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Panties Aside

Subject: Naval Tradition pt. 14 Naval Tradition Bill Drake (ail) NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. If not, sit back, unzip, pull it out, and enjoy. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does. Please consider supporting them with a donation. Comments to ail. This story has been dormant for a while, but I have a few more chapters written, and more planned. It’s been fun revisiting the McGrath saga. Naval Tradition 14 Norfolk, spring 2003 It was a warm spring afternoon, and my buddy Rick and I were enjoying some minor league baseball. The Norfolk Waves were ahead by 3, and all was good in the world. I was graduating high school in three weeks, and while I knew I’d miss my buddies, we had all summer to hang out. Besides, I was starting at Virginia in the fall and was looking forward to college. “You know what would make this perfect?” Rick asked. Rick’s a bit of a goofball, but he’s probably the best friend a guy could have. Though I still thought back to Paul from time to time. We still kept in touch by email. “What?” I prompted, my attention a little distracted by the hunky catcher on the opposing team. I was always amazed by the huge power asses and giant thighs on those guys. “A nice, frosty beer.” “I don’t see how you like that piss,” I replied. I would drink beer but still had not really developed the taste for the stuff. “OK, Mr. Wine Cooler,” Rick laughed. Referring to one party at Jenny Carson’s where I got hammered on coolers. I still hadn’t lived that down. I shrugged it off. I turned my head and happened to see someone familiar. Ensign Glen Evans. The boss of my former fuckbuddy Kevin, sitting with two of his friends. He looked different out of uniform, in a gray T-shirt and khaki shorts, but his body looked just as fine and beefy. Even at a distance, his dark looks were strikingly handsome. I had to gulp. “What’s the matter, bub?” Rick asked. “See one of your conquests?” We didn’t talk about it much, but Rick knew I fucked around with guys. He was laid back and couldn’t give a shit, really. I turned to look at my friend. “What are you? Psychic?” He laughed. “Maybe. But remember that married chick I balled from Dyerstown?” I nodded. “Well, I saw her last week at the mall, and I think I had a look on my face like the one you got now.” “Which is…?” “Half embarrassed, half horny.” “I think the embarrassment is winning out.” I was a little eager to get back to watching the game and to stop discussing my fuck buddies. Rick wasn’t having it. “Why? He doesn’t do it for you any more?” I was starting to wonder why my friend was so interested, but I think he just liked being a pest and teasing me. “He does it for me all right,” I admitted. “It was just a one-time thing, though.” ****** At least that’s what I thought until I was standing in front of the ballpark men’s room urinal relieving myself. And who should step right up beside me but Ensign Evans. “How’s life treating you, Big Boy?” he greeted in a low voice. “Staying out of trouble?” I looked up at Glen’s face. He was a little buzzed and wearing a gruff smile that made my dick surge up. I got the feeling he’d spotted me and followed me in here. “Trouble seems to find me, sir,” I replied nonchalantly while standing legs spread, shaking the piss dribbles off my expanding cock. He laughed and looked over into the urinal where my dick now poked up straight into a full, thick erection. “I’ll bet.” Then, dropping his voice even lower to a whisper, “Christ, if I was that hung, trouble would be following me around, too.” He stepped back and was clearly erect, too. He covered his hardon up with his boxers and shorts and zipped up. I did the best I could to tuck mine in, but it was a lot tougher. He smirked at my predicament, then turned toward the sink. I was four paces behind him, not eager to let him get away but not sure if I should make a move. Where the hell would we go anyway? Toweling off, he pulled out a handful of change and fished around for some quarters. Walked up to the dispensing machine and plunked them in. Pulled out a packet of KY, which he stuffed in his T-shirt pocket. He nudged his head to direct me silently to follow. No way was my hardon going down any time soon. We stepped out and he leaned down and whispered. “Think you can get away from your friend for ten minutes?” “He’ll be fine.” “Good. Follow me.” I was so excited I thought my heart was gonna skip a beat. I never dreamed I’d be getting it on with this naval officer hunk again. I could almost smell the sexual heat emanating from his powerful, muscular body as we walked out toward escort kocaeli the parking lot. He flicked his electronic key and I saw the lights of a black SUV flick on and heard the doors unlock. We walked up and he popped the back hatch. The back seats were already down. Reaching in, he grabbed a wool blanket and spread it open. He took a quick look around to see if the coast was clear. “Here. Get in.” I scrambled into the back and the Ensign was right behind me, shutting the door with him. Immediately, he reached down and grabbed my crotch, massaging the wood I was showing. “Damn, Big Boy, it’s good to see you again.” “Good to see you, too, sir.” Already his fingers were unzipping me, fishing in for my cock. “Fuck, I can’t even get my fingers around this baby.” He started stroking the shaft. I thought of taking charge, but the officer was making me feel pretty good so far. “You know, Big Boy, I think about that afternoon. You fucked me twice. I think about it a lot.” “I’ve thought about that day, too, sir.” He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out the foil packet. He ripped it open with his teeth and squeezed some of the gel out onto my cock. Instantly, he hand massaged the lube onto my shaft and instantly it felt awesome. Meanwhile, I reached up and started undoing his shorts, shucking them down. He smiled and reached back and started applying the gel to his married hole. He stood there, horny, erect and panting. “We don’t have long. How do you want me?” His voice getting a little desperate. “On your stomach.” It was the position that brought me off the fastest. He nodded happily and flopped face down onto the blanket. I crawled onto his meaty frame and pulled apart his legs with mine. I didn’t rush it but I didn’t waste my time either. Within a minute flat Ensign Evans got stuffed full of my fat fuckstick. “Aw yeah,” he moaned. “This is what I wanted. Big fat, giant high school dick. Ride me, kid.” I kissed and licked the spot between his shoulder blades then pulled back to pound in. We were both groaning now. “Like that, officer?” I teased. “Yeah,” he huffed. “Big Boy knows how to fuck.” And fuck I did. Pretty soon, my heavy balls were slapping the man’s perineum as each in-stroke plunged deep. I didn’t have a stopwatch, but around the three-minute mark, I could feel my nut coming on. I thought of announcing it, but I could tell by his grunts that the burly man was getting pretty close himself. I started pounding hard and fast and reached around to grab his chest for leverage. The change angle made Glen shoot, right into the wool blanket. I followed him over the edge. “Damn,” the man said as we uncoupled. “I needed that. Thanks.” “Anytime,” I said. Truly appreciative for another chance at this fine man’s ass. He pulled his boxers back up, then his shorts. “Don’t say that.” “What?” I asked. “‘Anytime.’ I don’t know if I can resist.” “You wanna resist?” My eyes challenged him. I was feeling a little cocky, to be honest, but something about fucking a buff navy officer twice your age will do that to you. Glen laughed. “Yes and no. No offense, but I can’t have an affair with a high school guy.” “Not even one with this dick?” I held up my semi-erect tubemeat for his inspection. Sperm was now dripping out at the tip. He gulped. “You like making this hard on me, don’t ya?” I pulled up my shorts. “Sorry man. Don’t mean to taunt you. I just… well I didn’t think I was gonna get a chance to tangle with you again. And I’m really glad I did.” Conflicting emotions passed over Evans’ face. “Look,” I added. “I’m not trying to pressure you. But I’m leaving for college in August. Maybe this summer if you wanna…” The man didn’t let me finish my sentence. “All right,” he blurted. ****** That’s how Ensign Evans became my summer fuck buddy. The next time was in a motel room in a neighboring town. I had expected a hot tryst – something about the sex between us was majorly intense. I think it was my sense of the forbidden coupled with Evans’ thrill at discovering a new sexual need. What I hadn’t expected was Glen showed up in his uniform. Or rather how turned on I would be when he opened the motel door in his service khaki USN uniform – everything but the cap, which he’d removed and placed on the dusty table. “Cool,” he greeted me. “You’re glad to see me.” Cupping my crotch with his hand, he let it sink in what he was talking about – the boner I was already throwing in my shorts. We made out, his powerful frame pressing me back against the room wall while his fingers jerked my prick through the fabric and fumbled with the zipper. All the while I ran my hands up the flared back and down to his uniform-clad ass. Glen took a break from my crotch to caress my upper body, kocaeli anal yapan escort running his hands along my chest, shoulders, and upper arms. “You must play sports, this body is pretty fucking built.” Coming from a man with a powerhouse, almost rugby-player build, that was a compliment. “Baseball,” I answered. “Explains seeing you at the Waves game,” he mused. “… And explains this baseball bat you’re carrying.” He gripped the thick hardon jutting out of my unzipped crotch. “Damn, you’ve got a fat one.” He looked down as he massaged my stalk, as if he were playing with an inanimate object. Then he squatted down. His breath against my cock felt great but not as great as his warm, wet mouth engulfing my penis. “Fuck yeah,” I murmured. After our weekend fuck I’d had doubts about Evans, whether he’d want a regular thing this summer or if the sex would continue to excite me. But the ensign wanted it, wanted me and my cock, and I knew I’d drop anything and everything for a chance to fuck around with the naval officer. “Next time,” he said, spitting out my cock, “I wanna suck this baby off while you’re wearing your baseball uniform.” Then he swallowed it nearly back down to the hilt. For a newcomer to man-on-man fucking, Glen Evans was a quick learner. I hadn’t ever thought of sex in my uniform but if it turned me on as much as seeing one of the Navy’s finest on his knees in front of me, I’d oblige. “Sure thing. Only I want to see you put your cap back on.” Smiling, he leaned back on his haunches, hands on his khaki trousers. “You get off on making it with an officer, huh?” It was more a statement than a question. He reached over and grabbed his cap, putting it on his head before sucking my iron-hard cock back into his mouth. The sight of this married hunk of an officer sucking my dick was too much for me. Ensign Evans bobbed his head up and down maybe a dozen times before my nuts jerked and my dick coughed up gobs of semen into his throat. He choked a little but quickly gulped the ejaculate down. Maybe he was a little afraid of getting sperm dribbles on his clothing. He wiped the mouth with the back of his hand as he caught his breath. “Sorry,” I muttered, still taken aback from the suddenness of my orgasm. “I meant to last longer than that.” “‘s OK,” he growled. “Hope to hell you got more in ya than that, though. I’ve been looking forward to getting fucked.” Glen Evans wasn’t the type to mince words. “I got more in me,” I assured him. “I was wondering…. I keep thinking back to when you ate Marshall out.” Kevin Marshall. Our mutual fuck buddy. “Drop trou, officer, and I’ll give you a rim job you won’t forget.” Yeah, corny I know, but damned if Evans didn’t smile wide and start undoing his pants. They fell to his ankles, revealing his reddened, aching erection, then he turned away from me and crawled up on the bed on all fours. That furry trench was an amazing vision – nice deep cleft that spread apart as Glen pulled apart his thick thighs the best he could with his pants constraining his ankles. The hole was pink beneath the thicket of brown hairs. I approached slowly, then leaned in and got a whiff of the pure freshly showered scent. I could see his anus twitch with each of my breaths. It all made my hardon return with a vengeance, but what I was feeling probably paled in comparison to Glen’s excitement as my tongue touched his hole. “God! Lick me, Big Boy!” I complied, pushing my tongue in further, til his tight ring gave way and fluttered against my invading oral muscle. That elicited a gasp from the man, which just urged me on even more. Licking, prodding, sucking on the hot man hole. I was getting dizzy with lust, but that made me go at it even more. I went fast and slow, hard and soft, alternating, till both of us were worked in to a fevered pitch. Glen was unable to take any more and leaned forward to get out of reach of my asseating mouth. I simply followed that hot butt down to the mattress and continued to gnaw at his exposed pucker. “Sweet almighty. Have some mercy.” Leaning up he looked over his shoulder. “God, fuck me, kid.” I pulled back and took off his black leather shoes and uniform trousers. “You need to take your uniform off? I don’t want it to get spermed.” He looked down and thought it over. “Yeah. Or if you want me to keep it on you can do me standing up.” Evans clearly knew how much the uniform was turning me on. “In front of the mirror?” I asked hopefully, nodding my head to a full-length mirror on the bathroom door. Glen got up and walked in front of the door. Dressed to the nines from the waist up, completely nude from the waist down, I admired the contrast and lubed up my prick. I had a izmit yabancı escort feeling it wasn’t going to take me long to nut this time either. “I don’t think you’re gonna have to wet me up,” he huffed. “That rim job left me dripping wet.” I nudged my prick between his buns. Like a heat-seeking missile it slipped the length of his crack and found his hole. Unlike a few days earlier, Evans was super worked up and his ass swallowed a couple inches of my thick meat before clenching up. By that point I’d breached the gate. “Oh fuck!” Glen hissed. I was a little taller than the man and could look over his shoulder at the reflection of us as I sank my bone in. His own cock stood out between the khaki shirt tails and dribbled pre-fuck juice down its hard length. His upper half looked pressed for inspection, and the thought just made me push into him more. “God, Glen, you got a great ass.” I don’t know what kind of balls I had, a high school kid fucking an officer like this, but we both wanted this bad. “Man, your dick is so fucking fat, Jim. C’mon. Fuck your daddy.” Jeez, those was the nastiest words I’d ever heard. Before that moment I’d never even imagined them. But immediately, I found myself shoving my cock into the man like a bludgeon, enraged with desire. “Yeah, Dad?” I said without even thinking. “You want this dick?” Ensign Evans looked up into the mirror, straight into my eyes and nodded. “Yeah, son, fuck me. Show your dad how it’s done.” I thrust in again. Hard. Evans put his hands forward and braced against the wall to cushion the force. “You lucked out, Dad.” My balls swayed with each dick thrust. “Getting a son with a big dick.” In again. “A son who’s always horny.” Harder. “A son who likes dicking his father’s hairy, naval officer ass.” It was like the floodgates were opened. It was roleplay, but in my mind, the man I was screwing switched back and forth between Evans and my own father. It was a rush unlike anything. Glen could barely speak. His face was beet red and he was jerking furiously on his swollen cock. “Oh son!” he gasped as rope after thick rope of syrupy semen covered the mirror. The idea I was fucking Dad’s load out of him sent me off, too. Immediately the friction of Evans’ ass disappeared with the slick sliminess of my load. I couldn’t pull out immediately. I just wrapped my arms around Glen and caught my breath. “Fuck!” the officer swore in his tenor voice. “I think you liked that as much as me, Big Boy.” ****** I did. Funny how a secretive affair with a married guy reveal things about myself I didn’t know. Or want to face up to. But I would have to. Like the next day. It was my favorite time to jerk off – after I got home from school, but before Dad got home from the base. And normally, it was a routine thing. I’d lie back on my bed, shuck my jeans and start working my joint, thinking about the last hot man or jock I’d seen. A good fantasy scenario, a few minutes, and my chest would be covered with a good, thick load. Only that day as I closed my eyes I had a distinct vision of my father. Nude in the shower, toweling off. Talking to me in small talk about my day. “How was practice Sport?” I could hear him say then I gulped as he stepped out of the shower and lifted the towel to reveal his erection. A full, powerful paternal cock pointing up at me. And then, I felt it in my nuts and my ejaculation boiled over, spraying me hard and heavy. Guiltily, I wiped it up. But the guilt didn’t stop me. The next time I elaborated on my fantasies. Soon Dad and I were doing everything. He fucked my face, licked my ass, wrestled me on the floor til we both came. The regular fucks with Evans didn’t help. We didn’t get into dad/son role play every time. The next time, in fact, we were too sheepish to talk at all during sex. But as soon as I let a “Dad” slip or he’d ask me “you wanna this time?” we’d go at sex talk that got hotter and nastier. It fueled our sex and fueled my imagination for my solitary sessions. Til one afternoon I was flailing away at my prick, then stopped and stood up. Padded my way down to Dad’s room. His closet, where a line of suits and uniforms hung next to his button-down shirts and trousers. I knew Dad took religious care of his dress whites, so I made sure my hands were sparkling clean. Then I removed the uniform coat. Turning toward the mirror, I put it on, feeling the sensual fabric against my bare back and chest. I wore a 42, but Dad was a couple sizes bigger, and the coat drooped on me. But, fuck, what a hot sight! It was like I could imagine the man I’d grow up to be. I parted the coat lapels and examined my fat cock in a massive erection. The scent of the uniform, with some of Dad’s cologne still clinging to it, filled my nostrils and turned me on. Gripping my boner, I started jacking it. Nice full strokes. One. Two. Three. Four. Then, boom! My jism sprayed out, arcing high before splatting against the mirror. I kept pumping it out, then heard my own voice in the otherwise silent bedroom. “I love you, Dad.”

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