Needs Ch. 02

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The following morning, Sarah awoke with the worst headache of her life, accompanied by an unfamiliar soreness throughout her body. When blurry memories of the night beforehand crept into her mind, she bolted upright, panting. No. There was no way she’d really done that with Alex, of all people. Somehow, the thought of it aroused her again, but reality was cruel. They’d been drunk. There was no chance in hell that he’d have ever given her a second thought had he been sober, just like there was no chance of their rendezvous ever repeating.

Alex had a headache of his own, guilt eating at his stomach when he remembered just how good it had felt when he’d taken advantage of his drunk, impressionable and innocent little sister. It was a drunken mistake, one that could never, under any circumstances, happen again. He could only hope that she didn’t hate him.

Sarah tiptoed down the steps, only to find Alex sitting at the kitchen table, head in his hands.

“Alex?” She said timidly.

He looked up at her, seeing uncertainty in her eyes. He couldn’t imagine just how violated she must feel after what he’d done.

“Sarah, I’m so sorry,” He said, dropping his eyes down towards the ground.

“Oh,” She said, realizing that, just as she suspected, he regretted what they’d done.

“Can we forget what happened?” He asked, his eyes watering with shame.

She stared at him. She didn’t want to forget it, but he clearly didn’t feel the same way. “Yeah. We were both drunk. Let’s just pretend it never happened.”

Sighing with relief, Alex stood, giving her a big hug. “I promise, it’ll never happen again.”

She wrapped her arms around him, trying to ignore the panging in her heart. Alex pointedly ignored how good she smelled, and how her form fit perfectly to his. He was so grateful for her forgiveness.

Sarah went upstairs, locking herself in her room for the rest of the day. Alex decided it was best to give her space. Rubbing his eyes with his hands, he downloaded a hookup app, searching for someone local to take away the lingering thoughts of Sarah.

When he announced he was going out for a few hours, Sarah took the initiative to invite James over. She wanted to forget about the rejection of her older brother after everything they’d done the night before.

Alex arrived at Jennifer’s house, the cute blonde who looked just enough like his sister to throw him off. Or turn him on. Try as he might, he couldn’t get the way Sarah looked when she was touching herself out of his mind. Or the way she’d sounded when she was moaning his name, the way her back arched underneath him.

Stop thinking about her!

Jennifer led him to her bedroom, where she promptly stripped her shirt off. In her pink bra and denim shorts, she was enticing to Alex, and he eyed her perky breasts before reaching out to squeeze them. She sighed in response, leaning forward and kissing him. Closing his eyes, he focused on how different she tasted than Sarah, how different her mouth felt around his tongue.

He stripped his shirt and pants off before tugging down her shorts and pink panties that matched her bra. Unclasping her bra, he nibbled on her breasts before pushing her down on the bed and spreading her legs, letting his fingers trail down her stomach to that sweet spot between her thighs.

Jennifer gasped as his fingers rubbed against her before pressing inside. She had already been wet when he’d come over, but the touch of a stranger was exactly what she needed to get off.

Alex remembered how good Sarah had felt with his fingers inside of her, the way she’d let out gasps of her own when he’d pressed his fingers into her upper wall. After a minute of teasing Jennifer, he rolled on a condom and flipped her over, sliding in with ease. Closing his eyes, his mind ran rampant. In his thoughts, it was Sarah he was ramming into, Sarah’s voice screaming in pleasure, Sarah who was cumming on his aching cock.

“Fuck, Sarah,” He groaned as he released into the condom. When he opened his eyes, panting, he quickly realized his mistake as he saw blue eyes staring back at him, not the green ones he had been craving. “Um, sorry.”

Jennifer shrugged. “It’s whatever. Not like I’m your girlfriend. Want to grab a shower before you go?”

Nodding, he hung his head in shame as he washed himself. He couldn’t artemisbet yeni giriş believe he had thought of her like that again.

Back at the house, James put up no resistance as Sarah led him to her bedroom, quickly discarding his clothes and encouraging her to sink down onto her knees.

Still clothed, she kneeled in front of him, licking the tip of his member before bringing it into her mouth. He grasped the back of her hair, forcing her mouth up and down his cock. It was smaller than Alex’s was, but with how sore she still was from the night before, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. He quickly became rough, and she found herself desperate for air as he fucked the back of her throat.

Alex pulled up to the house, wondering whose car it was in the driveway. Shrugging, he figured that Sarah had a friend over. Maybe that was for the best. His cock had begun to twitch whenever he thought about her. He needed to have someone else there, or else he didn’t know if he could control himself from approaching and asking if she’d liked it, if she’d want to do it again.

Walking into the house, he heard noises coming from Sarah’s room, and quickly went to check it out. He found the bedroom door was open, and what he saw sent his blood boiling. She was on her knees in front of that James kid, his dick in her mouth. He saw James’ hand in her hair, holding her face all the way down and forcing himself into her throat while she gagged.

Alex watched for a moment, noting the way that her eyes began to water before the boy relented. She gasped for air, drool running down her chin and dripping onto her chest. Alex cleared his throat, and the teenagers immediately looked up at him. Sarah quickly averted her eyes, her face turning bright red, while James scrambled to put his clothes back on.

“I think you’d better leave,” Alex said, his voice so cold that it sent chills down Sarah’s back. He was angry, she could tell. But what right did he have to be mad at her? He had rejected her, and she was an adult. If she wanted to suck James’ cock, she would.

After James left, Alex continued staring at his sister. Jealousy ran through his veins.

“Go brush your teeth, then meet me downstairs,” He said, pointing to the bathroom without looking at her.

Nodding, she left the room, humiliated. He was clearly upset, but she couldn’t fathom why as she washed the taste of James out of her mouth. Tears started to form in her eyes. She’d only been trying to forget about him. How could he be angry at her for that when he’d only wanted her because he was drunk?

In the living room, Alex sat on the couch, his mind racing. He could no longer deny the feelings he had for his little sister. The thought of her being with another man had him on edge. He wasn’t angry at her, not in the least. How could he be when he’d done the same thing, running off with another woman in an attempt to distract himself? No, he was mad at that stupid guy, and absolutely green with envy.

When Sarah returned to the room, he noted her tears, the way her face was red and blotchy. He quickly stood, pulling her to him and stroking her hair.

“It’s okay,” He said, kissing the top of her head. “Please don’t cry.”

“But… but you…” She started, not looking up at him.

He took her chin, tilting it upwards to face him. “You’re a grown woman. What you do is your business. But,” He paused, trying to think of the right words. “But after last night, I don’t like seeing you with someone else.”

Sarah’s heart pounded in her chest. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” He said, leaning down to capture her lips. “That I want to be the only man you do this with.”

Need flooded her body, and she nodded, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him back. He wanted her the same way she wanted him. She could clearly feel his erection pressing against her stomach, and it sent a wave of heat through her body. He brushed his thumbs across her cheeks as he continued to deepen their kiss.

“You’re mine,” He growled, stroking her breast through her clothes. Her nipples immediately hardened, and he leaned down to kiss her neck as she nodded once more. He threw her shirt off, letting it fall to the ground before unhooking her bra and slipping it off of her. Biting into her neck, she gasped, her arms tightening artemisbet giriş around his neck.

His hand moved south to cup her pussy underneath her skirt. A possessiveness overcame him at the memory of her mouth wrapped around the boy’s dick. He needed her to belong to him, and to only him. “Say it,” He growled again, pushing her soaked panties to the side before letting his fingers find their way inside of her.

Her pussy was aching, both from the previous evening, and now from the exquisite torture he was putting her through. His fingers were harsher this time, not as gentle as they had been the night before. Her mouth dropped open as his fingers went into her a third time, forcing her center to stretch out.

“I’m… I’m yours, Alex!” She said, her voice high-pitched with need.

Satisfied, he removed his fingers before hooking them around the waistband of her skirt and pulling it downwards, taking her underwear along with it. He hadn’t taken the opportunity to see all of her the night before, but now, she stood naked before him, and he took in every last detail of her curvy form. Her soft thighs and belly made him weak.

Under his gaze, Sarah began to tremble. The way he looked at her made her feel like the most desired girl in the world. She eyed him, as well, before timidly reaching her hands out and pushing his shirt up, revealing his perfectly tan abdomen. He took the shirt all of the way off before sitting on the couch. Alex wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed her back against his chest as she sat in his lap. His hands caressed her neck, her shoulders, running over her arms before finding her stomach. She shook under his touch, at the feeling of his cock pressing into her back.

Burying his face in her neck, he let his hands roam up towards her breasts, palming and squeezing them. Rolling her nipples between his fingers, one of his hands roamed down her body, pushing her knees apart. With him holding her open, he slowly stroked her sex, causing little whimpers to escape her mouth.

“Does that feel good?” He asked, giving her one particularly long stroke.

“Yes,” She said quietly, and he took the opportunity to slip a finger inside of her. Burying his face in the nape of her neck, he groaned at how tight she was, even after their little adventure the night before.

“Tell me how good it feels,” He whispered, slipping a second finger in. Her legs twitched in response, but he brought his other hand down, holding one of her legs to the side. Her breath was heavy as he found her g-spot, slowly pressing against it and dragging his fingers down as she threw her head back, her mouth dropping as her face contorted with pleasure.

“It feels… it feels so good,” She gasped. They were sober, in the harsh light of day, and he wanted her, needed her, the same way she needed him. His fingers stretched her out, forcing her open to do what he wanted with. And what he wanted was to feel his little sister orgasming from his touch.

Sarah was so slick, her cum dripping down onto his jeans, and her muscles started to ripple, to tighten as her back arched. Wrapping his legs around her knees to keep them open, he wrapped his arm around her waist with his free hand as he kept letting his fingers do what they wanted to her pussy. Her body was involuntarily spasming, jerking, but he held tight, unwilling to relent.

“Alex!” She yelled, her voice high pitched with need. “I can’t… I can’t take…”

“Shh,” He said, nibbling her ear. It sent a shiver down her spine. “I’m not done with you yet.

The orgasm ran through her body, and she went rigid in his arms, the thrusting of his fingers slowing down. As her body began to relax, he finally relented, loosening his grip on her. She slumped forward, a panting mess, and Alex fought to even his breathing out. Her whole body was flushed, and he felt as though he was going to explode just looking at her.

Slowly, Sarah sank down off of the couch, turning around to face him. His bright green eyes landed on hers, and she felt heat spreading through her body again. Slowly, she unbuttoned his pants, unzipping his zipper before tugging them off. He pulled his boxers down, and his member sprang free. She bit her lip as she stared at it before looking back up at him and wrapping her lips around the tip of his aching artemisbet güvenilirmi cock.

Alex remembered the way the other boy had dominated her. She hadn’t looked like she’d been having a good time, so he resolved to let her set the pace. When her soft, wet tongue explored his member, he let out a groan, his hands loosely gripping her hair. It was more like she was making love to him with her mouth than giving him a blow job, and he shut his eyes before realizing his mistake. He didn’t want to miss a second of the perfect view of his little sister going down on him.

Sarah was inexperienced. James had been her first attempt at a blow job, and he had been rough, aggressive. It was more like he was fucking her throat than letting her give him a blow job. She wasn’t quite sure what to do, but she had an idea, so she began to suck lightly, letting her tongue flick around the tip of his cock.

She couldn’t take much of him, but what she was doing felt like heaven to him. His breathing became ragged, his hands tightening in her hair as she went down a little further onto him, and then a little further than that. She brought her hand down to stroke him while she sucked him, and he felt himself swelling.

“Sarah, stop,” He groaned, knowing he was about to explode in her mouth.

She pulled away, looking up at him. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked, rubbing her arm shyly.

“No,” He shook his head. “I just don’t want to finish in your mouth.”

“Oh,” She said, nodding. “Thank you.”

Reaching down, Alex took her hand, helping her up onto the couch with him. He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her, a soft, passionate kiss filled with all the longing and desire he’d been fighting off since their encounter the night before. This time, he was the one who sank off of the couch onto his knees, parting her legs and kissing her thighs before working his mouth down to her center.

She tasted just as good as she had the night before, and as he pressed the flat of his tongue against her swollen center, she started to moan.

“Oh… Oh, Alex..” Her hands quickly found their way into his hair, tugging on it as his tongue swirled against the insides of her freshly shaved lower lips. Her moan was all the encouragement he needed to continue the motion before sucking on her, sending waves of sheer pleasure through her body. He paid attention to the way her face twisted and body tightened and relaxed, her thighs threatening to crush his head. Gripping them, he held them open enough for him to finish her off, slurping noises coming as she practically screamed his name during her climax.

“Alex!” Her hands were pulling his hair without rhyme or reason, and slowly, he pulled away, admiring her for a moment while stroking himself.

Sarah lay sprawled on the couch and breathless, watching as Alex touched himself to her splayed form. He sat down beside her, and as though he knew she didn’t have the energy to move, he pulled her into his lap. Straddling him, she quickly felt him guiding her hips so she sank down on his cock.

Alex was drowning in her, easing her up and down on his erection as he held her tightly to him. His mouth quickly found hers, and his palm gently cupped her cheek, his thumbs stroking her cheekbones. Sighs escaped both of their mouths as she took all eight inches of his member with ease, her body relaxed from her numerous orgasms.

“You’re all mine,” Alex repeated between soft kisses.

“I’m all yours, Alex,” Sarah whimpered, almost completely spent as he made love to her. She clung to him, lifting her hips up and down as her legs shook around him. His hands ran up and down her waist before tracing up and down her back with his fingers.

“Alex!” Sarah yelped, her head throwing back as her fifth orgasm of the day ravaged her, devoured her, consumed her.

“Fuck, Sarah!” When she yelled his name, her core gripped his member tightly, and he spilled himself into her, finishing in his little sister for the second time in 24 hours.

Completely spent, Sarah collapsed onto him, resting her head on his shoulder. As he began to soften, he pulled out of her, kissing her forehead before her nose and lips.

“Do you remember what to do with what I put inside of you?” He asked, running his fingers through her hair.

Looking up at him, she nodded, listening to his heartbeat. “Don’t let any of it out.”

“Good girl,” He said. She was his, after all. She had needs he had to meet. He had needs of his own. And one of those needs was to have his cum nestled deep inside of her, for her to fight to never lose that piece of him.

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