My wife looking for a promotion

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My wife looking for a promotionMy sweet wife came that evening from her office and told me we were invited to a staff party at her Boss house. I was not in the mood for that kind of goring parties; but Ana insisted. She was trying to get a higher position at work so she felt she should be present there.I laughed and asked her if she was ready to fuck her Boss to get a promotion. But she also laughed and said it would be very difficult, because the man was almost seventy years old…Oh yes, I replied, but he still had a dick…But then, two days before the party, Ana confessed me that her old Boss had put his hand on her thigh as he sat close to her…I asked her to continue; staring to feel a bit aroused.Ana said that he had rubbed her thigh through her skirt and then his hand started to move upwards; so she made an excuse and left the room. My sensual wife looked at me to see my reaction.I just stood abruptly and pulled her to her feet. Then I lifted her tight skirt up her waist and ripped off her cotton panties. I threw her curvy body against the table and fucked her in a wild way from behind. Ana came soon; she was hornier than me…After I filled her sweet pussy with my warm seed; I asked her if she really wanted a promotion and what she was determined to do to get it. She looked at me with an evil grin and replied whatever it would take…I said it was for me; bahis firmaları but I wanted her to tell me everything that it would happen in the future…The next morning she kissed me goodbye as I was ready to leave for my job. She was getting ready for leaving also to her office.Ana was wearing a sexy black mini skirt and a tight blouse showing some cleavage. Her long legs were incredible as she was standing in a couple of stiletto heels.I spent the day at my office, wondering what Anita was up to, creating all sorts of scenarios in my head. I was imagining her old Boss touching her and then I could hardly wait to see her at home…We had dinner in silence; but I knew Ana was hiding something. I had found her already at home; she had taken a warm shower and now was wearing a cotton pajamas with low sandals…I told her I knew she was hiding something. Then she smiled at me with an evil grin and asked me if I was sure I wanted to know… I could see she was excited Then I asked just what had happened at her office…Ana started telling me she had had a new meeting and her Boss again had sat down close to her. He had put his hand on her leg and she had opened her legs slightly to give him better access…Then he moved his hand up slowly rubbing her inner thigh; but this time it continued up until he got to her pussy lips. She was not wearing any panties; so kaçak iddaa his fingers were soon rubbing up and down her slit and pinching her engorged clit.The old man started to push his fingers into her body; her cunt was sopping. The old bastard did not stop; he just kept fingering her until she came; but she had to keep it quiet because she was sitting among other people.At this point I could not stand it anymore; I bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her hard slamming into her wet cunt and calling her a slut. We finally came both together and I filled her soaking cunt with my seed.The next day was the same.I could not wait to come back home and hear what had happened to her with that old bastard Boss.This time Ana told me she had been called to his Boss’ office during the morning, in order to “discuss her future”, as he put it…As my sensual wife sat down opposite him at his desk; he told her she would be promoted; but he thought she would show him a bit of appreciation…Then Ana walked round to the front of the desk and stripped off her blouse; letting her big tits just swing out. Then she crawled under the desk and undid her Boss’ trousers and pulled out his dick.She sucked his old Boss from the tip to the bottom; while one of her hands was busy with her pussy squelching in and out.Then Ana told me her Boss had cum in her mouth and at same time kaçak bahis she had come as well on her own fingers.Finally the day of the party at Ana’s Boss house came.We both went there and saw the house was really crowded.As the old man noticed my wife, he approached us and introduced himself to me. Then he told me if I would mind him if he would steal my wife away and introduce her to some of his good friends…So he put an arm around my sexy wife and led her away to a group of men his age and started to introduce her. As he was doing so, I watched his hand was now massaging Anita’s round ass cheeks…I turned round to get a drink at the bar and when I turned back they had gone away from my sight. I started searching the house and finally I reached a long corridor. There I could hear my wife’s voice. As I got closer I could hear Ana was panting and exclaiming in ecstasy…I came to a playroom and there was my sensual wife; lying on a table with her dress hiked up to her waist and her legs wrapped around one of her Boss’ friends. He was pumping her in a wild way and his dick was sinking in and out of her hungry cunt.Anita’s head was twisted to one side as she sucked off another of the men gathered there. One of her hands was wrapped around her Boss’ dick…One after one; all those old men came in her cunt or mouth…They all finally left; but only her Boss stayed there. He smiled to me and told me my wife had really earned her promotion. She had been by far the best candidate for the job…Before leaving the room, he told Ana he would see her at his office on Monday early morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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