My sweet Betty

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My sweet BettyAbout Betty I told you when I and a guy fucked her for a modelling job for a Danish pornomagazine. We answered on an advertise for appear in a photosession for pornografic production.. After we had finished the shooting we stayed overnite with Betty. And had a greatfultime. A few weeks later The phone rang and there was a guy in the phone. He introduced him as Bettys husband. We were talkin a shiort while. When he suggested me to meet up with him and Betty. I began Think whats goin on. I dont know if this guy are nuts or not Why does a hubby call a guy that in profesion fucked his wife?? It made me curious So I decided to meet up with them. So they or rather him invited me to their hose again. As I been there Before I know where to go.So on planned time I rang their doorbell and Her Hubby open and asked me to come on in. He said to his wife do you know this guy from Before? No said Betty wjhy you ask. Just askin he said. Betty came up to me and smiled and said Hallo and said my husband Thinks I know many people. Ok I have a job in where I meet m,any people and can not remember them all if you know what I mean.Thei invited me to sit down in the livin room and Bettys Hubby handed over a bee to me.. He asked med what kind of profesion do you have? I am a enginner I answered. Yours yüreğir escort then? I am a truck driver he said. Drives trucks all over Europé. Do you know what my wife works with? No I said She works in the supermarket down in the village he said. Wow I begin Think. Is this guy trickin me or what? Dont he know any about her Modelling for pornografic Magazines or what?? He sounded a bit threatful to me like his wife been cheating him with me. and that he seems have proof for it.. As I noticed when I arrived at their Place. The guy was a bit derunk and he drank very heavily so after a while he fell asleep.I did not know what to do so I Went out into kitchen were Betty was. She said dont worry about him he will sleep for hours come on give me a kis loverboy. I then suddenly hold Betty in my arms kissin her. She whisperd to me of course do I recognize you cause all we been through sametime squeezing me with her hand between my legs. T moved my right hand under her short skirt to squeezze her butt and felt she did not wear any pants: I felt her nipples and they were hard. I released one breast from her t shirt and kised her hard nipple. Come she said lets go somewhere else. She took my hand and lead me downstairs to the bed room. She took my clothes of Then adıyaman escort she took my hard dick in her hand and began wank same as she moved down and took it into her mouth. After some suckin she began massage my dick with some oil besides she was massage herself with the oil. Then she said go for what you want and choose right hole. I knew what she meant So I asked her to stay on all four on Bed while I jumped up in bed felt as a Bull and penetrated her in her ass. She was tight but the Dick glide smooth in her lubricated hole when she moaned. After a while it was feel for change so I changed and fucked her in her pussy. Sometimes I changed the fuckin from hole to hole it felt almost like a pornomovie. She was breathing hard moaning and almost screaminn. We both felt enjoyable. Then she suddenly scream turn me around I want look into your sexy Eyes see how you are doin inside you head. to see if you are same horny as I. So I turned her round and got into her again and fuckin her. She said if you want come come in my mouth not in my pussy if yoy not want to make c***dren k**din k**din no c***dren. you can come there too but please in my mouth. She was screamin in pleasure while havin multipleorgasm, Wow Me do a woman have multiple orgasm wow what a Stallion I afyon escort must be did I Think when I felt something will come. So I draw out my dick jumped up and handed it into her mouth. I felt it pumpin out my seamen into her mouth it felt like very much liquid I Heard her swallow my sperm in a big noise. It was much sperm in her mouth some have pored out and was drippin after her cheek. Her tounge tried find it and lick it into her mouth again.I was totally pumped out I just stood there with half hard dick listen to my breath andheartbeats when Betty Kissed my dick and licked it and said thanks for the snack I love you lover boy. I am not if I Heard any noise but never mind. I kissed Betty and said thanks you are awesome in bed. How will we deal with your husband now. Dont worry said Betty.. We got dressed and walked back to the livin room. Her husband began Wake up. Ashamed about what happend I said I was about to leave and I will have some hours drivin Before I get home. He said ok ok He followed me to the Door and said good bye hope Betty and I had some good times together cause he seemed fall in sleep. He handed over me some 100 Crowns bills and said. Here some expenses for the trip. Betty Smiled at me and gave me a kiss see you again she said But we will do it in Another Place then. she said My husband fix all ararngements she said.I walked out from the house and into the car thinkin. This must be a set up. Maybe he was watching us maybe it was thae noice I Heard when he got back in livin room and pretend to sleep.. Lovely Betty. I met her later but thats Another story

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