Nephew and Wife

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I love my nephew to death, but his wife is a Class A Bitch! I always wondered why an 18-year-old girl would want a 16-year-old boy. But she did and him being a normal boy getting some pussy he fell in love and ended up married. They have been married now 7 years and I know he isn’t happy.

He has to do all the housework, take care of the kids and can’t go get a job because that would mean Amber would have to be a mother and wife. I tried talking to Dan about it. He is so afraid that if he leaves he will lose his kids. Oh Well, what can you do for someone who won’t help himself?

I was passing through the town they now live in, because it is close to her mother! And thought I would spend the night there, rather than go to a hotel. I showed up about an hour after supper and we all talked a bit catching up on things when a friend of Dan’s called needing something or other I wasn’t paying attention.

“You want me to ride along with you Dan?”

“No Thanks, I won’t be gone long.”

So now I was stuck with Amber, she knows how I feel about her and she pretty well feels the same thing towards me. I sat there watching TV sipping on my 4th beer when she said something about Dan being worthless and them not having anything worth a shit, well that hit me wrong. I jumped her ass.

“If you would get off your ass and give him a hand around here perhaps you WOULD have something besides fucking bills!”

That set her off back at me. We fought about 15 minutes when I had enough of her shit.

“What you need is a real man to give you a good fucking to get your head right!”

“I don’t see any real men here.”

Well she wouldn’t know one if he bit her on her big tit! One thing about Amber, she may be a bitch, but she is built for fucking! Nice big tits and great shaped ass a small waist with a little bulge in her belly from having 3 kids, but I’d fuck her if she wasn’t such a fucking bitch!

I finally said one thing to many and she got pissed off and jumped up to slap me. I grabbed her wrist and she fell on me, her big tits crushing into my chest, her breath coming in huffs and puffs as she looked into my eyes then she kissed me deeply.

Her tongue was trying to rip out my tonsils, as she sucked mine into her mouth. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me sliding my hand up her dress raising it so I could grab her pussy. I squeezed her ass in my hands as we kissed and her hand went to my cock rubbing it like she had never felt one before. As pissed off as we were at each other we both seemed to want to fuck even more. I slid my fingers inside her panties and felt her wet pussy. Already slick from her excitement from our fighting.

I rubbed her clit roughly as she humped my hand. We rolled off the couch and onto the floor as she unzipped my pants pulling my cock out. Her eyes widened as she saw its length and girth. I grabbed her hair and shoved her face on my cock, she sucked it down and her thick blonde hair flew as her head bounced on my cock. I called her every nasty name I could think of and it only got her hotter.

“Suck my cock cunt, fuck it with your face you fucking whore!”

It only served to make her suck me harder.

“Play with your nasty cunt bitch, finger fuck it!”

I didn’t let up on her as I kept calling her names treating her like the whore I know she is. I wanted to cum but not bursa escort yet, so I turned her on her knees and jammed my cock in her hot cunt, there was no love lost here and we both new it was going to be rough sex and she wanted it rough I could tell. I fucked her hard and reached around and pinched her big nipples hard as she cried out.

“That’s right whore, Fuck me you fucking slut, how does it feel fucking a man who is not afraid of your big fucking mouth!”

“Yes OH FUCK YES! Fuck me hard you Mother Fucker, FUCK MY HOT CUNT!”

I slapped her ass hard watching her ass cheek turn deep red with my handprint clearly showing. It only fueled her passion as her ass was slamming against my pubic bone.

“More, Spank Me MORE! “Fuck Yes SPANK MY ASS! I need it so bad!”

So I laid into her sweet white ass, I hit her hard and fast as she fucked me. She came like she hadn’t had a real orgasm in years as I rammed my cock in her. Her pussy was dripping her juice on my cock and balls. She was crying for real as I hit her ass, but she never asked me to stop my abuse on her ass.

When I was ready to cum I flipped her over roughly and grabbed her by the hair as I jammed my cock in her face so deep she gagged. It didn’t stop me, as I fucked her face with the same harshness that I had fucked her wet pussy.

“Look at me when you suck my cock you fucking whore!”

I yelled at her, as I face fucked her. She looked at me, tears still running down her face as she sucked me deeply. I had no pity on this fucking bitch as I jammed my cock deeper gagging her again.

“Don’t you gag bitch, you fucking better learn to suck a mans cock!”

She forced it down her throat as I held her nose against the hair on my pubic area. I felt her breath rushing out of her nose as she continued sucking.

“Play with my balls, are you so worthless a fuck that you have to be taught how to please me you sorry whore?”

She reached under my balls and tickled them with her long fingernails. I came then, filling her throat with my thick cum as I kept holding her face against me. When I had finished shooting my load I shoved the nasty cocksucker away from me. She landed on her ass looking at me with a look in her eyes that asked if she had indeed pleased me.

“What the in the hell are you doing now cunt? Play with that pussy, give me a good show or I’ll whip your ass again even harder!”

Her hand rushed to her pussy and she began playing with her clit as she raised her knees with her legs spread as wide as they could go.

“Use both hands, finger fuck it and pinch that clit, make it hurt or I sure will!”

I know that no one had ever talked to her in this way, and I know she loves hearing it now.

“That’s right play with my pussy, its MY pussy now isn’t it Amber!”

Amber eyes were wide as she meekly said.

“Yes, all yours!”

“Remember that Amber. Now stick your finger in your asshole, because I am fixing to fuck you in that lazy ass.”

She never thought twice about it as she smeared her pussy juice on her puckered asshole then inserted her middle finger in to the first knuckle.

“Now you are nasty fucking whore aren’t you, fuck em both! Finger fuck them both as deep as you can with as many fingers as you have!”

She cried out in pain as she put her third finger in her ass, escort bursa roughly finger fucking it for me. I let her do it for a few minutes then shoved my cock back in her mouth deep.

“Get it wet, its fixing to fuck that ass, have you ever been ass fucked before?”

She shook her head, No.

“Do you want me to fuck you in your virgin asshole Amber?”

Again she shook her head, No.

“Good bitch, if you wanted your ass fucked I don’t think it would be as good for me!”

I shoved her on her back and held her ass high so I could fuck her in the ass and watch her face as I did.

“Put it in your ass! Stick my cock in it now bitch!”

She held my hard dick to her virgin asshole like I told her too.

“Now. You make it go in. If I do it your not going to like it!”

Amber wiggled her ass towards me, trying to make my cock go in her ass, and failing.

“Your worthless!”

I screamed at her as I jammed my hard cock in her asshole, marveling at its heat and tightness as I began to fuck her roughly. Her eyes again filled with tears as she got used to my size in her tight ass.

“How do you like it Amber? Do you like my cock in your ass?”

She shook her head NO wildly.

“Please take it out, Oh god it hurts, PLEASE STOP!”

It only made me fuck her faster hearing her pitiful begging. Soon she was fucking me back her eyes glazed over as she began begging me to fuck her ass. She had her first ass orgasm, just as I pumped her full of my hot spewing cum.

I lay on her a few minutes resting as she held me close telling me she loved me and loved my cock. My erection softened and plopped out of her asshole just as the front door opened and Dan stood there with his mouth opened. Not believing his wife was on the floor legs wide open, my cum dripping out of her gaping asshole, and me getting off her!

“What the fuck?” he screamed out in shock.

“If you had been half a man, you would’ve been angry not shocked. And you would’ve been the one fucking your slut wife not!”

‘Bu, But, She would never let me!”

“Don’t whine about then. Amber, get me a wet rag and wash me off!”

She ran to get one in order to please me and tease him by showing him she could do as she was told. Dan stood there with his mouth hanging open as Amber came back in and tenderly washed my sloppy dick clean.

“Did you like me fucking your asshole Amber? Was it nice to have a MAN fuck you for once?”

“Oh Yes, It was wonderful!”

What will you do next time I ask for something Bitch?”

“I will do it.”

“That is how you treat a woman like her Dan, She needs a Man not some pussy whipped lil boy! Amber go get us a beer!”

She did as Dan and I sat on the couch. Me still nude and Amber with her dress half on and half off her shoulder. She sat beside me.

“Play with my dick Bitch!”

Her hand went to my cock and began jacking me off. Dan had tears in his Eyes as he watched her do it. I began on him.

“Dan, stop your cry baby BS, If you hadn’t wanted this to happen you should’ve taken care of her. The Bitch needs, no, Wants a man who will take charge. Don’t you whore!”

Amber shook her head Yes.

I grabbed her roughly by the back of her head, shoving her face in my crotch.

“Suck it whore, show Dan what you can do when you have bursa escort bayan too!”

Amber swallowed my cock whole as her head began bouncing on my lap, her long blonde hair tickling my balls and inner legs as she did. Dan was still in a state of shock from seeing this and the sight when he first came in. But I noticed his cock was hard in his pants.

“Get behind her Dan, Take that pussy. She wants you too don’t you Bitch!”

She murmured a Yes, since her mouth was full of my hard cock. Dan took his pants off and eased behind her. Staring at the red hand prints I had put on her ass cheeks as he stuck his dick inside her. She gave a heavy sigh as he began to hump her like he had not had any pussy in years!

“Slap the whores ass Dan, Make her mind you. Do it!”

He started out spanking her but lightly.

“Harder! She likes it harder!”

He got a determined look in his eyes and began to let his pent up frustration out on her red ass cheeks. I lay back and enjoyed her sucking me. And him finally giving her what she deserved, for being such a bitch all these years to him. Amber was in heaven as she sucked me off and Dan fucked her. Her ass was slamming against his hips as she fucked him. Her moans getting louder as she started to Cum on him. It only set his Orgasm off, listening to her as she did.

“Suck him Amber, suck his spunk out for him!”

Amber turned around and threw his spurting cock in her open mouth sucking it down to his balls. Tasting hers, mine and now his cum when she did. It seemed to fuel her lust as she sucked him deeper in her hot mouth. I got behind her and stuck my spit covered dick in her dripping pussy slamming it in with all the force I could. Her groans got louder as she fucked me back and she felt his Cum hitting her mouth and throat. His eyes rolled to the back of his head then he sat on the floor in a sweating heap. I kept on fucking Amber while he watched us.

I reached under her and grabbed her big tits and squeezed them hard. She cried out at the pain but never slowed down her hips fucking me.

“You like that do you whore? You like to hurt?”

She moaned out an inaudible mumbling, and fucked me harder. I kept the abuse up when she started cumming again. I was going to make her suck me but decided I would cum in her hot pussy instead. I shot my third load in her body in less than 45 minutes. As I felt the back of her womb as I pumped into her hard as I could. She fell on her stomach pulling me down with her as she did. Her tits poking out the sides of her chest as she lay on them.

I climbed off her while Dan sat there still in a semi shock, Him watching and hearing my cock make a loud PLOP when I pulled it out of her fresh fucked pussy.

“That’s how you treat this whore Dan. It’s how she wants you to treat her. Isn’t it Amber?”

“Yes, if he thinks he can!”

He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bedroom. I hardly slept any that night from the sounds coming out of their room! They get along a lot better now, she turned out to be a good Mother and housekeeper after all! All they needed was some instructions!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader, and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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