My spanish teacher is my lover part 2

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My spanish teacher is my lover part 2There are two things about Ms. Kight that are important to know… that once we became sexually active with each other, she became my sexy Latina cum slave who begged for my cum in her pussy every chance she got. Remember that I was only 18 and her 32.Another VERY important fact is that she had a Four***n year old daughter who became a very good friend of mine. She was about 5’2” and weighed about 135.. so yes she was a bbw. BUT not really in a fat way. she was larger with a larger hour glass figure, having massive double D breasts, a plump ass and a waist/tummy that was very flat and in all made her quite a catch. However she was pretty much a dyke dom lesbian. which was cool because we became friends, and would often joke about her walking in on me and her mom fucking and having her join. she even thought her mom was hot which gave me a hard dick everytime i hung out with her. She always dressed like a thug, would often come home wasted either drunk or high would always have me do stuff for her to get her laid with her lesbian friends, like buy strap on and dildoes, condoms for her dildoes and vibrators. she would even let me watch her sex videos she made, and when her girls found out they didn’t mind and would eventually fool around with me as well, but she is a different story altogether.Ms. Kight waited about a week before we hung out again so that we could get her apartment alone (minus her daughter).and when she had her daughter walk out saying she was gonna go get fucked up with her friends, Ms. Kight invited me over almost immediately. I had been chatting with her over the phone and we had been talking nothign but sex for the week. It was the summer so she didn’t have anything better to do then to try my cock out in every way possible. The first time was amazing, in that i fucked her for several hours in tons of positions and came inside of her three times. It began with her greeting me at the door in casual sweats and a t-shirt and telling me that her daughter was not home. at about 12 in the afternoon, i figured we’d hang out türbanlı osmaniye escort for a bit. we ate a bit of pizza she had left over but the entire time i was talking dirty to her asking her how she’d feel having a dick inside of her for the first time in years. She claimed that she was ready and wanted me to soak her dried up parts…I started with tons of foreplay. To this day her pussy has been the most delicious tasting thing I’ve ever had. It was perfectly shaven, and her clit was exposed and hard ready to go. She had gone down on me and must’ve seen a porno right before because she was gagging and choking on my dick like her life depended on it. I had my dick completely in her mouth and she held it there as I grabbed her head and held it down forcing her to keep my dick down. her eyes were watering and she began to cry, but it didn’t matter. My Spanish teacher who I had jerked off to, thinking about for years would finally get my dick inside of her. I had her in ecstasy beggin to take her pussy and that it needed my young dick. I threw her onto her bed and laid her on her back throwing her legs up in the air and without a moments notice I began to thrust my cock into my teacher’s pussy with no hesitation. It was amazing, the pussy that had birthed this fine young daughter was as tight as ever, creaming on my dick so much of her pre-cum soaking my cock. i humped her with force and I felt my cock ram her cervix and I saw her face go rogue as she couldn’t breath, talk or think about anything other than the fact that I was officially the Dominant one. She told me that she could’t believe that she would’ve ever fucked a student, and that she might get into trouble, but truly didn’t care about anything other that pleasing me. I then had her get on top, and jokingly taking a stab at her age I asked her ” show me what 32 years of experience can teach you” wondering how a woman who I was told to always respect and who upheld soo much class in society could ride a dick. Her dick riding skills should be praised because türbanlı osmaniye escort bayan though when I was on top she didn’t do much she owned my body when she was on top. She had the perfect combination of humping up and down, mixed with sliding her pussy back and forth. She even turned completely around without pulling my cock out. she told me before hand that she was never a huge fan of anal, something along the lines of a bad tear during pregnancy, but even as she tried to stop me I showed my dominance and exclaimed that she would have to obey me and let me do as I please. Her face went blank. She couldn’t believe that her once top class student was now demanding her obedience in every way. I showed everything I had in the final position of doggy style. This was not like most doggy style encounters I had had in the past where the girls head is up and she is more relaxed enjoying everything: NO this was rage fuck galore in that when her head wasn’t shoved down by my strong grip she was being grabbed by the hair as a force to pull her towards me. The entire time she yelled ” harder, faster, fuck me, take this pussy, show me what you got daddy, and etc” honestly there were times where I would zone in and out and an hour would go by. I was on the verge of cumming and I asked her where she’d like it, and she told me that, in a joking manner ” I’m all dried up down there so no worries about pregnancy” and with that I told her I was cumming and exploded in her ass with so much power that I collapsed when done…She was gushing cum out of her pussy and took anything that fell out and ate it. She then would use it to continue masturbating and told me that she loved every second. I couldn’t believe it staring at her perfect body and hers big tits hanging down over her sweaty figure as cum was pouring outside of her…I was so hard from the thought that she had been the same woman who taught me how to say Spanish terms in the 6th grade that I told her I wanted more and she couldn’t believe it. My dick isn’t the türbanlı escort osmaniye biggest thing in the World but am proud that I can go for hours and that I cum several times, which I feel is better, but its obviously opinion based. I had her lie on the floor where I took her for about 30 minutes before she told me that She didn’t cum from sex. I felt so shot down that I couldn’t believe it. she would always get sooo close then just hit a barrier, I always secretly felt a bigger dick would’ve changed that but it is what it is. So I found her vibrator and made her cum a few times to make her feel much more sensitive. She hated that I would hold her down and force her to cum, she was crying soo very much from her orgasmic pleasure that I actually found this entertaining. I found it funny and exciting to make her cum over and over without her permission that it turned me on. Now she’s not a small woman, about 5’7′ and 140. her body looked great but she had big hands and feet, so she loved being dominated. I fucked her after forcing her to cum and she was having mini orgasms left and right.It was the changing locations, like to her closet and bathroom that made me cum on her back (when she was fucked from behind in the bathroom and in front of the mirror) and when I cam on her stomach and tits from the floor missionary position. It was this cycle of fuck, cum, have her eat the semen up and then force her to cum. The perfect night. I had cum about three times, maybe a few smaller ones, more but it was shortened because her daughter got pissed came home and angrily banged on the door to have us stop. And though Ms. Kight was very much in the mood of screaming to her daughter to fuck off, I have to admit that it freaked me out and also not wanting to be the asshole that is rude I stopped the session short and we watched a movie. I pussed out, but it happens to the best of us right?I felt that this encounter was most likely not going to be an ongoing thing, but we ended up dating openly for a couple years. and though our relationship ended in a not so great way there are tons of stories that make me proud to have openly been so sexual with someone. I will write them here my memoirs,and tell my tales. If you like them and are ready for the next chapter let me know with comments or suggestions. The next story can be about…Our public sex…daughter fun…our experimental phases or even one of the many exciting more taboo actions we did. Let me kno

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