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Neighbor Hood FriendsI live in a pretty cool neighborhood. There usually isn’t a day that goes by that we all aren’t hanging out at someones house. All of the neighbors are married with k**s. I am the only single guy in the group. A few weeks ago some new neighbors moved in. Haven’t seen them at all. But on Friday when I was walking my dog they were out. So I stopped by and introduce myself. Her name was April and his was Tim. They had two k**s, Sara and Brandon, ages 6 & 8. I told them that some neighbors were coming over tonight for a BBQ and they should join us so the could meet everyone they said they would. They finally made it over and we all BBQ’d and had a great time!. After dinner I told them we were all getting into the hot tub. They politely declined because Tim had to work early and they had their k**s! I told them that the next door neighbors daughter watches the k**s all the time while the adults hang out. We usually all pitch in 5-10 bucks and pay her. They said that sounds good for next time. As they were leaving, Brian invited then to his house for a pool party next Saturday! They said they would come.The following Saturday, April and Tim showed up. Now let me describe them to you. Tim was about 6-2, fit and had six pack abs and pretty yoked. The rest of us are working on a twelve pack of more. He quickly dubbed the nickname 6 pack. Now April was cute had a very nice curvy body. Her boobs we pretty big and had a pretty nice curvy ass. They we a cute couple. Tim and I hit it off pretty good. We had a lot in common. There going to fit in real well.That next Friday we all went out to dinner except for Tim. He had to work. But halkalı escort April still went. We all piled in Brian’s van as the k**s went to the sitter for a sleep over! We ate, drank and even got a little dancing in. when we got home all the neighbors took of and being k** less for the nite you know what meant! It was dark so I walked April home and came back. I was feeling pretty buzzed and took a shower and put on some shorts and a t-shirt and made me one more drink before bed. Just as I sat down the doorbell rang. It was April. She told me that still being new here and Tim and the k**s were gone she was kinda freaked out. She had a glass in one hand and a bottle of wine in another. She said maybe if she gets drunk enough she could go home and pass out right away! I invited her in. We ended up putting a movie, which was a waste because all we did was talk through it. I got up to make another drink and she handed me her empty glass and told me more please. I made the drinks and when I turned around April was standing right behind me. Scared the shit out of me! She put her hand s on my face and started kissing me like I have never been kissed before! WTF I thought. She pulled away and looked at me. I told her hey your very attractive but your also very married with k**s! Besides all I could think of was getting crush like an empty beer can by six pack She told me that she inst married, been divorced for 6 months and tim was her brother. I didn’t believe her so she grabbed her phone and texted Tim. Two seconds later he called back and she told him to talk to me. Tim told me that she was telling taksim escort the truth and was attracted to me. He told April to go for it. I’m still not sure about this.Before I knew it , April grabbed my shirt and told me she was ready for that hot tub invite. She started pulling me to the back yard! I took the cover off and turned the jets on and went to turn around and ask her about a bathing suit and she was already in scrunched down with her hands and chin on the side. Well I guess I wont be needing mine. I was instantly hard and as I climbed in she was trying to lick my hard cock. When I sat down she raised up and I say her amazing breast. Fuck they were bigger than I thought. She straddled herself over me and started to kiss. I could feel her slide in closer to my body and position her pussy over my cock. Omg she felt so good. She finally found my hard cock and started sliding and grinding her soft wet pussy on my cock rocking back and forth. She rocked harder and fast on my cock and in no time said she was cumming all over my cock. Damn this she she is hot! She gave me a big smile and told me it was my turn. She took a deep breath and dunk her head under water. She grabbed my hard cock and started sucking it under water. This chick must be part fish. She held here breath forever. She came up for a breath, smiled and went back down. She knew I was close to cumming so she grabbed my ass and shoved my cock all the way down her throat. That was enough for me. I gently thrusted forward and fucked her throat in perfect rhythm. I immediately start shooting my huge cum load deep in her mouth. She is amazing. şişli escort She swallowed every drop with taking a breath. When she came up she smiled kissed me and told me that I was fucking amazing. She told me that I was the best cock she ever had and I tasted even better! She said she absolutely loves sucking cock and loves cum even more. Can this night get any better?She sat on my lap and we kissed some more and fondle each other! I couldn’t keep my hands off her huge tits and hard nipple! Fuck I was hard and ready to go again. She suggested we go take a shower. So we got out and got into my shower. Fuck she has a really nice body. I grabbed the bottle of soap and got her all nice and soapy. We were both wet, soapy and slippery. With her back to me, my hard cock snuggled up in between her plump curvy ass I rubbed her huge tits and yummy tummy! She grabbed my cock, bent over and guided it into her super tight pussy! She pushed against me till it was really deep! Fuck she is tight and it felt so good!!! I leaned against the shower wall, put my hands on her fucking awesome ass and she fucked me like no other! She pushed harder and faster and it kept going deeper and deeper. Oh baby I am in pure heaven. I grabbed her hips and helped her pound me harder. She was moaning and started screaming that she was cumming. I felt that tight pussy contract and pulsate and all of a sudden I felt a huge gush flow all over my cock. Her pulsating pussy made my cock throb and before she was done cumming I was dumping my cum load deep in her pussy. Fucking her till I went soft and fell out! She turned around and hugged me so tight and held me as she told me that she thinks she kinda like me, a lot!After that we jumped in bed, I snuggled up to her warm body and sexy ass. She grabbed my arm, put it across her body, so that my hand cupped her huge tit and she squeezed us together. We both instantly fell sound asleep all cuddled up!!To be continued…….

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