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Mike and I have been married for a number of years now. Early on we made an agreement with one another in order to keep our marriage exciting and alive. We also established three very simple rules to live by. One, we promised one another to not let petty jealousies interfere with our marriage. Two, that we would always discuss things with one another and come to an agreement before doing anything. And three, that we would always keep an open mind to the possibilities available to us.

During the course of the years, these three simple rules became the foundation of our life style, relationship and happiness. We had an incredible sexual relationship. Neither one of us forced anything upon the other that we didn’t want to do. Though in truth, I cannot think of anything I didn’t try at least once and willingly. I may not enjoy some things over others, but following the rule of keeping an open mind, I feel Mike and I experienced and enjoyed things that we might otherwise never have known.

Like any long time married couple who truly loved and appreciated one another, we also established a level of trust that unfortunately we did not see nor find in many of our friends marriages and relationships. Mike and I could enjoy and experience many things that they could not. Not matter how much they might want or wish to.

Part of what kept things exciting for us both; was we loved to play games. This was something that we’d begun the first year of our marriage together. It certainly kept our sex life entertaining as well as exciting. As it has been late long into the night. But sometimes the intensity still burns and lingers long after the body finally gives out from exhaustion. In other words, I was still horny. As I began pulling out the things from the refrigerator that I needed to prepare breakfast, just seeing the strawberry’s, whipped cream got me aroused, and got me thinking at the same time.

I had heard Mike get up and head into the shower a few minutes ago, so I knew I still had some time to make myself ready for him. And I was determined to make this the most interesting breakfast he’d had in a long, long time! I got the pancakes going, cut and sliced the strawberry’s just the way he liked them, and then got the whipped cream all ready to put atop his breakfast stack. Hearing the shower finally turned off, I knew it would only be a few minutes more before Mike would come down the stairs and ask me as he always did…..”What’s to eat?”

A short time later, all was ready and waiting for him when I heard him finally begin to descend the stairs from the upstairs bedroom. Breakfast was ready and waiting for him. And the look on his face when he came into the kitchen to see that I had prepared one of his favorites was priceless.

“Oh my!” Mike exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen.

I was nude, lying on our kitchen table. I had placed two rather large pancakes strategically over my breasts. Each of these had a small “cone” of whipped cream with two ripe luscious strawberry’s perfectly placed atop each of these. Another small dab of cream, with a single strawberry filled my naval, a mixture of strawberry juice and cream then served as a pathway to the triangular patch of cream, and several strawberry’s some of which he wouldn’t know about until he actually started eating.

“Shit Debra. You are fucking amazing!” Mike said in wide-eyed wonder. And I was pleased as well as excited as I lay there on my back looking at him and enjoying the expression on his face when he had first seen me. That look turned to sudden worry and seeming disappointment however when we both heard a knock at the door.

“Oh fuck!”

“What?” I said, still lying as I was, paying no heed to the knock at our door. “Don’t answer it. Hell, it’s only 7:30 in the morning!” I added.

“You forgot. I told you on Wednesday that Bruce and I were playing golf this morning.”

Bruce was one of Mike’s old college buddies who had recently moved into a new home with his wife near us. They’d run into each other at the grocery store and had gotten to talking about old times. As they had always been avid golfers in college, the first thing they had done was plan a golf outing together. And of all days, it had to be on the day that I had decided to become Mike’s breakfast.

“Damn!” I said, sitting up slightly then, one pancake falling off my left breast and landing face down on the table. “Can’t you tell him to wait until you’ve finished eating?” I asked someone teasingly and suggestively, and still just as horny as ever, if not more so in fact.

That’s when I saw that familiar “look” on Mike’s face.

“Want to play a naughty game?” He asked looking at me.

As horny as I was, I wasn’t about to give up on everything I’d done for him, and if anything, the idea of some kind of a game being involved now only intensified the excitement I was already feeling.

“Ok….here it is.” Mike began. I’m going to invite Bruce in. I’m going to explain to him you’ve fixed me a wonderful breakfast that I cannot possibly beylikdüzü escort duck out on. I’m going to bring him inside, and invite him to wait while I finish eating.”

“And?” I said…….now curious where all this was headed.

“And……the bet is no matter what you say or do, Bruce won’t join me for breakfast. He might stay and watch; though he may chose to wait outside in the car, or even leave for all I know. But “you’re” job is to entice him to join me for breakfast.”

“That’s it?”

“Not quite. You can’t say a word to him. Not a single solitary word. If you do, no matter what happens, I win. Deal?”

“Deal! And the prize?”

“You get to pick the movie tonight!”


Like I said, sometimes the game itself was the real prize. The reward was usually nothing more than a personal victory with very little significance attached to it beyond that.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous. I had never met Bruce before and had no idea how he might react, had no idea what he even looked like, or if I’d even be attracted to him. For all I knew, he was some frumpy college geek with a pot-marked face and broken nose weighing four hundred pounds. Of course…..that was all in my imagination. Even Mike wouldn’t do that to me.

I watched him leave the kitchen and head back out into the front room to answer the door. I thought briefly about replacing my fallen pancake, but then looking down sort of liked the way I looked with one breast uncovered, sticking out like that, and a little whipped cream smeared about it as though Mike had already started in on his breakfast when his friend had shown up.

I could hear the sound of Mike’s voice as he welcomed Bruce inside. Heard the brief conversation as he told him that I had made him a very special breakfast surprise, and that he didn’t dare run out to play golf until he’d at least eaten some of it. I heard Bruce’s understanding laugh then too, as well as acceptance to come inside while Mike ate.

I was even more nervous now; especially knowing they would soon be walking through the kitchen door at any moment. But I was incredibly aroused too. I might have quite a few very juicy strawberry’s sitting up inside my pussy, but it wasn’t the only juice that Mike, perhaps even Bruce would find there.

Seconds later the kitchen door swung open, and in entered Mike, followed almost immediately after was his old college buddy Bruce.

“Holy…………” Bruce said, not finishing his sentence. He immediately looked at Mike and then back at me. And then once again at Mike with a questioning look on his face.

“Bruce….this is my wife Debra. Debra, Bruce Hollingsworth.”

I almost said “Hello”. But caught myself at the last moment. Mike was a stickler for the “rules” once they’d been established. Had I have said even one word, I’d have lost the bet. Instead…I merely looked at him and smiled, moved slightly, and felt the last remaining pancake start to slide off my breast since there was a goodly amount of whipping cream that was making it rather easy to slide off my newly exposed tit with.

Bruce continued to stare at me. A combination of shock, surprise, and a near boyish grin which was also trying to break free as I continued looking at him laying there naked, saying nothing.

Mike immediately moved down towards the end of the table. He stopped briefly in order to lick out the one single strawberry and droplet of whipped cream from my naval. He immediately moved down then, sat down in his chair, scooted it up so that he was positioned perfectly, and proceeded to dine on the breakfast I had prepared for him to eat.

Bruce looked like he was ready to bolt. I am sure they had pulled some stunts and experienced some college type of shenanigans while going to school together in the old days, but I’m not sure that he’d ever experienced anything like this, even with Mike until now.

I was on the verge of losing the bet. I could see Bruce’s hesitation, even as his mouth opened and he fought with whatever words he could manage to say and make a hasty get-a-way.

I fixed his gaze with one of my own, and taking a strawberry from between my legs, lifted it up to my mouth and gently sucked it.

Mike hadn’t said I couldn’t move or “do” something to entice him. Only that I couldn’t talk. Sucking on the strawberry, which coincidentally was large enough and perfectly shaped like a head of a man’s cock, I licked it, teased the very tip of it with my tongue, and once again slowly sucked it inside my mouth where I made sure my cheeks sucked in so that Bruce, as well as Mike could see and tell exactly what it was that I was doing to it….and in a sense, could be doing to either one of them as well.

To my relief as well as delight, instead of turning around and leaving like I was sure moments ago he was about to do, Bruce instead reached out and taking one of the kitchen chairs, pulled it away from the table and immediately sat down. It would have been nice if he’d simply beyoğlu escort have sat down and helped himself to the dangling pancake perhaps that was literally hanging by a hard stiff nipple. But unfortunately, he’d pulled the chair far enough away that that simply wasn’t possible. At least he hadn’t left…so the “game” was still on. And though Mike might be winning at the moment, I wasn’t about to throw in the towel just yet.

What Mike didn’t realize until it was too late, is that he basically turned things around for me. As I felt his tongue snaking inside my cunt digging for the fresh succulent strawberry’s, the pleasure and thrill I was feeling from it was not only caught in the look in my face, but in the inescapable sound of pleasure as I moaned and then sucked in that strawberry nearly swallowing it whole.

I kept my eyes riveted on Bruce, and ensured he was seeing and knowing exactly every sensation, every little pleasurable thrill I was experiencing. Once again, I dipped another strawberry; this time producing one with a little whipped cream on it. This I smeared on my face, around my mouth, and then licked it off where I could manage to reach it, all the while watching him as I did.

At that moment, Bruce stood up. Even Mike looked up from the feast I had served him to see what it was that Bruce was going to do. I thought momentarily that I had lost that Bruce would simply then excuse himself no matter how “titillating” I had tried to be. But to my surprise and frankly Mike’s as well, Bruce then walked over to the table, bent down, and wonderfully began licking off the whipping cream from my exposed breasts and nipples.

“What women want!” I finally said aloud.

Mike laughed….actually fluffing some of the whipped cream inside my pussy when he did as his face was once again buried back inside it. “I’m sorry………what?” Bruce said sitting up to look at me, a small dab of whipped cream on his nose as well as his chin when he looked at me.

And of course I had to laugh then too.

“Oh nothing really. I was just about to say, what woman want… a nice hard orgasm before their husbands go off to play golf. If more men did that, they’d have fewer problems with their wives letting them go off on a Sunday morning.”

“I’ll have to remember that next time Mike and I decide to play golf again.”

This time Mike joined us, his own face smeared with pink and white mixed cream, not to mention quite a bit of my own by now as I was juicing like crazy myself.

“That’s right. A foreplay…before a foursome!”

“Speaking of which……..” I began. “We’ll have to invite you and your wife over for dinner!”

The look on Bruce’s face was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. A look of near panic set in for a moment.

“A real dinner.” I said then. “A good old fashioned sit down and eat something I cooked dinner.”

Bruce laughed still a little nervously, not quite sure if I was pulling his leg or not. Mike however was laughing uncontrollably, and once again not quite having removed his face entirely away from my cunt.

“Shut up and eat!” I told him. “Or you’ll be late for your tee-time!”

“Fuck that!” Mike said then. “I’ve already gotten my hole in one for the day!”

“What about you Bruce?” I questioned then. “You going to stay for breakfast? Or what?”

“Oh….I think I’d rather play “around” here.” He said….joining in on the quickly getting sillier by the moment conversation we were now having.

“Well….that’s par for the course!” Mike once again had to add to that.

“O.k., enough “golf” talk boys. Now……show me those putters!”

Bruce quickly glanced towards Mike as though seeking some assurance that this was ok with him.

“I assure you it’s fine.” I said. “And besides…don’t interrupt him, he’s eating.”

Bruce then produced a rather handsome specimen of a penis. It was about the same nice comfortable size that Mike’s was perhaps a little slimmer, and maybe an inch longer. Just enough of a difference to make things interesting.

Bruce stood next to me then, and began sliding his nice firm cock around and over my breasts, picking up plenty of the leftover whipped cream that was still there. At that moment I got another wild idea in my head. Grabbing the pancake that still stuck to me, I tossed it towards Mike like a Frisbee.

“Mikey?” I said. “Would you be so kind as to throw this in the microwave for about ten seconds or so?” I asked him.

Picking up the pancake I’d tossed at him, he swung around in his seat and placed it inside the microwave oven, which was sitting directly behind him. Setting the timer for ten seconds, he immediately turned back around to finish removing the last remaining strawberry in my pussy without even asking me what it was I was doing.

When the “ding” went off, Mike turned back around and retrieved the nice warm flapjack handing it back to me, once again saying nothing about what it was that I was up to.

With pancake in hand, I then “wrapped” bizimkent escort the warm soft little blanket around Bruce’s nice hard cock.

When I did that, both Bruce and Mike were looking at me wondering what it was I was doing.

“Haven’t you heard of wieners in a blanket?” I questioned.

“I think they’re called pigs in a blanket.” Mike corrected me.

“Maybe so, but I didn’t want to call your friend a pig either.”

They both laughed then, though Bruce quit laughing as I then wrapped the nice warm pancake around his erection and began masturbating him with it.

“Damn Debra! That feels good!”

It began to feel even better as I began to nibble through the thin layer of cake and nipped at the soft fleshy center that I found there. Weak kneed, Bruce leaned against me a little more fully, now cupping and caressing my breasts as I continued flap-jacking his cock.

At that moment I heard Mike pushing away from the table in his chair. I also knew that he had finally fished the last remaining strawberry from my pussy. Standing up, I felt the head of his cock pressing against the opening of my cunt.

“Guess I’ll wrap my own little pig inside this nice warm blanket.” He announced, and seconds after that slipped his own nice warm sausage into my waiting biscuit.

Bruce was thoroughly enjoying himself. But so was I for that matter. As I continued to nip, suck and lick his penis, the pancake was slowly being shredded away and making quite a mess on me as well as the table. But I was also hoping to produce another sticky mess soon too. Tossing away the last remnants of what had once been a pancake, I then attacked his stiff cock with a renewed vigor, popping the head of his prick in and out of my mouth, making delicious sounds that did in fact pop as I continued doing so.

Bruce was still twisting and teasing my breasts, pulling on my erect hard nipples which was continually sending little electric shivers up and down my spine as Mike wonderfully continued to fuck me. With my legs dangling over one end of the small kitchen table, and Mike powerfully thrusting into me, it was easy to also have Bruce standing at the other end of the table feeding me his cock as I mouthed him at the same time. The angle was perfect, and his cock easily slid in and out of my mouth, partially down my wide-open throat. By the sounds of his own moaning and groaning, I knew that he was getting a superb blow job, even if I do say so myself.

When he tensed, his hands damn near digging themselves into my tit flesh almost painfully, I reached up cupping his balls and gave them a firm but gentle squeeze. Almost instantaneously with that action, I felt the first warm jettison’s of his cream filling my mouth. As horny as I’d been, feeling his cock pulsating and exploding between my lips triggered my own orgasm and I was soon clamping down hard on Mike’s cock as he thrust into me as deeply as it was possible to do, and then held it there. Mike knew me, knew how much I loved that. The feel of him filling me completely as my orgasm soared and enveloped me was truly a thing of bliss. My pussy spasimed, convulsed, spasimed again in perfect unison with Bruce’s own barely dwindling hot throbbing ejaculates.

Bruce nearly did lose his balance then, and rocked back on his heels sitting down hard in the kitchen chair, his pants down wrapped around his legs nearly tripping him. As my own orgasm finally began to diminish, I felt Mike one again pick up the tempo, and moments later, bathe the inside of my cunt with his hot searing spunk. That in itself triggered another smaller, though still satisfying orgasm for me, and I rode him to his completion and mine as Bruce continued watching the two of us with what could only be described as boyish giddy look on his face. Like seeing someone who knew they’d just been given something special for their birthday or something, and hadn’t been expecting it. Of course, when all this had begun such a short while ago, who knew just how special this particular Sunday morning would have turned out.

Even afterwards, Bruce and Mike headed off to see if they could get another tee time. Though neither one of them seemed to mind at all that they might not.

I on the other hand was left with a mess to clean up. Not just myself though I certainly looked quite the sight with smears of whipped cream; sticky with strawberry juice not to mention the stickiness of some other juices as well. But I now also had a horrible mess in the kitchen to take care of. Still, all in all, I had won the bet, would be seeing a movie that I really wanted to see later, and had just had two very satisfying orgasms. A small price to pay the way I figured it.

And even more importantly, a door had been opened for some future fun possibilities with Bruce, maybe even his wife too!

By Friday at the end of the following week, I had come down with some sort of flu-bug. It had put me flat on my back all day Saturday, and half the day on Sunday. When I finally did get up, I felt weak, but a whole lot better than I had felt. Problem was, I looked like hell too. And I certainly didn’t feel like fixing dinner, even when Mike offered to fix it himself. What I wanted was something quick and easy. I certainly didn’t feel like going any place fancy to eat, and so it was decided that we’d make a quick trip over to McDonalds.

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