Naughty Abigail

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Naughty AbigailFictional story where names are mentioned is purely coincidental.It was a cold winters evening and Abigail was waiting for Gerry to come back after being on a work trip for 2 weeks, Abigail and Gerry had been married six months only being able to spend about 2 months in total, due to work commitments on both parts, they had met via friends and fell for each other at first sight, Abigail was stunning long raven black hair a perfect figure and deep brown eyes, Gerry had a brother Simon that only lived a few doors away, the total opposite to Gerry what you would call a real bad boy, as the phone rang Abigail answered it, it was Gerry saying he had to stay in a hotel as the car had broken down, Abigail was very disappointed as she had hoped Gerry would be home and give her a good fucking, she had played with herself for most off the day and was extremely horny, she said she would see Gerry in the morning and hung up the phone, she lay on the sofa and put the television on, it was driving her crazy not getting a good fucking and run her hands over her body, she moaned as her nipples went rock hard, teasing them with her fingers, she stood up and took her dress off, before laying back down again.She slowly run her hands down her body and in between her legs, she was wet as she slowly pulled her panties off, running her fingers over her smooth pussy she slowly slipped 2 fingers in, and groaned loudly massaging her clit she closed her eyes as though it was Gerry doing it to her, her concentration was broken by a knock at the door, quickly putting her dress on and hiding her panties she answered it, it was Simon asking if Gerry was back, Abigail told him his car had broken down and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow, she asked him in saying she felt, lonely and could do with some company for a while. As they sat chatting Abigail was still very horny and need to relieve herself in a very extreme way, Simon asked what the matter was as she had become very flushed looking, she said she was fine and tried to relax, Simon was a real flirt and extremely good looking out of the 2 of them Simon was the one who had the charm, looks and a string of women who he had bedded.As Abigail relaxed Simon said that Gerry was so lucky to have a beautiful women in his life, Abigail blushed and complimented him on how attractive he looked, Simon stood up and walked over to Abigail and gave her a soft kiss, a surge of pleasure run through her body and could not resist kissing him back, she knew this was so wrong but she just couldn’t help it. Simon run his hands over her body making it tingle with excitement, as she pulled him on top off her letting him feel her body, his hand run up between her legs and onto her wet pussy, she moaned with excitement as he massaged her lips making her cum, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her leg and knew she just had to have it in her, in a fit of passion they ripped each others clothes off and now Abigail lay naked and at Simon’s mercy, he stood up and pulled his shirt off to reveal his well toned chest, Abigail gasped as she slowly rubbed her pussy, Simon undid his trousers and pulled his boxers down, as his huge cock sprung out, Abigail gasped at the size of it, so much bigger than Gerry’s in length and thickness, opening her legs Simon slowly got in between them and slipped his cock into her wet hole.Abigail moaned loudly as Simon’s cock spread her pussy lips wide, this wasn’t love making this was just raw sex as Simon drove his cock so deep, no one had gone that deep inside her, as she begged for more, their bodies glued together as they fucked like wild a****ls, he sucked on her hard nipples and lightly nibbled them making her cum again and again, he lifted her up telling her to hold on tight as he slowly climbed the stairs to her bedroom, his cock moved in and out as he walked this was so wrong but so exciting as they got into her bedroom and fell on the bed and fucked her like mad, Abigail cum again shouting out with pleaser, Simon could feel his cock throb and started to drive harder than ever, with a final thrust and groan he blew his cum deep into her pussy making Abigail shake with a huge orgasm.They lay lifeless on the bed bodies caked in sweat Abigail could only feel the throbbing of her pussy, she sat up looking at Simon his cock limp and laying over his thigh, it had to be 12” at least she reached out and touched it, it was sticky but felt so soft leaning over she took hold and opened her mouth gently sucking it Simon groaned softly, Gerry would never let her suck his dick, he always said it wasn’t the right thing, he was never what you would call adventurous but enjoyed sex always satisfying her needs, Abigail was now sucking and teasing Simons cock, as he lay looking at her and feasting his eyes on such a beautiful body, she took his cock out of her mouth and lay back down opening her legs slightly, she gently massaged her clit making herself cum again it was so sensitive Simon watched her pleasure herself before kneeling in between her legs, and gently started to lick her pussy, it was one thing Gerry loved to do and always gave Abigail the most intense orgasms, as Simon moved his tongue up and down her slit Abigail moaned with pleaser she placed her hand on his head and pushed her hips up so that his tongue went deep inside her, she felt 2 fingers slip in her and started to rub hard and fast, she couldn’t help but moan and groan, arching her back Simon held her tight forcing her against the bed, all of a sudden Abigail squirted like a fountain, she shook like mad as Simon did it again and again, never in her life had she ever had such intensity in a orgasm, begging Simon to stop she lay breathless on the bed, as he slid up beside her.They slept for a few hours before Abigail woke and started to suck Simons cock, it wasn’t long before it was rock solid, running her tongue up and down the shaft she slowly put it in her mouth, and her mouth gradually slipped down the shaft, Abigail had no gag reflux and was determined to take his cock all the way, as her mouth stretched Simon watched in amazement, no one had tried to suck it all the way down, he groaned as Abigail had now swallowed nearly ¾, with a final push she swallowed and Simon couldn’t stop himself Cumming, he shook as she didn’t even flinch, finally she drew her mouth off his cock as it slumped lifeless on his stomach, speechless gümüşhane rus escort Abigail knelt up and then straddled Simons face lowering her pussy onto his mouth, Simon started to lick slowly deep in her pussy, she groaned loudly saying how good it felt, again Simon licked her pussy and fondled her tits, grinding her hips Simon grabbed her thighs and really ate her cunt, taking her by surprise she cum with extreme force, finally relaxing and laid by the side of him.As morning broke Abigail heard Simon in the shower within moments she was there as well, as he run his hands over her body making her skin tingle with excitement, it wasn’t long before Simon was erect and pressing up against Abigail, she gently held his cock and rubbed it up and down he pushed her forward and fed his cock into her pussy, making her moan with pleasure he held her hips and gently started to make love to her, her moaning was becoming louder and louder as he thrust harder and harder, his hands cupped her breasts as he played with her nipples, how was Abigail supposed to go back to boring sex with Gerry after this, all she could think of was Simons huge cock pleasing her pussy, again she cried out with pleasure as he spanked her bottom telling her she was a bad girl and Abigail agreeing as well. Simon now thrust as hard as possible his balls swung as Abigail rubbed her clit faster and faster, with a final groan Simon cum in her pussy once more, his cock slipped out as they finished washing and getting dressed, Simon kissed her goodbye and told her to come to his house whenever she wanted to, she would not refuse the invitation. As Abigail sat waiting for Gerry to come home she could not do no other than think of Simon and what they had done in bed, the thought of his huge cock slamming into her pussy, was making her feel horny and needed Gerry to help her out, what Simon did to her was amazing his stamina and how he made her feel just consumed her mind, her concentration was broken by the phone ringing, it was Gerry saying he would be home later as he had overslept and now running late, Abigail said she would see him later and hung up, she decided Simon was the only one to sort out her problem she went upstairs and decided not to wear panties and to be honest they wouldn’t be on long, she changed and left knocking on Simons door and walked in. They chatted for a while before Abigail told Simon what was on her mind, taking her by the hand he lead her into his bedroom and laid on the bed, his hot breath made her body tremble with excitement, his hands run softly over her as he realised she had no panties on and was soaking wet, his cock was rock solid as he jumped off the bed and got undressed, Abigail got undressed and lay on the bed watching Simon strip, as he pulled his shorts down out sprung his rock hard cock, again she gasped as it looked so much bigger than before, he slowly rubbed it before getting in between her legs and started to lick her pussy teasing her clit.Abigail was going totally crazy and needed to be fucked, it was needed and Simon was the one to do it, not even her sex toys could satisfy her. Slowly Simon guided his cock into her pussy making her groan with pleasure, it felt so good maybe even better than the night before, as she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeper. As Simon pumped his muscular hips Abigail could no more than cry out in pleasure, more orgasms followed as she grabbed his arse and made sure he fucked her as hard as possible, she buried her head into his chest, it was so wrong but felt so right, she could feel his thick large shaft sliding in and out of her pussy, Simon pulled out and told her to get on her knees, she did as she was asked, she waited in anticipation as she had no idea what Simon would do next, she felt his cock head run up and down her pussy lips making her moan with pleasure, Simon was teasing her pussy and drove her crazy, she had to beg for him to fuck her. Simon slowly guided his cock in to her wet hole and made her groan with pleasure, he held her hips and started to move his hips back and forth as he spanked her ass softly.Abigail’s ass cheeks glowed a slight shade of red as she begged to be spanked even more, Simon gripped her hips a bit tighter and started to fuck her harder, making her tits sway and moan louder than ever, she couldn’t hold back much longer and felt a huge orgasm build in her loins, Simon thrust furiously as Abigail screamed out with the most intense orgasm she had ever had, shaking like mad she was unable to stop, as Simon cum deep inside her. Abigail slumped face first into the bed as Simon lay to the side of her, breathing heavily Abigail turned over and smiled saying it was the most amazing sex, she had ever had, after a while Abigail went home just in time as Gerry pulled up the drive and went in, that night Gerry made love to Abigail, but it was nowhere as exciting as the sex with his brother falling asleep she woke the following morning. Abigail needed more of Simon and was hoping to try absolutely anything he wanted; he excited her in every way, the thought of him violating her made her tremble with excitement, the sex was amazing his big cock pumping into her pussy making her moan and scream made her head spin, standing in the shower Abigail started to play with her pussy, she knew sex with Simon was wrong and would destroy Gerry, but she just had to have him and Simon knew it too. Abigail lent leant against the shower wall rubbing her pussy softly, her other hand run over her firm tits and teased her nipples, the hot water stimulated her naked body as she orgasmed, when she walked back into the bedroom Gerry was getting dressed, she asked if he had to go into work today as she needed to chat to him, Gerry sad he had to go to work as it was such a busy time at work, kissing her goodbye he said they would chat later, as Gerry left her mobile rang it was Simon! She had to say no but was she strong enough to say it? As they spoke she could feel herself wanting him, Simon asked if she wanted to spend the day in bed, within seconds she had said yes and would be there in a short while. She knocked on Simon’s door and walked in there was Simon chatting to another man, he introduced him as Seamus a old school mate who also knew Gerry, he was very good looking and was sending out a sexual signal that Abigail was gümüşhane rus escort bayan picking up, and making her feel excited, as they sat chatting Seamus was slowly undressing her with his eyes, Simon joked saying if Seamus looked any longer Abigail would be stark naked and begging for sex, Seamus smiled and asked Abigail if this was true, she knew what she had to say but as usual she didn’t asking if Seamus wanted too, he smiled and stood up standing in front of Abigail he grabbed her hand and put it on the front of his trousers, she slowly rubbed the front and the developing bulge in his jeans, Simon joined in playing with Abigail’s tits and making them hard. As Abigail slowly undid Seamus’s trousers she reached in pulling his semi hard cut cock out and put it in her mouth, rubbing and sucking it to make him rock solid, Simon said to Seamus “see I told you she would be up for it” as Seamus smiled, Abigail stopped sucking and stood up and stripped naked, Seamus commented on how hot her body looked as she lead both men upstairs into Simon’s bedroom, before laying on the bed a guy each side, Simon still had the biggest cock but Seamus wasn’t that small either, she moved down the bed and started to suck Seamus’s cock whilst Simon entered her pussy from behind, Abigail had never had a three way before, but had wondered what it would be like, Simon fucked her slowly whilst Seamus looked at Abigail sucking hungrily on his cock, she just loved to suck cock and wank them as well, Gerry loved Abigail given him a handjob but he would never let her suck him. Abigail moaned loudly as Simon started to fuck her harder as Seamus’s cock went deeper down her throat, she cupped his balls and licked the helmet of his cock as Seamus groaned saying he was close to Cumming, Simon groaned and cum in Abigail as she felt Seamus pump into her mouth, she swallowed every drop as they lay on the bed breathing hard.Abigail said she was as horny as hell and wanted each of them to lick her pussy, Simon told Seamus she had the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted, and told him to go ahead, Seamus got in between her legs and slowly licked her dripping wet lips, he made a satisfying sound as Abigail groaned with pleasure, as Seamus licked her pussy he slipped 2 fingers in and played with her clit that was now rather swollen, she moaned with delight as he gave her multiple orgasms she finally relaxed on the bed, Simon now started to please her unable to resist it wasn’t long before he had his face buried in her pussy lapping up all the juices her pussy dribbled, her back arched as pleasure ripped through her giving her intense orgasms. After a while Simon told Abigail to get on her knees, Seamus knelt in front of her and fed his hard cock into her mouth, Simon slipped his cock in her pussy and gripped her hips, and fucked her as hard as possible, his force was pushing her forward and Seamus’s cock down her throat, she had never been so used in her life, and only being married for 6 months made it worse, but she had needs and Gerry just couldn’t give her what she craved, Simon moaned as Abigail felt his warm cum fill her pussy, she just had to have Seamus cum in her mouth, and rubbed his cock hard, groaning he couldn’t hold back any longer and pumped down her throat, not long after Abigail went home, showered and changed waiting for Gerry she wanted to spice up their sex life but had to think of how to approach the subject. Gerry came home and sat eating his dinner, the conversation turned towards Abigail as he asked what she had done that day, she said she went and saw Simon Gerry didn’t seem that bothered as she carried on saying he was so nice and easy going, Gerry had to agree then Abigail said she came home and played with herself, Gerry stopped eating and became very interested in her comment, she said that she had been very horny lately and asked if Gerry was satisfied with their sex life, Gerry looked at her asking what she meant by that, Abigail explained he was happy but would like to try other stuff, like oral or maybe role play Gerry seemed surprised then said “how about a 3 some” ? Abigail’s mouth dropped open and you could have swept the rubbish into it, Abigail just didn’t know what to say, her husband wouldn’t let her suck his cock but was willing for another guy to fuck her, Abigail asked who he had in mind, he cleared his throat then explained he didn’t really have that big a cock and he knew Abigail would love to suck a big cock, Gerry then said he had read in a magazine that there was a guy that would join in a 3 some as well as fuck a wife whilst her husband watched, this was making Abigail excited, this was the opportunity she needed and suggested what if it was someone they both knew instead, as the thought of a stranger fucking her wasn’t that appealing, Gerry asked if she had anyone in mind, as she suggested Simon maybe, Gerry looked suspicious as to why Simon, Abigail explained it would be easier on her knowing she knew him well and knew it would be better on Gerry knowing it was someone he knew and would not go bragging it around the town, Gerry agreed and rang Simon to come round.As Gerry, Abigail and Simon sat in the living room Gerry explained how he would like to please Abigail by giving her a nice gift and asked if Simon would please her whilst he watched, Simon acted very surprised as he agreed only if Gerry was happy with it, he said he was and sat watching. As Simon started to kiss Abigail he moved his hands over her body and slowly undid her top pulling it off her shoulders he unclipped her bra exposing her tits and huge hard nipples, that Simon now sucked slowly, Abigail moaned softly looking at Gerry she smiled and blew him a kiss, she could see Gerry was hard and his cock making a tent in his trousers, as Simon now slipped his hand up her skirt and into her panties pushing her legs wide open Gerry could see Simon now pleasing her pussy, Abigail moaned loudly as his fingers made her pussy tingle, Gerry had never heard Abigail moan so loud, as he watched Simon pull her panties clean off and go back to rubbing his wife’s slit, Gerry now had his hard cock in his hand and rubbing it with pleasure.Simon stood up and dropped his trousers and boxers as Gerry saw his brothers huge weapon Abigail acted surprised as she slowly wrapped her fingers around the shaft and pulled it back rus escort gümüşhane and forth, then opening her mouth she gently sucked on the huge head, Gerry now transfixed by what his wife was doing he rubbed his cock harder still, Simon suggested Gerry come closer and watch, Gerry sat right next to Abigail as he watched her suck his brothers log whilst she rubbed her husband’s dick, gradually Abigail took Simons cock right down her throat as Gerry suggested he fuck her and please her pussy, getting in between her legs Simon slipped his meat into her pussy making her moan again, his hips stared to thrust up and down making her tits bounce and her groan with pleasure, she was still rubbing Gerry’s cock as he watched his brother satisfy his wife better than he had ever done. Abigail asked if she could suck Gerry’s cock and after a lot of convincing he agreed, Simon pulled out and Abigail got on her knees and Simon behind her slipped his cock up her arse making her gasp with surprise, she didn’t let on to Gerry and slowly started to suck hubby’s cock, it felt good in her mouth, as she gently teased it with her tongue, Simon fucked her arse slowly spreading her ring wide, Gerry moaned with pleasure, as Abigail’s mouth moved up and down the very hard shaft , she had never felt her husband’s cock so hard as Simon slipped his cock out of her arse and into her wet hole, a orgasm ripped through her body as Simons thick cock rubbed against her clit, Gerry started to moan as Abigail played with his balls, a small spurt followed by a huge gush took Abigail by surprise as Gerry couldn’t stop Cumming she swallowed furiously but managed not to spill one drop of cream. Simon gripped Abigail’s hips and fucked her as hard as possible, Gerry’s cock slipped from his young wife’s mouth, as she begged for him to fuck her as hard as possible, with a final moan Abigail orgasmed, like never before and Simon exploded into her pussy, his hips jerked as he carried on Cumming before he slipped out of his sister in laws fuck pot.All sitting naked Gerry said it was amazing and would Simon like to spend the night in a 3 way, Simon acted surprised again as he accepted the offer, Abigail stood up and kissed Gerry saying he was the most amazing husband, all 3 went to bed and had Abigail again before falling asleep. Gerry woke around 4 hours later to find neither Simon or Abigail in bed, he opened the bedroom door to hear moaning and groaning from downstairs, slowly creeping down the stairs he saw Simon fucking Abigail on the living room floor, as she begged for his big cock to fuck her pussy, Gerry sat watching as his brother slammed his cock into his wife’s cunt, the moaning and groaning was very intense as Gerry felt his cock go rock hard again, it had never gone hard 3 times before maybe their sex life did need spicing up in a major way, rubbing his cock he couldn’t take his eyes off the pleasure his wife had on her face, he felt his cock twitch as he spewed his cum, all of a sudden Abigail cried out breaking Gerry’s concentration as Simon cum deep in her pussy triggering huge multiple orgasms.Gerry crept back to the room and cleaned himself up and got in to bed, the following morning Gerry woke Abigail who was asleep on the sofa Simon had left, telling her what he had seen Abigail confessed that she could not do without Simon’s huge cock as it satisfied her beyond her wildest dreams, she also said that by Gerry watching it made it even more of a turn on, Gerry suggested that he filmed Simon and her so they could watch it, then have sex after Abigail agreed as it meant Simon could do whatever he liked to her. The evening arrived and Abigail invited Simon around, Gerry had set up 3 camera’s 2 in the living room and one in their bedroom, Abigail had gone out and bought the most sexiest underwear she could find, and before Simon arrived she showed Gerry to make sure, it was right he agreed and had to jack off whilst Abigail watched, a knock on the door it was Simon, Gerry hid and waited for Simon to devour his wife.After a while Gerry could hear Abigail moaning like mad, he crept halfway down the stairs to see her on the sofa and Simon’s face buried in her pussy giving it a good tonguing, he could see that the camera was picking up all the action, as he watched Abigail push Simon’s head deep against her pussy, demanding more Gerry was engrossed in how much pleasure his wife was having he nearly got caught, as Simon sat up and looked around, Abigail got on her knees and told Simon to fuck her hard, then they should go to bed, Simon didn’t need asking twice and he guided his huge cock into her sweet pussy and started to fuck her hard, making her moan and groan real loud, Gerry crept back upstairs and hid waiting for the bedroom action to get going. Gerry didn’t have to wait long as both came into the bedroom; Gerry noticed the length of Simon’s cock as it just hung no wonder Abigail couldn’t do without it; it had not lost any of its length or width just its firmness, laying on the bed Abigail sucked gently on the limp member as Simon slipped 2 fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her like mad, Gerry had no choice but rub his cock as the sight of his wife being devoured by his brother, was a huge turn on and the filming was a added bonus, it wasn’t long before Simon was rock hard again and Abigail was sitting on it bouncing up and down, Gerry had to bite his lips as he shot his load, jerking like mad he had never cum so hard before, all he could hear was his wife screaming with pleasure as the intense orgasms ripped through her body. It was now early morning and the sun had started to rise before Simon left, leaving Abigail unable to move or even talk, Gerry had cum a further twice whilst he watched it was such a turn on, as he came from his hiding place he looked at Abigail laying naked and opened legged her pussy lips puffed up and slightly open, she was unable to close them he also noticed how her clit was swollen as well, he had never seen her so satisfied in her life before, he went and had a shower then came and sat next to her, the sight of her naked body made him go hard again as Abigail gave him a slow wank before she sucked hic cock making him cum. That evening they watched the video of Simon and Abigail it done the trick as Gerry ripped every stitch of clothing off her and fucked the brains out of Abigail making her scream like Simon did, he made her squirt like a burst water pipe and even fucked her arse. Abigail still fucks Simon and Gerry films it, he even filmed Simon and Seamus totally humiliating Abigail in a 3 some also a DP session, Simon never did find out that Gerry filmed anything he did to Abigail and sometimes Gerry watched Simon please Abigail in ways he could never do……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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