My Son’s Bully Ch. 01

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I was driving to confront the parents of Jake Jones, my son Billy’s bully. Since freshman year Jake had tormented my son, but the school made minimal effort to do anything since Jake was a star athlete and the son of a wealthy donor. Graduation was a week away but I had decided enough was enough.

I won’t lie though, I was nervous. I’m a passive, skinny man of 6’1. I hardly ever raised my voice, and now I was going to confront a jock’s parents. If Jake was aggressive, I figured his Dad would be even worse.

I got to Jake’s mini mansion and saw only one car in the driveway. A red Corvette. I knocked on the door and was taken aback when it opened. Standing in the doorway was Jake Jones, 6’4, muscular, with blonde hair down to his shoulders and piercing blue eyes. He was like a lost Hemsworth brother. He wore nothing but black gym shorts and a cocky smile.

Words failed me. I was trying to to focus on his eyes, and not his six pack and the bulge in the shorts.

“The hell is wrong with me?” I thought. This was my son’s bully. The one putting my son through hell. Also…a kid…well…a man. As far as I was concerned I was straight.

“Can I help you, dude?” Jake asked in a calm, yet booming voice.

“Y-young man, are your parents home?”

Fuck, I stuttered. And he noticed. He giggled. He was so cute.

“Na, “sir” they’re not home. Something I can help you with? You look kinda familiar”

“Well, my son is Billy Burton, the boy you’ve been bullying for years.”

“Oh yeah!” He exclaimed, showing no fear or remorse. “You look kinda like him, more handsome though.”

I was ucuz escort caught off guard. Like an idiot, I blushed. He noticed this too, and immediately bit his lip. His expression said “gotcha.” I had to snap myself out of it.

“Young man, you need to leave my son alone, or there will be consequences. I don’t care how rich your father is.”

Those piercing blue eyes eyed me up and down. He made a quick wink when we made eye contact. The blood was really rushing to my cock and I couldn’t believe it. What was this man doing to me?

“All right…what’s your name again?” he asked.

For some reason I told him “Stan” instead of “Mr. Burton” like I should have.

“All right, Stanley Boy, I’ll leave your boy alone. You just gotta do two things for me.”

I couldn’t believe it. This man was bullying my boy and he had the nerve to tell ME what to do? I was offended, but intrigued.

“Uhhh, ok” I said, dumbfounded.

“First, follow me” he instructed, biting that lip again and going inside, barely closing the door. I should have left but I followed, shutting the door behind me. I walked into the living room to find Jake sitting in what I assumed was his father’s chair, a giant leather arm chair. Jake was sipping bourbon on the rocks out of a glass, naked, his cock draped over his leg. I was in shock. It was bigger than mine. Longer than mine. And it was flaccid. My mouth quivered.

Jake sipped his drink, eyeing me. “I think I know what I need you to do, Stanley Boy.”

I froze. He smiled. “Don’t worry, Stanley Boy, I’m eighteen, my parents are ümraniye escort gone for the month, and you want this. Just look at that bulge.”

He was right. I was hard as steel. What had I become? I slowly crept towards Jake, feeling like I was in a strange dream. I got on my knees in front of him and breathed on that monster cock. It twitched like a snake.

“That’s it..that’s right” Jake said.

I was simultaneously horrified, humiliated, and turned on. I, a forty-five year old man was about to blow my son’s eighteen year-old bully, And I loved it. I blew gently again and watched his cock react. He moaned again and I loved it. His approval was all I wanted. All I needed.

I took the plunge and put it all in my mouth. He tasted incredible. So sweet. So manly. He got harder and harder in my mouth. So hard that I thought I might suffocate. If I died right there, with his cock in my mouth, I wouldn’t have minded.

As his hardness filled my mouth I could feel my own strain my pants. I was so turned on, lost in a state of ecstasy I thought not possible. I never felt this way with Billy’s mother, or any woman for that matter. My tongue swirled around the jock’s mouth, getting it wet and slurping it up. The more Jake moaned with approval the more my cock twitched, soaking my underwear. There was so much gagging and slobbering I didn’t even hear him when he said “I’m going to cum”

And boy, did he ever.

Jake erupted, my mouth could hardly contain it. I swallowed as much as I could, making sure to slurp up anything I had missed, even if it meant sucking üsküdar escort it out of his pubes. I loved it. The mix of his sweet cum and manly odor. It was heaven. So good I had forgotten why I was at Jake’s house in the first place.

“Ok…that was incredible” Jake said, catching his breath. He was almost laughing with how satisfied he was. “You’re a natural”

“Uhm..thanks.” I said, trying to hide how happy that made me. Jake stood and pulled his gym shorts up from his ankles.

“So, a deal’s a deal. I’ll leave Billy alone. For now.”

“From now on” I said.

“Sure” Jake said, smugly pinching my cheek and giving it a light slap. I followed him to the front door.

Jake opened the door and grabbed a tiny notebook from a side table. He scribbled something on a paper before tearing it out and handing it to me.

“What’s this?” I asked, pretending I didn’t know.

“My number” he replied. “You’re gonna be thinking about my cock for awhile, and soon you’ll realize that once isn’t enough. That you need it. That your wife’s pussy just doesn’t do it for you. You’ll crave it so much you won’t be able to focus on anything else. Trust me, you’re not the first “straight” man I’ve done this with. And you won’t be the last.”

I felt like I had to say something. I couldn’t him have the last word. As I stood on his porch I began to say “Jake, look it’s been…interesting. But we both know that-”

Suddenly his hand took me by the back of the head and pulled me into a deep kiss. My lips pressed against his smile, and I soon welcomed a probing tongue. He wasn’t just kissing me, he was claiming my mouth, yet again. He broke the kiss and we looked at each other, both lost in each other’s eyes. “Until next time, Stanley Boy” he said before slamming the door. I walked back to my Honda my head in the clouds and pants soaked with cum. I didn’t know how I was gonna explain it to my wife and I didn’t care.

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