My Summer at Camp Chestlake Ch. 02

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Searing pain overwhelmed his corneas as Stanley opened his eyes. The light bulbs overhead were unforgiving and uninviting. He immediately had to close his eyelids down over their glare but after doing this a few times the pain started to subside and he was able to look around freely.

As soon as he took in his surrounding environment he knew that the dream he had had was no dream at all; everything that had taken place was imprinted in his memory like children writing their names in wet cement. It was both embarrassing and amazing all at the same time.

Still, as he looked around inside the dimly lit cabin he saw that he was surrounded by remnants of femininity; much to his delight. Everything inside reeked of sugar and spice, and he had never felt so out of place in his entire life. He imagined this is what it must’ve felt like to be kidnapped, or perhaps even knocked unconscious and simply waking up someplace else.

He sat up straight, and that’s when he noticed the pain in his head. He had a pounding headache, and as he clutched his face in his hands and rubbed his temples he would have given anything to get rid of it. As he sat there in someone else’s bed he started to wonder what would become of him now. He felt as though his very well-being was at stake, as if the events of yesterday would have a negative impact on today.

Toughening out his headache proved to be more difficult than simply waiting it out. The lights in the cabin were the bane of his existence; however…they did offer him the necessary help he needed to properly look around. As he did so he felt a lot like a spy, but rather than spying on other countries or intelligence agencies he was spying on the opposite sex.

On the wall next to him were cut-outs and posters of various rock bands and other celebrity figures. They were laid out randomly and held up crudely with pieces of scotch tape. Many of the paper clingings were overlapping, and he made the accurate deduction that the girl who usually slept in this bed wasn’t very organized.

Directly across from his bed was another, and unlike the plain sheets that he slept on the others had vibrant colored patterns on them; as did the bed in the corner across from it. Both beds and areas were neatly organized, with science-related cutouts and the like strewn out across their respective walls. The cutouts were held in place with thumbtacks – one cutout right next to the other- until both sets of customized wallpaper met between the two windows on that side of the cabin.

On the other side of the door was the final bed. This one was much different than the others. Several colors lit up that area of the cabin, but the color that was mainly in use was pink. The sheets on the bed were fluffy, and bulged out like a giant pink cloud. Unlike the other walls in the cabin the walls in this area were cluttered with pictures of teen heartthrobs and handsome actors. Where the other walls maybe had just a few pictures of men between the other pictures which helped express themselves, the girl who took up residence in the final area had at least three pictures of men for every one picture on the other girls’ walls.

With the pounding in his head still going on Stanley had not noticed the giggling. But as he stared around at the beds and walls of the cabin his mind started to churn, and this helped to fight off the massive headache he was experiencing. When his headache finally stopped pounding he was able to hear obvious giggling coming from the front of the cabin.

His eyes trailed over to the door and he saw that it was cracked open only slightly. He saw a pair of eyes and a flash of red hair peek out through the cracked door and then retreat. In instinct he threw himself back down on the bed and covered up with the bed sheets. It was then that he noticed his clothes were no longer wet from his late night swim, and only after he realized this did he realized that he was fully clothed – right down to his shoes.

Sheepishly, he buried his head under the bed sheets as well.

His face began to grow flushed as he realized that there were two girls giggling. He heard them open the door and step in slowly, all the while trying to conceal their giggling from him. His body became stiff as a board as though the embarrassment of the situation was too much for him to handle, and he shut his eyes tight in an effort to escape the situation even more as he felt the two girls step to his bedside.

The giggling was still going on, but one of the girls spoke in between stifling laughs.

“Umm…Stanley?” she said.

Unsure about how to proceed, Stanley simply spoke from beneath the sheets; refusing to face the two girls – and reality.

“Yeah?” he said, his voice cracking slightly in nervousness.

He listened to the two girls giggle some more, and a moment later the other girl spoke up.

“Um…it’s us, Stanley – Becca and Mona. You know, from school?”

“Rebecca?” Stanley asked from under the covers. “And Ramona?”

“Yeah, that’s kaçak iddaa right Stanley.” The first girl said. “Lacey told us about what happened to you.”

Stanley tried his best not to groan. Indeed he was familiar with the two girls at his bedside. They were twin sisters, and some of the smartest girls in school. They weren’t quite as smart as he was, but when they put their minds together they were a force to be reckoned with. In Stanley’s mind the two girls embodied the term ‘nerd,’ maybe even as much as he himself did. When he thought of them images of their carrot-top hair came to mind, along with their pale white skin and freckled faces. In chem class the two were always partners, and Stanley always took comfort in the fact their hair was always frizzy and they always opted to wear the whitest lab-coats available. It made him look like less of a geek in comparison to the two ‘mad scientist chicks’ that stood next to him.

“You guys…you came all the way over here? Just to check on me?” Stanley asked, his eyes shut tight still.

There was a brief moment of silence in which the girls did not giggle. Stanley could tell that they were having some sort of unspoken conversation on the other side of the sheet he was hidden under.

“No, we didn’t, Stanley…” Rebecca said. “We go to camp here.”

Stanley tried to hide the fact that he was frowning, although he had no idea why he was trying to hide it. The two girls couldn’t see him underneath the sheet, nor could he see them for that matter.

“Stanley…” Ramona said. “Becca and I know how you must feel, but you can’t stay buried under that blanket forever.”

“I…uh…” Stanley said, trying to sound cool and composed. “…yeah, I know…”

“So why don’t you just let us see your face, then?” Rebecca asked. “You don’t have to get up or anything. Just pull the blanket off your head. You know – take it slow.”

“Uhh…I don’t know…” Stanley said, still unsure about how to proceed.

“C’mon Stanley, it’s us! You know us.” Ramona said. “We have classes together all the time! Hey, maybe you can even help us with our summer project? What do you say?”

“Umm…well…” Stanley said. He was becoming paranoid that the girls could see him now. For some reason he felt as though they could see how red his face was and how nervous he was feeling.

“Stanley…” Rebecca said in a nurturing and soothing voice. “Everyone knows you’re the smartest one in school…”

Rebecca’s comment did help him to feel better. He felt his hands stop shivering, and his body began to loosen up. He also began to think that even if the two sisters had seen him naked he probably didn’t have much to worry about. Becca and Mona were very unsightly; so much so that Stanley doubted they had ever even had boyfriends, much less seen a boy naked. The nerdy redheads were built like ironing boards, and Stanley figured that girls like them who sported flat buns and a flat chest probably didn’t have dates lining up at their front door.

The girls heard him let out a deep sigh, and a moment later Stanley started to pull the blankets down from over his head.

The first thing he saw were their faces looming over him, and after taking both of them in Stanley couldn’t help but gasp and stare.

Becca and Mona looked nothing like he remembered. Both girls now sported a lighter shade of hair and were more on the strawberry-blonde side, and their faces no longer had freckles. In fact, both girls now had model good looks – and neither girl wore a pair of glasses.

The girls stared down at him with their beautiful blue eyes. Stanley noticed that their skin was probably the smoothest he had ever seen on a girl…even girls in magazines. They had no blemishes, and the way the light hit them he was reminded of how Lacey had looked the night before.

As the two girls straightened up Stanley felt his jaw drop as he now took in the sight of their gorgeous bodies. Their newly acquired figures put all of the popular girls to shame.

On the left Rebecca had a hand on her hip accentuating her hour-glass figure. Her green athletic shorts hugged her hips tightly and barely covered the swell of her round ass. The color of her shorts matched the color of her eyes; eyes which were now staring at the shocked look on Stanley’s face as though it were his normal expression.

To her right Ramona stood with perfect posture – carefree and proud. Like her sister she also wore a pair of green shorts, but since she was standing perfectly upright with her hands on her sides her ass was not displayed as prominently.

Both girls were wearing basic cotton t-shirts, but what Stanley couldn’t believe was the effect their chests were having on them. He remembered the girls being obviously flat-chested, A-cups for certain, but the tits they now possessed were causing their tees to stop short at their midriffs. Their belly buttons and surrounding skin regions were completely exposed; and the bottom of their shirts dangled half a foot from their ribs.

Stanley kaçak bahis gaped at the two newly formed redheads and the way their new boobs now jutted from their bodies like two pairs of twin torpedoes. Becca and Mona had gone through a drastic transformation; so much so that Stanley could barely recognize them, yet both girls were acting as though they hadn’t noticed their hair changing color, their breasts growing bigger, and their bodies morphing into overall slender and busty figures.

“There you go.” Rebecca said, her head leaning down to look directly at his face. “Isn’t that better?”

“Uhh…Rebecca?” Stanley asked with a slight stutter.

“Yeah, Stanley?” the redhead responded.

“Um…is that really you? And Mona, too?”

Stanley’s eyes grew wide and he had to lean back slightly as Ramona leaned down so that her face was right above his. She also placed both hands on her hips which caused her already jutting rack to jut even more just inches from the scrawny teen’s face. Stanley started breathing heavy as he now had an up close and personal view of Ramona’s heaving chest.

“Stanley are you sure you’re okay?” she asked.

The nerdy teen gulped as he struggled to answer her question.

“Ye…yes. I’m okay.”

A moment later he almost had to change his answer as the other redheaded sister leaned down next to him as well. Stanley was in awe as both pairs of tits were practically touching as they stood proudly side by side right in front of his face.

“Are you sure?” Rebecca asked.

Stanley nodded his head, but never once took his eyes off the two strained white t-shirts in front of him. In the past he might have granted Rebecca and Ramona B cups when he pictured them in his mind’s eye, but the tits they were displaying in front of him now had to be at least Ds. Scientifically he knew that it was near impossible for the two girls to achieve breasts of that caliber in such a short amount of time…near impossible…

And there was no mistaking it. Rebecca and Ramona had had simultaneous growth spurts of massive proportions. Stanley had to gawk as he realized the two twin sisters had upgraded their four mosquito bites to four massive melons.

“You don’t look fine…” Ramona said, causing Stanley to break the intense gaze his eyes were giving the girls’ chests.

“Yeah, Stanley…she’s right.” Rebecca said, as she reached out and took the blanket from his hand.

“Maybe we’d better make sure you’re alright…” Ramona said as she, too, reached for the blanket.

Together the two sisters yanked the sheets away from Stanley’s grip; exposing his body to their view.

“No!” Stanley yelped, before he realized how much of a nerd he must have sounded like. A moment later, however, he remembered that he was fully clothed; and both Becca and Mona had what looked like disappointment in their eyes.

“Hey…” Rebecca said. “I thought Lace said he was naked.”

“She did!” Ramona replied. “I was right there with you when she said it.”

“Why…why do you want to see me naked?” Stanley asked.

The two busty sisters turned their attention to the nervous boy in the bed, and they both smiled at him lewdly.

“Hush, Stanley.” Rebecca shushed him. “The girls are talking.”

“Whoa!” Ramona exclaimed, pointing to Stanley’s crotch. “Look at that thing!”

Her sister turned her gaze to Stanley’s bulge, and as Stanley followed her eyes to his crotch he immediately became self-conscious and covered it with his hands.

“I guess you like what you see here, don’t you, Stanley?” Rebecca inquired as she placed one hand on her hip and one behind her head in an effort to strike a pose for him.

“You slut!” Ramona protested. “He’s been staring at me this whole time. Or haven’t you noticed?”

She now struck a pose for him as well, and Stanley continued to gawk at the two beauties as they posed for him; trying to grab his attention.

“Nuh uh!” Rebecca said. “He’s been staring at me! Haven’t you, Stanley?”

“Stanley?” Ramona said, as both she and Rebecca turned to him mid-pose. “Stanley??”

“Stanley!” Rebecca yelled.

“Uhh…uh, well…you two…ummmm…” Stanley stuttered. Before yesterday he had never known women could be as sexy as this, but now he had two such sexy women competing for his gaze in some sort of modeling contest. His cock was growing unbearably rigid, and he could already tell that if the two redheaded babes kept up their posing he was going to lose it.

“Alright, break it up you two!”

All three of them turned their heads to the door to find Lacey walking in. Like Becca and Mona she wore a simple outfit consisting of athletic shorts and a white tee, but with the added addition of her own pair of newfound assets her tee shirt was stretched even thinner.

Stanley noticed that she had her black hair done up in pigtails, and she had opted not to wear her glasses today. As she approached the three of them Stanley found his attention drawn not only to her bust but illegal bahis also to her white tennis shoes and gym socks. When she finally got to where the twins stood she crossed her arms over her chest and addressed both of them at once.

“Stanley has enough to worry about without you two relentlessly harassing him.” Lacey said. “Fawn is in the mess hall cleaning up. Why don’t the two of you help her?”

“That sounds booooooring!” Ramona said as she draped her body across Stanley’s legs and caressed his pants. “We wanna hang out with Stanley…”

“Yeah…” Rebecca added. “He’s the only one here smart enough for us to have a decent conversation with.”

Stanley could feel Ramona’s hand creeping up his inner thigh on the outside of his pants. He felt his manhood growing more and more excited as she inched her way closer to his bulge.

“Okay…I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just say that.” Lacey said, furring her eyebrows at the twin by her feet. “Stanley and I need to have a real conversation.”

The nerdy teen felt the back of Becca’s hand brush against his bulge, and a moment later he could feel her hand rotating. She was about to grab it, and he braced himself.

“Ugh!” Rebecca said as she threw her arms to her sides and stomped one of her small feet down on the floor. “Mona, let’s go!”

Stanley gasped as he felt Mona’s hand give his bulge a quick tug, and a moment later she let go and was climbing off him.

“Byeeeee, Stanley…” She said as she blew him a kiss. Becca also waved goodbye and the two exited the cabin together.

Distraught, Stanley struggled to keep his excitement under control. Staring up at Becca and Lacey standing side-by-side was better than any porno he had ever watched; despite the lack of sexual activity. Their boobs had been so close to each other’s that they had almost touched, and Stanley was having a difficult time getting that image out of his head.

He had his eyes shut tight and his teeth gritted as he tried to keep his cock from exploding.

“Hey, Stanley!” Lacey exclaimed, suddenly.

The distraught boy felt relief sweep over his body as he managed to calm his erection down. Only a few drops of his seed had escaped, and he was actually happy he had not reached orgasm for fear of wetting his pants.

“Uhhhh…” Stanley moaned as he threw his arms out. One arm dangled over the side of the bed, and the other collided with the wall.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lacy asked with annoyance in her voice.

“Nothing,” Stanley said as he breathed in and out deeply. “Just trying to relax, that’s all.”

“Well stop it.” Lacey said, glaring down at him hard. “Just because I let you sleep in my bed doesn’t mean it’s yours.”

“This is…your bed?” Stanley asked, a bit surprised.

“Of course.” Lacey explained. “Who else would let a punk like you sleep in their bed?”

Stanley shrugged as he sat up and let his legs dangle over the side of the bed. He sat on the edge and continued his conversation with the black-haired beauty.

“Look, Stanley.” Lacey said, her posture exerting her authority over him. “You’re not supposed to be here. We could get in trouble if our camp counselors find you.”

“Oh, well…I’m sorry, I guess…” Stanley spewed. “I didn’t exactly ask to be here…”

He trailed off as he stared at Lacey’s huge rack. It was mind boggling how much larger she and the other girls had grown. Stanley didn’t want to discredit the twins in any way, but he couldn’t help but notice how much larger Lacey’s tits were than theirs. Even if Becca and Mona had put their tits together and added them up somehow their mutual bra size still wouldn’t add up to Lacey’s.

“I know.” Lacey said, sitting down next to Stanley on the bed. “I’ve been thinking…and I think the best thing to do would be for me to call your parents and have them pick you up somewhere close by.”

“What?” Stanley asked, disappointed by the prospect of being sent away. “I can’t go home! My parents were so happy that I’d finally found some friends. They’ll be devastated when they find out what really happened!”

Lacey frowned. She knew Stanley was probably right, but she couldn’t think of anything else to do with him.

Stanley was frowning as well. Everything he had said was true, but he also didn’t want to leave all these busty girls behind…especially Lacey. Seeing her with her new boobs was literally a dream come true for him, and although he lacked the physical prowess to make the rest of his dreams come true he was perfectly content to be a sole male witness to their busty beauty.

Besides, he was pretty sure he could be labeled the dumbest idiot on Earth if he were to give this up, and that’s not a title he was looking to obtain.

“Well, why not just lie to them?” Lacey asked. “Just tell them you’re not feeling well and you had to come home. Or tell them you didn’t think it was fun.”

“I don’t know… “He said, his frown growing more and more depressing. “My mom can always tell when I’m lying…”

“Fuck, Stanley, I’m at a loss here!” Lacey said, getting up off the bed quickly and putting her hands on her hips as she faced away from her friend. “I literally don’t know what else to do!”

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