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Neighbours ToyNeighbours ToyBy WVNE-mail ideas / comments to I had always cross dressed, staring when I first noticed stirrings in my cock and then relating the feel of my mothers and sisters underwear to increased arousal and stronger ejaculations.When I moved into a flat of my own my wardrobe increased as did the length of time I could spend dressing up and dressed up. I had become very proficient with makeup, had removed all traces of body hair and although I was the judge, made a passable woman of 25-30 years of age. I had ventured to some nearby shops once or twice but was always careful never to go to these particular shops as a man, that way I assumed my identity and the fear I had of being caught was covered. Once or twice I had gone for a drive in my car, what I would have done if I had had an accident or been stopped by the police I don’t know, the fear was as much a feed to my needs as my cross dressing. My car was rear ended once on one of these excursions. I had dressed for a drive during the afternoon, a brunette wig of shoulder length hair, blusher, eye shadow, and red lipstick, my dress was red and buttoned down the front, bra with silicon falsies, girdle with suspenders that held up seamed tan silk stockings, white panties, my 3” black court shoes completed my outfit. I quickly got the car started and headed out of town and up the motorway, after 10 miles or so I had calmed down and settled into driving. Leaving the motorway and heading for the coast road back I stopped in a dark lay-by. Ensuring no one else was around I unbuttoned the front of my dress and reclined the seat, pushing my panties down my stockinged legs felt really naughty and I laid in the seat stroking a very hard and almost painful erection. I had perfected the art of masturbation and could easily keep myself painfully hard for several hours without cuming. I stroked my cock, felt my false breasts and thought of other perversions I would like to try. Perhaps inserting one of my butt plugs before a drive, perhaps driving through town with my skirt up and my panties around my knees my cock poking up to be seen by observant passers by. I laid back wanking for 30 – 40 minutes, the occasional passing cars headlights illuminating me. When I had had enough I put the seat back up, buttoned my dress and prepared to drive home, I had decided to enact one of my thoughts and left panties around my knees, my cock poking through an opening of my dress.The drive home was uneventful only we I got to town did I realise that having my panties around my knees caused minor problems when changing gear, not wanting to stop and pull them up I decided to take them off completely and let them fall to my ankles. I suppose I wasn’t concentrating and I was having difficulty with my panties which were certainly a distraction. Was approaching traffic lights and realised I didn’t time it well and had to jam on the brakes fairly hard. Although I was no way in the wrong the stop was sudden and the car behind me crashed with some force into mine. I was immediately distraught and my worst fears seemed to be coming true. I sat glued to my seat and watched in the mirrors as a young lad got out of the car, inspected the damage and arrived at my window. My erection had subsided and I quickly closed the gap in my dress, I opened the window, the driver said immediately how sorry he was and that it had all been his fault, he had checked the damage and there was more to his vehicle than to mine, wanting a speedy and quick end to this I told him to take more care in future, that I didn’t want to exchange details and prepared to drive off. He stepped back from the car window and I thought I was free when his face appeared again, very close to mine almost in the car with me. Hold on, I know you, your the young bloke who lives down the street from me, keeps his self to himself, fucking hell your dressed up as a woman, what the fuck are you playing at? I protested strongly that he was mistaken but he was having none of it. I’ll tell you what he said I’ll follow you home and we can exchange details at your house. He grabbed my ear and gave it a twist, that OK with you sissy boy? I knew I was in no position to argue and quietly nodded by mead and said yes. The drive home was over quickly and I sobbed all the way, I knew now things were going to change and my life could never be the same again. Pulling up outside my door he pulled in and parked behind me, before getting out I picked up my panties and put them in my hand bag, got out the keys got out of the car and opened the front door. He pushed in behind me giving me a push down the hallway with his hand on my bottom, I heard him close and latch the door.OK sissy I’ll have a beer in the sitting room when your ready. I made my way to the freezer and opened a Bud for him then hesitantly made my way to the sitting room. He had made himself at home and was on the settee. Come and sit beside me he said as he patted the cushion and we’ll have a little chat. I perched beside him but he wasn’t content with that and put his arm round my waist and drew me closer. Do you know he said I think you and I could have some fun, well I could, its up to you whether or not you like it. With that he took a swig from the bottle, put it down on the coffee table and placed his hand on my knee. His hand slowly made its way up my leg, under my dress and found my stocking top and suspender. I like women who know how to dress sexy he said. Further upward his hand wandered until inevitably he cupped my balls and cock, no panties, you naughty little sissy, STAND UP he shouted. I jumped up glad to be free of his hand for a while. Come closer sissy, stand in from of me, that’s right legs a part. I stood in front of him and now felt both his hands on the back of my legs, upwards slowly they roamed, over my silk stockings, under şırnak rus escort my dress, over my stocking tops until I felt them each hold a bottom cheek which he then proceeded to prise apart. Oh I bet that feels nice doesn’t it sissy, more and more he squeezed and pulled and rubbed my bottom, then round the front with one hand and between my legs with the other, he grasped my balls and wanked my cock. I had no option but get excited and the harder I became the more he interfered with me. Open your dress for me sissy he demanded, I just have to see what you have in there. I unbuttoned my dress and let it fall to the floor, looking down I could now see as well as feel his hands pulling my balls and wanking my cock. I had become very hard and he wanked at the tip very fast. No accidents now sissy your to cum when I say and not before he told me. Did you go for a drive tonight without panties you naughty sissy he asked, I told him my panties were in my bag, with a hard tug on my cock he told me to go and get them for him. Pleased to free for a couple of minutes I made my way to the hall and retrieved my panties from my bag. Nervously I approach him again clutching my pink cotton panties in my hand. Back where you were he said and held out his hand for the panties. Very pretty he said as he held them up in front of me. My cock hadn’t gone down, if anything it had gotten harder. I think sissy we’ll release some of that tension you obviously have and with that he wrapped the panties around my cock and resumed wanking me with one hand and pulling my balls with the other. Try as I might I could hold on for long and blurted out that I had to cum. That’s OK sissy cum for me cum in your pretty pink panties, fill them with your cum, the wanking and ball pulling was incessant and I spunked and spunked what seems like pints of cum into the panties, my knees buckled and I pushed my hips forward from the relief. He milked the last drops of jism from me then wiped my cock off with the panties. Good girly, good sissy were words of encouragement I heard, have a seat beside me again and we’ll get rid of these panties. I sat down pleased for the rest, open wide sissy girl, open your mouth, and as I did he pushed the panties into my mouth and immediately I could taste the cum on my tongue. When I take them out sissy girl I don’t want to find any trace of cum or it will be a spanking for you he said, now get sucking.That was my discovery by the boy down the road. Much to his delight and my distress he used me and abused me over the coming months.I had settled into a routine which was to arrive home from work at 17:30 and prepare for a visit, which may or may not happen, either way I was in a constant state of arousal and anticipation as I was never sure which perversion he who use on me next.I had arrived home, bathed and dressed in one piece corselet with its bra cups 40D, filled with silicon falsies, he made me wear bras with a large breast size because he said he liked to have something to hang on to. Tan crutch less pantyhose encased my legs and over these tan stockings clipped to the corselette suspenders. Panties were not worn. I wore a black pleated skirt, white blouse and 4 inch black heels with ankle strap. Make up was eye shadow, blusher and red lippy. On his insistence when I was dressed and ready each day I had to take one whole Viagra washed down with a large whisky, he said this would ensure a pleasing greeting for him and relax me. Duly dressed and made up I took the tablet and large whisky and waited for the sound of the key in the door. Sometimes he wouldn’t arrive at all and once it was past 23:30 I was allowed to undress ready for bed, on these nights my cock was unbelievably hard which I was not allow to relieve, wanking and cumming without him being present and commanding it was not allowed.21:05 I heard the key in the door and it open and close. I stood in the middle of the sitting room waiting for inspection. Of course my hard on made my skirt stick out but he liked that. Wow, look at you sissy girl were his words when he saw me, are you ready for sex or what. He approached me and immediately put his hand up my skirt and grasped my cock, wanking me downwards with long and slow strokes he continued. You’re a cock fucking little tease aren’t you sissy, all dressed up and excited for me. He knelt at my feet ran his hands from my ankles to my thighs commanded I lift my skirt and took my cock into his mouth and sucked me as hard as he could. Back and forth his mouth slid up and down my length, deep throating didn’t present him with a problem and his lips touch my hairless balls as I was sucked. I couldn’t help but fuck back at the assault and I moved my hips excitedly. As soon as he felt this he stopped, spat my cock out and got up, FUCK MY MOUTH would you, I’ll fucking show you who fucks in this house. He turned me around and told me to grasp my ankles which I did, quickly my skirt was thrown up over my back and my bottom was opened for his use, without any hesitation he pushed two fingers up my arse and fucked them in and out. You cock sucking mouth fucking little sissy cunt he shouted, I’ll fucking give you something to fuck about. In and out his fingers went touching and rubbing my prostrate. As quickly as he had started he stopped, reached between my legs and pulled cock downwards, wanking and pulling at it very roughly. I cried and squealed as he continued, eventually pre cum started to leak and he used this on my cock head to increase the sensation, I started to moan and my cock started to twitch it I was very close to spurting cum down my legs and over my stockings and heels. As soon as he felt my twitching he stopped and with a hard slap of my backside he said, that’s enough of a warm up sissy girl straighten up and put some porn on the TV. Recovering şırnak rus escort bayan I made my way to the DVD rack and selected a title “Dominated TV” which I knew was a favourite of his. He watched as the DVD started, took my hand and guided me to a chair and after I had sat he lifted my skirt and licked the tip of my cock. He took my hands and put them behind me, he took each leg and d****d it of each arm of the chair. I was left legs spread cock poking out from my skirt and hands behind my back.He left the room and I watched the DVD tale unfold, men were dressed and abused by other men and women, it was I have to admit all very arousing. I didn’t hear him return and jumped when I noticed that he was standing beside me dressed in a pair of shorts, his own cock was poking downwards from the leg of his shorts. He freed my hand and guided me to stand. We’ll swap for a while sissy girl and he dropped his shorts and took my place in the chair. His cock sprang free and waved from between his legs. On your knees sissy he command and lick your lolly pop, I knelt and proceeded to lick and lather his cock and balls, from past experience I knew this could go on a while but eventually I was told to suck and changed to sucking and deep throating him. Sometimes he would hold the back of my head push his cock far down my throat so I gagged and then he would cum near drowning me in his spunk, he liked me to choke and cough and got particular delight in seeing his spunk dribble from my nose after a choking session, at no stage was I to waste any of his spunk that was to be caught in my hands and licked up.On this occasion more perversion was required. When he was satisfied he had been sucked enough he pushed me backwards and got up and kicked the foot stool to the middle of the room and seated himself. Take your skirt off sissy girl he commanded I did of course and stood as directed in front of him but facing away. He ran his hands up and down my legs and pulled me backwards so my bottom was in his face. His hands felt and pulled at my cock and balls, and ran up and down my stocking covered legs. Open your legs sissy girl, I did and placed my feet wide apart, his hands grasped my cock and pulled it backwards, now close your legs tightly he commanded. It was quite painful to have my cock pulled backwards but as I closed my legs I could feel the nylon rub my already hard cock. Grasping my thighs tightly together he pushed his face into my bottom and licked, chewed and nibbled the head of my cock. I was beside myself with sensation and excitement, my cock felt as if would burst. Sensing my arousal he pushed me away and laid himself across the foot stool so that his hips were raised and his back and feet on the floor. His cock stood pointing at the ceiling and he slowly wanked himself. Get on you slut, get on and fuck yourself with my prick, I stepped over him and lowered myself down until his cock head was pushing against my bum hole, as the tip entered me he pulled down on my thighs and his whole length slid into me. Ride me bitch ride me for all you are worth, I slid up and down on his length each time nearly letting his cock slide out before sliding back down to feel it full in my bowels. He grasped my cock and wanked me, you fucking cock hungry cunt he called me, you like a prick up your arse you transvestite slut. GET UP GET OFF ME he shouted, I disappointedly let his cock slide from me and stood up. Take one of your stockings off and give it to me he said, I undone the suspenders of my left stocking undone my shoe took off my stocking and gave it to him and replaced my shoe and refastened the ankle strap. Where you were he said, confused I straddled his hips and prepared to impale myself again, As I lowered myself down he pulled the stocking I had taken off over his cock, and wanked himself, his nylon covered cock was ready for me. I lowered myself slowly until the nyloned tip of his cock head pressed my bum hole and then as before he pulled down on my hips and I felt his dry nyloned cock slide into me. The slickness had gone and the dry nylon tore at my sensitive bum hole, spurred on I bounced up and down gradually the nylon became wetter with my juices although the roughness of his covered prick remained. My own cock was ready to unload and between gasps and intakes of breath I told him I was close to cumming. Cum them you slut, cum for me, he grabbed my cock and wanked me hard pointing my cock into the air I spurted streams of cum that spattered my legs, his body, our faces, he stopped me bouncing on his cock, stopped me when I was fully penetrated, he looked me in the eye and I felt his cock throb as he released his load, thorough the nylon condom and deep into my bowels. We rested for several minutes before I was pushed aside to lay curled in a ball to recover. He stood, took the stocking from his cock, rolled it into a ball and pushed it into my mouth. You are a cock sucking teasing tranny cunt he said. Be ready tomorrow I’ll be here with a friend……. Having recovered from yesterday’s abuse at the hands of the boy down the road I went to work the following day and came home in good time to prepare for the evening I had been promised. I bathed as usual, shaved, gave myself an enema and by 20:00 was dressed in red 4 inch heels with ankle straps, tan crotch less pantyhose, black seamed silk stockings, cream camisole knickers, full length girdle with a 38DD bust packed with silicone falsies, over this I wore a plain gray housecoat that buttoned down the front, make-up as usual was not heavy, blusher, eye shadow and red lippy, my shoulder length brunette wig topped of my attire and as instructed I took 100mg of Viagra and a large whiskey. By 21:00 I was anticipating the knock on the door with a mixture of excitement and fear, quite who he would bring to my house rus şırnak escort I didn’t know, I did however fear that another person knew or would know of my predicament and that in turn could complicate life for me. By 22:00 there was no sign of anyone arriving and my cock was as hard as steel and I would only need to be stroked lightly to cum. By 23:30 I realised I had been teased and humiliated again and this time without him even being here, I undressed and prepared for bed and sobbed myself to sleep, My cock remained uncomfortable to say the least and even in the morning I had difficulty dressing for work so that it wasn’t obvious. A miserable day at work followed with the only highlight being that at last the Viagra wore off and my swollen cock returned to its normal size. At 17:00 just as I was preparing to leave the office my mobile rang, sissy girl, I hope you were prepared and waiting for me last night. I very nearly burst into barrage of hate and verbal at him but instead just replied that I had and that I was expecting him to turn up. He told me to prepare the same this evening and that he would along shortly after 20:00 with a visitor I was to be exhibited to. He rung off without waiting for a reply and I left work immediately. Arriving home I prepared as I had the night before, I considered not taking the Viagra as I really didn’t think I could cope with a cock that hard again if I didn’t get any relief, my instructions however were to take it and eventually I did followed by the large whisky. By 20:00 I was ready and stood in the middle of the room waiting for my abuser and his friend, by 21:00 I was beside myself with frustration and fury at him, surely he wouldn’t do it to me again. 21:15 and the front door key turned, I jumped up and stood in the middle of the room again. The door opened and my abuser entered and was followed by a young girl of about 19. This he said to her is sissy girl and sissy girl this is Emma you take instructions from her as you do me and I have had her a key cut so she can visit you whenever she wants, with or without me. Emma stood to one side and gave me a checking over. He approached and stood behind me, then ran his hands round the front of my dress and then down my legs and then upwards until he found my hard cock. He rubbed me hard and his other hand made its way up the back of my dress and rubbed and caressed my backside. Emma moved forward and asked him to expose me for her, lift your dress sissy girl he said, I did and Emma saw his hands working my cock inside my panties and his stroking of my stockings, pantyhose and garter straps. His hand was now inside my camisole panties wanking me and Emma proceeded to lower my panties so that they puddled at my ankles. He wanked me hard now, squeezing my cockhead and pulling at my balls. I have to cum I stuttered as I bent forward, cum then sissy girl show Emma what you have for her, Emma lent forward licked the end of my cock and I spurted streams of cum over her face and the front of her blouse and skirt, my knees were weak from the relief. He milked me until my clitty was soft and Emma licked the last drops of my cum from the end, good girl sissy you did well, now that’s given you some relief we can get on with ours. I was pushed to the floor and watched as Emma helped him undress, minutes later he was naked and sporting a huge erection which Emma pumped with her hand whilst feeling his balls with the other. They parted and positioned me against the foot stool so I had something to lean back against, then he stood in front of me and whilst Emma wanked his cock he edged forward until I had no option but to take him in my mouth and starting giving him a blow job. For a while Emma continued to wank him in time with my sucking and I feared that before long I would receive his cum down the back of my throat. Make him gag Emma said and she squeezed him hard whilst he pushed deep into my throat, my eyes were wide and full of fear as I struggled to breath, this made them both more excited until on the brink of blackout he pulled back and I gasped air into my lungs. Not content with one close call Emma made him do it to me 4 or 5 times until I was in a state of near collapse. I realised I had been left alone and able to regain my breath and looked around to see Emma bending forward and also sucking his cock, he held her head and fucked her face with slow deep thrusts. Emma stood and removed her skirt to reveal dark stockings and the bottom of a girdle and garter tabs, she quickly pulled down and stepped out of her white panties then came and stood over my head. Look up sissy girl she said and complying I was presented with an upskirt view minus the skirt and could clearly see her pussy lips and anal bud, she used her hands to hold her bum cheeks apart and told me to enjoy the view. In the meantime he approached from the front and waving his prick in front of my face jabbed it into my mouth and to the back of my throat, as quickly as he had stuffed it in he removed it and slammed it hard into Emma’s cunt right above my head 3 or 4 strokes later he withdrew from Emma and poked it back into my mouth and as he did so Emma leaned down and spoke into my ear, like the taste of my pussy juice you fucking tranny cunt, go on wank yourself whilst you taste me on your masters cock. With that she stood again and the process was repeated, 3 or 4 humpings into her cunt and then 3 or 4 into my mouth where I had no option but to taste combined pussy and cock juices. Whilst this fucking progressed I played with my own cock that had unsurprisingly become hard again. I knew it could not last and I heard Emma groan and sensed she had orgasmed from his pounding, he withdrew from her stuffed his cock into my mouth and unloaded a huge amount of semen into me, I coughed and gagged and swallowed and cum leaked from the corners of my mouth, finally he pulled out of me and with a stroke of his hand the last sprays of cum were directed onto my face. Fucking nice one you cunts he spoke softly that was one of the best cummings I have ever had, your both a couple of dirty fuck sluts now get yourselves cleaned up and respectable and get me a fucking beer sissy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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