My step d******r had a sleep over

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My step d******r had a sleep overMy step daughter had a sleep overLet me start by telling you a little about myself, I’m a thirty year old guy who feel for a very hot lady who is now forty five. We’ve been married for three years now but we started dating seven years ago. My name is Bob and my wife is called Karina.Karina had a twelve year old daughter when we first met, a really cute and intelligent c***d who I adored from the first day I met her.Fast forward to now and cute twelve has turned into stunning and very hot nineteen. Her name is Sophie.Last week Sophie came home from collage for a long weekend and brought four of her friends with her, all amazing and hot as fuck! Two blondes and two brunettes, Sophie is blonde. The two blonde beauties where Sarah and Kim, the brunettes where called Ashley and Michelle.I’ll give you an idea of how gorgeous these girls are.Sophie: Blonde, 5’2″, 85lbs, 34C tits with a lovely round backside and nice long legsSarah: Blonde, 4’10”, 75-80lbs, 36DD tits with a big booty and ok legsKim: Blonde, 5’9″, no more than 90lbs with a great rack, I’m guessing she’s atleast a C cup but it’s only a guess because she never wore a bra, her tits where so perky and beautiful she didn’t need help to make them look good, she had legs that went on forever and at the top was the most amazing ass I had ever laid eyes on (Fuck me my cock is getting hard just remembering how amazing that girl is.Ashley: Brunette, 5’2″ or 3″ about the same height as Sophie, a little more weight though so maybe 95lbs but that weight had gone to all the right places, she had huge 36FF tits that hung so well on her frame, nice legs and a big ass that jiggled just right.Michelle: Brunette, 5’5″ 85-90lbs, 34D tits with a great ass and great legs.Well back to the story, as I said last week Sophie came home for a long weekend with these four beauties and they landed in my home late on the Thursday pendik escort night, we had no idea they where coming so the spare rooms were never made up.Sophie suggested that they all stay in her room and have a sleep over as if they where k**s again, the girls where all ok with this so we stayed up for a little while but Karina went off to bed at about 11pm as she was up early the next morning to catch a flight for a conference she was attending that weekend. I sat up with the girls until 1am catching up with Sophie and chatting with the other girls, as I was heading to bed I heard one of the girls laughing and saying that she thought I was hot (I must admit I was flattered) and that it was a pity I was married. When I got to bed I found Karina still awake with a wicked smile on her face, “oh you’re still up” I said, she just pulled the sheets back to show me the dildo stuck deep inside her dripping wet cunt. My cock sprung to attention as she said “have I ever left your balls full when I’m going away? Especially with those four pretty girls here for the weekend”I walked over, taking my shirt off as I moved across the floor, when I got to the side of the bed I stood there as Karina pulled my pants down and took my cock in her warm, wet mouth! I grabbed the back of her head and slowly eased my rock solid cock all the way down her throat until I felt her tongue lapping at my balls. It always amazed me how she could so easily take my 9” cock all the way without any difficulty at all, but she did and I loved it. She was sucking on my meat and licking my balls for three or four minutes as my head spun with pure pleasure before she stopped and pulled me down to kiss her hard on the lips, while we where kissing I reached down and started to fuck her with the dildo that was still sitting nicely in her soaking wet fuck hole, she moaned into my çekmeköy escort mouth as I felt her cum running down the dildo and over my fingers and hand, she was so excited that I knew I was in for a great fuck session. I pushed her back onto the bed and swapped my cock for the dildo, she took a deep breathe as my cock slipped into her wet cunt, there was very little resistance from her pussy as I slowly worked my way all the way in. I started to fuck her at nice pace as I pushed her legs all the way back, her knees where either side of her head now as I started to pick up the pace and really fuck her hard, I was pulling my cum covered cock out all the way until just the tip was still inside and then I would slam it back in hard and fast, she was moaning so loud on every down stroke that I knew she wasn’t going to last much longer, again I picked up the pace until I felt all her juices run down from her pussy to her puckered little ass. I kept fucking her hard as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her, as it started to subside I pulled my cock out and grabbed it as I aimed for the now glistening ass of my sexy wife, I started to push my hard cock into her ass inch by inch, her cunt juices helping me to get all the way in. Karina looked me dead in the eye as she begged me to fill her ass with all my cum, I didn’t need to be asked twice as I pumped her ass over and over again until my balls got tight and, just as night follows day, my balls started to empty and her ass started to fill, spurt after spurt of hot cum filled my wife until she could hold no more and it started to spill out onto the sheets. When my balls could give no more I took my cock from her oozing ass and placed it in her sweet mouth again so she could clean it with her delicate tongue.I slept like a baby that night, when I woke the next morning I was surprised to find maltepe escort Karina had left without saying goodbye, it was only when I looked at the clock and realised it was 11am that it made sense to me. I got out of bed and went for a shower, my cock was growing as I thought about the night before, my god I was a lucky man to have such an amazing wife.As I got out of the shower I heard the girls outside splashing around in the pool, I took a look out the window and was amazed at the sight that I seen before me, five young, hot and very sexy girls in there bikinis. Oh how I wished I was a young single man again! I knew the best thing for me to do this day was to get out of the house and stop thinking about my step daughter and her friends, so I went out for the day and later that evening went home hoping that they had more clothes on so I might be less distracted.I sat up alone that night having a few beers while the girls went out dancing, it was after 3am when I heard them all come in and go straight to Sophies room, I got up to say goodnight to them (and make sure they didn’t bring any young men home). As I got closer to Sophies room I could hear some giggling and a faint moan, I was starting to get a little angry now at the idea of them bringing somebody home. I got to her door which was open a jar and just then I discovered where the moans where coming from, I looked in and seen Kim’s face buried in Sophies sweet young pussy, my cock nearly ripped my boxer shorts in half at the sight of my step daughter having her cunt eaten by her friend.I crept closer to the door and was awe struck as I seen all five of the girls sitting there naked with there fingers deep inside there wet pussys as they watched Kim eat Sophie. I was in a haze as I watched Sophie cum hard from Kim’s tongue fuck while Sarah and Ashley sucked on her nipples. I was stroking my cock as I continued to watch these five beauties as they all enjoyed each others young firm bodies, I watched as Michelle leaned forward on all fours to plunge her tongue into Kim as Ashley positioned herself behind her so she could lick her ass and play with her pussy, at the same time…….To be continued after I get some comments and feed back

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