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My mother was a late and unexpected baby, born when her brother, Roger, was already sixteen-years-old. As a result, Roger always felt like her uncle to mom. Their age variance was the only thing that made them different. Roger, unlike my mother, was successful at everything he did. In contrast, my mum was a walking shit magnet that seemed to go from one disaster to another.My unexpected birth when she was seventeen was the first of her ongoing fuck-ups in life. My biological father never married her, and although I knew him, he was never a contributor to my upbringing. The only redeeming aspect to my dad was that he was good-looking.Roger, in contrast, went from strength to strength in life. He started working at a laboratory as a young man. When the state decided to close the laboratory due to fund cuts, Roger bought over the laboratory for a paltry sum. Over the next ten years, he lived frugally and built up the inadequate laboratory into a state-of-the-art research laboratory that attracted customers from far and wide.When Roger turned fifty, a Dutch consortium bought the business for a princely sum, affording Roger the opportunity of retiring comfortably.Roger was not content to do nothing and decided to buy a boutique hotel in the country, which he then transformed into another highly successful business.I did not see much of Uncle Roger as I was growing up, but being my godfather, he played a decisive part in my life. To be more exact, a financially motivated role given my mother’s flippant attitude to parenting and career choices. If it hadn’t been for Uncle Roger, we would not have had food on the table or a roof over our heads. He was never too generous, mindful of my mother’s squandering proclivities but at least I was also suitably clothed and able to attend the schools that Uncle Roger paid.Most of my communication with Uncle Roger was via telephone, and I always made a point of thanking him, wishing him on special holidays and birthdays. Uncle Roger was a confirmed bachelor, and this did not elude my mother, who consistently reminded me that as Roger’s godson, I should be conscious of what the implication of that could mean.During my final school year, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do with my future. I was an average student and so, wasting money on college seemed unnecessary. Needing work, Uncle Roger decided that I should move in with him, and attempt a career in the hotel business. I didn’t share my mother’s avaricious inclinations; I was keen to know my eternal benefactor better.I had also begun to wonder about Uncle Roger’s sexual preferences. He was a robust and large man, whom nobody would ever think of as being gay in the preconceived world of male stereotypical sexual assessment. The curiosity I felt; was not based on any sexual interest that I felt for Roger because he was my uncle. But given my burgeoning gay awareness, I hoped that if Uncle Roger was indeed gay, he might be able to usher me into an established gay existence.Uncle Roger collected me from the bus stop in the small town close Büyükçekmece escort bayan to his hotel. I had not seen him in four years, and although I had always remembered him as big, I was stunned by his heftiness. Uncle Roger was over six-foot-tall and carried most of his weight on his overlarge stomach. His stocky proportions got dwarfed by his enormous belly. Uncle Roger wasn’t flabby, and as I would learn, despite his size, his meaty moobs and gut were incredibly firm.Uncle Roger was a hairy daddy, and although not good-looking, like all large bearded men with chubby faces, I suppose we get conditioned to see them as cheerful fellows.The conversation during our drive home was light-hearted and superficial. What I did discern, however, was how articulate he was, something I had never noticed during our brief former encounters and telephone conversations. He had a lovely deep resonance to his voice and spoke with a transatlantic accent. He was a stickler for proper grammar, as I would come to learn.The hotel was of Edwardian architecture, as were all the furnishings, as I got told. The triple storey hotel was exquisite. As we passed by the hotel, another much smaller and far less grand building consisted of staff quarters. Finally, a further half mile later, we arrived at Roger’s home.His home was beautiful and contained all his best, original Edwardian furniture.“Well, Toddy, this is your new home,” Uncle Roger announced as we entered. I was shown to my bedroom before the grand tour of his home took place.Once we got seated in his lounge, Uncle Roger got down to business.“Before I get started on your duties and etcetera, there is one thing I need to establish. Think very carefully before you answer because the one thing I cannot abide; is mendacity,” Uncle Roger informed me with a stern expression before taking a sip of his wine. With a probing look on his face, he then asked, “In a private chat with your mom, she told me that she suspects that you might be gay?”I almost had a heart attack at this revelation. Calming myself down and feeling that this might be a blessing in disguise, I quietly answered, “Yes, yes I am.”“Well… That’s fantastic news,” Uncle Roger gushed, before continuing, “My general manager, my two chefs, and my produce manager are going to be very pleased about that.”I went from a state of relief to one of bewildered in an instant.Picking up on my befuddled expression, Uncle Roger again set forth. “Toddy, I only met your biological father twice, and although I didn’t like him, in fairness, however, he was unbelievably good-looking, something you have inherited.”“I don’t understand what you are saying,” I quickly countered.“Well, you are going to be a wonderful perk for my boys,” Uncle Roger matter-of-factly answered.In disbelief, I replied, “Do you mean that you’re going to pimp me out to your staff?”“Pimp is such an ugly word. It’s so ‘tinny.’ I prefer ‘woody’ words like… Gratuity.”After a very brief pause, Uncle Roger persevered, “Toddy, Escort Çatalca relax. You’re going to have a lot of fun and start your appropriate gay life off with a bang.”As he looked at my disbelieving face, Uncle Roger now launched into his main speech. Firmly, he informed me that I was indebted to him for his ‘largesse’ over the years. In his opinion, it was time for me to say thank you. I also got told that I was here to learn and wasn’t going to get any special treatment.“This afternoon and tomorrow, I’ll let you settle in. The day after, however, I’ll be handing you over to my general manager, Stewie. He’ll decide what to do with you.”As I sat with a stunned look on my face, Uncle Roger served the final blow. “Toddy, why don’t you go up to your room and give this some serious thought. You can then decide whether you want to unpack your stuff or not. If this is all too much for you, then don’t unpack, and I’ll happily take you back to the bus station tomorrow morning should you chose to leave.”Dazed, I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling. A half-hour later, I arose and gingerly unpacked my stuff.By the time I arrived downstairs, Uncle Roger was setting the dining table. Food always got supplied from the hotel kitchen, and our evening meals were spectacular.Uncle Roger didn’t even ask me about my decision, and I could tell that he knew what my answer would be.“Toddy, as you’ll see, we are very informal at the hotel. From now on, please refer to me as Roger,” I got informed.As we ate, he informed me that we would be going to town the following day to get me kitted out for my job.After placing all the dishes in the kitchen after dinner, I decided to resolve Roger’s earlier challenge.“Roger, I’m happy to stay and will go above and beyond for you from now on,” I quietly informed him.“Mmm… Well, we’ll soon see about that,” Roger answered with a chuckle.After we once more sat in the lounge and sipped our wine, Roger said, “I’ve got a big favour to ask you.”“Anything,” I sincerely answered.“The thing is, that with this large gut of mine, it’s difficult for me to give my entire body a good scrubbing… Will you help me out with that?” Roger inquired.“Sure, no problem,” I replied.Although he was my uncle, I felt a tinge of excitement at seeing Roger naked. As yet, he had not confirmed anything about his sexuality, but I felt sure that given our familial ties, nothing would transpire between us.Once upstairs, as we stood naked before one another, I had a good look at Roger. I had to berate myself mentally for finding him sexy because, after all, he was my uncle. Roger was hairier than I had imagined and had a forest of fur around his genital area. In this mane of hair, he had a thick stubby uncut dick and a pair of enormous balls.After wetting himself, Roger leaned against the wall before I began soaping and scrubbing his back with the loofa. Once I got done, Roger turned his body and leaned his back against the wall. As my scrubbing progressed downward, I was slightly hesitant when I Esenler escort got to his crotch.“Do you want me to do your crotch as well?” I gingerly asked.“Yeah, why not?” he replied.As I went about my business, I realized that Roger was a grower and not a shower. The stubby dick was much longer than I had anticipated.“Oops, sorry about that,” he chuckled as his cock became erect.“No problem,” I stated as I quickly moved on to his legs.By the time I got done, his dick had normalized once more.Afterward, Roger began to rinse his body before I commenced soaping myself. As I did so, he towelled himself off before wrapping the towel around his hips. With a lot less body to take care of, I got done very quickly before I also began rinsing my body.As Roger was about to exit the bathroom, he said, “After you have dried off, please join me in the bedroom. I have a final favour to ask of you.”As I entered the bedroom, Roger handed me a tub of cream. “This is an expensive ointment I bought that is great for one’s skin. Would you rub it on my body for me?” he asked.“Sure,” I replied.I again mentally chastised myself for feeling turned on by what was happening.Shortly, Roger lay on his stomach as I began massaging the cream into his body. Once I had completed the back of him, Roger turned onto his back.His cock was fully erect and remained so throughout the entire massage that followed. Unlike in the shower, no ‘Oops’ apology was forthcoming.After I had done Roger’s neck, arms, and torso, I skipped over his crotch and began on his legs.Once his legs got done, I gave each of his feet a good rubbing.I was pleased that I had kept my towel around my waist because I had a raging boner and was as horny as hell by now.Roger now opened his legs as wide as possible and said, “Move closer.”After moving up on my knees, I placed my hands alongside each of his extended thighs. As I did so, I looked into his face, puzzled as to what his further command might be. In that instant, as Roger’s eyes commenced radiating with lust, I knew that a taboo was about to take place.Roger now lifted his torso and firmly took hold of the back of my head with his right hand. In a flash, my head cot pulled down into his crotch as his legs clamp me in a headlock. With my head parenthesized between his meaty thighs, he grunted, “Suck my fuckin’ dick.”Momentarily, Roger now loosened his headlock so that I could get his cock in my mouth before the clamp once more tightened. Without hesitation, Roger’s hips rumbled into action along with his actively encouraging right hand, as my mouth got speared.In this melee, I soon realized I was running out of air and began tapping out on his thighs. Relief did not come too soon, and only when he could sense my anguish did the thigh clamp loosen so that I could breathe. His right hand, however, made sure that my head got kept in place.Our asphyxiation game continued for the next ten minutes before I tasted his spunk getting blasted into my mouth.“Are you okay?” he asked as I got to my feet.“Yeah, that was awesome,” I replied.“I’m glad to hear that, Toddy, because that was the best blowjob I can ever remember, and we’ll be doing a lot of that in the future,” Roger answered with a huge smile.Assuming that our session was over, and after the bus journey and excitement of the day, I said, “Well, I suppose I’d better get out of your hair.”

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