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Subject: Nailed It Chapter 66 ***. Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people or events is purely coincidental. Locations within Florida have been used by the author to create the setting. Don’t read if you shouldn’t because you’re under 18 or live in an area where it would be illegal. I appreciate all the positive comments and constructive feedback I’ve been receiving. This particular story is drawing to a close. Watch for the prequel as well as the sequel in the coming months. Please continue to email me at ail. Enjoy the story! **As always PLEASE keep Nifty free by donating to the website! Even small donations go a long way. Please support the Nifty Archive! At the following URL: fty/ ========================================================= Nailed It: Chapter 66 Surprise As the sun rose on Sunday morning Farm Boy was handcuffed to the headboard, gagged and his cock locked in the chastity device. Sean slept soundly beside him. Clay realized he had to pee. He kept wiggling and yelling through his gag to wake his Chief. Sean stirred and rolled away from Clay. Farm Boy shoved his body to the right as best he could and knocked his lover out of the bed and onto the floor. “What the fuck!” Sean yelled! He jumped up as Clay, unable to control his bladder sent a stream of piss into the air soaking himself, the bedding and his Chief. “Damn it! I’m sorry Clay,” Sean said as he released his lover’s hands from the cuffs and untied his feet. “You clean up while I start the laundry.” Taking the cock gag out of his mouth Farm Boy noted, “I tried Chief. I just couldn’t wake you any other way. Then you fell out of bed and the look on your face.” Clay started laughing again. As he laughed more piss escaped his body. He scrambled to the bathroom. Sean stripped the bed. He gathered all the laundry and slipped into a pair of shorts and his flip flops. He grabbed the wash packets and softener and headed to the laundry. Clay finished cleaning up in the bathroom. He went out into the kitchen and started making coffee for his man. When Sean returned from the laundry his coffee was waiting. Farm Boy was making pancakes with sausage for their breakfast. “What time are we due at your folks today?” “Whenever we get there will be fine. I thought we could brief them on the wedding plans, and then just hang out until after dinner.” “That’s great. I’ll get to see them relaxed and not in entertainment mode. I mean they’ve always been very cordial to me but I want them to treat me like one of their own.” The two ate quietly. After breakfast Clay cleaned up the kitchen while Sean moved laundry into the dryers. He found Farm Boy making the bed when he returned. He got out the cleaning supplies. Starting with the Locker Room bath, he cleaned each room and mopped the floor. Farm Boy took over and finished cleaning while Sean retrieved the laundry and brought it back to the apartment. They worked together folding and hanging up their belongings. The doorbell rang. Clay went to answer it forgetting he was nude. As soon as he opened the door Farm Boy fell to his knees and kissed their guest’s left then right shoe. He rose to a kneeling position and kissed the man’s right hand. “Welcome to our home Master Will.” “Thank you boy. Is your Sir here?” Coming from the bedroom Sean greeted his mentor, “Master Will! What an unexpected pleasure!” “Sir Sean, it is always good to see you. Arn is taking some kind of online test today at the University Testing Center. In my day they were only open Monday thru Friday but I guess it’s year round now. I thought I’d drop by. I hope you don’t mind.” “You are always welcome Sir. Clay go and make Master Will a mug of coffee. 10 ounces two sweeteners and lots of milk. Please have a seat Will.” The two Doms sat down in the living area. “I appreciated the welcome I got Sean. You’ve done well with his training. Have you moved beyond light bondage yet?” “Not yet. I have tried a few things but nothing long term except for chastity.” “Yes, I noted the cage.” Clay entered carrying two cups of coffee, one for the Master and one for Sean. After handing them off to them; he sat cross legged at Sean’s feet and lowered his eyes to Will’s feet. Sipping his coffee Will stated, “Farm Boy you did well in prepping my coffee. If your Sir agrees I’d like to thank you by doing a little training exercise.” Clay looked at Sean. “I think Farm Boy would be up to a little training today. What do you have in mind?” The BDSM Master opened the small black leather gym bag he had brought with him. He withdrew a long black leather case. Sean knew immediately they were Will’s favorite toy. “Crawl into the Locker Room, put on the leather blind fold and lay on the bench. Master and I will be there shortly.” Clay obeyed instantly. The Doms watched the boy’s ass move as he crawled away from them. Master Will smiled. “I look forward to tapping that one day soon.” “Perhaps there will be time after the holidays. We’re swamped with finals, games and wedding planning.” Sean responded as he led the way to the Locker Room. They found Clay on his back and blindfolded. Sean used ropes to secure Clay’s wrists and ankles to the frame. He lifted the head board. Master Will set up his toys on the desk. He opened a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a tube of lube. Sean got the key and unlocked the chastity device. As he removed it Farm Boy’s prick rose quickly to its full 9 inches. Will pulled on nitrile gloves. He grasped the jock’s cock and skinned back the foreskin. He used an alcohol wipe to clean the cock head and cock. He opened the case of sounds and selected the smallest. He dipped it in alcohol and shook it dry. He dragged it through the lube. Holding Clay’s prick in one hand gaziantep travesti he positioned the sound at the piss slit. He nodded at Sean. Sean said, “I am going to remove the blindfold. I want your eyes closed shut. I’ll count to five. At 5 you may open your eyes and look at your cock. Understand?” “Yes Sir!” Sean removed the blindfold. “One, two, three, four, five.” Clay opened his eyes and Will released the sound. The three men watched it sink quickly into the athlete’s penis. Farm Boy’s eyes wide in awe and disbelief. “How’s it feel boy?” Will asked. “Can’t describe it. A little weird. Maybe some burning or tingling,” Farm Boy responded. Will took the next size up. Prepped it and added it beside the first. It too sank in quickly. Clay was wide eyed in disbelief. “You’re a good boy. You’re doing very well!” Master Will commented. “Thank you Master,” Clay managed as Sean massaged his shoulders. Will withdrew both sounds and prepared the fourth in the set. It was clearly bigger and Clay swallowed hard. It too slid in easily at first, but stopped half way down. The BDSM Master picked up a tuning fork, struck the desk with it and applied the vibrating tool to the sound. It shook the metal and the sound moved all the way down into the cock. “Oh wow!” was all Clay could say. “Ok boy buck your hips a few times.” Clay did as the Master had ordered. Each time he thrust his hips up the sound would move up and out of his cock before sinking back in. “Way to go boy, you’re now fucking yourself!” Will stated. He chuckled as Clay got into playing with the sound. Will grabbed the sound on one of its trips up and out and withdrew it from the urethra. “One more for today’s session.” Will took out the fifth sound, prepped it and positioned it. While only a millimeter bigger it wasn’t going to slide easily. Will struck the tuning fork on the desk and applied it to the surgical steel. Slowly the sound sank in, stretching the urethra along its path. A long protracted “Oh!” was the only sound Clay made as he felt his piss pipe being stretched. With only 1/4 inch showing above his piss slit Master Will stopped. He lubed both of his hands. With his left he started jacking Clay’s cock. With his right he reached under and played with the boy’s balls, perineum and asshole. Sean meanwhile started playing with Farm Boy’s nipples. The sensations Clay was feeling were overwhelming. He stopped trying to focus on any one of them and just surrendered his body. Will and Sean smiled and nodded to each other. Farm Boy had entered a new level of submission. After just a few minutes Master Will stated, “You have two minutes to cum starting now!” He picked up the pace of his jacking and his index finger probed into the jock’s ass. Chief was whispering, “Cum boy, shoot a load. Show Master Will you appreciate his work.” Just as Master Will announced, “One minute to go!” Clay bellow, “I’m cumming!” as he bucked his hips bouncing the stainless steel instrument in his cock. Semen oozed out around the sound rapidly running down over Master Will’s had as he continued to Jack the now sensitive prick until the full time was up. “You are right to marry this one Sean. He’s a keeper. He has a lot to learn yet but he appears to go with the flow.” “Thanks Will. Perhaps in January you can take him for a weekend.” “Arn and I would love it. Thank you. We’ll work out dates later.” He helped Sean untie Clay. “Ok Boy, pull that last sound out yourself.” Clay was fascinated at the piece of steel that had been in his cock. He sat there staring at it. “Wash all of them with soap and water, and then dip them in the alcohol. Put them back in their kit. Clean up, pack my bag and bring it to me in the living room,” Master Will ordered as he and Sean and he left the room. “Yes Sir!” Clay called after him. “Thank you Sir!” He set to work following the directions he had been given. When done he got on all fours and positioned the gym bag on his back. He crawled through the apartment until he was in front of Master Will. “Good boy,” Will said as he took his bag off the boy’s back and replaced it with his feet. He continued his conversation with Sean for another 20 minutes. His phone chimed. “Time to pick up Arn. Thank you again for a wonderful visit and permitting me to train your boy.” “Oh you’re always welcome. I’m sure Farm Boy appreciates your efforts. Don’t you boy.” “Yes, Sir. Thank you Master.” Will and Sean stood, shook hands and hugged. Clay rose to a kneeling position. Will patted his head as he would pet a dog. He walked to the door and headed out. Sean turned and grabbed Clay. “I’m so proud of you. You were awesome! Let’s take a shower then get over to to Mom and Dad’s. Twenty minutes later they headed for Sean’s car for the drive into Winter Park. When they arrived Sean parked and led the way to the back door. “Afternoon Miss Ethel!” Sean called as he entered. “Mr. Sean what did I tell you about bringing your fella in the back door!” Ethel shook her finger at him. “He’s family now Miss Ethel; he can use any door.” Sean gave her a hug and kiss. Clay followed suit. “Do you know where Mom and Dad are by any chance?” “Sure do,” she noted returning to what she had been doing before they arrived. “And that would be?” “Sean Andreas Walls! It’s Sunday afternoon.” “Oh! Ok then. We’re going to go skinny dipping till they finish up. Come on Clay. Please let them know we’re here when you see them.” Sean led the way to the enclosed pool area where he stripped and dove into the pool. Clay followed after him. The two swam a few laps before they started splashing each other and horsing around. The two didn’t notice that Sean’s father entered the pool house. They were started gaziantep masaj salonları when Alexander dove into the pool and surface between them splashing them both. Clay’s foot brushed against the older man’s naked cock. “Excuse me Sir. I didn’t mean to kick your groin,” Clay apologized. Alex laughed, “No problem Clay. I thought I’d join you for a few minutes before we join my wife.” He splashed both boys and grabbed his son’s ass before turning to dunk Clay. The splashing and horseplay continued as the three men enjoyed their time together. “Oh boys!” Melissa called. “Testosterone Time is over. Join me in the kitchen. Ethel has a snack prepared for us,” she called as she turned and entered the house. Alex was first out of the pool. Clay noted his thin frame and his hanging balls and cock. Clearly Sean took after his father. The older man grabbed a towel and headed inside. The young men got out of the water and toweled each other off. Pulling on their shorts and tee shirts they headed for the kitchen. “About time you two showed up,” Ethel chided them. “I made my special stew for you both.” “Thank you Ethel. It’s one of my favorites,” Sean said as he took his seat. Clay sat across from his table. “Tastes divine, Ethel. Bet my Mom would love the recipe if you care to share,” Clay added. “Sure `nough, I’ll make her a copy for the next time y’all are here.” Melissa asked, “How’s the wedding planning?” “Coming along,” Andreas said between mouthfuls of stew. “Don’t speak with your mouth full,” Melissa ordered. “Yes, Mormor,” Sean replied. “I did sound like my mother didn’t I,” Melissa mused. Sean and his father chuckled. “I am overwhelmed at the costs,” Clay stated. “Sean has been dealing with it all. We sit and make decisions together based on what he’s found.” Melissa nodded at Alex. “Guys we have a little surprise for you,” Alex began. “This is to help with the wedding costs. It’s the same amount we gave each of your brothers.” He slid an envelope towards them. Clay picked it up and opened the envelope. His mouth dropped open and he handed the check to Sean. “What you don’t spend on the wedding, spend on yourselves,” Alex concluded. “This is very generous of both of you. Thank you doesn’t say what we feel,” Andreas stated as he got up and kissed his parents. Clay followed him hugging his future in laws. Ethel brought them each a slice of rhubarb pie for dessert. Andreas started telling his parents about the house. “Sounds like a great investment if the inspection comes in with good news,” Alex commented. “I would like to know more about the roof, water pipes, septic tank and drain field.” “We had talked about the re-piping issue. We hadn’t thought about the septic system.” “Are you going to make any changes right away?” Melissa asked. “First thing is getting rid of all the artificial flowers and plants. Then I’d like to repaint. I want to brighten it up,” Andreas replied. Clay added, “I’d like to convert a stall into a gym. I also want to explore all the stuff in the attic. ” “Are the selling it as is with furnishings?” Melissa inquired. “That is our understanding,” Andreas replied. “Everything for $750K.” “That’s a little under what we have here,” Alex shared. “What’s Ethel fixing for supper?” Clay wondered. Alex laughed, “That would be nothing. We’re on our own Sunday Evening through Tuesday afternoon as well as Wednesday evening.” “I planned on cooking but we could go out,” Melissa offered. “How about we cook,” Clay offered. “That would be a treat,” Melissa stated. “Shall we explore the pantry?” The two headed for the kitchen leaving Andreas with his father. “You seem pretty calm son. I guess this relationship is what you needed to settle you down,” Alex commented. “Dad, did you find the same thing happening with Mom?” “Well, I sowed some wild oats but nothing like you son. Yes, your mother calmed me as well. I felt and still feel safe and at peace. We are a good team.” In the kitchen Clay and Melissa were exploring the pantry. “Looks like you have the makings for pood,” the quarterback noted. “When I moved into the Quarterback Apartment last year we had it for dinner twice a week. It’s quick and easy. You game for a new experience?” “Sure, we’ve eaten so many native foods around the world. What do you need?” ” A box of Mac & Cheese, can of peas, and I think I saw kielbasa in the refrigerator.” Melissa opened the refrigerator and found the sausages, “Clay, no kielbasa, but you have your choice between bratwurst or knackwurst.” “What’s the difference Mom?” “Clay, that’s the first time you’ve called me Mom! How sweet! The brats are pork and beef while the Knacks are all beef.” “Let’s do the bratwurst,” Clay responded with a smile. He set to work making dinner while chatting with his future mother-in-law about school and his hopes to teach and coach. Thirty minutes letter dinner was served. The pood was a surprise dish for the family. Alex was the first to compliment Clay on the meal. “I admit I wasn’t sure about the dish when I saw it. I do enjoy the textures and taste. Well done.” After dinner Andreas and his father loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. Alex stood back and looked around. “Ethel should be happy with the cleanup. If not I’ll tell her you did it. She’ll not complain all week about me leaving her a messy kitchen if she thinks you did it.” He laughed as he turned off the lights and joined Melissa and Clay in the family room. “Mom and Dad, the weekend has caught up with me. I think I want to go home and turn in.” “We understand son,” Alex commented. “We’re very pleased you spent the evening with us.” The boys stood to leave. Alex and Melissa walked them to gaziantep escort bayan the back door. After hugs and kisses all around Sean and Clay headed home. “Chief, I’m sorry you’re tired. I was hoping for a little fun when we got home.” “Well you’re in luck as that’s what I have planned. Sunday’s are Mom and Dad’s, how to put this, it’s their fun day fuck all day, day. That’s why Ethel reminded me it’s Sunday. I can almost guarantee you they were at each other as soon as the door closed!” Sean laughed. “Dad use to say, `I’m tired and going to turn in,’ as a signal to Mom he wanted to have sex. So I used the same phrasing to let them know we’re heading home to fuck too.” Clay grinned broadly before busting out in laughter. When they arrived at the apartment complex, Farm Boy bolted up the stairs. When Sean walked into the apartment he heard the shower running. Stripping off his own clothes he joined Clay in the shower. As Clay finished rinsing off Sean ordered, “Dry off, lube up and lay flat on your back in the middle of the bed.” “Yes Sir!” Farm Boy responded as he stepped from the shower. Sean finished his preparations for the surprise he had planned for his boy. Chief emerged ten minutes later to see Clay’s athletic body stretched across the bed. His lover’s well-defined muscles rippled across his body. A huge smile spread across Farm Boy’s face and his eyes sparkled in the candlelight as he saw his lover emerge from the bathroom. First, Sean pulled out the blindfold and placed it on Clay’s face. Next he secured his wrists with rope to the two sides of the headboard. Chief headed to the Locker Room to get the vibrator and the Enjoy steel dildo. Returning to the bedroom he ordered, “Farm Boy lift your legs and show me your man pussy.” The horny jock lifted his legs. Sean inserted a finger into the well lubed hole. “Push my finger out.” The quarterback pushed down with his ass muscles. His Chief placed two fingers into his lover. “Push,” he ordered. Again his boy pushed. Skipping three fingers he inserted four into Clay’s widening hole. “Again!” he ordered as he made his boy really work to push them out. Farm Boy got his Chief’s fingers pushed out of his ass, but he was panting from the exertion. Sean had been warming the Njoy between his legs while he worked on getting Clay ready. “Push out again and show me that rosebud Farm Boy,” he barked. The quarterback bore down and his ass opened displaying a beautiful rosebud. Chief brought up the Njoy and placed the larger of the two heads at the entrance of the man pussy before him. “Relax,” Clay ordered. Clay relaxed and as he so his ass lips closed around the head of the dildo and it slid home. The boy was not fully aware he had 10 inches of steel dildo in his ass. Only 3 inches remained outside his body. Sean quickly roped his boy’s ankles and spread them out to the corners of the bed. He tied them off. “Awesome effort there Farm Boy. You’re getting really good at controlling your ass muscles.” He leaned over and kissed the restrained jock working his tongue deep into Clay’s willing mouth. Breaking the kiss, Sean briefly teased each of Farm Boy’s tits until they stood out proudly from their areoles. He grabbed a roll of duct tape and the massage wand and taped its head to the end of the Njoy. Then he turned it on high. Clay shuddered as the steel dildo vibrated in his ass. His cock got harder as he got more turned on from the anal and prostate stimulation. Sean brought his cock to his lover’s mouth and Clay sucked it in. After a few minutes Sean repositioned himself so that Farm Boy could rim him. As Clay’s tongue worked his Chief’s hole, Sean lubed up his lover’s cock and jacked it. “Careful Sir, I’m close.” Sean flicked both of Farm Boy’s balls, “I didn’t tell you to speak or stop rimming my ass. Maybe I won’t give you your surprise.” He got up and turned off the vibrator. Then he left the room for 10 minutes. When he returned he smeared icy hot on Farm Boy’s balls and tits. He didn’t speak but put his ass back on Clay’s mouth. The jock immediately sucked, nibbled and tongued at the hole in front of him. A few minutes into the rim job Sean turned the vibrator back on but at low. He also resumed the slow jacking of the quarterback’s cock. Satisfied that Clay was hard enough Sean flipped himself around and sat on Farm Boy’s prick. Clay gave a surprised grunt then sighed as he realized his cock was wrapped inside his Chief’s ass. Chief fucked himself on his lover’s cock. “You’re a good boy Farm Boy. Help your Sir get off.” He turned the vibrator up to high to that the Njoy would work over his boy’s prostate. Farm Boy bucked his hips trying to match his Chief’s downward strokes with upward thrusts of his own. The two men focused on getting off for the next 15 minutes. Clay shot first filling Sean’s ass with 7 bursts of hot seed. Chief ground down on his lover’s prick and started jacking his own dick. After just a few strokes 5 thick ropes hit Clay’s chest and face. Sean lowered himself onto Clay, removed his blindfold and kissed his lover. Then he licked the cum from Farm Boy’s face. “Uh Sir, could you turn off whatever you stuck in my ass? It’s starting to hurt.” Sean got up and turned off the vibrator. “What’s in my ass? Feels like a first,” Clay commented. Chief untied the ropes on Farm Boy’s ankles. He removed the duct tape from the vibrator which had held it to the Njoy before showing the wand to his lover. “Legs up.” Clay raised them. “Bear down,” Sean ordered. Clay pushed and with effort finally pushed the steel dildo from his ass. A sigh escaped his lips as he anal muscles resumed their normal positions. Sean held up the dildo. “That was in me?” “Not only in you but you pulled it inside with your own ass muscles! I’m so happy with the way you’re learning to use your muscles.” Sean kissed Clay again as he removed the wrist restraints. “Let’s shower and fix some left overs.” The couple quickly accomplished their tasks and spent the rest of the evening cuddling on the couch listening to music and talking. There were no more surprises that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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