My Wild African Princess

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Note: The story takes a little while to get to the juicy part, but I assure you that it does cum.


The short stabbing spear lunged at me once again, I danced aside and the deadly point just snagged my bush jacket. I made a grab for the spear, but she was too quick for me and had already pulled it back out of my reach. It seemed we had been like this for ever, stab, parry and again, then lunge and jump.

I stepped back out of range of her deadly weapon, I was getting tired, sweat poured down my face and my shirt stuck to me like a second skin.

The girl had now also paused, perhaps to take a rest, although she didn’t look as though she needed to.

The break gave me time to study this African girl who was scowling at me with intensity.

She was tall and slim, almost as tall as me and I’m six foot and two inches.

She was certainly considerably younger than me, I thought she looked to be eighteen or perhaps a little more.

Her bearing was very erect and proud, she was a warrior of that there was no doubt. She wore only a skirt of some sort, of what I’m not sure. There were bangles with large white beads round each ankle and a similar band round her head but with smaller beads. Her skin wasn’t the deep black of the local tribes, but a lighter chocolate colour. Neither was her hair typical, as it hung straight and long to her shoulder, it was a rich black with a velvety shine to it. Her breasts were high, tight and pert with quite large nipples. Her legs and arms were long and slim but rippled with muscle.

She watched me studying her, the scowl had turned to a frown. Suddenly she spoke and in English, albeit in a rather clipped way. “I see you look white man, you think you will rape me as all your kind do, before you kill me.”

“You attacked me,” I pointed out “and I have no intention of raping anyone, and I certainly don’t want to kill you, why should I?”

“I attack you because I think you hunt me” she said raising her spear again.

“I’m not hunting you, I have been trailing a gang of raiders but have lost their trail in the rocks. I’ve been searching about trying to pick it up again.”

She studied me while she seemed to consider my words. “Why should I believe you, all white men lie.” she snapped back.

She changed her position and I thought “Here we go again.” as she took a step forward. I raised my rifle but not to shoot, I could have done that ages ago had I wanted, but I only used it to fend of her spear.

I realised I perhaps should have pointed that out before now but suddenly had no time as she charged. This time I was not quick enough, the spear hit my arm, my sleeve ripped and blood poured from the wound that she cut across my bicep. But, before she had the chance to pull back, my other hand had grabbed and got a grip on the shaft of her weapon. She heaved back, but I was able to pull her in towards me and as she came close, too close to wield the spear, I encircled her with my arms. She struggled, tight against me. Then I saw her hand reach for the knife at her waist. She pulled it free but as she raised her arm to strike, a rifle shot rang out and a bullet ricocheted off the rock next to us. I pulled her down with me, as more shots rang out. We lay, with her still in my arms for a moment.

“It must be the raiders,” I said. “Quickly, follow me behind these rocks.”

I scrambled on all fours, seeking shelter and a quick glance told me that she was following. Bullets continued to hit the rocks, causing dangerous splinters to fly through the air, one hitting me square in the forehead. I wiped the blood away, desperately trying to keep it from my eyes.

I peered through a gap, keeping my head low. I could see a little smoke from at least three rifles, maybe four. Easing my rifle into the gap I aimed for where I had seen one of the puffs and there he was. A head just came into view as I took aim. I saw his rifle come up as I squeezed the trigger. We heard the scream and saw a hat go flying.

Taking a quick look behind me to see if the girl was okay, I was surprised to find that she was nowhere to be seen.

But I had no time to ponder the matter as more bullets hit close to me. I rolled side over side to take up a new position. Another bullet ricocheted off where seconds ago I been, but this time I saw where the shot came from and was ready and waiting when I saw the rifle next appear, although I couldn’t see the gunman hidden in shade, I aimed directly at his gun. I don’t suppose I hit the rifle, I’m not that good a shot but I did see the man behind it jump up and then fall.

For what seemed ages but was probably only a few seconds, everything went quiet.

Then a guy came staggering from behind a rock and as he fell I saw the spear between his shoulders. The remaining gunman then made the mistake of turning to look for this new source of attack and in doing so, gave me a clear shot, which I took and saw him fall.

The girl slowly raised up and moved into full view, carefully looking round. I stood with rifle ready and walked out to meet casino şirketleri her. At that moment another figure rose from behind a rock close to her, a pistol rising toward her.

Without thinking, I snatched the rifle to me shoulder and fired. She dived to the ground glaring at me, but then she heard the sound of the body hit the ground. She turned her head to look and then back at me, she just gave a small nod before climbing to her feet.

She stopped in front of me, staring intently. Then spoke “It seems you were telling the truth then white man.”

“You are wounded” she stated in a somewhat matter of fact way, looking at the blood running into my eyes, that was now really hampering my vision. She took my arm and lifted it to inspect the wound.

She said to wait as she went and retrieved her spear, before going to check the gunmen. Returning with four rifles hanging from her shoulder and a pistol in her hand. She simply said “All dead!”

I found a good spot and buried the rifles, her saying that she would remember where they were. We left the dead as they lay, let the animals clear them away I thought.

She took my arm again and said “Come there is water and shade near, I will fix your wounds before arm goes bad.”

After walking for ten minutes or so, we came to a little hollow amongst the acacia trees and a couple of giant boababs. A small stream ran through the hollow and had created a pool of crystal clear water.

“Wash” she commanded. I bent and scooped water to my face. “No. Need to be in water to clean properly, take clothes off and wash.”

I hesitated and then saw the impatient look on her face, so I just complied, undressed, then gently eased into the water.

“No crocodiles here, it is safe” was her only observation.

To my surprise, she removed her skirt, it was all she had been wearing. Then, waded in until she came behind me. She scooped water and gently washed the now drying blood from around the wound on my arm. “Lucky I not stab good, wound is not bad” she said. She continued scooping water over my head and then my back. I felt her fingers stop at an old scar from a gunshot I had sustained a couple of years back.

She slowly traced the outline of the scar and then turned me sharply round. Her hands went to my forehead, gently probing, I winced but never uttered a sound. “Stone in there. Must take out” she said. Her knife was still hanging from a belt at her waist, she took it from it’s sheath and rinsed it in the pool. “Should use fire but cannot risk now.” Then she reached and probed, not deep but it hurt like hell, I managed to just grit my teeth together and kept quiet. “There she said” satisfied the stone was out, “you brave like warrior and not cry out, it is good.”

We left the pool and sat on the nearby rocks, I completely forgot that I was still quite naked. She gathered some leaves, what they were, I have no idea. Then, cutting a strip from my shirt, she bound the leaves against the wound. “Will be okay until proper medicine. You not lose arm now.”

She sat next to me, the rock was not large, so I felt her thigh against mine. It was then I remembered our nakedness. She was looking into my face as I desperately tried to keep my eyes from her body. “You save my life back there and I now owe you a life.”

“Nonsense,” I said “it’s just a part of what I do.”

“It is our way” was all she said.

“Who are you and what is your name?” I asked.

“I am Princess Nandi, from tribe over distant hills, my grandfather is King.”

I hesitated as maybe my next question was delicate, “but you’re not black are you, I mean not really black?”

“My father is son of King, he had white wife, but she is dead now. I have my mother’s hair and half her colour.”

“But you’re like a warrior, I thought only the men could be warriors.”

“This true except for Royal family. I am a princess, so I have right to be warrior. I am away from tribe looking for my first lion, then I am truly warrior.”

I put my hand on hers, she started and for a moment, I thought she would snatch it away but though tense she left it where it was. “I think you are already a warrior from what I saw today, they never saw you coming until too late, it was magnificent.”

“But I would be dead warrior if not for you. I think those men would have found me anyway, then I raped five times before dying. Maybe not five times, I think I kill one or two before they take me.” She paused, “I think you good man and brave man, I like that.”

Then taking me completely be surprise, she leaned over and planted her lips on mine. I thought she would pull away again after a quick kiss but her lips remained, so I responded, and we kissed properly. She raised an arm round my shoulder and pulled me in, kissing harder. I reciprocated with one arm around her shoulders and the other moved to hold her upper arm.

Still, I had forgotten our nakedness until I felt her breasts pushed against my arm. Again, I thought she would pull away but instead she pressed harder against me. My hand moved casino firmaları slowly from her arm until I cupped a breast. I gently squeezed as I fondled then her nipple was reacting as it grew under touch. I allowed my fingers to pinch gently and still we kissed. Our tongues now exploring into each other’s mouths.

I could now feel my cock had taken an interest in affairs and was beginning to rise to the occasion. I felt her hand on my chest, moving round in circles, it touched one nipple then the other before it was tickling my stomach which meant my cock came into contact with the back of her hand.

Her lips pulled away from mine and she glanced down. For the first time, I saw her smile and it was as if the sun had suddenly come out. I realised how truly beautiful she was. Her hand turned as still she looked down, “I have never seen a white one before, it is pretty.”

I’ve never had my cock referred to as pretty I thought.

“And I have not touched one before, any colour” she said.

Her fingers wrapped around my cock and carefully she felt it as if it were a strange object. Then she gave it a rub, just one. It jerked in response and her smile grew even wider. She rubbed again and was met with another twitch, so she began to rub repeatedly, up and down. Firmly but not hard she worked at it.

I felt the head start to ooze, she raised a finger to it then tested it between two fingers. Her hands then gave my cock a hard squeeze, and she pushed her fingers towards the tip. She watched the clear liquid which now freely oozed out. She gently spread it down the length and then began to rub again, she had realised there was a purpose to the liquid.

I took my hand from her breast and reached down, but she quickly snatched and moved it back again. “Not yet, you must not touch, only when I say.”

She went back to her rubbing, I leaned back as I felt my blood start to pound and the heat rising in my now large and swollen cock. She sensed the time had arrived for her to rub more vigorously. Until my cock started to jerk and the white semen came shooting out, spurting up over her hands. She continued rubbing until there was no more, bent and give the tip a quick kiss.

She released her hold of me, then stood and moved in front of me. I gazed at her beauty, waiting to be invited to touch. But instead she said “Our laws are very strict, young girls are forbidden to try and make babies, but we are allowed to ‘ukusoma ukusoma’ and that is what we do. I touch you and you touch me, it is not make baby.” Then, “I have touched you and now you will touch me but you must promise you do not try more or will have to kill you, I do not want that. You can use finger and mouth but not more.”

She placed her hands on my shoulders then moved closer. For the first time I could see her pussy slit below the small mass of black curly hairs, the lips were quite large and protruded to form two hanging flaps. Although I thought it all felt a bit mechanical, none the less I reached a hand to her pussy. I gently stroked, she did not move.

I brought up another hand and with my fingers, eased the flaps apart, I could now see inside and was surprised to see how white it was in there. Lightly I touched, it was moist but not wet. I pulled the lips wider and then I could see the small button that was her clit. My fingers moved towards it, sliding between her lips, slowly upwards until they touched.

Now she jumped and then pushed her hips in closer. With two fingers, I massaged the little button and watched it begin to grow. Her legs spread wider whilst her own hands left my shoulders and reached to pull her pussy lips apart. She was getting wetter now, my fingers glistened.

I began to ease a finger in and as I entered she spoke “You must not break skin inside me, you understand?”

I just nodded and did not push in far, instead I added another finger and then a third and began to slowly push in and pull out again.

I leaned forward, easing out my tongue, I found her clit and tasted her, it was delightful. My tongue teased and tickled round her clit, my fingers still performing. She was now soaking wet, fluids draining out onto my hand. Her hips started to rotate and grind into my mouth, her hands had moved to my head and were pulling me into her.

She began to tremble and then shake quite violently. Then she tensed, rose onto the balls of her feet and banged my mouth hard with her pussy. She convulsed, then relaxed, then convulsed again as I heard her moaning above my head. She shook several times more as she rode the orgasm rising within her. Her legs snapped together trapping my fingers inside of her as she rode herself backwards and forwards on them.

She relaxed back on her heals, and then knelt down in front of me. Her hands took my face, she brought her lips to mine, and she kissed me passionately.

“I have given you the honor of my first ukusoma, no man has touched me before, and I am pleased I have done it with you my warrior.”

I stared at her, completely lost for words, which she could see. I güvenilir casino held up my arms, she moved into them, and we embraced in a lover’s cuddle.

“Nandi that will always be special to me, I will never forget this moment.”

“Then I am more pleased that I have found a place in your memory, that is good” she said. “Now we go back in water to wash and after I take you to doctor.”

We seemed to have been walking for miles. The sun had become relentless and I realised that I was having trouble focusing clearly on the way ahead. I began to filly dizzy and when I stumbled, Nandi took a tight hold of me, a concerned look on her face. She touched my forehead and wiped away some of the sweat. “You have fever, my leaves have not worked, we must get you into shade” as she pointed to a nearby hill, “Opening in rocks over there.”

She eased me to the ground in a little shade close to where I could see quite a large opening into a cave. “Need to check inside, no snakes or scorpions. You have matches?” Taking them from me, she set about lighting a small fire. When it was freely burning, she touched the stick that she had wrapped grass round one end into the fire.

She tossed the stick into the cave and then lit another. Watching the entrance, nothing came out. She went inside waving the second stick around until satisfied that the cave was safe. She came and helped me up and led me inside.

She undid the bandage on my arm, a deep frown crossed her face as she inspected the wound. Taking a thin blanket from my pack, she came and wrapped me. Placing the water bottle at my side after she had made me drink. I was by now only semi-conscious.

I became aware of a tickling and then a sting on my arm, forcing my eyes open and I looked. I must be imagining things I thought. All I could see was a bum close to my face with a small round ass hole peering at me. Then I saw the pee splashing on my wound. (note; urban myth) I saw Nandi rise and adjust her skirt.

“I must go, fetch doctor, you cannot go on.” She leaned in holding my face as she kissed me. The she was gone.

The first thing I noticed was the foul smell invading my senses. I struggled awake, the pungent air stung my eyes. I could see this old crone wafting smoke over me. The smell was from whatever concoction she had applied to my arm and also what she was burning on a closeby fire. I drifted away again as my eyes closed.

I came awake with a start. My body felt as if it weighed a ton, then I realised it was Nandi lying prone on top of me. We were both naked and wrapped tight in the blanket. She was asleep, her head nestling my neck. Smoke still drifted lightly from a dying fire.

I moved an arm and Nandi snapped awake, her head lifting to peer at me. A hand touched my forehead, then she smiled. “I did not think you would come back from the land of the dead, the doctor said there was not much chance, the infection had taken your body.” She reached out and brought the water bottle to my lips, I drank thirstily. She tenderly kissed me and I managed to respond. “Yes you are back my love” she said.

She snuggled back down against my body and even in my weakened state, I felt a stirring in my groin. I knew she felt it when she gently rubbed her pubis about on my rising member. Then she stopped and said “No you need rest.”

Later after I slept for hours, she again gave me water and fed me a sweet gruel. Whatever it was, it certainly made me feel stronger.

Soon I was sitting up and watching Nandi as she moved about, she had still not dressed.

“Your eyes look at me and they see my body, I think you have ukuvusa ucansi, I don’t know words in English but it mean, your body is excited looking at mine, I have same feeling, I have tingle here in my ibhentse and is getting wet all the time.”

“Ibhentse, what is that?”

She thought for a moment, “It is my hole here but it is also all of it” she said and pointed between her legs. “It is feeling nice but it is not good. We can have ukusoma in several ways, but we cannot do ukulala ngokokuqala ngga but I feel very strong it is what I want.”

“What did you say? I didn’t understand.”

“Ukulala ngkokuqala ngga it mean to take to mat for first time, or maybe it is to try make baby for first time, it is difficult to explain in your language. None of these things are allowed until my family have approved my chosen man and allowed me to be promised as a bride, and only after the oldest family woman inspect my ibhentse to see it is not broken inside. I have already broken the code by having ukusoma with you without their blessing.”

I stared at her astonished. I think this girl was telling me that she loved me or at least had very strong feelings for me. “What do you mean by ukusoma in several ways?”

She was now embarrassed and it was some time before she replied. “We do not talk of these things very much, it is not custom. Ukusoma is what we did at the pool but it can be more. We lay down with women facing up or down. We must close legs very tight. The man he then lay on top and push his thing,” she pointed at my cock then continued, “here in between legs but must not enter ibhentse. We move until the white stuff come out. It is good for man but not so much for woman except we make him happy” she finished eyes to the ground.

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