Naughty Eve

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Naughty EveDriving the car down the country road Eve was enjoying the sunny summer weather as she relaxed making her way home from the business meeting in London. She loved her family life in the beautiful north east of the country but being a well paid manager of a major food store saw her often called to the capital to attend meetings. Sometimes she would rush home on the motorway to see her husband Steve and their three c***dren but if the meeting finished early enough she would often take the opportunity to take the back roads so she could enjoy the more picturesque rural routes. Today the meeting had finished early so she was heading north on the minor roads but she was by now regretting the coffees she had drunk both before and during the meeting as she now felt the discomfort of needing to make a toilet stop. She saw on the Satellite Navigation she was approaching a village so decided the chances were there would be a pub she could stop at. She cursed as she passed through the quiet rural village as there was no pub and as the area was largely farm land she was not looking forward to the prospect of how long it would be before she found somewhere. Leaving the village she drove along the road and as she took the bend in the road she realised a country pub was located about 100 yards up the road. She checked her mirror she noted there were no vehicles behind her so she indicated her intention to turn off the road. Braking she turned into the dusty dirt area to the side of the pub which was its parking area. She placed her white BMW between a dirty red flat bed pickup vehicle which had what appeared to be fencing posts and barbed wire in the exposed rear area. To her right was a small blue Ford Fiesta which was over ten years old. As Eve struggled to move her flat sole driving pumps off her feet, she moved them into the passenger footwell and retrieved her black polished high heels and pulled them onto her stocking feet. Once they were on she looked in the rear-view mirror and flicked at the stray blond hairs which had come loose and decided against retying her blond hair. Before she left the car she moved the Sat Nav to the glove compartment removing any trace before she left the vehicle. Whilst she was sure there were no car thieves in this peaceful setting she could not get out of the habit.Clutching her handbag she remotely locked the vehicle noting how out of place it looked between the two vehicles and inwardly cursed at the dust and dirt which already covered the pristine white paint. The car would need to be taken to the car wash tomorrow she noted. Approaching the pub she saw it looked quiet and checking her watch Eve cursed as she wondered if the pub was open all day or was it now closed? She pushed the door and was relieved when it opened allowing her to hear a conversation from within. Her eyes adjusted from the bright sunlight to the comparative darkness and saw a man behind the bar wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. He had short blond hair and blue eyes and looked to be in his late teens or early twenties.Quickly scanning around the bar she saw three men sat at a table in the bar. Their clothing and rough appearances gave her the impression they were farm workers and probably the owners of the pickup she had parked next to At the end of the bar was seated a man in his late sixties who had his dog curled up peacefully at the base of his barstool. Eve was aware that each of the men was looking at her. Part of her thought this was due to the fact it was no doubt a local pub which rarely saw new drinkers visiting whereas the other part of her felt their gaze was being drawn to the blond woman in her smart business attire, stocking legs and high heels. At 39 years of age Eve was often considered to be younger and was often complimented on her looks and various physical attributes. She approached the bar and tried not to give away the fact she was aware of the looks she was receiving. “I was worried you were closed. Could I have a coke please?” She asked the barman.“Had you been two minutes later I would have been closed for the afternoon but how could I refuse your request.” He replied smiling.Eve smiled back. “To be honest I am in need of your toilet facilities as well so if you could point me in the direction of the ladies please add whatever you want to drink to my order.” “Cheers, they are down there.” The man said and directed Eve to the side of the bar away from where the men were all sat.Eve made her way off to her left and saw there was a smaller area in an annex style room which she stepped down into from the main bar. The two doors at the far end of the room had the door for the Gents and Ladies. Once in the ladies Eve sat in the cubicle and felt the relief as she emptied her full bladder. She thought of the bar area and now she was not thinking of the need to go to the toilet she giggled when she thought how many times she had told Steve of her fantasy to be in a bar with a group of strange men and become their plaything. She reached into her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri handbag and took out her phone and quickly composed a text to Steve.“Hi sexy, have stopped in a quiet rural pub and there are five men here in the middle of nowhere. How many times have we fucked with me telling you about my fantasy. He he he I am tingling xx.”Having sorted herself out she picked up her bag. She stood by the basin and washed her hands under the war water and rubbed the soap into her skin and then rinsed the lather from her palms. Looking into the mirror she touched up her lipstick and adjusted her hair so all of her blond hair was tied back nicely with no loose strands. As she went to pick her handbag up she heard the notification she had received a text. Unlocking the screen she clicked on her messages and saw it was a reply from Steve.“Go for it. I look forward to hearing ALL the details. xx.”She smiled and switched her phone off and made her way back into the bar area. Nearing the bar she saw no one had left; in fact they were showing no signs of being in any hurry to finish their drinks and leave.“Did you get yourself a drink?” She asked the barman.“Thank you for the offer but you are okay.” He replied.She extended her hand over the bar to shake his hand. “We thank you for helping me out of my “spot” there, I am Eve by the way.”He shook her hand “Hi Eve, I am Tom.”“So do you leave in the village?” Eve asked before she started to sip her drink.“Sort of. My parents own this place and I am at University in Liverpool. Came down for the summer break and end up behind the bar here while mum and dad have gone on a shopping trip. To be honest I wanted to shut the pub get these guys out as my mate who lives in London is staying over and he is getting to spend all day playing on my games console while I work down here.”“So you are enjoying your holiday?” Eve said laughing.He laughed “Sorry to whinge.”“How old are you Tom?” Eve asked.“19.” He replied “Why?”Eve leaned forward and beckoned Tom closer. As he leaned forward she noted his eyes lower so he looked down at her cleavage. “When I stepped in here I could feel all of your eyes on me and I don’t think it was entirely due to me ‘not being from around here’. Also I think you just got a nice view of my chest.”Tom blushed and tried to apologise but Eve put a finger on his lips.“Sssh I owe you a thank you and to be truthful I have always had a naughty fantasy about be the only girl surrounded by male strangers. So I am popping out to my car to pick something up and when I come back in why don’t you close up for the afternoon and we can all go down there and play.” Eve said motioning her head in the direction of the small bar area by the toilets. “Think they will be up for it and your mate as well?”“You sure?” Tom asked.“Of course, back in a second.”Eve walked out of the pub and went to the boot of her car. She went to her overnight bag and her hands moved though the clothes she had worn yesterday when she had travelled down prior to her meeting. She took an item from the bag and placed it securely in her handbag. Having given Tom adequate time to explain what was happening, or about to happen, to his regulars she was pleased to see no-one had left the pub.As she approached the door it was opened by Tom. She walked into the pub and she kissed leaned up and kissed his cheek.“Lock the door I am horny.” She told him. Her eyes became accustomed to the interior light and she saw the men were already congregating in the area she had suggested while the dog was motionless and asleep in the now silent bar. The metallic sound of the bolts moving confirmed Tom had secured the door and they would not be disturbed.Tom went to go upstairs. “Hold on Tom, your mate did not help you behind the bar so let him play on his ‘toy’ while we warm up.” Eve said dragging him towards the lower area.The men were talking amongst themselves but as they were aware of Eve’s approach they fell silent and she was aware of the four pairs of eyes turning to her.“Hello gentleman, I am Eve. I want to thank Tom for his hospitality and at the same time make a fantasy of mine come true, which I think will make us all happy.” She said winking. She motioned Tom to come to her.“Tom, can you have the table moved into the centre and you guys seated on the seats to the side.” Eve asked having moved the table with her hand and confirmed it was a heavy and stable piece of furniture. “I will be two minutes and then let the fun start.”She moved into the ladies placed her bag on the surface by the basin. She checked her makeup and hair one final time in the mirror. Undoing the two highest buttons on her blouse showed her tanned cleavage. Her hands hitched up her skirt and Eve removed her white silk knickers and she lifted the gusset to her nose and inhaled the smell of her arousal. Her fingers brushed the material and she could feel the moisture. She placed the garment on the top of her bag and reaching inside she took out her phone. Flicking her fingertips güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri over the screen she scanned files contained on it. Allowing her panties to fall into the bag she picked up the handbag and her phone. Opening the door Eve returned to find the men were all sat looking at the door with faces full of expectation. “Okay lads.” She said placing the handbag on the floor out of the way. “I have a treat for you Tom but close your eyes.” Tom closed his eyes and Eve put her finger to her lips to tell the other men to remain quiet and she removed her undies from the bag. Approaching Tom who was sat on the seat Eve carefully straddled him and sat on his muscular thighs. Lifting the material until it was rubbing Tom’s cheeks he moaned and smiled as the soft material touched his shaven jaw line. As she neared his mouth she rubbed the gusset under his nostrils. “Oh yes that smells so naughty.” Tom moaned.“I know.” Eve said grinning and winking at the other men. “I can feel how hard you have got Tom. Open your eyes sexy.” Tom opened his eyes and was greeted by Eve clasping his face in her hands and giving him a passionate and deep kiss.“These are your permanent than you.” She said as she tucked her knickers into the neck of his t-shirt. “Take my blouse off.” Tom started to undo her buttons. Eve could tell he was nervous as well as excited by the way his fingers struggled with the small plastic buttons. Once the fabric was apart at the front Tom pulled the blouse off of her and discarded it to her bag. Eve kissed him again sitting on his lap with her matching white silk bra barely covering her firm breasts. She took her phone and handed it to one of the farm workers. “Can you take a couple of snaps for me as a keepsake?” She asked.Without another word she had moved off of Tom’s lap and her hands moved to draw down his zip. Once she had his flies open and her hand delved into the material and she felt his erect penis. She pulled him free and started to wank his hard uncut cock in front of everyone. She bobbed her head forward and started to lick and suck on Tom. Her other hand undid the button of his trousers and she tugged the belt to suggest to him he should undo his belt. Once he had followed her hint she stopped and pulled his trousers down.Turning her head she faced the other men. “Ok, you guys follow suit and I want to see all your cocks on display.” She then returned to sucking Tom. She could hear the sounds of the men all complying with her demand and she was making Tom moan and pant. She broke away and started to lick his balls before looking up into his eyes.“You can cum in my mouth Tom.” Eve said and then she started to suck hard n his shaft and with one hand she rubbed him and the other hand raked the skin of his scrotum. She moved her middle digit and she pushed it up so she was forcing the tip of her finger into his rectum. She wanked him, pushed her finger into his anus and was not surprised to find the telltale puff of air escape from the tip of Tom’s cock which previewed the flood of hot semen which them filled her mouth. Sucking hard Eve felt the hot salty fluid slide down her throat as she gulped swallowing his sperm.“Go get your friend.” Eve said. “Ok who is first she asked.” Her hands moved behind her back and she unclipped her bra. Her 32C breasts held pert and erect. Eve’s nipple’s were hard and erect and complemented her enhanced chest. Throwing the bra in the direction of her bag she started to unclip and unzip her skirt before she stepped out of the material when it fell to her feet.Standing naked apart from her black heels, black stockings and suspenders she moved her legs so the men could see her bare shaven pussy mound and outer lips. She saw their cocks were now hard and there were a nice selection of long or thick cocks.Eve sat on the edge of the table. “Come on boys don’t be shy. I want you to fuck me.”Without another word Eve laid back and felt the cool wooden surface on her exposed back and buttocks. Parting her legs she showed the men her wet pussy. The oldest of the men approached her and started to finger her outer lips before he pushed a finger into her wet vagina. He masturbated his hard cock rubbing the tip around her wet entrance before bring it up to flick over her clitoris. Then he drew it down and leaning forward he penetrated her before starting to fuck her deeply.The remaining lads moved around her and she felt two pairs of hands taking a breast each. They mauled her enhanced flesh and rubbed her erect nipples.“Fucking hell they are incredible.” One of the men said.Before Eve could reply, respond or react she felt touch work worn hands on her face as her head was tilted to the side and her mouth came into contact with a solid circumcised penis. She opened her mouth and let the man facefuck her roughly. She moved the angle of her neck to try to take as much of the cock as she could. Closing her eyes she relaxed and felt two cocks taking advantage of her exposed inviting mouth and cunt.“Jesus güvenilir bahis şirketleri Christ Tom, you never said this happened in this sleepy old place.” A voice said.Eve opened her eyes and tried to twist her head. The man pulled his cock free and let go of her head. Over the shoulder of the guy who was fucking her Eve saw Tom’s friend who was a huge lad. He was tall and broad and she guessed he was over six foot three at least and the most amazing part of his appearance to her was his shiny ebony skin. His shaven head shone as it caught the daylight.“Fuck me…” Eve muttered as she realised she was going to get her first black cock.“Oh for sure you dirty little bitch.” He said with his bright white teeth flashing as he grinned and leered at Eve.Sensing from his face the man in her pussy was getting close Eve looked into his eyes. “That’s it cum in my tight cunt.” She shouted to encourage him and within seconds his face contorted and she felt his sperm flood her. His cock started to wilt and as he pulled out of her she felt the sperm running out of her pussy.The man near her face grabbed her head and started to push his erection into her mouth and she could feel fingers rubbing her clit. She moaned and she started to rub the balls of the man who was in her mouth. As she concentrated on sucking him she felt sperm splashing her tits as one of the younger guys got carried away wanking as he handled her right titty. The man rubbing her left breast laughed and teased him for cumming to soon and simply rubbed the semen into her warming titflesh.Suddenly she felt the mouth of a one of the men on her clitoris and he started to lick her swollen clit. Eve knew she was close and she moaned as the expert oral attention was making her vagina start to pulse. She started to cum and as she moaned her mouth and tongue where vibrating on the tip of the cock in her mouth and she sent him over the edge and he unloaded spurt after spurt of hot seed into her mouth. With her pussy throbbing Eve felt the head of a bigger penis sliding up into her as she pulsed and as he fucked her she started to get more ripples. “Lick his spunk of my fingers.” The man who was now fucking her said as he slammed in and out of her. She licked his hands tasting the salty fluids his friend had “splashed” over them.“Ready for me now” Tom’s friend said and he approached her.“Oh my god” Eve said when she saw he had stripped completely naked and his semi-hard cock slapped his thighs as it swayed from side to side as he walked slowly towards her.Eve took his cock in her hand as she started to wank his swelling penis. His cock was large and thick and she could barely get her hand around it. It was easily the thickest penis she had ever felt and as he was fully erect she guessed he was over nine inches long. She licked the tip as she drew his foreskin back to expose the shiny lighter brown colour of the helmet of his penis. She was so transfixed by his penis she was taken by surprise as the man in her pussy fired his spunk deep into her cervix. He pulled his cock out of her and she felt semen splash out of her.“I want to ride that.” She said as she wanked the black erection in her hand. Lifting her body of the table surface she could feel the semen sliding onto her inner thigh.Allowing the man to lay on the table Eve climbed onto to the surface until she was straddling his groin. A large globule of sperm fell from her and landed on his black thigh. The white semen contrasted to his ebony skin. She reached down and took his erect shaft in her right hand. Pushing his head into her pussy entrance she eased her waist down as the collected cum acted as a lubricant on his large phallus. When she was full of him she gasped.“Rub my clit and make me cum.” She muttered. He did as she asked and she slowly moved up and down on him to fuck him as he flicked at her swollen clitty. She bounced quicker as he played with her and she stated to pant as another orgasm started off in her now sore pussy. She fell forward onto the naked chest.She kissed him. “Thank you honey, now fuck me like a whore.” She whispered in his ear. She turned her head back. “Tom, fuck my arse if you want it, the rest of you can wank and cum on me if you can get hard.” She reached back with her hands, her chest crushed flat against the ebony smooth chest. Her hands pulled her cheeks apart exposing her anus for Tom. He was keen and she felt his cock easing into her anus.Laing flat on the man she let him thrust into her from below as Tom’s smaller cock filled her anus. She could feel their shafts rubbing the flesh between her vagina and anus as she was driven insane by the filthiness of her situation. Two of the lads were wanking next to her and she could feel hands at the sides of her tits as four men enjoyed her and one of the men at the side of her grunted and she felt hot fluid splash her face and into her hair. Tom and his friend were now bouncing her limp body and she was fucked in her front and rear. Tom pulled hard on her hips as his penis emptied in her tight arse and within minutes she felt the huge cock inside of her pussy pump the contents of his balls into her. Tom withdrew from her ass and for the first time Eve realised how tired and sore her body was as well as the smell of sperm which had been spilt.“Thank you boys.” Eve said breathlessly.

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