My Wife And I Made A Slave Of My Colleague

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My Wife And I Made A Slave Of My Colleaguegot married 2 years back to my beautiful Vidya. She looked so attractive with dusky looks. Her boobs are a stiff 34 and her round butt is her main attraction with the size of 36. She has a curvy body. My dick raised by just seeing her. Ours is an arranged marriage.When I first expressed my like towards BDSM she gave a crunching smile and said, “We are made for each other.” She is more of a dominant type but her love towards me is immeasurable. We do roleplay as both me as a slave and her as a dominant and vice-versa.But all this was within the 4 walls of our bedroom. Even though we got married, we both flirted with our opposite-sex people. We provoke them a lot towards sex with a strict rule of only flirting and no physical. We read each other’s chat with other people in bed and enjoy the evening.We both work at the same firm and but for different projects. So we travel together and sometimes drop our friends in their home. (Mostly the people we flirt with).The intro of our slave:Sandhya, an unmarried beautiful lady joined my team. She was 2 years elder than me and also my senior in the designation. She had a formal introduction with myself and team. About her, she talks bit rude towards men and softer towards ladies.She has a whitish complexion, 36 sized gigantic boob and a mid-size ass that sways with her walks. She always wears business formals to offices such as shirt and skirt. In general a typical Brahmin girl (Iyer ponnu). Things were going smooth. As she is elder to me I wasn’t flirting with her, just official talks.During a conference, she complained about me to my manager for always talking or chatting on mobile. Though I completed my tasks my manager took this on a serious note and warned me. I was a bit disappointed by her behavior towards me but didn’t take anything further.Vidya noticed my dull face.Vidya: What happened? Why are you looking so dull for the past 1 week?Me: Just some office stuff don’t worry about it, dear.She left the topic so as to divert me and we had softcore sex.1 week later, we had a serious escalation on the project. My team along with Sandhya were to work on the following weekend to resolve the issue. We both came to the office and started working. The clock hit 1 PM and I started for lunch. Sandhya called me by name in a rude way.Sandhya: Sujith, where the hell are you moving your ass?Me: Lunch.Sandhya: You only deserve shit to be eaten.My teammates started laughing at me. I was shocked to hear those words. I just left the place and went to the canteen. When I came back, she called me to her cabin. I went there and asked what is it?Sandhya: How can you go for lunch without my permission?Me: I don’t need your permission to eat, bitch.Sandhya slapped me in front of all my teammates. I couldn’t respond for a minute. She called my manager and informed that I tried to hit her. My manager came to the office and suspended me for a week without hearing any explanation. She gave a grin towards me as she succeeded.I went home in a sheer embarrassment. Vidya reached home by night after hanging out with her friends. She noticed my face. With a tear in her eyes, she asked what happened and gave a kiss on my head. I explained to her the whole story and asked her forgiveness for not letting her know this previously.She just hugged me tight and said something that just boosted me.Vidya: Let’s make her eat our shit.Me: What are you saying?Vidya: Remember, we had a plan to have a slave for ourselves?Me: Yes.Vidya: Then this bitch should be our slave forever.Me: Are you serious?Vidya: As serious as I fucked your ass yesterday. She must be taught a lesson.I got what’s on her mind. We started devising our plan to make her lick our feat for the rest of her life. Sandhya usually commutes using carpool. She lives in a PG which is near to my beach house. I also gathered an important fact about her lesbian fetish. Yes, she is a lesbian and that is the reason for hate towards men.offiVidya said that she had to make love to her first to make her our slave. I agreed with the point and asked how you are going to talk to her. She commutes by carpooling so let’s use that as a way to communicate. Next day Vidya took the car to the office.By night 9 PM Sandhya started searching through her mobile for female car-poolers. To the luck of ours and bad luck of her, Sandhya gave request to Vidya for pooling. Vidya kept a secret dash cam on the car to feed the action live between her and Sandhya.Vidya wore a tight shirt (her boobs were begging to get out of her outfit) and black jeggings on that day showing her curvy sexy butt. Sandhya entered the car and took bahis siteleri the seat near Vidya and wished her. Vidya started the car and there weren’t any talks between them.Vidya saved my mobile number as Preeti with an unknown girl’s pic as the contact picture. I installed an application to mimic my voice as a girl at the receiver and phoned Vidya. Vidya switched to the car’s Bluetooth loudspeaker and answered my call.Me: Hi Sweety, where are you?Hearing these words got the attention of Sandhya. she was just looking at the phone and Vidya.Vidya: Hey, I am on the way to home, dear. Hope you arranged everything, it’s going to be a long night. (giggled)Me: Am waiting for you slut. What are you wearing today?Vidya: As you asked me, dearSandhya now moved her eyes to Vidya and looked her top to bottom. Her hands were already on her crotch.Me: See you in the bed slut. Bye.Vidya: Bye, dear.She cut the call and looked at Sandhya’s hands and gave a sexy smile to her. Sandhya acted like nothing and started the conversation,Sandhya: Vidya, are you married?Vidya: No, I am still single.Sandhya’s face brightened on hearing the answer.Sandhya: Why you don’t like men?Vidya: I don’t like those pathetic needles poking my ass.Sandhya started laughing and patted on Vidya’s armsSandhya: Exactly, even I hate men.Vidya: Really? How?Sandhya narrated the incident between me and her. My wife controlled her anger when she heard about the slap and praised her.Vidya: How do you take care of your sexual needs Sandhya?Sandhya: I never hated women and their fragrance.Sandhya kept her hands on Vidya’s thighs and caressed it. Vidya kept her hand over sandhya’s hand. Slowly she moved her hands to Vidya’s pussy. Vidya got hold of Sandhya’s hands, gave a smile and said not so soon babe. Vidya stopped the car by side of the highwayVidya looked into her eyes, grabbed her neck from the back and kissed on her forehead. Sandhya gave a tight hug. She got hold of Vidya’s face, rubbed her juicy lips over hers and kissed her for 5 minutes. Vidya kept her hands on Sandhya’s busty boobs and started crushing them.Sandhya inserted her tongue inside Vidya’s to taste the juices.Vidya: You are not wearing a bra today it seems. You naughty bitch, ready for anything huh?Sandhya: Anything for you, ma’am.Vidya: So you do like BDSM huh? Are you a sub?Sandhya: Anything you want me to be, babe.Sandhya kissed her chin and sucked her lips. I could see that Sandhya is fully aroused just by looking at her squirming body. This is where I should stop them from getting more intimate. So I called my wife on her mobile to give the signal.Vidya got the message and broke the kiss deliberately. Sandhya was not in a mood to break the kiss.Sandhya: Can’t you cancel the appointment of yours.Vidya: Am sorry babe I can’t. Don’t worry just give your number. You are in for a lot of surprise from here on.They both exchanged their mobile numbers. Vidya dropped Sandhiya outside of her PG with a dope kiss.Vidya reached her home with pride. Sujith welcomed her with a wide smile and a french kiss.Sujith: Mistress, I am all yours today.Vidya: There is only one way of repayment for this baby. That bitch should lick my toes and worship us forever and you need to train her for that to happen.Sujith became a b**st on hearing the words from the queen herself. He lifted her and punched his lips on Vidya’s lips with utmost passion.Sujith then made her sit on the dining table and started cuddling her. Vidya was surprised by her husband’s sudden outburst. Vidya took hold of Sujith’s face and said, “Let’s have dinner in our style, babe” and went to the hall.Sujith got the point and took a bottle of honey, chocolate syrup along with fruits and pizza which he had ordered with some wine.Vidya sat down on the sofa and gave him a killer look. Sujith made her stand and gave her a sensual hug and pumped her sexy booty over her skirt. Vidya’s biggest weakness was his wife’s neck and Sujith knew how to prepare the ‘secret sauce’ for the fruits.Sujith took hold of her ponytail and gave a look into her eyes like crushing her.Sujith: I need your secret sauce, bitch.Vidya understood what he was going to do. She bent her head sideways and Sujith touched her neck with the tip of his tongue tasting her sweat. Vidya gave a light moan and a tight hug.Sujith used his lips to gather all her sweat on her sexy blistering neck to his lips and touched his lips with Vidya’s. Vidya used her tongue to taste her sweat from the lips of Sujith.They both started kissing hard and their tongues started fighting inside. Vidya kissed Sujith in such a way that he started begging to stop. Vidya finally let him go and they canlı bahis siteleri both smiled at each other.Sujith: I am hungry baby, why don’t we get into starters at least?Vidya removed his dress in a jiffy and grabbed his penis and said, “I have been waiting for this dear. And your secret sauce has already started oozing. Undress me asshole, what are you waiting for?!”Hearing this, Sujith tore her shirt off and removed her bra without even unhooking. Her 34 size mangoes came out looking for her sucker. Vidya took hold of his head and punched it with her mangoes.“Suck it, bitch. Suck it like you have never tasted it”Sujith kissed her boobs from every angle. He used his tongue in such a way that Vidya’s skirt showed a wet patch.“Yes, baby…awwwwwww mmmmmm…nalla nakku..Suck my nipples, baby…please suck it…”Sujith took her nipples and crushed them between his lips and teased it with his tongue. Vidya was so high with his every movement. He was literally drawing on those pink areolas with his tongue.Sujith then made her lie down and removed her skirt with one hand while his other hand was trying to get the last drop of juice from his wife’s mangoes. His tongue moved back to her neck and started licking her neck and biting her.Vidya had totally surrendered to her husband’s tongue-attack and was squirming like a fish.Vidya made Sujith nude in a jiffy and took hold of his 7-inch sword. That was the point where Sujith was controlled by Vidya. As soon as Vidya took hold of his cock, he stopped his play and got up.Vidya made Sujith lie down and rubbed her drenched pantie-covered pussy over his face. Sujith was rubbing his nose over and smelling the Aroma.“Yes baby, rub it”. Vidya sat over his chest and removed her pantie and rubbed his cock with the pantie. Sujith was not able to control the urge to fuck her.“Please baby, let me fuck you pleaseeeee…”Vidya: ha ha not so soon dear, dinner has just started.Vidya took a strawberry from the basket and licked it fully. She rubbed the strawberry on her armpit, neck and brought them between her boobs and crushed them between her mangoes.Vidya: Wanna taste mango along with strawberry???“Awwww..yes baby,” said Sujith with his mouth wide open. She put a finger over her husband’s mouth and brought the strawberry near her pussy lips and rubbed them with the oozing sauce and inserted the strawberry with only the tip protruding out.Vidya then sat over his face and started teasing a little by bringing her pussy near his mouth and away. Unable to control, Sujith took hold of his wife’s juicy butt and made her sit over his mouth.Sujith tasted her sauce oozing from her love hole. He gave a thumping kiss to her inner thighs making her shy. Vidya started moaning with his love. Sujith started licking her pussy lips and licked the tip of strawberry inside her love hole dipped in her sauce. He pushed the strawberry a little more inside her love hole using his tongue.Vidya was going through a lovable sensation inside her clean shaved love hole. “Sujiiiiiiii…eat it da come onn..” said Vidya.Sujith bit Vidya’s pussy lips and kissed her again and again with his tiny face hairs tickling her. He sucked her pussy lips so hard that her juice and strawberry came peeking out. Sujith took a bite of the strawberry along with her pussy and made her moan loud. Sujith started licking her g-spot exactly along with the juicy strawberry.“Sweet bitch”, said Sujith while vidya was moaning like hell with sauce oozing over his face.“Come on baby, lick it hard, you asshole” Sujith licked her pussy for more than 10 minutes which made her to the brink of an orgasm. Sensing this, Sujith started licking faster and deeper into her love hole.Vidya couldn’t control her orgasm and pushed his head more on to her love hole and blasted on his face. Sujith licked and sucked every drop of love sauce from his mistress.Vidya hugged him tightly while her juice was still oozing out of her love hole.Vidya: You are such a licker, you bastard ha ha ha..Sujith: Anything to please my lady.Vidya sensed her hubby’s cock was still craving for her spit and suck.Vidya: Seems like someone is asking for a return favor. She took hold of his cock and twisted a bit. Sujith felt a sharp pain on his dick.Vidya took a collar belt and handcuff from the basket.Sujith: Seems like the mistress got an idea.“Sit up bitch”, said Vidya. She locked the collar tightly attached with a leash in such a way that Sujith has to try a lot to even breathe. But Sujith cannot say no when she does something like that. She cuffed his hands behind and made him lie on his back.Vidya started rolling her fingers all over his shaved and fit body. Vidya pulled canlı bahis him up using the leash and started biting his lips hard and asked him to put his tongue out.Vidya spat inside his mouth repeatedly and asked him not to slow until she said so. Sujith rotated the sweet spit from her mistress inside his mouth and showed it to her.Sujith: Yes mistress, use me.Vidya inserted 2 fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her pussy juices inside Sujith’s tongue and started kissing his lips hard making him gasp for air. They both kissed madly for more than 10 minutes like first-time lovers.Vidya then made him lie on his back and asked, “Would you like to have some wine bitch?” pushing her pussy inside his mouth. She took the wine and started pouring on her pussy mound which mixed with her juices and went straight into her husband’s mouth. Sujith drank every drop of her juice and also licked her pussy for more cocktail.“Good boy” said vidya and got up and took the honey bottle. She started pouring the honey over his body covering his chest, belly, thighs, and face. She sat on 4 over his body like a dog and spat on his face. She then licked every drop of honey from his face like a dog with her tongue which aroused him more.Vidya travelled through Sujith’s forehead, nose and kissed his cheeks hard that the honey struck to her face was making a sweet web when she started moving back. They both laughed on seeing this.Vidya rubbed her face over his dick slowly and came back to his ears and bit there slightly hard. Sujith started moaning with pain. “Slowly dear, am all yours forever”, said Sujith. She licked his sweat mixed neck and gave a gentle love bite. “I love you my sweet sucker,” said Vidya.She started travelling through his chest with tongue and gave kisses and bites making him ooze more precum. She bit his nipples hard this time making him to shout, “Awwwww bitch…take it slowly..”Vidya: Shut up, asshole.Vidya sat back on Sujith’s face and this time, her complete 36 size round butts were covering his face. Sujith was trying to breathe under her ass. He pinched her hips begging for air and Vidya gave him relief on one condition.Vidya: You must not stop licking until I complete my dinner. Do you understand, bitch?Sujith gave confirmation by kissing her asshole and said, “It is my job, baby. Have your feast now.”Sujith inserted his tongue into her asshole slowly making Vidya feel the wetness while she went into 69 posting with banana and choco syrup. She gave a kiss on the tip of his cock making him lick her ass more.Vidya then peeled the banana and kept it side by side with the cock and mashed it. It looked like the cock was layered with the banana. She then poured the choco syrup over his nut sack and cock.Sujith was busy licking his wife’s glory hole while Vidya started kissing near the cock to tease him more. Sujith was shaking his legs to make her lick but Vidya was strong enough to hold him back with her butt pressing more over his head.Vidya spat over her husband’s cock and started licking his 2 nuts. She took them inside her mouth kneading them with her tongue and bit them inside her mouth, making Sujith moan inside her glory hole.Vidya then took the nuts out of her mouth to crack the long one and kissed on the tip of the dick. She then took them slowly inside hitting her throat and took them out to warm up. Sujith could feel the heat over his dick.Vidya again licked the tip of Sujith’s rod to taste his love juice and started working on his cock faster and faster while massaging her nut sack. Sujith couldn’t take his wife’s ‘attack’ and started moaning like hell.Vidya took off his cock from her mouth and crushed his balls hard. Sujith felt a lot of pain but could only moan inside her hole.Vidya got up and sat over his dick and slowly inserted his dick inside her love hole. Sujith smiled like a devil but Vidya was the controller here.She started riding his cock slowly building the momentum. Sujith started cursing her out of control, “Fuck me, bitch…ride faster…you piece of shit” and moved his ass along with Vidya’s motion.They both started fucking faster and came at the same time. Vidya’s pussy oozed with the love juice of both of them. She uncuffed his hands and collar and they both hugged like there was no tomorrow.They both had the pizza sharing between their mouths. Vidya took her mobile phone to check for any missed calls.Vidya: Sujith, look who’s here..Sujith got up slowly and looked into the mobile.Sujith: What the Fuck..My colleague Sandhya had sent a series of stripping images until she was in her bra and pantie. Sujith jumped in joy.Sandhya’s message – Hey babe, can’t get through your sexy wet pussy and lips. Hope you are enjoying your night. Waiting for your reply. UmmmmaaaaaaaSujith: What shall we do babe???Vidya: What else, let’s play.Stay tuned for the next update and for more bdsm sex stories to make you horny!

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