My Unexpected Life Partner – My Brother

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My Unexpected Life Partner – My Brotherdeleteddeleteddeletedi am 28 with a good figure of 40C-26-38. I would like to tell the story happened 10 years back. I and my brother were very close since c***dhood but there grew a gap between us due to our parent’s jobs. I stayed back in my village and my brother moved to Vizag.Now I’m in my 12th and 18 years now and attained a womanly figure of 30b-24-33 and a height of 5ft 6. Many of the boys in my college and some local guys had an eye on me. But I ignored all of them.After my completion of my 12th, some of my relatives suggested me to study in a good college in the nearby city. So my parents decided for me to go to Vizag and stay at my brother’s house. On one fine Sunday, we went to Vizag. There my uncle and aunt received us happily.I enquired about my brother. He went to college he is doing his B Tech. After some time my brother arrived. He looked very happy seeing me and he ran towards me and hugged me very tightly. My boobs just got crushed under his chest.I was surprised as no guy till now touched me. I felt very good at his heavily built chest. I kept my head down smiling with shy. That day went well. In the night I took a good bath and changed to track and t-shirt.During dinner, I noticed my brother just staring at me up and down. I just looked at my self and noticed my nipples poking out my t-shirt. I had a habit of not wearing a bra during nights. Now its sleeping time and this is the unexpected thing happened in my life.The house consists of only two bedrooms. One for my uncle and aunt and the other for my brother. My parents slept in the hall and asked balçova escort me to sleep in my brother’s room on the floor. My heart is racing as its the first time sharing a room with a guy.I hesitantly went into the room and closed the door and was about to sleep on the floor. But my brother said in a romantic voice, “Hey Vasanti why to sleep on the floor, come and sleep on my bed with me. Don’t you remember we used to sleep on one bed during our c***dhood.”I said, “Its c***dhood but now we are young and of opposite sex.” He again said, “We may be young but we can manage don’t think it wrong. This is just one day. Tomorrow we will buy a new bed for you. Just come sis.”I hesitantly went and slept with him facing our backs. But in the middle of the night, I felt some weight on my waist. I turned my face and it’s my brother’s hand he is awake. I asked him, “Brother what happened didn’t you sleep?”He said, “Not getting sleep feeling nervous about having you on my bed.” I asked him, “Why were you checking me during dinner and I know you were staring at my boobs.” He said, “It’s been a long time seeing such a beautiful sister. You are such a beauty I cannot control myself.”He slid his hand under my t-shirt and was feeling my naked belly. The heat started generating in me and his hand kept moving towards my boobs. I caught his hand and said, “Vijay its wrong we are brother and sister this will lead to i****t and may break our relation.”He said, “It may be wrong but we are human and love between us is the sweetest thing. We will keep it a secret.” I said, “I can’t let it happen” but escort balçova I kept moving my back towards him. What can I do? I’m a sexy girl never touched by any guy.I don’t want to do this but I want it very badly. My brother said, “Look, dear sister, your mind is hesitating but your body is unable to control. Ok then let’s do this for this day. From tomorrow if you don’t want I will never force you. But let it happen this one time.”I said, “Ok brother just one time.” I turned my face and he gave me a kiss on my lips. I let his tongue access my mouth. We kept kissing on for a long time with hunger. Now he got my boobs and started squeezing very bad. I gave him complete access to my body.Now he took off my t-shirt and sucking my boobs and nipples and biting my boobs. I was in complete heat and started biting his shoulders and neck. Now he took off my pants and caught my very sensitive part and started fingering my cunt. This took me to heaven and I started shivering and shaking my ass.Now he went down and sucking my pussy. Now I was unable to control my orgasm and went on his face. I pleaded to do it now and make me feel like a woman and complete. But he was not stopping sucking my pussy. I pushed him away and ripped off his dress took his cock out and sucked his cock very good that he cummed.He said sister you are very horny. I said you stupid every girl is horny than a boy. It’s just how a guy brings her horny character out. His cock went down. I again took his cock into my mouth and gave a hard blow job. Within minutes his cock is back.I said idiot now stop wasting time and kill balçova escort bayan my pussy. With my words, he said, “Now you woke up the a****l in me. Now see how your pussy begs my cock.” and pushed his entire cock within one go. He tore off my virginity and blood rushed out.My voice stuck in my mouth and my body tightened for about two minutes. My brother said, “Hello sister how is it. Is your pussy begging for mercy.” I came back to my senses after my pussy got adjusted to his cock. I said you filthy a****l don’t waste time just fuck the hell out of me.Hearing my words he started ramming my pussy with great force and speed. I kept my ass and my pussy dancing with his rhythm. He kept on fucking me for half an hour. Now I pushed him down and came on him and sat on his cock and started riding his cock.After some time he turned me for doggy style and tore my pussy walls to full extent. Now again we came to the universal angle. He slept on me pushed his cock and gave me a hard and complete fuck. He, at last, came in my pussy.We were in full sweat fully exhausted completely wet. His face fell on my boobs. He said, “My little sister what a sexy bitch you are and what a womanly figure you got at this age, I can’t let you go off me.” I thought in my mind I gave me and my body completely to my brother and this will not stop.But let it happen now I’m no more a girl. I’m a woman and he is my love. And I said, “I love you, my brotherly husband.” He said “I know you from now you can’t live a single night without me. Let’s make complete love my sisterly wife.”And we slept in that position till morning and woke up before anyone. We cleaned ourselves and behaved like nothing happened between us. The next day morning my parents left back to the village after admitting me to the college.This is what happened guys and I will tell you the remaining story in the next episode as there is still more.

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