My Wife’s Co-Workers Are Making Her Fat

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My Wife’s Co-Workers Are Making Her FatCoworkers Are Making My Girlfriend FatMy wife (then girlfriend) Samantha started at her office as soon as she finished college in her early 20s. She was a shy, thin and genuine girl; a former runner in school, she was by far the youngest and thinnest of all her coworkers. They were 5 married women, all in their forties and ranging from chubby to straight-up fat. She became immediately their “mascot.” They would all compete to help her with the new job, make her feel at ease, invite her to lunch, and offer her treats during coffee breaks. Happy to have found such a friendly environment, she accepted the help and never declined an invite… or a snack. Coffee breaks were quite frequent, and she earned a reputation as a girl with an appetite, despite being so shy and thin. Things went along naturally. They continued to share breaks, thoughts, cookies, and pastries. They started to meet at home during the weekends and go out to dinner, as their friendship grew closer and stronger. They also kept on applauding her slim figure, saying how much they envied her for her lucky metabolism — often over thick slices of cake, sugary margaritas, or boxes of cream-filled donuts.Days became weeks and weeks became months, until the day came when the most direct of her colleagues, Anne, noted that as time had gone by, Sam had developed more than just her job skills. She kindly patted Sam’s butt and said “Good to see you’re really enjoying the new lifestyle, hon!” Indeed, her trousers had been fitting more tightly than usual recently, but Sam rationalized it as her clothes shrinking in the wash. I noticed that she had added some pounds, but I was surprised to find that I liked how they looked on her. I resolved to keep quiet about it and see where this would go.A few more weeks went by. Sam was having more and more trouble squeezing into her clothes, but she continued to snack freely. I noticed that some of her former muscle tone had started to disappear behind a layer of softness. Still, Sam was pretty shocked when, while they were out to lunch, Anne teasingly pinched the small, soft roll of pudge that had gradually formed on her previously flat belly. “Wow, Samantha!” Anne chuckled. “You are definitely starting to fit in around here!” She put a hand on her own large potbelly and gave it a playful jiggle, prompting a burst of friendly laughter from the rest of the girls.At home that night, Sam jumped on the scale for the first time in months. She gasped when the needle came to rest on 142 — twenty-one malatya escort pounds had silently found their way onto her body in those first 6 months at work! It wasn’t that much for her 5’4″ frame, but she had never gained so much weight before. She was pretty upset at first. I did everything I could to console and reassure her, telling her (completely honestly) that I thought she looked amazing with a few extra curves, and that I still found her very sexy. Once she calmed down, we found our way to the bedroom, and I did my best to show her just how much I liked her new, softer look. She told me later that I’d been very convincing. ;)The next day at work, her colleagues told her not to worry — she was still in great shape and, if anything, the weight suited her well. With these reassurances from me and her friends, Sam accepted her extra pounds pretty easily, and in a few days she abandoned the idea of dieting. She let them pamper her as before, and I went out of my way to shower her with compliments and loving, sexy attention. Meanwhile, the dust piled up on the scale.The months followed one after another, with her work keeping her constantly busy; coffee and lunch breaks were her only opportunities to relax. Finally, by the time of her one-year work anniversary, her size 10 trousers were so tight she had to go to the mall with her colleagues and buy her first size 12. They all stated she was looking better than ever, so again, she had no need to worry. I more than agreed with that sentiment, and had in fact made sure to always have an ample supply of Sam’s favorite snacks around the house for her to munch on.No one would have called her thin anymore, but she wasn’t quite “chubby,” either. Her butt and thighs had thickened noticeably; all traces of her former muscle tone there were pretty much gone. That initially barely perceptible chubbiness on her midsection had become a small, rounded pot belly, and her hips were gradually widening. Overall, one year in her office had given her a softer, pleasantly womanly shape with a plethora of curves and bulges. Her flat stomach and firm ass were definitely things of the past, and I was loving the new Samantha — her rear now sported a pair of luscious, juicy buttocks that drew more than a few appreciative stares in public, and her boobs had grown into bouncy C-cups.Of course, she noticed her belly had been growing and was now folding into a soft roll whenever she bent over. She also showed me how her thighs had thickened and were mardin escort “spreading” much more to the sides while she was sitting. During a visit home, her mother scolded her for having lost her shape and looking fatter.Samantha complained to her colleagues about the pounds piling on and her mother’s comments, but again they minimized the matter and kept offering her delicacies. In another month or two, she reached the point where she was outgrowing her size 12 clothes. It was impossible not to notice how much her big, softening ass was straining her trousers, and her waistbands displayed a generous, jiggly muffin top at all times. She knew it was time to go up another size, but she put it off for as long as she could.Finally, the girls at the office took her on a lunchtime trip to the mall. That night, Samantha brought home several shopping bags filled with lovely new clothes — and this time, all of them were from Lane Bryant. Just seeing her carrying those bags in the door made my dick hard. As she modeled her first plus-size outfits for me, I made sure to tell her how good they looked on her and how sexy she was. At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice that even her new size 14 clothes were surprisingly snug. From the looks of it, another wardrobe upgrade was maybe a few months away, at most.She weighed in at 167 lbs that night, and there was no doubt that she was starting to look more and more like her colleagues: thicker, rounder, and softer. All traces of her former muscle tone were gone now; her arms and legs were sheathed in a cushiony layer of pudge, her thigh gap a distant memory. Her rounded, bulging belly was visible regardless of her posture, standing out proudly from her widening frame. Even her face was a bit rounder, with the beginnings of a soft double chin evident.Long story short, my wife had unmistakably crossed the line into chubbiness. I wondered if she would change her behavior to make more of an effort to drop a few pounds, but if anything it was the reverse — more and more, she was skipping the gym to hang out with her work friends, or laze around the house and snack. Seeing her get big and lazy was hugely sexy, and I did my part to encourage her to just slow down and indulge herself whenever I could.I thought her colleagues might finally begin to feel pity for their once-slim mascot, now fighting to squeeze her added pounds into her size 14 clothes. Not even close — over the next few months, they kept tempting her with all the good food at work, elazığ escort and the number of lunches and dinners outside, if anything, increased. With all their “caring attentions” she never came back home on an empty stomach. Finally, she stopped going to the gym altogether to free up more time to spend with “the girls.”By now, I was sure her colleagues weren’t acting this way out of some misguided maternal instinct. I have no doubt they were savoring the sight of Samantha losing her perfect shape, filling out nicely and getting softer and rounder like themselves. Since she started piling on the pounds, they kept pouring food into her, and they didn’t slow down in the slightest when she became chubby. On the contrary, they redoubled their efforts — and they won. Eighteen months after Samantha started at the office, her loosest pair of size 14 slacks gave up the ghost. As she sat down for lunch with her girlfriends, the front button on her pants was finally overwhelmed by the big, bouncy belly behind it — with an audible thwiiiip! it popped off and went flying across the restaurant. Mortified, Sam turned beet-red as she struggled to suck in her gut, her mind racing, trying to figure out what to do, how to conceal it… until she felt a gentle, pudgy hand rest on her shoulder and a reassuring voice in her ear.”Don’t be embarrassed, love,” Anne soothed. “You’re one of the girls now. No need to be shy around us. Just let it allll hang out…”Seeing the affectionate nods and smiles the rest of her friends were giving her, Samantha smiled shyly and followed Anne’s advice. She exhaled softly and let her heavy, round belly bulge outward. As the table watched in quiet delight, Sam’s belly slowly but surely pushed the zipper of her slacks all the way down as it finally succumbed to the call of gravity and dropped, hanging heavily over the top of her black satin panties.After a moment of awed silence, the table erupted in laughter, cheers, and applause. Now laughing along with them, Samantha gave her hanging gut a hearty smack that sent jiggling waves through her sagging DD breasts, her wide ass, her double chin, and her meaty thighs, all the way to her pudgy fingers and toes. She had officially graduated from chubby gal to fat woman.I’m sure her colleagues had been quite anticipating that moment, when they finally succeeded in transforming the only skinny girl of the office into one of them, and they were overjoyed with her developments. Anne patted Sam’s fat, quivering belly and gave her an approving kiss on one chubby cheek. At 5′ 4” and 202 lbs, Anne was right on the money — Samantha had definitely become one of the girls. Like her friends, she had embraced the joys of surrendering to softness, to laziness… to fatness. She knew, without a doubt, that her days as a skinny girl were a thing of the past.

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