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NEIGHBORJim was eighteen and always had a thing for the sexy neighbor next door. She had huge tits and he dreamed about sucking them and her rubbing his cock. One day he was walking home and she pulled over and asked if he wanted a ride. He was eager to get in the car. She was wearing a tight low cut top and he could see her nipples as she wore no bra. She also had shorts on and she looked so hot. Jim was wearing jogging shorts and a tank top. As they drove she talked to him and he kept staring at her huge tits and his cock got hard and he could not hide it. She looked over and saw his hard cock straining against his shorts and said to him. Better take off those shorts before you burst the seams. Jim looked at her and she told him again to take them off. When he pulled them off his cock popped out and he was quite endowed for a teen. His out of control cock stuck straight up and she then reached over and grabbed it and stroked it. She stroked his cock then cupped his balls and when he leaked precum she ran her finger over his slit and tasted it. Now bursa escort Jim was quite turned on. Then she pulled into a vacant lot and turned the car off. She pulled Jim to her and kissed him giving him lots of tongue as she gripped his cock tighter. Then she kissed down to his nipples and sucked each one. Before Jim knew it she had his cock in her mouth sucking him and he could not help but cum fast. She then pulled him to her again and kissing him sharing his cum with him. As she kissed him with her tongue deep in his mouth she put his hands over her tits and he began to rub them and feel her hard nipples. She then pulled her top up over her tits and pulled his face to them and he began sucking on the huge melons. As he sucked her tits she kept stroking his cock getting him hard which was not hard for a young boy. Then she took his hand and put it inside her shorts and he felt her bald pussy. She rubbed his hand all over her cunt and then took two of his fingers and pushed them inside her and used him to finger fuck her as she came several bursa escort bayan times. She pushed her shorts all the way down and spread her legs and he got the message that she wanted him to finger fuck her more. He was sucking on her tits and fingering her as she stroked his cock. Then she leaned against the door and put one leg over the back of the seat spreading her cunt wide open and pushed his face to her wet pussy and held him tight to her love nest as he slowly licked her pussy then sucked her clit. She moaned and told him exactly what to do and soon he was tongue fucking her wet cunt. She told him deeper and harder and he was soon doing a good job eating his first pussy. She kept his face in her cunt for a long time then she pulled him up and kissed him tasting her cum on his tongue and surprised him by straddling him and easing his hard cock into her cunt and she then began rotating and fucking him as he also pushed his cock deeper into her love hole. He fucked her twice and she loved the stamina of youth and that her young neighbor escort bursa was also hung and she could fuck him often. She was going to make a great lover out of her young neighbor boy and he would be a great fuck buddy. She imagined getting naked and calling him and he could rush next door and fuck her more than once. Today he had already cum four times and she was anxious to get him in her bed and see how many times she could make the young boy cum. She had been with young boys before and they always had marathon fuck sessions. Jim was a great stud with his nice sized cock and lots of stamina. He was a tit lover too the way he sucked on her globes and rubbed them. He was getting better at eating pussy too. As for fucking she could control that and she loved the feel of his cock as he rammed it deep in her hot cunt.As they drove home she stoked his cock and he fingered her cunt. Closer to home she stopped and they got dressed. She dropped him at his house and told him to come over that night when every one went to bed. She would leave the back door unlocked and be naked in bed waiting for him and he was to leave his clothes at the door too. She smiled and went home and took a bubble bath thinking about the night she would have with her young stud and many more fuck sessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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