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The band was loud. And bad. The band was always bad but played so loud the distortion covered up how bad they were. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to listen to the loud, bad band three nights a week. They played in the empty dining room off the bar right below my apartment. I had a free three bedroom apartment over the bar at the motel. I paid for my space by having the night bell for the motel ring in my bedroom so a traveler needing a bed at 2:30 in the morning could rent one. So I put up with the bad band playing loud three nights a week, even though I worked seven days a week. Sleep is overrated.

My ex was coming to town. She was bringing her two girls by her first ex, my ex-roommate. The girls wanted to visit their father so she was bringing them up. I wanted to see the girls, too. Their mother was the bitch. The girls were something special and I missed them more than I cared to admit to anyone. With any luck, I could see the girls and miss her. In any event, that was for tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime I had to figure out a way to go to sleep despite the bad, loud band. I had a dawn appointment with a boathouse cupola that needed painting before the breeze came up which meant I needed to be asleep fairly soon, despite the loudness of the bad band.

So I had gone down to the bar and gotten myself a quadruple Jack. Four good shots of Brother Daniels’ sovereign remedy in a water glass on ice will usually defeat the loudest band. I had slid back up the inner stairs to conform to the liquor laws and was now sitting on the deck at the top of the outdoor stairs up to the back of my apartment, thinking deep thoughts in communion with old No.7. I heard the back door of the bar open below me and Wanda yelled up, “Hey Ted! You’ve got company. Go over to the foot of those stairs and up. They lead right to his back door.” That last part was Wanda telling who knows who how to get to me.

Wanda was my ex-roommate’s landlady. He and I had discovered that in the misery of our mutual ex-wife there was a form of friendship. We had built an apartment in the barn attached to the back of her house before I had gotten the gig at the motel. Dave had decided güvenilir bahis to stay in the apartment and his daughters and our mutual ex would be staying with him for the next few days.

In the meantime, someone was coming up my stairs. As the top of a curly head of hair came into view I heard a too familiar voice call up “Sitting with all your friends?” She had a way with words, my ex. A vile way but a way, nonetheless. She had decided, after about four years with me, that shrieking at me, blaming me for everything from hunger in Africa to America’s trade imbalance with China, was her right. I disagreed. I asked how much it would take to get rid of her. She told me “Everything.” I agreed.

Now she was here. Coming up my stairs in a loose fitting tank top, shorts and sandals she still looked good. The sex had always been good. It had kept us together about a year after we had really lost the love and even about six months after the like was gone. I took another slug of the Jack, put down the glass and stood up. She put her arms across the top of my shoulders and I put my hands on her hips. As she leaned in to kiss me I slid my hands up under her shirt, pushed the cups of her bra up over her outstanding tits and squeezed her eraser size nipples. When she opened her mouth to object I shoved my tongue in her face and opened my hands to give her boobs a good groping. As we broke the kiss I felt her hand on the front of my jeans, sliding over the outline of my stiffening cock.

I pushed her against the railing and slid my right hand into her shorts and inside her panties, my middle finger parting her pubes and opening her pussy lips. Once the tip of my finger was in her, her wetness began to flow. I wiggled my finger and slid it in to the knuckle, pulled back and slid two fingers fully in, drenching in her cream. I slapped my mouth the hers and felt her tongue search for mine. She might not like me but she loved sex. I wasn’t looking for love, just a fuck. I pushed her shorts and panties down below her knees and they slid down to her feet without further help. I pushed two fingers back up her honey-hole and began to saw in and out, stroking her clit with my güvenilir bahis siteleri thumb on each push and pull.

She pulled her shirt and bra off over her head and gasped “Suck my tits while you finger me. Ohh! God! Run your teeth on my nipples! Suck me!” I was happy to oblige. I felt her hands working my belt and zipper, pushing down my jeans and skivvies as she went to her knees. My fingers came clear of her cunt and she inserted them in her mouth, licking her pussy juice clean as she took my dick in her hand and rubbed it across her face before sliding it into her mouth and burying her nose in my pubic hair as she bathed my swollen member with her tongue. She pulled me back out of her mouth and looking up said “Cum in my mouth” before she returned to her work. The aroma of her arousal rose to my nose and I knew her flowing lubrication would be running down her thighs. She slurped and sucked and mouth-fucked my cock until I felt the pressure build as my cum rose to the head. I held her head firm between my hands and pulled back till just the head was in her mouth, so my ejaculation would wash over her tongue as it boiled out of me in four pulsing jets.

She handed me up my drink as she gathered her clothes together. “Take me in,” she breathed as she stood up. She was a bitch but she was magnificent naked; a firm, stocky body, good for hard fucking, great heavy tits with nipples a quarter-inch across and twice as long in the middle of broad dark areolas with a mop of curly dark hair to her smooth bared shoulders. There was a glistening dampness between her flared open fat pussy lips.

We went in the kitchen door of my apartment and crossed into the living room. Under our feet the floor was trembling from the volume of the band below. At least I would be the only one to hear her. She’s a screamer. As we entered the living room she moved to the couch and turned around, the arm of the couch tight to the crack of her ass. She leaned backwards, laying her back on the cushions, leaving her cunt displayed and cock height. “Watch me” she moaned as she opened her legs and slipped a finger up her own pussy. With two fingers of her other hand she spread iddaa siteleri her lips wider and danced her middle finger over and around her clit, standing proud as a soldier on guard. She diddled her clit and fingered her hole and her cream flowed down between her legs and around her bunghole, soaking into the upholstery of the couch. In minutes she had her legs drawn up, fingers pistoning her to a loud moaning orgasm. I knelt between her legs and enveloped her honey pot with my mouth, sliding my tongue up into her to drink in her passion. I alternated deep tonguing her with sucking nibbles on her outer lips and fellating her clit and she rewarded me with racking moans and heels beating on my back as she orgasmed again.

The smell and taste of her had hardened me again. I pulled her upright, turned her around and bent her over the arm of the couch. She spread wide to receive me as she reached a hand between her legs to guide the purpled head of my cock into her. Once the corona disappeared I curled over her and reached down to cup her swinging tits, squeezing her swollen nipples between thumb and index fingers as I drove my length into her. I pounded in and out of her like a man possessed. This was no love making. This was primal fucking. She had already swallowed my first load. Now I wanted to fill her from below, drown her ovaries in cum. From the first hard push she had been moaning, calling out, “Oh, God! That feels so good! Oh, God, Fuck me, Use me, Fuck me. Oh, God.” As we pounded on, she pushing back to meet my thrusts, I stood and grabbed her by the hips, letting her tits flop free under her. I heard her cry out sharply as her pussy clutched at my cock, seizing me tight in her third orgasm. I pulled back one final time and drove home as I felt my second cum flood from my erection. Her pussy turned to sweet liquid fire as our combined juices gushed around my dick and dripped off my bag onto the hardwood floor as she collapsed moaning onto the couch and I folded on her back.

We laid there together until our breathing had recovered and I led her into the bedroom. As she climbed onto the bed, she began to scoop our fun out of her cunt with her fingers, licking them clean and returning for more. The sight began to rouse my cock to new interest as she took a couple loads from pussy to asshole to lube that for my next effort.

The bad, loud band wasn’t going to keep me awake after all.

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