the clit into his mouth as his finger entered her hole. She was warm and very wet and he had both fingers sunk into her all the way. He began finger fucking her hard as he sucked her clit and tuzla escort loved to feel her jerk as she came for him.He pulled his fingers out of her hole and replaced them with his tongue. She was so wet from cumming and she tasted so good as he licked and sucked her. He said to her “Are you ready for a tongue fuck? Your cunt loves my long tongue doesn’t it? You are so horny tonight and you taste so good. I am going to keep you cumming for hours.” He gave her clit one last suck as his tongue then licked her fuck hole before pushing in. She was so wet and he sucked and licked her cum as he felt her cum again and again coating his tongue. She had such a hot body and he loved eating and fucking her. She was always ready for him and all he could think about was her sexy body and fucking her over and over. As he tongued her pussy his finger went under her to her ass. He circled her pucker and felt her squirm. She loved her ass played with and he loved fingering it. His tongue went deep in her cunt as his finger entered her ass. She lifted her hips and screamed as she loved both holes filled and wanted more. He told her “That’s it baby. Scream. Enjoy that finger in your ass while I tongue that wet cunt. Now here is another finger for that tight ass. Just how you like it. Yes, cum for me. Feel that ass stretch as I finger fuck it. Push against my fingers baby.”He tongued her cunt as his finger fucked her ass and she moaned and squirmed loving his assault on her body. His face was covered in her cum as he fucked her ass and then added a third finger. When the third finger entered her she started bucking against him cumming faster and faster. He smiled “My girl is so horny tonight and is loving the ass fucking. I think about my tongue and fingers tuzla escort bayan in your naked body all day. My cock throbs as I imagine all the things I shall do to you at night. Now let me shove my big cock in that tight cunt.” He then got between her legs and pushed his cock to her cunt and slowly entered her. He sunk his cock all the way in her then began to fuck rough and hard as his balls bounced agaist her ass. He pushed in deep and made sure every inch of his long cock was in her small opening. He loved fucking her many times at night. She loved being fucked and begged him to fuck her harder and deeper. He loved fucking her all night. She had a beautiful body with nice firm tits and a round ass and tight cunt. She would let him do anything to her as long as she was being fucked. He pulled his cock almost out then rammed it back in several times. He put her leg up over her shoulder opening her up as he pounded her tight cunt. He told her “Lift your hips and fuck me like a whore. Grip my cock with those cunt muscles. I am going to fuck you long and hard and fill you with so much cum it will run down to your ass.” He kept his word and fucked her hard ramming his cock in and out of her. When he was ready to cum he filled her cunt with a huge load of cum and it did run down to her ass.He rolled beside her and squeezed her tits together and kissed and sucked them. He then looked at her and asked “Are your ready for a cock in that sexy round ass of yours? I am going to fuck that ass balls deep and hard till I make you scream for me. Now get up on all fours and raise that ass in the air for some good hard fucking.” She quickly got on all fours and reached back and spread her ass cheeks. He first kissed her round bud and licked escort tuzla it then pushed his tongue in it getting it wet and ready for his cock. He put a finger in her wet cunt and rubbed her ass with the cum. He was ready to fuck that tight ass and he pushed his cock in slow but deep. When he had every inch in her, he began to fuck her ass hard. He heard her moan as she loved anal fucking the best. He grabbed her by the hips and plunged in and out of her ass hard and rough. Her ass was so tight gripping his big cock. He showed no mercy and fucked her hard. He gave her ass cheeks a few slaps as he rammed her. He then reached down and shoved three fingers into her cunt. He fingered her cunt as he pounded her ass harder with his hard cock. He was finger fucking her deep as he fucked her ass and soon her heard her scream. Her cum was covering his fingers and to his palm as she came over and over for him as he fucked both holes.Now it was his time to fill the horny ass with cum. He pushed in deep and held his cock there as he blasted her with cum. The cum ran out of her ass and down to her cunt. She was covered with cum from her ass to her clit. He rubbed the cum from her pussy over her ass cheeks then kissed them. “Baby, you taste so good as your cum mixes with mine. Now lay back down on the bed and get ready to show me how good you suck my cock. I am going to push my cock down your throat as you suck me so hard. And don’t forget to finger my ass either baby. We are just getting going fucking tonight. I am going to fuck you all night in all three holes. I have been waiting all day for some sweet ass and pussy. Now open wide and let me shove my balls in that mouth then you will suck every inch of this big cock deep down that throat.” He knew no one could deep throat his cock as well as she could. She could take every inch of the big cock and swallow every drop of cum. He loved that she would suck him dry. He was ready to get lots of pussy tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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