My Wife Natalie Chapter 1

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My Wife Natalie Chapter 1My wife Natalie and I met when I was 19 and she was 18 and in 6th form school, We were both virgins.Natalie is a size 16 with and amazing body and large breasts, The first thing I noticed about her as she was talking to her friends was that she smoked. I have always had a smoking fetish but never told anyone about it as I thought people would find me weird!We ended up dating and our sex life was amazing and over the next few years things were perfect between us.After we bought our first house she became pregnant and a little girl was born.We soon got back into our routine of work and daily life. Our sex life returned to normal and we had the weekends to ourselves as family wanted to take care of little girl. We found ourselves going out drinking on weekends and having amazing times, followed by watching porn when we got home drunk along with amazing sex.It was during one of these sessions that Natalie asked me if I enjoyed her smoking as she had noticed I cant take my eyes off her when she smokes. It was then that I told her of my fetish.Instead of being angry or calling me weird, I noticed she started smoking more and more around me.The next weekend we settled in bed ready to watch porn after our drunken night out and she immediately lit up a cigarette and she noticed straight away that my cock had become hard. Natalie always says she rus escort loves my cock as it’s 8 inches long and very thick. She started taking long drags and blowing the smoke in my face while looking into my eyes as she started rubbing my cock.She has always been shy around other men so what happened next surprised me. She let out a gasp and my eyes went towards the porn film playing. Look at the size of his cock. It was black and at least 12 inches long..Another of my fantasies raised it’s ugly head at that point, wanting to watch my innocent wife taking another cock while I watched.I took the chance and asked her if she would like to be fucked by a black cock that big.She didn’t answer me but instead started to look flushed and grabbed for another cigarette and took a cheek hollowing drag.Maybe I knew the answer.We would start our bedroom talk after that night and in the height of passion I would ask her if she wanted to be fucked by another cock and she would say yes, I need to feel another mans cock in me. I was in heaven.It was just fantasy really as she never mentioned it after that. I kept pushing her and pushing her to have a threesome with one of my mates which she knew too but her answer was always no.Another 3 months passed and after my constant nagging she finally agreed that I could call my friend over, It was arranged rus escort bayan for the following Friday night. Natalie and I had a drink for a few hours waiting for a knock on the door from my friend Mat, All the while she chain smoked and looked nervous. Soon the drink loosened her up and she seemed relaxed.My friend knocked the door and by now Natalie was well on her way to being drunk.He sat on a chair in the corner of the sitting room and I went to the kitchen to get more drinks and as I passed Natalie who was sitting on settee, I kissed her just after she took a long drag on her cigarette and she then blew the smoke out into my face with a wicked grin.I returned to find Natalie sitting on floor in front of Mat and she was rubbing his cock through his trousers and I heard her asking him if he was going to fuck her. We soon all went upstairs with Natalie grabbing her cigarettes off the table.I could tell she was nervous and she quickly stripped off and climbed under the quilt.We boys stripped off and I sat in a chair at the bottom of the bed and told Mat to get into bed with Natalie.She was nervous and lay still for a few minutes before lighting a cigarette and taking a nervous drag.Soon I could see the covers on bed moving and realised that natalie was stroking his cock making it hard and the look on Mat’s face told bayan rus escort me he was enjoying it. No sooner had I taken in that sight, the covers came off and Natalie was climbing on top of Mat while holding his cock, the sight almost made me pass out as she lowered herself onto his cock and started riding him while still taking deep drags from her cigarette.I was sat in the chair hard as rock as my wife started riding his cock harder and faster and the moans coming from him told me he wasn’t going to last much longer.I noticed that his cock was only 5 inches and not very thick so I knew that Natalie was not going to get an orgasm on this. After a further 5 minutes Natalie climbed off and looked at me with a tear in her eye, I knew she was upset.She grabbed hold of his cock while he laid on his back and started to wank him off as fast as she could, obviously wanting to get it over and done with so that she could tell him to leave.I must be a sick man because the sight of her wanking him off made me want to come but I knew I should try to hold off.Soon, the fast stroking of her hand along with her wedding ring sliding down his cock was too much for him and he let out a gasp and the biggest load of cum erupted from his cock all over his stomach and all the way up Natalies arm.It was a quiet few moments after that but my mate got the idea that Natalie may be upset and so he left rather quietly down the stairs and out of the front door.Natalie immediately lit up a cigarette and triple pumped her cigarette while the tears were rolling down her face.What had I forced my wife to do, would she ever respect or love me again?………..To Be Continued

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