My time at the clinic

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My time at the clinic(This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coicidental).When I was 19, I checked myself into a specialty clinic for sexual disorders. Since my girlfriend had dumped me, I found that I was unable to reach a climax on my own. The doctors agreed that this was something psychological, but perhaps also physiological and most certainly the worst case of blue balls they had ever seen. They wanted to keep me under constant observation until they were able to determine what exactly was going wrong.The regimen that was prescribed by the clinic doctors was one where I had maximum privacy and practically unlimited access to pornographic material. Books, video on demand and, of course, the internet. I was not allowed to fraternize with any of the staff, lest they become interested in my condition, and wanted to lend me a hand. The doctors all agreed that I had to find a way through this myself. That is, all the doctors except one.Every evening around 9pm I would have a visit from one of the clinic doctors, Dr. Elizabeth Redford. She would take my pulse and blood pressure, and examine my eyes and ears. She would check my penis to ensure that I had not created any lesions from my mastuirbating (basically ensuring that the industrial stength lube that they gave me was doing its job). She would ataşehir escort also measure the length and girth of my erect member and take measurements on the size of my testicles.Every evening was pretty much the same. Very clinical. Until one day I sensed a growing dissatisfaction with Dr. Redford. Over the coming weeks, I began to observe more and more that she was annoyed with this situation. At first, I thought she was just pissed at having to measure the same rigid cock each night (although I secretly wished that she would go home to her husband and fuck the hell out of him thinking of my turgid cock). Later it became evident that she was not happy with both my progress and the prescribed course of treatment.One night, Dr. Redford came into my room, and as I prepared for the battery of tests, she hesitate and asked me “Jack, do you think you are getting any closer to cumming? Do you feel you are making any progress at all?”. I sheepishly had to admit that I didn’t think that anything the clinic was doing for me was helping. She then explained that my testicles had been growing steadily in the past three weeks, and that she was concerned that I may be storing up semen and ejaculate and that this might actually become fatal if they could not find a solution. “I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands, Jack. And I hope pendik escort you don’t mind that I have elicited some help”.With that, Dr. Redford returned to the door to my room, and let in the most gorgeous blonde nurse that I’ve ever seen. She then locked my door. “We are going to test my theory that you are unable to ejaculate by your own means, but that you are able to orgasm under other conditions”. She and the blonde nurse then quickly started undressing. Although I had seen Dr. Redford many many times, I had no idea that she carried such an awesome body under her lab coat. She was now standing in front of me, all 5 ft 3 inches of her, wearing platform heels, a matching red bra and garter combo, no panties and sheer black stockings. Her blonde friend, who I came to know only as “Lynn” wore absolutely nothing under her scrubs – no bra, no panties, no socks! Lynn began by rubbing her tight b-cup tits all over my chest and offering me a nipple to suck on. She kissed me tenderly, and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Meanwhile, Dr. Redford had climbed over the footboard of my bed and was starting to suck on my cock. Lynn moved herself up onto my chest, and started grinding her bald pussy into my chest hair. She then scooted further up my chest to give me a chance to finger and lick her now wet pussy. She began to moan, and I tuzla escort began to tongue her pussy and clit with more and more vigor. Meanwhile, my cock which had been rigid for the past three weeks with every imaginable vision of porn run through my brain was being expertly ministered to by Dr. Redford.”Oh God! Liz” said Lynn, “he’s like a half-starved man!” “I know what you mean Lynn” said Doctor Redford, “and wait until you get a load of this half!”Lynn then managed to turn herself around without really ever denying me access to her honey pot, and began assisting her boss in stroking and licking my cock.”mmmm..” said Lynn, “I can’t wait to get that cock inside me!””I know what you mean” said Dr. Redford, “but I think I may have overlooked something important”.”mmmmmmm” said Lynn, taking another long pull on my cock, “what’s that?”Dr. Redford explained, “I didn’t bring any condoms, because I know from this patient’s history that he is clean from any disease, and well, I thought I could succeed with just oral sex and a handjob”.”Hmmmm. I see.” said Lynn with a puzzled look on her face. “I stopped taking the pill a couple of months ago, because Blake and I want to have a baby, so I guess I’ll take my chances. Who knows, I may be pregnant already?””My problem” Dr. Radford explained, “is that I have a hard time with the chemicals that are in the pill, and I just rely on my dates having condoms. I guess I could just pull out in time, right?”Still gurgling on my cock, Lynn exclaimed that she would quite happily take my jizz if it would extinguish the fire in her pussy!

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