My Unwanted Transition

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(Jenny)I take a breath, cross my arms over my chest, then sit up again. Skylar is using his weight to keep my feet on the ground. His hand is hovering just over my knees, holding a small object. Inside the black square, my eyes focus on a ring. Set upon the top rests a large, dark diamond, and the white diamonds around it grab my attention. I place my hands on the floor and sit myself up properly, my heart ready to burst through my rib cage as I realize what’s happening.It feels like there are spotlights on me, and everyone in the gym is watching. I quickly look to the side, but everyone seems to still be going about their business. Excitement and worry overwhelmingly run through me. There’s no way for me to contain the emotions, so they convert into tears, which start to spill from my eyes. My brain is spinning like tires on ice, trying to gain traction to formulate a thought. I picture us together, having a wedding, being his wife, and him being my husband. His scent enters my nose as I breathe in, reminding me of the comfort his presence gives me. I breathe out, then answer.“Yes,” I say softly.Skylar takes the ring with one hand, then carefully holds my finger as he slides it on. The black band glides down my finger, over my knuckle, and settles firmly at the base. A few people around us give their congratulations, but I’m only interested in kissing him. I put my arm around his neck and pull myself forward until our lips meet. This memory etches itself into my brain like writing on stone, our first kiss as being engaged.“Do you want to finish?” He asks.I shake my head, then wipe my eyes on his shoulder. The only thing I want to do is go home with him. My legs are weak, so I take his hand and have him pull me to my feet. Even having to leave his side to get my belongings from the locker room hurts. I grab my stuff quickly, then rush back to him. In the car, I hold my hand out and look at the ring adorned on my finger. I have no idea why he wants to marry me, but I don’t doubt his love for me either.Leslie is waiting in the living room when we get home. She looks at us as we come in but doesn’t say anything. Then, when she notices the ring on my finger, she jumps up excitedly.“You said yes!” She blurts out.“You told her?” I ask Skylar, and he smiles. “I did,” I answer, my mouth almost stretching ear to ear.Leslie hurries toward me, wanting to see the ring. I hold my hand up so she can look. Her eyes lock on the diamond, and she dances in place. Her hand holds my wrist, pulling it closer, and I take the time to examine it again as well. It makes me think about my entire life. I had thought about being married to a girl and ways that I might propose one day. After the change, it never crossed my mind that a guy would propose to me.“We’ll have to talk more about it later,” I say as I take Skylar’s hand and walk.I lead him to our room, then strip down from my gym clothes. I’m not exactly horny, but I have the urge to have sex with him. My emotions are boiling, needing a release, and making love is the best way I know how. He’s usually the dominant one, and me, submissive. Our roles switch for now as he follows my lead. I push him to sit on the bed, then I straddle his lap and ride him. My hands hook his shoulder and neck, giving me leverage to drive my body against his. I don’t slow or stop until I make him cum. He shudders beneath me, blasting his load into my body.We hold each other in that position long enough for him to go soft. His cum messily leaks from me, but we love making a mess with each other. He lies back, pulling me down to rest on top of him. As I listen to his heartbeat, I think about our future. We’ll have to plan a wedding, then I’ll be his wife, and he’ll be my husband. Until then, I will be his fiancé. Be his, I think about that more. The thought of him possessing me like a prize always stirs a warmth in me. It’s like arousal, but much deeper, so strong that it scares me, so I never act on it. It’s crept into my dreams before, being his, his good girl, or bad girl, his submissive little slut. I’m already submissive to him, but I don’t think he’s caught on to how much I’m willing to be.We eventually get up to clean and shower. We shower together, something we love to do, though we don’t often do it. I then go and tell Leslie about the proposal. She asks for every detail. After going over the entire story three times, she’s satisfied enough for now. For the next several days, she asks me to tell it at least once. On my day off, I finally call my parents and give them the news. Thankfully, both of them are supportive. They press me to make sure I keep them up to date about our wedding plans.(Andy)I’m just finishing up at work when Jen calls me. We don’t get together as often as we used to, but I still consider her my best friend. I’m usually busy with work or planning the wedding with Alice. And, with Jen casino siteleri and Skylar living together, I know she’s busy too. Jen asks to meet up, which is good because I need to ask her about being my best man, or in this case, my best gal. My wedding is only three months away now, so I need to make sure everything is in place.I meet Jen at a café that we used to always hang out at. On one side, they serve mediocre food, but the reason we always went there was for the arcade. Before we each share our news, I convince her to play a few games with me. Our short gaming session brings smiles and frustration, and most importantly, reminds me of our long friendship.“You won, so why don’t you share first,” I say as we sit down.“I did win, so I should choose who goes first,” she says, smiling. “I’ll go, though. Skylar asked me to marry him,” she continues, then lifts her hand to show me the ring. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it earlier.“Congratulations!” I say, smiling. I’m delighted to see her in such a good mood.She goes on to tell me about the gym, how Skylar proposed, her feelings, Leslie’s reaction, and her parents’ reaction. The expression on her face, her smile, the tone of her voice, they all burst with happiness and excitement, something that I was afraid she had lost. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her like this, and I love it.“So, your turn now!” She says.“Actually, I want to talk about marriage too. My wedding with Alice is in three months, so I wanted to ask you to officially be my best gal,” I say.“It would be my honor,” she says, bobbing her head in a playfully dramatic manner.We discuss my wedding further. She also asks me to be the best man when she gets married, and I agree. The topic changes to my bachelor party, which I’m not sure I want to have, but she convinces me. I agree to a small get-together with some friends, then we come up with some basic plans. Before we part, I give her a hug. I notice how much she’s changed physically over the years. If I were meeting her for the first time, there’s no way I’d know she was ever a male.As I drive home, I think about Jen more. The memories of us experimenting come to mind. I remember how she masturbated beside me, how she jerked me off, and how we eventually had sex. The thoughts arouse me, so when I arrive home, I masturbate. I know Alice will be back soon, so I pull up some pics of Jen and stroke myself. Her social media pics help, but I want more, and I know I shouldn’t. I open the hidden folder on my phone, which contains several nudes of Jen. One part of my mind tells me it’s wrong, but I can’t help how good it feels. I was first, the first one to be inside her, first to make her cum, and first to cum in her. My cock throbs then erupts, blasting my cum into the air, as I gaze at her naked form on the phone. Just like each time before, I contemplate deleting the pics, but I can’t bring myself to do it.(Jenny)It’s about a month before Andy is set to be married. I host his bachelor party at my house, which made it easier to plan. Leslie decides to accept Alice’s invitation to her bachelorette party, which she also has today. Counting Andy, Skylar, and myself, there are ten of us at the party. Most are people we knew back in school, and few others are Andy’s co-workers. I’m the only girl.The guys start drinking right away, getting themselves into various drinking games. There’s also plenty of party snacks, from chips and salsa to cheese and crackers. In the dining room, there are a few people playing cards now. I watch the card game for a bit while listening to the other group doing shots in the kitchen.Skylar comes over to me, appearing to be a little buzzed already. He has me follow him to where the others are drinking, apparently wanting to do a belly shot with me. I’ve made it a point to avoid alcohol and drugs since I’ve found myself in bad situations because of them. I decide to join in, only because both Skylar and Andy are here, so I feel safe.The guys clear the table, and Skylar helps me to lie flat on it. He then pulls my shirt up until my entire midsection is exposed. I see the group form around me as Skylar pours the liquor on my belly. He takes my wrist, licks it, then sprinkles salt on my skin. Another guy hands me a slice of lime, which I place in my mouth. I feel Skylar lick my wrist before pressing his mouth against my stomach. His breath is warm, and the liquid is cold. I see his face come into view as his mouth meets mine. I instinctively put my arms around him, even though it isn’t a proper kiss.Various forms of cheers and encouragement come from the group as he stands back up. Skylar gets a paper towel to clean me with, and already people are trying to up the ante. They want to see how far he’ll go or how much he’ll do and how much I will allow. All of a sudden, people have cash in their hands and are offering güvenilir casino bets. Somehow, even though everyone’s talking over each other, they present a wager to us. One of them comes forward with a scrap piece of paper and hands it to Skylar. It’s a list of six things, six body parts to be more precise; neck, cleavage, navel, thighs, fingers, and feet.Skylar has to roll a six-sided die, then lick the salt off of my corresponding part. The pool is now two hundred dollars, and they offer ten us dollars for each completion, which means Skylar will have to do twenty shots to get it all. More people come over as they hear the excitement. I’m sure the thought of seeing my skin gets people to put money forward. The pot grows to five hundred as now everyone at the part is around us. Skylar and I whisper back and forth, trying to come up with a plan. Luckily, the noise is plenty of cover for us.“What do you think?” Skylar asks.“I think fifty shots is a lot,” I say.“Yeah, so do I, but it’s five hundred bucks,” he says.“I have an idea, I say,” looking around at the group. Their wager doesn’t cost us anything, so I know all they want is a peek at me. I whisper my idea to Skylar, then he smirks and nods.“We have a counter wager,” Skylar announces. “Instead of ten dollars a round, you give us fifty, and we will change cleavage to nipple.The group, including Andy, all look around at each other. I wonder if Andy put money in, and if so, how much. Would he pay for a chance to see my skin? The group discussion continues, and I try to see how Andy feels about it. I keep my head low, but my eyes watch, and I try to listen to his voice. I see him lean in to talk to a co-worker. He doesn’t notice me watching, but I can’t hear what he says. A moment later, the same co-worker rallies the group to a new counteroffer.“We will up each round to one hundred dollars, but you’ll have to switch navel to clit,” they offer.Is that Andy’s idea? I think about that more than the offer itself. Fine, if they want to play hardball, I will too, and take their money. Before Skylar has a chance to discuss it with me, I announce my acceptance. He will have to roll the die five times and take five shots, then the money is ours. I tell the crowd to give me a few minutes to change, then I lead Skylar away with me. On the way to our room, I think about how I’m basically selling a chance to see me naked. As I calm down from the excitement of the crowd, I realize I’m partly aroused.(Skylar)I’m a little buzzed, but not enough to impair my judgment. When we enter our bedroom, I stop and look at Jenny, making sure she’s really okay with this. I think about the last party she attended and the horrible things that happened to her. If she doesn’t want to do this, I will go back and call the bet off.“Are you sure about this, babe?” I ask.“It’s just five shots, then we will take their money for being perverts,” she answers, smirking.“I know, but are you okay with-” I pause. “Okay, with being exposed like that?” My voice lowers, and I think she understands what I mean.“This isn’t like that,” she says. “I’m with you, so I can do it. As long as you’re the one touching me, I don’t care about anything else.” Her lips pull into a smile. “The question is, are you okay with licking my feet?”“I love your feet,” I say.“Is that right?” She retorts.“That is right,” I say, then smirk, approaching her.I lift her slender body, so she falls backward on the bed, then I hold her ankle in my hand. My other hand pulls the lace of her sneaker, loosening it until I’m able to slide it from her foot. I pull her sock off next, then press my lips to her sole. Her foot is long and slender with a high arch, and because of her good hygiene, she smells like lotion. Her toes are painted solid black, which is the color she always has them unless she has French tips or another special design. I have a little foot fetish, but I’ve always been too nervous to tell her or anyone about it, so I use this opportunity to break the ice, hopefully.I hold her foot in my hands, then close my lips over her toe. Her leg tenses some, but I continue, then I stop a moment later. I look down her leg to her face, and she’s looking back. Her expression doesn’t carry disgust or judgment, which is a relief to me.“I didn’t know you liked my feet that much,” she says.“I do,” I respond, hoping she can put the rest together.“I’ll keep that in mind,” she says. “We should get ready to head back, though.”She undresses down to her bare skin, then pulls a robe on and ties it. Five rolls, I think to myself. They might have paid to see her, but there’s also a chance they won’t see much at all. My cock jumps at the thought of licking her clit in front of them. With Jenny having such a huge sex drive too, I wonder if this turns her on at all. When she’s ready, we head back downstairs.(Jenny)I make quite an entrance canlı casino in my robe, wearing nothing else except for flip flops. Already, I notice several of them drop their eyes down my body, probably hoping to get a look at an exposed part of me. We clear the table in the dining room, which is larger than the one I set up in the kitchen. Skylar helps me settle down on top of the table, then he’s presented with the updated list. It’s now, neck, nipple, clit, thigh, fingers, and feet.Skylar rolls the die; it bounces across the table beside me and slides to a stop. I carefully adjust the robe to expose my stomach. Skylar pours the liquor on me, then places a lime slice in my mouth. He salts my neck, then licks it from my skin before moving down to slurp the liquid in the crevice of my torso. Even while playing this game, he uses his mouth on me in a way that feels incredible. With the liquor sapped up, he comes for the lime. That’s one roll and one hundred dollars down.There’s a pause as someone asks to do the pour, and another, the lime. I think they now realize how much money is being spent on us and want to get more out of it. I tell Skylar it’s okay, so two of them step up, and one pours the shot on me while the other has the lime. I look at the guy holding the lime slice; his name is Nick, a former classmate of ours in school. He’s also one of the few people from my past that know about my change. Andy stayed in contact with them more than me, so I told him it was okay to talk about it.Nick has short, light hair and green eyes. I notice that he’s kind of attractive, so I take him by the wrist and guide him as he places the lime in my mouth. I curl my tongue around it in a teasing manner and look at his face. I’m not sure if he put any money in or not, but I will give everyone their money’s worth. Skylar rolls, again and again, he gets my neck. I hear some sighs of disappointment come from the group as Skylar takes the shot from me.Two more move in to set the shot. Andy has the lime this time, so I part my lips and let him place it himself. He does it gently, almost as if he’s afraid to hurt me. As he pulls his hand back, his fingers brush my cheek, and I try to keep from blushing. Skylar carries out the second shot, then takes the next hundred dollars from them.As with Nick, I hold the next guy’s wrist, one of Andy’s co-workers, as he places the lime in my mouth. Skylar rolls the die, and this time there’s a little more excitement as it lands on thighs. The heat of my arousal has already been slowly building just from being on display. I anticipate Skylar licking the inside of my thigh, and that makes it worse. He pours the salt, then runs his tongue over my sensitive flesh, and quickly moves to my stomach. I know I’m definitely getting wet now.Roll number four is fingers, and the disappointment of the group grows even more. Four hundred dollars have been given to us without them being able to see anything. The room gets quiet for roll five, each person probably wishing their hardest to see one of my girly parts. As Skylar tosses the die, I find myself hoping that I can show part of myself off to them. I think about Skylar pulling my robe open, exposing my breasts, licking my nipple, all in front of them. More heat rushes into my loins and makes me throb. The dice lands, and for the third time, it’s my neck.The group loses attention before the shot is even finished. Skylar shows me the five hundred dollars, then we share a proper kiss. I can see most of the guys are defeated, which makes me feel bad. This is a party I planned for Andy to be a celebration of his upcoming marriage. I take Skylar’s hand and lead him aside so I can whisper in his ear.“Maybe we should give them a little show,” I say.“What do you mean?” Skylar asks.“You know, open my robe and do a shot on me,” I say.“Do you really want to do that?” He asks again.“I’m okay with it if you want them to see me,” I say, my voice becoming submissive.“Let me show off my fiancee’s sexy body then,” he smirks, then kisses me.I wait for Skylar to gather everyone together again. Their energy returns once they hear what we plan to do. I lie on the table, then Skylar unties my robe. His hands pull it open, exposing my nudity in an instant. I can feel everyone’s gaze on me, devouring my flesh. Our former classmates are in disbelief that I have such a woman’s body, from head to toe. I pull my legs up, so my feet rest flat on the table, far enough apart so that everyone can see all of me.I use my hands to push my breasts together, making Skylar spot to pour the alcohol. He sprinkles the salt between my legs, but it’s more for show than anything. His hands hook around my legs as he lowers his head, his tongue reaching, then touching my folds. He licks me, his warm, spongy appendage pushing between the lips of my womanhood, moving upward until he reaches my clit. For a moment, I forget about everyone watching, and I put my hand on his head. It spurs him to continue a bit longer, but he eventually pulls away to move on. I’m both disappointed and thankful because I would have let him make me cum right here, with everyone watching me.

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