My webcam pet. Chapter 4

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My webcam pet. Chapter 4Chapter 4I started out by having her spread her legs over the arms on each side of her chair and then zooming her webcam in for a close up of her pussy and tight little asshole. Her pussy looked swollen and extremely wet, ready to burst. Her asshole looked ready for action as well. She zoomed back out so I could watch her entire body and face while she played for me. She then asked “What would my Master have me do for his pleasure?” I told her to play with her tits and pinch her nipples to get them nice and erect. She moaned as she obeyed. While playing she relayed how much she loved having her breasts squeezed and fondled during sex and how she’d almost achieved orgasm once just from breast play after having gone long stretches without getting fucked at all, let alone good and hard. I told her that was good to know and that it would be something to make sure happened for her. As she grasped her tits for Master’s pleasure I could see indications of a wet spot forming on the cloth of her chair directly under her pussy. She kept sliding a hand down her stomach, desperately wanting to touch her pussy but holding off as she knew she would disappoint both her and myself if she didn’t follow commands. Watching her do so was quite pleasing as it told me that she really wanted to cum but that she may very well have what maraş escort it takes to be a good pet. After doing this for a moment or two I allowed her to let her hands roam to her legs, starting at her calves and slowly working her way up to her thighs and then inner thighs. Every time her fingertips brushed close to her yearning pussy her legs quivered and her eyes begged me to let her touch herself. I had her tease herself like this for a few moments before telling her it was ok to lightly, slowly brush her left index finger only up her wet clit but not to use so much pressure as to part her pussy lips in the least. As she was dragging out her pleasurable torture I told her to then suck on her finger and clean off any juices as though her Master had just offered her his stiff hard cock to swallow. She smiled and responded “Yes Sir” before slipping her finger down her throat. I watched her work her magic tongue up, over, around and down her finger. She was making my cock want to burst out of my pants with her talents. Once her luscious lips and tongue were finished with her finger she asked what I would have her do next. I debated for a moment before telling her to put the double headed dildo on the ground, straddling it, and slide her slit back and forth over it’s length. My pet responded quickly and eagerly, her clit throbbing escort maraş for attention. She started out slow but being so horny quickly picked up the pace. Her hips were grinding faster and faster, soft moans turned to grunts and loud “ooohhhhhh”s and “mmmmmmm”s. I allowed her to do this for a few minutes, teasing her by letting her think she was going to get release, before telling her to stop, get up and bend over with her ass facing me, legs slightly spread. The look of frustration on her face told me how bad she ached for the thrill of orgasm. It wasn’t quite willingly but she complied. Once bent over as instructed I had her spread her sexy ass wide and smack her cheeks some. My pet gladly complied as she had told me previously how much she enjoyed getting her ass smacked when being fucked from behind. Once her cheeks started showing red I told her to tease her tight eager asshole for my pleasure. I again instructed her to only lightly and slowly brush across it with one fingertip, not to slide it inside and also to make sure to not touch her pussy at all. She put on a clinic of how to tease one’s asshole by reaching both over her ass and between her legs to finger her waiting hole. Sometimes as she reached between her legs part of her hand would accidentally brush her wet slit and make her legs quiver. She was very wet, almost maraş escort bayan dripping but not quite, wet enough and aching enough that her sweet pussy juice was seeping out and leaving a trail down her inner thigh. I could tell her excitement was growing which each pass over her puckered back door, especially when she almost slipped a finger inside. At this point I knew it was time to end the teasing for today. I told her to sit back in the chair. I explained to my new pet that she had done a great job so far, so much so that had I not been in the office or at least had I been alone that I would have been hard pressed not to bring out my hard cock and stroke it til explosion while watching her tease her aching body. She grinned ear to ear hearing this and replied that she was so very pleased to have put on such a good show for me. It was at this point I took my calculated risk. I had to know how she would respond to the adversity. I told her to put up the toys as she wouldn’t be needing them right now. She finished and sat back down wondering what I had in store for her. Her jaw dropped when I told her I had a meeting to attend now and she was to go straight to bed, naked of course, no touching, no teasing, no edging, and when she dressed for tomorrow she was to wear a thong she had with a string of beads in place of the typical fabric in the actual thong area under tight fitting pants, a tight pullover shirt with no bra and some sexy heels. I added that this was to be how she was dressed when it was time to cam, bid her adieu and said til tomorrow…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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