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New EmotionsWanna try something different? Try to fuck your wife in you boss’s apartment, and offer him to fuck her, too!In boss’s luxurious apartment everyone behaved relaxed, there were no more “ranks”, and everyone was equal. We drank a lot, and I saw that Iris was already tight. Men vying invited ladies to dance, and shamelessly felt them up, mainly not theirs. As in general it all was conventionally party-legal, and corresponding to the amount of alcohol, I had nothing to do but to accept it, and to calm my growing ripe jealousy down I used the same trick and didn’t give my hands a rest. Soon all the company was ‘out’. I was pretty tight too, but still could take a hit. It was already time to leave, but chief didn’t lose hold of Iris, inviting her for a dance again and again. He was already heavily drunk and behaved pretty impudently, his hands were openly smoothing my wife’s ass, and with his knee he was trying to move her legs apart. By some luck Iris yet managed to slip away from his redden face. But at some moment he tightly grabbed her and his lips covered her pretty mouth with a rough kiss. Now I jumped from the couch from where I was watching it all, but stopped promptly, dumbfounded and literally paralyzed. Not expecting such a turn, Iris also froze then went limp, and one moment later she pushed her boss away. Noticing me her boss smiled abashed and pretending to be more drunk then he was he mumbled something and left to bed. I hugged Iris and we were getting ready to leave, but bosses wife demanded us to stay in a sign of that we didn’t hold any offense against her husband. That was absolutely unnecessary but we didn’t want to spoil our relationship with company’s management so we stayed.……….We were standing facing each other in a small guestroom. In the light of a night lamp, in an unfamiliar environment I strongly desired my Iris, here and now, not waiting for the steps outside to die down and for the rest to calm down. Taking her by her waste I started to softly caress her ear with my tongue whispering her simple compliments. Not parting from me she slowly turned around and her tight butt tighten up by a tight silk skirt was tightly pressing against a noticeable knob on my pants. Letting me kiss her neck, she leaned on a bed box and unambiguously stuck out her butt towards me, slightly moving her legs apart. Incomparable rustle of her nylon stockings has filled a still air and blasted“dynamite” in me. Moving down her splendid hips my hands reached the end of her skirt and caressing her thighs lifted the skirt up.Not trying to help that much but rather willing to feel my aroused penis she slightly moved her ass. A thin string of her panties was showing thru the panty hose, running up with a small triangle. I confidently ran my hand thru her thighs from the inside and stopped feeling the heat of Iris’s pussy. Her breath became faster and louder. Thru a thin silk of her panties and panty hose, I carefully ran with the tips of my fingers over her pinbahis güvenilirmi swallowed and wet lips. Not stopping to work with my fingers, I was convulsively taking my pants off with the other hand. Wishing to prolong the prelude, Iris decided to impose her game on me. Slightly turning her charming head, in a voice of an innocent harpist she whispered… “Young man, You aaah, You are crazy, mmmm, mmmm..aaahhaa..”. Knowing a magical effect of her voice she has hit a bull’s eye. Roughly taking her by neck, keeping pushing her to the bed box, I turned her halfway and avidly kissed her lips. O-o! This mouth could do much. By turn caressing my lips and tongue, changing the pace and amplitude she started to fuck with her mouth. Her juices thru thin barrier of nylon wetted my fingers and filled the room with a subtle smell of love and lust. Iris loves to do it heavy accompanied by complements passing into obscenities, some lust and roughness in my words bring her additional feelings. I started to whisper her absolute nonsense, slowly switching to croak.Quickly freeing my overstrained penis, I put it against Iris’s cave so that its head showed up in front, between her legs. Feeling its heat she started to massage it with her left hand, still leaning on the bed box with her right. “Babe, you are magnificent!….You have the most gorgeous ass in the world! …mmmmmm!’ – Mumbling and croaking I was squeezing her breasts.- “Ooooo…Aaa….aaaaa…You think so!… yeah aaaaaa. You think so only now?” – She kept massaging my buddy. The touch of a delicate nylon wildly aroused me.My hands moved to her hips and went thru all the length of her beautiful legs. Perhaps, the sexiest men’s invention – nylon panty hose accentuated all the perfection of her shapes. I heard my heart beating like crazy. It was hard to speak. – “Alas this beauty is available only to me. …mmmm….. I would like some one to see it…..” it burst out absolutely involuntary. Probably I wouldn’t pay any attention to it, if it wouldn’t be for Iris’s reaction. – “Oooooo…” – her pussy got wetter, and her legs shrank convulsively. – “Honey, do you really think it is possible.” – “Why not! Sure! …I want men to stare at you.” – I croaked indistinctly, understanding that this new to both of us game turns me on more. All the more, Iris was almost reaching her apogee after it. The answer to my assumption was a new hot portion of her juice.Not able to hold myself any longer, hooking up her panty hose with my watch’s bracelet, jerkily I torn them between her legs. Moving her panties aside with my fingers, with one move I drove my dick inside her hot pussy. Not stopping I continued fiercely pulling her on my swollen out stake. During this moments I, to our both pleasure, was squeezing her breasts rather rough, and slapping her ass. Iris studiously swung in tact with me. Swinging her head, holding a cry out of the last strength in her throat, she was sliding up and down my numb dick leaving pinbahis yeni giriş a portion of juice on our clothes and on the floor. Coming this way about three times, she turned to me catching my lips with her inimitable kiss. With my trembling dick I set against her belly. Hands greedily caressed her body. Carefully I took off her blouse, and dropped bra’s cups, letting out her swallowed breasts. Gently pushing Iris to bed, I brought her down on her back. Not giving her a chance to take off her shoes, moving her legs astride I slowly but confidently put my yet aroused but not yet satisfied member up her luxurious cave till the end.A loud moan tore out of her mouth, I shut it with a long kiss. Keeping giving her a soul kiss, I started fucking her, raising the pace. Shortly she was not able to control herself, and moans were breaking out of her by themselves. All the time I didn’t keep quite, sometimes adding to my caresses harsh words and calling her dirty. Remembering her reaction on having a secret witness of our sex, and of his possible part…. This idea suddenly piercing my mind made me feel cold in my chest, and made my heart beat like crazy. “Was she really also thinking about it?” – These thoughts all of a sudden intensified my desire. I felt every inch of my dick. It felt like it was on the verge of blowing. Not losing pace I leaned to Iris’s ear and whispered: “I want to fuck you in your mouth, and he…he can keep fucking you lusty pussy.” Before I heard an answer she burst out in a wild orgasm flooding everything around her with a warm sticky juice. We didn’t have it like that for a long while. I couldn’t hold it and came with her. Letting out a large portion of sperm I kept on moving. “How can you share me with someone” – asked she catching her breath. “Maybe this just turns me on too much. And then I will also be near” – I didn’t believe my own words. Probably because it was just a fantasy.We were caressing each other for some more time, until alcohol did its job, and Iris turned out. I was going to take off her torn and soaked panties and panty hose, but changed my mind afraid to disturb her at no purpose. Overfilled bladder didn’t let me to sleep and I went to the bathroom that was right there behind a thin wall. Even after a great relief my penis was still in a cheerful mood. I turned on the water and was washing it recalling the hot scene. I didn’t mention how I started to masturbate thinking of Iris. I froze with my dick in hands when suddenly I heard a quite rustle from the bedroom where my wife was sleeong. Shutting down the lights I leaned to a half open door and saw an astonishing picture. My wife was lying on a bed with her hands lying astride. The blouse didn’t cover her breasts, and the skirt still on was twisted backwards and laid on her stomach. Her long legs covered with light brown transparent panty hose were shamelessly wide open. And between them has stuck the boss. This insolent fellow using her drunkenness pinbahis giriş stuck his head between her legs and was zealously licking her pussy out. Unaware of that Iris, was barely moaning, not waking up or attempting to open her eyes.Growing bold, boss was smoothing out Iris’s legs to his outmost, not living an inch ignored. Stunned I was standing there with my dick in a hand. The arousal grew extremely high. The picture I was watching amazed me so much leaving no space for jealousy. I continued to jerk my cock not leaving my cover. The caresses of such sort may not leave some one indifferent, and a couple of minutes later starting regaining herself back she started to swing to her boss. Afraid that Iris will wake up, he not without regret left her legs and caressing his penis put it to my wife’s vagina. I noticed that his penis was noticeably thinner then my, but two or three inches longer. Easily he pushed his head into Iris’s pussy. Feeling a hard cock inside her, she moved towards it, still being in a deep nap. Caressing her breasts with his mouth, he was helping himself there with one hand, squeezing her buttocks together with other he pulled her closer on his dick every time. Iris’s hot pussy quickly got used to his rode, taking it up its full length. Most likely, he was ramming her womb, cause pretty soon my wife was rocking her hips, full chisel raising on her legs. Dressed in a dark brown panty hose they stood out clearly squeezing this stud’s sides or thrown apart. Suddenly realizing that she was rammed not by me but by some other man instead she screamed and tried to clench her legs. For that she had to push both her hands into his chest and lift her knees. Trying to push him off, she was dangled her head and legs like mad… “No…No…No…aaaa, bastard…I don’t want…hmmm..”. But this only turned boss on. He grabbed her hair in a fist and shuting her yelling with a kiss he kept pushing his dick non-stop. Slowly but suely her resistance fell and then he got a better grip of her legs from under her knees, moved them apart and lifting to his chest continued slamming her. With one stroke he tore her panty hose, so that now it looked like a sash with stockings. I could clearly see his penis diving into my wife’s bosom and bringing her mass of pleasure. A slight resistance of my wife and some elements of v******e have fully disoriented me. Proceeding from how she was fucking with her boss I could conclude that she was far from sleeping. Continuing to jerk my penis I didn’t notice that I came twice already.But my arousal was not falling a bit, instead it kept growing. Not afraid to be noticed I left my cover and came closer. Iris was studiously sucking and smacking her lips swallowing his thumb as it was real cock. Meanwhile, her boss not slowing down the pace was ramming her pussy. Noticing me they didn’t get embarrassed and changed the position. Turning her on her right side facing me, he placed himself behind her and holding by the hips was pulling her on his dick. The face of my Iris was shining with a sluttish lust, fondly smiling at me she whispered…”Honey! was thinking only about you!…Aaaaa! …I feel so good!…..I want you…aaaa..! Fuck me…! C’mon..!” Not letting her finish I pulled her hair and started to fuck her pretty mouth.

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