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new cuckold pt IV still seeing her babies daddyEven though I told Kay to let Jim find out later that he had made her pregnant, my wife told him as soon as she found out. I had no idea that Kay was talking to Jim I really had expected that she would be mad with him for tricking her by not wearing a condom. Not only had Kay told him he was her babies daddy but she was going to his trailer every morning before work. I didn’t find out that Kay was getting fucked by Jim regularly for two months and only found out then because she told me. Kay told me she hadn’t waited to tell Jim about the pregnancy and that she had reached an agreement with him that she wanted me to know about. Kay said Jim had agreed not to seek any claim of parental rights to our baby as long as she continued to let him keep screwing her. Kay got him to agree to every morning before work until the baby was born plus one week end a month. Which is why she was telling me now Jim was demanding his weekend of sex with my wife. Kay said my mother was keeping our c***dren this friday overnight so that I could come with her. Jim had agreed to let me be there friday evening, but then I had to leave them alone until she called me sunday afternoon to come and get her. I really felt after learning all of this that Kay had wanted to get pregnant by Jim and that she might have even been going there everymorning since she met him at the gas station to make sure he bred her. After all by her own account of the first time at his trailer she hadn’t resisted him. Kay told me that the best thing about Jim fucking her was that he could cum in her twice without ever pulling his cock out and he recovered quickly. I was mad and Kay knew it and she quickly reminded me that I was the one who wanted her to fuck other men. I said yes other “men” not one man over and over everyday,so you don’t asyabahis yeni giriş want to watch this friday night kay asked. Of course I did. Friday evening Kay drove us to Jim’s trailer, but instead of us going in Jim got in the car with us. Now I understood why Kay had dressed up we went to dinner at a restuarant/ bar/ nightclub. After dinner we went downstairs to dance, I think I’ve told you I’m not much for dancing, Kay said she was warm so Jim took her blouse off in spight of Kay asking him please don’t. Leaving Kay in a tank top that revealed a lot of cleavage and a tight fitting pair of capris. The club had a pretty good size crowd almost all under 25 I’d guess except for Kay and myself. They played about half slow songs and Kay was on the dance floor for most of them, first with Jim. As soon as they were on the dance floor Jim pulled Kay close to him his hands slid down her back to her ass he massaged and grabbed her ass the entire song about half way through they locked lips for the remainder of the song. When the song was over Jim put one arm around my wife’s waist and slid his other hand under her tank top and rubbed her babybelly. The next song was also a slow song so they stayed on the dance floor and danced in much the same way they did the first song. After that song finished Jim walked Kay part way back to our table then he left to go over by the bar where a group of young men, who had been watching the dancing greeted him. I knew Jim was talking about Kay to them, probably bragging about how much he was balling my wife. Jim then came over and told us to come over by the bar, Kay did as he asked and I followed her. We were just getting settled in when another slow song started, Jim came to Kay with another young man his own age and said Don wants to dance with you. Don was a well built man he looked asyabahis giriş like he probably was a football player I noticed his hands were hugh as he walked my wife to the other side of the club with his hand on her back. They danced for two songs before they came back Kay looked upset. She motioned Jim over to us, Kay said you agreed not to make any claim to our baby. Jim denied making any claim, said then why did Don proposition me. Jim didn’t know what she was talking about nor did I, he said “when I spit your baby out how about letting him put one in me”. Jim goes thats not a claim, I thought you were talking about a legal claim, if it is the deals off. Kay wasn’t sure of herself now, but neither was Jim he said you’ve got to let me at least tell my friends. Kay agreed but said that she would not socialize with them if they knew she was carrying his baby. Jim agreed but asked if we could stay here awhile longer tonight which we did. Kay danced with each of Jim’s friends before we left that night, she said everyone of them wants to breed me with a gigle. We went back to Jim’s place, I drove while Kay and Jim made out in the backseat. When we got there both Jim and my wife were naked as they got out of the car Kay told me to make sure that all thier clothes made it inside as they steaked for the trailer. I carried what clothes they had missed and dropped them on the table, Jim handed me a beer and said have a seat as he motioned to a chair in the livingroom and began sucking on Kay’s tit. Jim then kissed Kay and whispered in her ear, then put his hands on her shoulders pushing her downward. Kay dropped to her knees and took Jim’s cock into her mouth and sucked on it like she loved it, caressing his balls with her hands. I was getting turned on just watching my wife make love to Jim’s cock with her mouth. Kay asyabahis güvenilirmi sucked on Jim’s cock for 15 minutes before she had to stop her mouth couldn’t do anymore. Jim stood her up and sucked Kay’s already hard nipples for a few seconds then said do you want me to fuck you from behind, Kay voised her excited approval. Jim slapped my wife’s ass as she got on all fours, Jim got behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy teasing her. Jim then without any warning shoved his cock all the way in my wife’s pussy, Kay let out a groan from the thrust then began panting as she had already orgasmed. Jim pounded my wife’s pussy and slapped her ass for several minutes before he leaned forward wrappng his arms around Kay as both of them moaned and came together. Jim had a breast in each hand as he continued to pump his sperm into my wife’s pussy. I now witnessed what my wife loved about Jim, he grabbed at Kay’s breasts for several minutes before straitening up putting his hands on Kay’s hips and pounding his cock to her pussy. Kay was cuming over and over as Jim pounded her pussy. I finally got down on the floor and sucked on my wife’s tits as best I could with her in her current position. Kay was whaling and moaning she was cuming so hard from the combined affect of having her tits sucked and her pussy fucked at the same time. Jim finally emptied his nuts a second time in Kay’s pussy after over an hour, Kay came with him of course. Jim pulled his cock out then asked me if I wanted a turn, I quickly got undressed. Jim grabbed a beer and a seat, Kay crawled to the couch to rest her arms as I took my place and shoved my cock into my wife’s pussy. Although Jim’s cock was not as big as mine his pounding had streched her out and soaked her and I slid easily into my balls, still it didn’t take long before I was ready to blow my load, since it was the first time in over 2 months that my cock had felt my wife’s pussy. Kay had given me some hand jobs but no pussy since Jim had knocked her up. As I came so did Kay feeling me erupt inside of her for the first time in years. Jim then told me I had to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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